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This week’s episode is Chet Holmes himself. Literally 22 minutes of pure gold.

I don’t care what you do or who you are, you’ll walk away amazed at how he ad libs this full sales process that completely dominates.

You’ll get amped up just hearing the pig headed discipline and determination punching through every word.

Keep in mind he was live, came up with this whole thing off the top of his head. It is pure genius.
He lays out exactly how he won 60 of the Fortune 500 as his personal clients.

It’s no surprise a Sales Training call with Chet Holmes, is our number one most listened episode.

In a short period of time he covers:
• A cold calling script that gets 9x more impact than your typical cold calling approach
• Examples of riveting market data that got the attention of a $4-Billion dollar company
• How all of this connects with Hiring Salespeople on commission
• The biggest mistake salespeople make when trying to win business

There’s so much in this episode you’re going to want to listen; you’re guaranteed to pick up at least one gold nugget.

Tune in now and take your sales skills to the next level.


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Chet Holmes: I wanted to be treated with respect and I want it to be valuable to the client beyond any of my competitors. Now once I started outselling every single person on the sales team, including the manager who was trying to tell me not to do my techniques, and in fact I was outselling him five to one and he had been there for eight years, cherry picking the best accounts and I was bringing in monster huge accounts that nobody else could even get on the telephone because I wasn’t selling advertising.

I was selling the opportunity for that executive to learn something that would be of value.

Amanda Holmes: Here is your daily dose of the ultimate sales machine coming to you from the new edition, visit ultimate sales machine. com to get your copy or multiple copies. I am your host, Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Holmes international.

What you’re about to learn has assisted a quarter of a million businesses to generate billions of dollars working faster, better, smarter.

Good day, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to your CEO Mastery call with your host, Chet Holmes.

Chet Holmes: Well, welcome, everybody. And this is our CEO Mastery conference, which is for our best clients.

And we basically look to help you get some breakthroughs on these conferences and have a lot of fun. Just take a few minutes right now. And write down, you know, what area of my business, boy, would I like to get a breakthrough and a breakthrough is an idea or a concept that propels you forward in a way you previously never thought of, didn’t understand, couldn’t apply, or, you know, it’s a new world.

Hopefully profound development in the way that you function and it causes you to leap forward. So where in your business would you like to get a breakthrough? Take a few minutes and write that down while I take a sip of my tea. Hey Steve. Hi Chet, how are you? I’m good bud, I’m good. So there’s a couple hundred of our best clients listening, so why don’t you tell them a little bit about what you do and then let’s see if we can find you a breakthrough.

Tell me a little bit about what you do.

Steve: Yeah, basically we have a patented suite of solutions that helps mostly larger businesses and medium sized businesses before they go ahead to invest thousands or millions into their design and advertising. We help them make sure that the way that the things actually look will bring maximum profits.

And we have a patented research system that shows different elements that have been proven wouldn’t Exact target markets that our clients go after. You want to give us an, uh, an example? Sure. For example, Unilever is interested in selling hair products and they have this professional line that they recently purchased.

They’re doing a research study to see how to get professional. Hair stylists to endorse the products that they design to their clients and therefore to raise sales on the shelf at major grocery chains and things like that. So that’s one example. And we tell them the colors, the shapes, the different types of complexity levels, designs, and things and so forth and so on that are proven to trigger.

Happy Emotions and Buying Instinct in the exact people they’re going after.

Chet Holmes: Okay, so where do you need a breakthrough in your business?

Steve: Yeah, currently the most important thing that I see is to establish A self sufficient sales force of top producers. We have the operations down as a system, fully self sufficiently, and I’d like to be able to have a sales force that can essentially run itself, or with a manager that I can oversee.


Chet Holmes: and then, you just got into my stuff, right? You’re new to it. You don’t have the full training program on anything yet,

Steve: right? To the person, to the Chatholm’s method. Yeah, I read the book. I went to Business Mastery in Vegas. Right. Okay.

Chet Holmes: Okay. Well, you know that there’s a lot of stuff that we teach about that whole top producer model.

I mean, what I would recommend for you is probably a core story model. The six most important aspects of branding and grabbing attention in the new millennium. Again, in your case, the higher up you go in the organization, the better it is for you because then the more you can charge for what it is you sell.

So imagine I’m the CMO at McDonald’s, the chief marketing officer, or I’m at Procter and Gamble where they’re doing a hundred new products every year. And I’m the chief marketing officer over there. And I get a phone call and it says, yeah, hi, I’m with CEO visual targeting. Are you familiar with us? No, I’m not.

Okay. Well, we’re a research based company that helps companies profoundly improve their branding and their ability to target and attract. the exact kind of buyer that they want and have you heard anything about this kind of research? No, I haven’t. Okay, well, because this is at the very cutting edge of communication today, I’m sure you know that the clutter factor, the amount of commercial messages that everybody receives has grown so dramatically.

And then the traditional vehicles that would be used, like television and radio, you know, have gone down and print, you know, have gone gone down in their readership and viewership. So this is creating a lot of challenges for marketing executives like yourself. I mean, are you seeing some of these challenges yourself?

Of course I am. Okay, great. Well, that’s why we took it upon ourselves to commission a study and go out there and take a hard look at what are the biggest challenges facing companies like you today, and what are some of the ways to really break through that clutter? And to our delight, this research effort really.

Created a compelling and fascinating educational session. And have you heard about that program? It’s called the six most important insights to branding in the new millennium. Have you heard about that report? No, I haven’t. You know, they’re going to say no, but I’m just trying to show you how you keep.

The guy, you know, communicating with you as you go through the pitch and then you say, well, I know you’re the chief marketing officer and I’m just curious if you’re the type of executive that likes to be at the cutting edge of the most advanced techniques for marketing today. That’s an impossible question to say no to.

You know what I mean? So again, guys who are listening, you need to ask the question in a way that you’re not going to say no, you see how, but this whole education based sales approach is very different than how I want to come and sell you my stuff. I want to show you my stuff. You’re offering to teach me something that’s a value to me.

That’s a lot more sexier to sell. But here’s the most important thing is then if you look at what your strategic objectives are, You know, as someone who is in a sales capacity, it’s the same for every company that the education based sales approach of what’s in it for me is a lot more dynamic and can get you a lot more appointments and can get you appointments with entire committees.

Remember that this was all developed. I used to sell advertising. And I hated being treated like a salesperson. So I would go out and I would do all this research and picture this, I’m 26, 27 years old, living in New York city and selling advertising for very wealthy family in New York. This before I went to work for Charlie Munger.

And I would call up and say, listen, you know, I’ve done some, we’ve done, I’d say we, even though I was the one doing all the research myself, and my boss, he was like fighting me every step of the way, you don’t need all this research, all you need is your rate card, and your circulation report, and your readership study, what’s all this, right?

Right. Stuff about the market, the industry, you don’t need to know all that. And the reason I needed to know all that is because I didn’t want to be treated like a salesperson. I wanted to be treated with respect and I wanted to be valuable to the client beyond any of my competitors. Now, once I started outselling every single person on the sales team, including the manager, who is Trying to tell me not to do my techniques.

And in fact, I was outselling him five to one and he had been there for eight years, cherry picking the best accounts. And I was bringing in monster huge accounts that nobody else could even get on the telephone because I wasn’t selling advertising. I was selling the opportunity for that executive to learn something that would be of value.

So that would be what I would do if I were you, Steve, and then you could get to the fortune 500. And then I would just do a series of mailers, just like it explains in the book, just like we teach in our training programs, you know, old dream 100 effort where you’ve got, you Cool little gif and some play on that.

Like we have a yo-yo and it says, tired of your sales going up and down. I mean, you’re looking to do branding. So we did flashlights and you know, shine a light on this area or don’t be in the dark about this. You know, that kind of a thing. You know, you wanna play off of the little gift. But the whole idea of the gift is not to send an expensive thing, it’s to send something that just gets them to open the package and take a look at it and go, oh, that’s funny.

Oh, a little flashlight. Oh good, I’ll take that home. And then of course it’s all the Sales Superstar model. You know, the attack and everything, like we explained. And I did a mass teleconference this morning with a whole bunch of CEOs. And I was saying, you know, look, you got to be ready for what I call the churn and burn.

And you should probably have a two tier effort. One effort is to the large mother load, like Procter and Gamble when Johnson and Johnson and S. E. Johnson, these companies that have hundreds of products who they become clients, you won’t need any other clients. Those three guys keep you busy the rest of your life.

But. Those deals take a while to close and you should have a graduated process, you know, step one, step two, step three, and it’s small steps that lead to bigger steps. You know, I, I’ve had 60 fortune 500 clients. I got every one of them myself, co calling, just like I’m telling you to do, except I was selling the eight philosophies back in the day when I was chasing a fortune 500.

I don’t chase them now. They come after us, which is great. We just got into it as a client, 4 billion company. That’s great. You know, they. They came after us. One of the key executives there read the book. So I just presented for 19 of their guys, showed them a whole core story sales model and blew them off their chair.

I did never seen anything like that. The stuff we taught them about what was going on in their industry. They didn’t even know that fraud, by the way, check fraud has increased 10, 000 percent in the last nine years. And that’s the big thing they sell. They sell checks. So when we started teaching them all this stuff and that 400 million checks a year are rejected by banks because of poor paper quality and they’re getting their lunch eaten by big box stores, like Walmart and Costco selling really inexpensive checks for like 50 and theirs are 150 and you know their business is declining and they’re not even educating anyone as to why their checks are worth so much more money and in the big scheme of things by the way the other thing that their checks come with is for two cents a check so it means you buy 500 checks for 10, you get fraud protection.

So if somebody steals or somehow frauds using your checks, which has happened to me, and it was funny cause we were on a conference, like six people, like three of us that hadn’t happened to them. And then we gave them the statistics on that too, but they’ll take over everything. They reimburse your money to give you back the money that you’ve been frauded.

And then they take over working with the FBI. do it all for you. So do you really care about saving? You know, and then one of the things we had them put into the core story that we presented to them, we did a drama in real life and we showed a construction company opening who had her checks stolen and another construction company open who also had her checks stolen, but she had the Intuit checks, which were better checks.

So they shouldn’t have any problems at the bank and they fit perfectly in the window envelope. So nobody could, Steal the account number from looking in the window envelope. And then of course, when she had fraud, they took care of everything. And the other company should save a hundred dollars on the checks ended up going out of business from just some simple fraud thing that they were ill equipped to deal with anyway.

The point is that’s making a case and that’s what you have to do. So once you get that appointment, then you need terrific data. And the first thing you need to do is put them in pain. So what’s the pain? What are they facing? What’s going on in their life right now that will rivet their attention? And the clutter factor is a big one.

That’s a huge one. The clutter factor has grown from 500 commercial messages per day. The average consumer received in 1960 to 5, 000 today. Actually, there’s, I saw another statistic that said 30, 000, but I can’t find the source for that. So we did find one for 5, 000. So some people may be saying, wait, he said 30, 000 and another, because I read it in a magazine while on a, airplane and went, wow, 30, 000.

And so we started using that, but I don’t remember what magazine, what airplane, you know, and I can’t find that data again. And we’re all about sourcing our data. So right now I can only prove that one source that says 5, 000, but still it’s crazy. And then the decline of television viewership, the fact that people are fast forwarding through their TV commercials, even if they Are watching TV, which they’re not.

You can make it so that chief marketing officer is wiping his forehead with his sweat by the time you’re 10 minutes into your thing. And then the other thing I would tell you is that make it short half an hour. You do not want to be doing an hour, but you want to half an hour. Great. And then again, when you build these core stories in your case, you can do them over, we can all do it over, go to meeting now.

Yes, and so that’s a terrific way because I mean if you get the appointment live, it’s better There’s no question about that But if the guy starts to push you away the average person has to receive eight commercial messages before you can get their interest today and You know something like 50 percent of all salespeople give up after a single rejection by the time you get a point to four rejections, 95 percent of all salespeople have given up.

So what we do is we teach our salespeople that it’s going to be 12 followups and here’s exactly what they are and while you’re on the phone, how many different times and how many different ways can you close? And so if you can go live, that’s great. But if you can’t, you say, look, you do this right from the comfort of your favorite chair.

It’s right over the internet, and you’ll see a stunning array of visual images over a very short period of time. You’ll take a little test right there, and it’ll show you what your communication preferences are. I mean, it’s a really cool interactive experience, and if you want to be at the cutting edge of marketing today, then this is one of the educations you can get in just 33 minutes that’ll do that for you.

And I like saying a precise piece of advice. Amount of time, like 33 minutes, 28 minutes. And then the worst thing you want to do when you teach anything over the web and Michael Cato coming up this exact model is where I’m going to go with you. But cause it worked, it would work beautifully for you as well.

He does catering and things like that. restaurants on the run, I’ll talk about in a moment. But the point is that, that whole education based approach should get you much higher level of meetings, and then when you do this over the web, you need a lot. Like, have you seen our webinar, Steve?

Steve: Yes, I, I was on one last week, actually.


Chet Holmes: so you see that you’re seeing, uh, 800 images In two and a half hours, every five seconds, there’s a new bullet coming up. And the reason is because if you’re going to teach me something over my computer and you’re not putting up a new image in front of my face, like you put up a slide and talk for five minutes, guess what I’m going to start doing?

I’m start checking email. You know, I’m going to think that I can pay attention to you and check my email too, but we both know that’s not really an effective way to function in the world. Okay. So you need to have a new image every few seconds. Like you saw ours were. with new information constantly so that the person sees that.

So check back in with me in a month after you put a little bit of that together. And in your case, Oh, I meant to say very important. You should have a two tier approach. You’ve got the. Procter and gambles of the world. And then you’ve got the companies, my size, who you can get to a fairly high level executive pretty quickly.

And if you can make that compelling 28 minute case where I’m going, well, that’s worth 1, 700 a month or whatever the service costs, I have no idea. You know what I mean? So that you can then have an instant cashflow method. And that’s what will enable you to hire salespeople and pay them nothing unless they make results.


Steve: you’ve got to have that. Huh? And then I train the salespeople how the core story works and make them scripts that pretty much that they can use or improvise on to kind of take over the, the script. And I

Chet Holmes: gave you your script, right? I just did that for you. And this is recorded. So you can go to Tracy and ask her, Hey, how do I get ahold of that?

Oh, perfect. You want to write that down. And so much. The more you spell it out, the beauty of a core story, bro, is that you don’t have to count on talent because you know what they’re going to say. And that’s why I insist on that. And remember all this stuff was built like on the front lines of capitalism.

Like this isn’t theory. Like I was a top producer in every job I ever worked. And then the first job I had, I doubled the first supervisor position I had. I doubled the sales of a company for a billionaire. Then he gave me three more and I doubled the sales of them. Then they gave me three more and I doubled the sales of them.

And the first one that he gave me, I doubled three years in a row. And so nine, Divisions later, I doubled the sales of every single thing he gave me, but one of the key strategies was a core story for each one of those vehicles, so that I knew what those salespeople were saying. And I rehearsed them, I role played them, and then the scripts were like, and then, like I said, in the script, it’s like, the guy says, uh, send me more information.

You gotta come back for that. You know, you’ve got to come back. You’ve got to come back and says, look, I can send you more information, but we’re on the phone right now. I know you’re not going to read the information. You know, you’re not going to read the information. So, you know, this is an opportunity.

I’ll tell you what, is it worth 10 minutes to you to learn the most advanced techniques? And the guy says, 10 minutes, you said it was a half an hour. Say, well, get on for 10 minutes. If 10 minutes into it, you’re bored, you can hang up. You can hang up and disconnect your GoToMeeting and you just move on with your life.

But you know, in 10 minutes, you’re gonna know this is a terrific education. So isn’t it worth 10 minutes? And the other thing is, research is expensive. Of course, Empire Research Group will absolutely build course stories for anybody listening. But if you want to do it yourself, you can go on the web and find some terrific data today about compelling and branding, and it’s just terrific data.

Information out there, but here’s the thing. We talk about the seven months of marketing. That’s probably that is a half a million dollar study And then what we’ve added over it on to it over the years is probably another couple of million dollars in research and development So when I say to you this is two and a half million dollars worth of learning curve that I’m going to give you in 28 minutes That’s a legitimate thing that you can say Now, it doesn’t mean you spent that money, but it does mean that that money was spent in order to gather that research.

So you want to have a big number there and say, look, Mr. Executive, this is 3. 2 million worth of data that you’re going to see in just 28 minutes that you would never take the time to assemble on your own. We’re going to make it easy for you. Now, let me tell you why we do this. We do this because I’m a scientist.

This is our public relations effort. It’s our way of putting our foot forward. Just like you might read an article that was written about us, but this is way better because it’s interactive with a highly trained chief marketing officer, trainer, and his entire job in the world is to speak to CMOs, just like yourself.

And in fact, we’re talking to, and named three of his competitors right there. You know, I mean, we’re, you know, we’re, we’re in touch with, we’re talking to, that doesn’t mean you got them, but you know, use phrases that are true, but it might imply that, you know, you’ve gotten further than you have. . But if you look at my stock market clients, it’s Merle Lynch, Morgan Stanley, New York Stock Exchange.

Clit, Peabody. Kidder. Peabody Rather. So I’ve had some of the biggest stock exchange companies and when I was going after them, I would say, I’m gonna be showing this eight ways to double sales. I’m gonna show this to all your competitors. You sure you don’t wanna see it? Okay. So now I’ll go to Michael.

Check back with me in a month or two and let’s get you on one of these calls again. And let’s see how far you’ve gotten.

Steve: Perfect. Thank you so much. 

Amanda Holmes: Make sure to get your copy or copies at the ultimate sales machine. com. There’s a lot of special bonuses that you can’t get going to Amazon. So make sure you check it out at ultimate sales machine

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