3 Tips to Posting on TikTok

by | Apr 26, 2024 | Blog, Business Guidance

Have you ever wondered if your ads will land, or if a business idea is a good one?

Carson Matthews started his business while a minor league baseball player.

He started posting on TikTok and went viral selling a product he didn’t even have a manufacturer for yet.

With a staggering 1.5 billion active monthly users worldwide, TikTok isn’t just a platform for entertainment anymore…

When done correctly, TikTok can be a great testing ground for your latest business idea.

In this week’s episode, we’re pulling back the curtain on the incredible journey of Carson Matthews, a former pro baseball player turned Founder behind BallBoyzSoap.

Join us as Carson shares the three game-changing TikTok posting tips that propelled his brand to 45,000 customers in just 8 months!


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Carson Matthews: The number one thing is if it’s good content, it will get views and it will do well. You can’t use hashtags to push bad content.

Amanda Holmes: Here is your daily dose of the ultimate sales machine coming to you from the new edition, visit ultimate sales machine. com to get your copy or multiple copies. I am your host, Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Holmes international.

What you’re about to learn has assisted a quarter of a million businesses to generate billions of dollars working faster, better, faster. Smarter. Welcome everybody to the CEO mastery show. Amanda Holmes here, your host. I also have from our executive team, Troy Aberle, our executive strategy officer. And today we have a very special power team duo on a call.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually done a father son interview besides Troy with his son, and it was one of our most watched episodes. So I anticipate this one being very well received, especially since Carson, what an amazing story you have. So for those that are unfamiliar, Carson Matthews, less than 2 percent of athletes go pro.

Carson was able to be part of the very small percentage that went pro. He played for the Los Angeles angels and he used his signing bonus to start his business, which you gotta love. Then he went from that to And transitioned into his business a couple years later, which 78 percent of pro athletes go broke within three years of retirement.

But Carson managed to, while he was still playing baseball, transition into ball boys soap boys with a Z. And in the last eight months, he has sold 35, 000 customers on his ball boys soap, and it’s mostly using TikTok, which is just shocking. Hence why this week’s episode is the three tips to posting on TikTok that generated 45, 000 customers in less than eight months flat.

Carson, thank you so much for being on. Thank

Carson Matthews: you for having me. I’m very excited to talk about this.

Amanda Holmes: Yes, yes, and I’m sure it will help a lot of people because I never talk about TikTok. So, it’s an interesting topic. And then we also have Steve Matthews on, who is the father of Carson, who obviously gets a ton of praise for just raising such a wonderful son.

25 years as a career in cyber security. He’s led as an individual contributor. He’s been the head of global sales organizations for some of the largest in cyber security. Steve. And as far as I understand, he’s now joined his son with the business. Thanks, Amanda.

Steve Matthews: Yeah, I, I basically worked for Carson, so it’s humbling to have a 24 year old boss, but I love it and it’s truly at this stage of my life, it’s one of the greatest joys that I have.

But thank you for having us.

Amanda Holmes: Oh, it’s such a pleasure. It’s such a pleasure. I would love to just dive in. Carson, so we have three tips to posting on TikTok that helped you generate 45, 000 clients in eight months. Can you give us what is the first tip that you had for TikTok posting?

Carson Matthews: Yeah, I’d say the first tip most people get wrong is they don’t niche down enough.

You know, most people that are trying to use organic videos to get clients, they’re usually starting a business. It’s not like an established business. So people are worried about niching down because they think that limits them, but you can always grow bigger, but it’s harder to grow, go from really big to really small.

So what I did, I tried to niche down as small as possible with two areas that I knew I knew more than the average person. And so that was. Baseball, sports, and skin care, when I combine those two things, and I know that’s a different thing that most people haven’t heard of before. And so I started with just baseball.

I wouldn’t obviously now we’re all sports, but I just started with just baseball because I wanted to get the smallest market possible. And if I did a product that was just baseball, not skincare, that’d be super saturated, but baseball and skincare, like that’s never happened before. And then, so what happens when you niche down to start the video, that audience clings onto it, it’s almost like a tribal mentality because they feel that they’re watching themselves in the video and that’s important.

And so like, I like to use the analogy because everyone’s seen them. I forgot what movie it is. It’s like, sell me this pen. And then like,

Amanda Holmes: it’s

Carson Matthews: like famous, but no one knows how to sell a pen online. It’s different. Marketing online is different than selling something in person. And so I think it kind of comes down to niching down as small as possible.

If I were to sell a pen online, I wouldn’t just sell a pen saying, Oh, this is a great pen. I’d sell it to left handed grandmas in Florida. They want to sell, they want to write to their grandchildren. And so that’s kind of my philosophy is niche down as small as possible as you can. And then you can grow from there.

So that’s kind of what I did.

Amanda Holmes: And I think your dad was sharing how you had the problem yourself. Can you tell us a little bit about where you came up with the idea?

Carson Matthews: Yeah, so, I mean, I always struggled with acne. I mean, I feel like a lot of people that play sports do, you’re always sweating, getting dirt, and I’d always look for something.

I didn’t trust any, not I didn’t trust it, but I just didn’t like all those chemicals, those long words that I couldn’t read, like I shouldn’t be putting those on my body. I didn’t want to use Accutane because I know it has some hormone imbalances, and so I always did a bunch of research on stuff that’s been used for thousands of years, And what worked best, and I’ve always created my own, and so the formulas that we’re using for ball boys is stuff that I’ve always used on my face.

Amanda Holmes: Wow, interesting. When was the shift that happened from, oh, this is a good idea, to I’m actually going to try this? Did you ask around, think that maybe it might be something that other people would be interested in?

Carson Matthews: Nope, I was I was actually on the road, I was in Ohio, at a Red Roof Inn, taking a shower, and I was like, ah, you know what, this would be a great idea, because I was looking at the soap and it was some random soap at probably 99 cents, like, this is not good for me, and I was like, you know what, this would be really cool, I’m just going to do it, so on the bus ride home from that trip, I created the logo, created the site, and did everything, and I was like, alright, let’s just roll it.

Amanda Holmes: Really?

Carson Matthews: Yep.

Amanda Holmes: Wow! How cool! And Steve, I love how You have guided him, and something that you had said earlier I found really interesting. Can you share to everyone about, as a parent watching your son and what you wanted for him, how did you guide him on this process?

Steve Matthews: Carson came to us this way, but he’s always been curious and I’ve never seen a library of a young person where he’s got at least 250 books on some aspect of life that he’s interested in.

And for him, I would say the majority is a growth mindset. He’s always been committed to lifelong learning and I remember when he called me and he said, Hey, I’ve been researching how to do better skin care and I’m thinking I might want to, you know, make some stuff. And and then I know his teammates noticed it.

Hey, Carson. Wow. You know, your face and everything. What are you doing? And can you make me some? And then all of a sudden he goes, dad, because I, I wonder if there’s other people out there that might. Want to have the same benefit that I’m getting. And I said, Carson, I’m over my skis on soap and online marketing.

So put him in touch with a good friend that was the co founder of stance socks. And he and Carson collaborated. He said, well, Carson, go ahead and set up a site. See what happens and it kind of went from there, but I guess the point is, is that Carson’s was never driven by, I got to make money. It was how can I help other people?

And as a parent is more gratifying. Of course, I want him to be successful, but his ethos of helping others and putting their needs above his own is to me, the bigger success story.

Amanda Holmes: Love that. Anything you want to add to that Troy? Cause I know that you’re so big on helping your children be entrepreneurs.

Troy Aberle: I love what Steve said because most parents get nervous and I feel like it’s hard for them to be empowering and I can hear that thoughtfulness in your voice and what you said he was brought to us this way, meaning you were allowing him to be a product of who he was designed to be. And I think that that’s really noble.

I think that’s really cool. I think Carson has a lot to be grateful for there, but I think you have a lot to be complimented for there as well.

Amanda Holmes: So good.

Troy Aberle: Yeah.

Amanda Holmes: Aw. Okay. Carson, it’s back to you. I’m throwing the ball over. What is the second biggest tip for posting on TikTok that helped you generate 45, 000 customers in eight months?

Carson Matthews: The second tip, nobody cares about your product at all. People come to me all the time. They’re like, Oh, I have this protein powder. It’s so good. You know, like, how do I sell it? I was like, okay, well, what, like, what’s the story? Like, Oh, it’s like really good. I’m like, yeah, everyone’s protein powder is really good.

Everyone’s product is the best in the world. It’s not the best products that sell, as I’m sure you guys know. It’s the emotional connection at least to start, you know, I’d rather buy shoes from I see a video from some 12 year old kid. It made him with his bare hands like that’s cool, rather than by like, it just is people care about the story because people want to feel like they’re helping people want that emotional connection they want that tribal mentality.

So when I tell people I started this during a minor league baseball season, these moms are like, Oh my gosh, my kid plays sports. I get it. That’s such a cool story. I’m going to buy it. And you almost Trojan horse your way in because then once you’re in, the product is actually good and like, wait a sec, this product is great.

I’m going to keep buying it. And it’s a good story. So it’s a plus, especially to start, you need to dial down that story. You need to nail down that story is the most important thing. So you got to find whatever your story is like. There’s a book, what was it called? Creating your story brand or whatever.

And it’s just, it points out all the things like no one, no one cares about your product. People care how they perceive themselves. They perceive themselves being like, wow, I’m supporting a minor league baseball player. I’m a good person. People want to feel like they’re a good person for buying your product.

They want to feel like the hero. So you got to do whatever you can to make them feel like the hero in this scenario. Don’t lie. Don’t like lie about it, but make it a good story. So people feel good about buying it.

Steve Matthews: Carson’s sincere about that though, right? It’s not. It’s not a ruse. It’s an ethos, right?

It’s just part of his DNA. And I do think that that comes across to those that have invested in his product.

Carson Matthews: No, the, the first, I mean, still now, like my best videos are, cause obviously what’s good about TikTok too, is that. It’s a free testing platform because obviously you want to move into paid ads. The best testing platform is TikTok.

If it does well on TikTok, it’s going to do well on ads most of the time. I would say 90 percent of the times if it, if it rips on TikTok, it’s going to do really well on ads. So that’s something. And in my videos, I don’t even talk about my product. I don’t go like, it has this and this and this. I just say, yeah, there was a problem.

Then I did this and that, and that’s what happened. But I don’t talk about the product.

Amanda Holmes: I’m curious how often, cause I. I find this in my own posting. I wonder how many times to post the same kind of story. So do you take that same story of like, I’m a minor league baseball player and I was getting really annoyed about my acne.

Do you repeat that same story over and over again in other scenarios? Like how does that look from posting on a regular basis? I

Carson Matthews: rinse and repeat it as much as possible. Just I changed a few different words of different visuals. I’ll change the fonts. Cause in reality, people are like, Oh, I’m posting the same thing.

I’m posting the same ad. Like people are getting tired of this. No, there’s so many people out there, unless you’re McDonald’s. If you keep posting the same thing, people aren’t going to notice because. Your goal is to have 99 percent of your viewers of, at least if it’s not a retargeting campaign, if we’re talking about paid ads, organic stuff, you want new people being reached.

So, no, I see no problem reposting the same thing. I mean, that’s what successful companies do. They do, they know it’s successful. 20 percent of your messaging is going to give you 80 percent of your profits. So, whatever is the 20 percent that’s giving you the most, you just have to keep dialing that down.

Amanda Holmes: Mmm, I love that. Anything that you wanted to add to that, Steve?

Steve Matthews: You know, honestly, I’ve been in B2B cells forever, and so the whole social media phenomenon, and especially in Carson’s demographic, I’ve been learning from him from that regard. And there’s some things that I’ve tried to take and incorporate into my other life, if you will.

Uh, and so really it’s just been a learning experience for me as well. And oftentimes it’s kind of funny cause Carson would say, but dad, you don’t understand. And he’s right. A lot of times I don’t understand. So I definitely have to consume a little bit of, uh, you know, humble pie and realize that I don’t have all the answers, right.

And I have to also get better each day with learning this new route to market.

Amanda Holmes: I remember the first time that I interviewed Troy’s son. I hired Troy’s son first, Luke, before we brought on Troy, which is hilarious. He Dream 100 ed me, which was just brilliant, this kid. And he was educating me on all of the hashtags.

I was like, so do you Have you ever posted on social? And he’s like, yes, well, on this particular, on Instagram, you can only have this many hashtags on, on Facebook. You can have this many. And I’ve gotten kicked off a couple of times cause I did this wrong. And so then I realized that this is what I need to do.

And at the time he was like 12. And I looked at him like, you know, so much more than me. And here I am thinking I’ll educate him. And he just kept teaching me. That also, that makes me curious how much you use hashtags, Carson.

Carson Matthews: Never. Well, sometimes, but I don’t think it’s that

Amanda Holmes: important. Never! I don’t

Carson Matthews: think it’s that important.

The, the social media, I mean, I use it sometimes just like if I’m just like Subconsciously writing hashtags, but I don’t think it matters. What I do is so, Because I mean the, the AI on these social media platforms are so smart, like your hashtags aren’t gonna do anything. They already know, they’re, they’re messaging within it.

They know who to send it to. But I will say what I do, I don’t even know this helps, but I’ve heard it does. I’ll put text on the videos and I’ll make it super small. And I put it select, save my finger. I put it out of the camera so you can’t see it. But when you have words in your video, apparently it helps, but I’ve honestly stopped doing that.

I don’t think hashtags are any, you can’t, it’s hard to manipulate it. The number one thing is if it’s good content, it will get views and it will do well. You can’t use hashtags to push bad content.

Amanda Holmes: Mm hmm. Uh uh.

Carson Matthews: All that matters is the content.

Amanda Holmes: And another thing that you had said that was very important was realizing who actually buys from you.

Going back to number one, needing to be super niched, it wasn’t always the ball boy that was buying from you. It was their mother.

Carson Matthews: Right. Yeah. Originally, I thought that it’d be a bunch of athletes and, like, these, I mean whoever was buying it and then I see the orders coming through it’s 99 percent moms.

I’m like, what the heck? I guess I’m I was like, okay, that’s good to know now. So now I market to moms. I’m like, is your kid sad that he’s ugly? You know what I mean? Like, and they’re like, Oh my gosh. Yeah. And then it just helps. So when I messaged the moms, it’s a lot better.

Amanda Holmes: And this ties back to, I mean, our whole chapter four of ultimate sales machine, right?

Speaking me, we talking only to the ones that are ready to buy versus talking about what keeps you up at night and who is that person that you’re speaking to. And it’s so great that you had social to be able to test that to a market without having to spend on ads at first, right? You were just doing it organically.

Carson Matthews: Yeah, I’d say, I mean, tick tock and organic can only go so far until you have, millions of followers, but it’s a great place to test proof of concept. Proof of concept is everything. That’s what makes me super upset. That’s like my pet peeve is people all have like buddies that start a business and like, oh, I got my site so good.

I got, I ordered the products. I’m like, why did you order products? You don’t even know if you could sell it. Don’t order. You should never order a product. You should only order one mockup and then try to sell it. I sold my stuff with zero products on hand. Zero. I just used random mockups that I got online.

And I used a bar of soap. There was just a random bar of soap. I didn’t even use. And then when people ordered, I was like, Hey, we’re a small company. Thank you so much for supporting us. We’ve grown so quick, so fast. We’re going to have stuff coming in super soon, but you can get a refund or you can wait a little bit.

And a hundred percent of the time, people are like, wow, this is so cool. Yeah, of course I’ll wait. I love to support a small company. And so you need to get proof of concept first. That’s the biggest thing. Cause you’re going to spend all this money. Like you can start as many businesses as you want with 0.

With proof of concept. If I were to start a clothing company, I wouldn’t buy 5, 000 shirts. Yeah, I wouldn’t even get one, I would just get a mock up, put it online, and then whatever messaging I want that clothing company to have, I would tell that message and be like, oh yeah, here’s a shirt. I wouldn’t never.

That’s the number one product or thing people make. When it comes to e comm, I would say.

Amanda Holmes: You’re so young. So you have no idea how simple and how brilliant what you’ve done is yet. Because we talk to people all day long that cannot articulate one, who their ideal client is. And then two, what is the painful problem that they are solving?

Just the one simple. And it seems that you’ve been able to hit just so specifically in what their pain is to the right person. That’s buying. that managed to make that flow. So congratulations there.

Carson Matthews: Thank you.

Amanda Holmes: Troy, anything that you’re thinking that you want to say before we go to tip number three?

Troy Aberle: I love that because, you know, my brain, Carson said, if my kid came to me, there’s got to be nothing worse as a parent.

Knowing that your kid came and said, mom, dad, am I ugly? I’ve got zits all over. I’ve got all these problems. And you say, just go to bed. It’ll be better tomorrow. Knowing they’re getting on the bus. Still feeling horrible about themselves that they’re gonna have another crap day the way you said it seems so blunt but yet it’s so true and it actually resonated better with me as Man, I gotta go to work knowing my kids think that they’re ugly What is it I could do and here’s this other kid that said he had problems with acne He figured out a solution take my credit card Right.

You’re not even looking at the price at that point because you’ve related to me at such an emotional level. That’s what, how I felt

Amanda Holmes: so good. Okay. Carson, the third tip to posting on tech talk that helped you generate 45, 000 clients in eight months. What is it?

Carson Matthews: A good call to action. I know it sounds simple, but a lot of people get it wrong.

They think, oh, they watched the whole video. There doesn’t need to be a call to action. There does. There definitely does. Because people that market get it wrong and they think, oh, you know, they know where to go to my site. They know, no people need to be hit in the face with it to know. Cause like most people watch a video and be like, oh, I’ll come back later.

Like, that’s really cool. Save. They’ll never come back. You have to say, click this, shop now, whatever it is. Actually, on organic videos, don’t say click the link because then it won’t push it because They don’t want people going off their platforms, but paid advertising. There’s a shop now button set. You have to tell them to shop now because it makes you the guide and not the hero.

So in a video, the person watching it is supposed to be the hero for why they’re buying it. You, the advertiser is supposed to be the guide. People would make themselves the hero in the video and people don’t care about the hero. They want themselves to be the hero. I know that’s a lot of words, but in my head, I’ll say things that make sense in Carson and I’ll say it.

And it doesn’t really make sense out loud. Okay. But pretty much guide them to your site. And when you guide them, the site will be a map to purchase.

Amanda Holmes: So you said don’t say click the link if it’s an organic piece, how did you get people back to your website then if you weren’t telling them to click

Carson Matthews: the link?

Well, that’s tough, I mean TikTok, there’s TikTok shop and stuff, but really now on TikTok I don’t even care about getting sales on TikTok, I just use it as a testing platform for my paid ads. I don’t care about getting sales on TikTok anymore.

Amanda Holmes: Wow, when did you shift over from the TikTok to paid?

Carson Matthews: Once we started capping out like We would realize, okay, we’re having, you know, we’re getting like a couple of thousand dollars, just organic, 0 ad spend from TikTok.

Like that’s pretty good, but then organic is so volatile. Cause then you’re gonna have days where you don’t make like really any money. And then, so, and also paid advertising is hard. It’s not like you have a good video on TikTok like, it’s tough. Facebook makes it hard on purpose. They don’t want bad advertisers on there.

So like, if you don’t know what’s going on, they don’t know what’s going on. So that was a big learning curve for me. A lot of lost money, but I mean, it was worth it, but I’ve kind of knew once I knew that this Officially had proof of concept. I was like, okay, we have to do paid advertisement. And from there it kind of skyrocketed.

Amanda Holmes: And would you pick the videos that had the most likes and comments or the ones where you think you got the most sales from them?

Carson Matthews: I mean, the most sales always had the most likes, comments, and views. So it all went hand in hand.

Amanda Holmes: Interesting. And Steve, were you a part of helping with that transition between TikTok to Uh, paid?

Steve Matthews: No, really what the byproduct of that was, Carson would get a lot of inquiries from some very, very large sports agencies. I mean, these are anyone that knows anything about sports or even the world of entertainment. They would reach out and say, Hey, we would like to be involved with my B2B background.

That’s kind of one of the areas Carson has chartered me to oversee. And so We are in discussions with some very large sports agencies, but again, that’s a different podcast, Amanda, because their needs and their requirements for their globally known personas. Is vastly different and so we’ve also had to educate them on what we’re willing to do and what we’re not willing to do.

It’s just a whole different conversation, but it has created more awareness to develop other routes to market. So that we’re not just beholden to a thin area of distribution. Right? So that that’s been 1 of the byproducts of positive byproducts of having such an effective advertising platform.

Amanda Holmes: Troy, anything you want to add hearing this?

Because I know you also watch your son Luke post all the time and you’re always updating me on all the experiments he’s doing.

Troy Aberle: Well, I think it’s interesting, because listening to Carson talk about TikTok and getting that information, as Amanda and I teach people on how to figure out who your Dream 100 customer is, what is the information that you can get from TikTok?

I think it’s fascinating about, is there pieces, Carson, that you’re taking then? of what characteristics are these people that are proving that it’s a great concept on TikTok? And then as you build out ads onto the other platforms or what have you, is there information that you can gather from TikTok and move that into the next ad to be that much more pointed, if you will?

Carson Matthews: I wouldn’t say I really take information from TikTok, honestly. I literally just look at whatever video performed best, and I just keep rinsing and repeating that with different words and visuals. Like in what I’ll do to now on paid advertisements, I’ll use a static ad and it would just be like a headline and whatever headline gets the most clicks.

I turned that headline into a video. So like, for instance, I call them like golden headlines where it’s something that has nothing to do with the product. So like, for instance, a couple of days ago, I launched one that says this product doubled my water bill and people like, what, how does that have to do with anything?

And I remember. Below it like it was like this cleared my son’s acne in two weeks The only problem is he won’t stop washing his face with it now because he loves it so much It’s gonna double my wall bill and it’s like that’s doing really well. So i’m gonna create that into a video this week There’s one I said this tore my family apart and it’s like I have three boys.

They keep fighting over this It’s turned my house into a war zone. It’s great. But now my kids hate each other You know, so it’s like, they’re kind of funny. But so then i’ll turn that into videos based off the static feedback.

Amanda Holmes: I love that How often are you launching new ads

Carson Matthews: every day? I launched like eight a day

Amanda Holmes: Holy cow, that is a lesson for everyone listening right now, because so many just pick one or two and run with it forever.

Yeah, you gotta be My father was the same.

Carson Matthews: Yeah, you gotta be tactical with it, like there’s an ad, say I’ll work on an ad for like, well now I’m hiring people to do the ads for me, cause it takes 17 hours, but like, you gotta be tactical with it, some people will look at an ad and be like, wow, I love this ad, it’s gonna do so well, and then it does really bad, and then the ad that you worked 5 seconds on does well, Like, you gotta be able to turn them off, turn them on, know what works, know what doesn’t, take your ego out of it.

So that’s something I had to learn. It’s a content game. People work organic or paid, you gotta feed it, because you’re gonna hit it. If your product’s good, you’re gonna hit it, but. It’s a lot.

Amanda Holmes: I love that so much. I used to go back and look through all my father’s ads from radio and I have hundreds of recordings of him doing, trying different kinds of ads.

And when he found the one that really landed, then he kept trying to, you know, make one, produce more than that one, but that one ran for years. So very interesting. You find those sweet spots. If you just keep working at it, that’s that master reason about doing 4, 000 different things.

Carson Matthews: Exactly.

Amanda Holmes: Well, the three tips to posting on TikTok that helped you generate 45, 000 customers in eight months flat.

It’s been such a joy and a privilege. And I have to also thank Steve for being a fan of Ultimate Sales Machine and reading the book and then handing it to your next generation. That’s, that’s what we’re seeing more and more, and it, and it means a lot that you’ve brought, I’ve seen both of you come into this world, because it’s so inspiring to see what Carson is doing, and what you’ve been able to do to assist him, and how you’re working together now, it’s just, It’s really special.


Steve Matthews: I think we need to thank, you know, starting with your father, I felt like I’m part of the family now, especially meeting you, Amanda. And, but just hearing, reading and listening to the book on a consistent basis and for your viewers out there, that’s the one advice I would give each of you is, You have to look at the ultimate sales machine, not as a book, but as a reference guide, because there’s constantly, I’m constantly going back and say, what, no, what did, what did Chet and Amanda and Troy say about, you know, my dream 100.

And there’s always little tweaks I’m making in any endeavor that I have. And so again, it needs to be a reference book. It needs to be, you know, constantly, I mean, I’ve got, I, my mind is dog eared. I mean, it just, you know, I have it on my desk at all times. I’m always referring to it. And thank you. Thank you for your father’s sharing this message with the business world.

It’s helped me become a better person, a better father, a better, I think, sales executive. So I’d like to put it back in your court and just say, thank you for all that you do for us.

Amanda Holmes: Thank you so much. And Troy was the one that was like, Oh, this is such a great story. You have to meet these two. So thank you for.

For making that happen, Troy. Any last final words, Carson?

Carson Matthews: Anyone can do it. I don’t know. That was cheesy, but I wanted to say something.

Amanda Holmes: I think that that’s very true, so. I

Troy Aberle: think he’s got pig headed determination, Amanda, was what he was trying to say. He’s going to go places and you’re already doing wonderful.

Good job, Carson. Good job, Steve. So it’s a pleasure to thank you.

Amanda Holmes: And so the best way for people to find you ball boys with a Z soap is it. com?

Carson Matthews: Yeah. Ballboys soap. com. B A L L B O Y Z. Soap. com.

Amanda Holmes: And then they can find you on Tik Tok

Carson Matthews: and Instagram. Check us out.

Amanda Holmes: Well, such a pleasure you two until next time.

Carson Matthews: Thank you. Thanks guys.

Amanda Holmes: Make sure to get your copy or copies at the ultimate sales machine dot com There’s a lot of special bonuses that you can’t get going to amazon So make sure you check it out at ultimate sales machine

dot com

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