The Business Goal Setting Worksheet We Use to Increase Sales for our Clients

business goal setting worksheet

We’re halfway through the year.

Have you revisited your goals? Go through these checklists to find out!


How clear are you on your business goals


Could you recite them off the top of your head


Does your team know them as well as your action plan

Shockingly 92% of people that set goals at the beginning of the year never actually achieve them.

What’s going to make you different?

Follow our Ultimate Sales Machine business goal setting worksheet steps to answer your questions.

1 Begin by answering these 6 questions in our Business Goal Setting Worksheet as a framework for where you should be focusing. Add any goals you had already written for your goal planning.

2Go through your answers and make sure they make this checklist:


  • Is this goal measurable?
  • Is this goal attainable/achievable?
  • Is this goal time-bound?
  • Do you have long-term goals? 5-10 years
  • Do you have short-term goals? 3-6 months

3You must place the answer to these questions in an appropriate location so that you will see them every day.

Our founder, Chet Holmes said, “I have 27 lifetime goals that are posted on the inside of my medicine cabinet so I see them every time I reach for my toothbrush.”

4Use your Pig Headed Discipline and Determination to continue to revisit your goals on a monthly basis.
Helpful Tip: Create a reminder in your phone right now to ding at you once a month so you are reminded where you’re looking to go. This will help remind you to go beyond the 92% of people who cannot hold the discipline beyond 45 days.

Are you having a hard time picking your goals? This usually happens when businesses are unaware of where they’ve been over the previous 12 months. To know where you want to go you need to know where you’ve been. That’s why we’ve made our Opportunity Assessment available for you. 

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