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What is the single most important thing you want to accomplish with your website?

The top two most stressful life events are:

  1. Moving your home
  2. Getting Divorced.

For business owners they might as well add to the list #3. Redoing your website.

You spend heaps of time picking out colors for the palette, photos from stock people looking happy, you write up all this information about every aspect of your company. Then it’s FINALLY DONE after three to six months of work. Only to find the single most important point of the website is missing.

ANSWER ME THIS: A prospect comes to your website, what is the first ACTION you want them to take? (Fill in the blank).

A. Do you want them to appreciate the colors you chose of your brand palette?
B. Do you want them to admire the smile of you and all your staff? Or the random model actors you chose to represent you as stock images?

 No. Of course not, you didn’t do months of work for that.

The VERY FIRST ACTION you want a prospect to take when coming to your website, is to give you their email.

80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention.

Regardless of the fact if they’re going to buy something, inquire for an appointment, the first

Step to ensure more engagement in the future is by capturing their email!

This may seem elementary dear Watson, however I just spent the last week speaking with every kind of business from a multi billion dollar insurance company, to managed service providers, from dentists, to wealth management services. NONE OF THEM HAD AN EFFECTIVE WAY TO CAPTURE THEIR PROSPECT’S EMAIL ON THEIR WEBSITE.

If that is the case with you as well, do this one thing right now. Go to sumo.com it is a free plugin that can create an email capture on any wordpress website for free! You don’t need coding expertise, just follow their simple instructions and you’ll join 897,098 sites that use this exact tool to capture emails.

Great! Now that you’ve done that. Question number two is, are you giving something of value in exchange for their email? Telling them to join your newsletter is something we did back when the internet was new and email marketing was a hot new item.

Today, you need to give something in exchange for their email. Think of the buyer’s pyramid from my father’s book “The Ultimate Sales Machine.”

Let’s say for every 100 people that visit your website only 3% are in the buying now category.

So what opt in title can you create that will get the attention of the full buyer’s pyramid? Those that aren’t thinking about you or aren’t interested at all?


Wouldn’t you like to have every single person’s email that visits your website?

Of course you would! What are you willing to give them in exchange for that valuable asset?

For instance you go to ChetHolmes.com. We don’t come out of the gates telling you about coaching! Or consulting! No. We educate you. Learn the 1 hour a week formula to double your sales!   Here’s the opt in on ChetHolmes.com it says:

Notice a few things about this title:

  1. It is VERY SPECIFIC. One hour a week, seems possible to commit to that amount of time.
  2. Add in a quantifiable goal. It’s NOT about growing revenue, it’s about doubling sales. Notice how that’s very tangible and specific. There are two important assets you can help your prospect’s achieve: can you save them time? or money?
  3. It should speak specifically to your prospect’s needs, desires, fears, frustrations, AVOID talking about just YOU. If you only speak about yourself and your services you’re reaching just 3% of the buyer’s pyramid that’s in the buying now category.

Your lead opt in title should be similar to your Stadium Pitch title (if you’re familiar with our methodology).


The 5 Dangerous Trends Facing (Companies like yours)


The Single Most Important Thing You Didn’t know About (blank)


The Checklist to…


The Template for…

If you can give something that gains the attention of the full buyer’s pyramid, you receive their email and then you can continually keep marketing to them!

Of course with that email now your next step is getting them to trust you, like you, respect you, and buy from you!

My first lesson in this was with my father, Chet Holmes. Hear the story…


To learn more about how you can incorporate Core Story into your online funnel/customer journey, click here to learn more about our new Core Story Funnel!

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