90% of Companies Get This Wrong: 4 Simple Steps to Double Sales

by | May 31, 2024 | Blog, Business Guidance

Do you know what’s holding back 90% of companies from reaching their full potential?

It’s astounding how a simple mistake can hold back so many businesses from growing and grabbing opportunities.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We’re diving into this often-overlooked part of business strategy.

In this week’s episode, we discuss a powerful framework designed to help you double your sales while reducing stress by half.

You’ll learn why traditional elevator pitches fall short and how adopting this approach can revolutionize your outreach efforts.

Don’t let your business fall behind.

Tune in to our podcast episode and take the first step towards unlocking your full potential.

Trust us; you won’t want to miss this one.

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Continued Learning: The 4-Step Blueprint to Simplifying Sales


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Here is your daily dose of the ultimate sales machine coming to you from the new edition, visit ultimate sales machine. com to get your copy or multiple copies. I am your host, Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Holmes international. What you’re about to learn has assisted a quarter of a million businesses to generate billions of dollars working faster, better, smarter.

Hey, so I was just on a call and they found this very valuable. So I wanted to bring it to you guys too. It’s shocking how 90 percent of companies do this wrong. It’s super simple, and yet we forget because we’re so inundated with so much information, we lose sight of what actually generates an ROI. So I’m going to give you an example.

This is our framework, four parts on how to double your sales while cutting your stress in half. First, we need to know our goals. 51 percent of small to medium sized businesses do not have a clear goal. Or maybe they do at the top, and then they’ve forgotten how to explain it to the rest of the staff. So, we have to know where we want to get to first.

Then, Once we are clear on our goal, who do we need to get to to get to that goal the fastest? I’m going to give you an example. I was talking to a real estate broker who made a million dollars a year and She was hustling with everything she had to make that million dollars a year. Now, I asked her Where do you get the most amount of sales from of all your lead sources?

And she said, you know, it’s so funny you would ask that it’s actually my children’s school That’s where I get the most sales from and just before that she was telling me that she doesn’t spend enough time going out to different networking events to make more leads and I looked at her and I said, you know, I bet you you’re not the lazy type.

I don’t get that vibe from you. It’s not about being busy. It’s about being strategic. So I said, well, if you were to get two more schools, what would that do to your business? And she looked at me and she said, Okay. It would double. So what are we doing here? We’re thinking about who will give us bigger leverage faster instead of just chasing after that dollar.

So she had three schools in total that were referring her clients. She would get double the amount of sales. So how do we get hyper focused on those that can produce 10 to 20 percent of the sales? Rather than just one to one. Then we need to think about what do we need to say to get in the most amount of doors the fastest.

Now, if you’re only talking in an elevator pitch, I will tell you right now that 97 percent of the time your elevator pitch is failing you. Why? Because only 3 percent of the market at any given time is in the buy in now category. Another 7 percent are open to it, 30 percent think that They just don’t have it on their periphery.

The next 30 percent think that they’re not interested. And the last 30 percent are definitely not interested. So if you are using your elevator pitch, you’re missing out on 97 percent of the potential market. What you need to be doing is using a stadium pitch. A stadium pitch gets the attention of everyone.

Everyone you’re speaking to and educates them up into the buying now category while resetting the buying criteria in your favor. So you’re the only logical conclusion. That’s where we get to what do we need to say. That’s our education based marketing approach. Then Where do we need to say it to deploy it to get the highest ROI?

Because I will tell you right now how many times a company is investing in all these different marketing mediums because 15 years ago, there were only seven different marketing mediums. Today, there are an average 21 different marketing mediums. No wonder we can’t figure out where our ROI is coming from.

No wonder we don’t know where our ideal clients are spending their time. So once we know number two, then number four, that deployment becomes a lot more focused. Okay. I don’t need to spend all of these marketing dollars and all these different marketing mediums because my ideal client is not in half of them, which is so common, you’d be shocked to hear.

So what is our goal? Step number one, who do we need to reach out to, to get to the best people that will generate that goal, the fastest, what do we need to say to get in the most amount of doors and then where do we need to say to generate the highest ROI? You’d be shocked by 90 percent of companies miss the simple four steps, but if you have them, you can double your sales while cutting your stress and half, if you want to know how this actually applies to you specifically, you can go to how to double sales.

com. That’s howtodoublesales. com and we can actually talk to you about how that would work for your business.

Make sure to get your copy or copies at theultimatesalesmachine. com. There’s a lot of special bonuses that you can’t get going to Amazon, so make sure you check it out at ultimatesalesmachine.


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