The Most Effective Attention Grabber You’ll Ever See

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Want to know the most effective way to grab the attention of your prospects in a trade show??

Use a human billboard!

Here are 3 reasons why you should use a human billboard in your next marketing event:
1. It automatically draws people to you and creates buzz.
2. It is a memorable and hilarious way to connect with your prospects.
3. Because it is portable, a human billboard attracts attention by bringing your marketing message literally everywhere other forms of advertisement may not be allowed.

On top of all these, human billboards can also give you a high return on investment because you can reach a lot of people for a fraction of the cost compared to other marketing efforts.

Watch this episode, and I’ll show you how we used Guerilla marketing tactics at our last trade show to generate so many leads we were the #1 talked about item at the event.




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Continued Learning: Get noticed, drive traffic, capture leads!


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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Amanda: [00:00:00] Hello. Amanda Holmes here, CEO of Chet Homes International. We have the Daily Dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine. Today I have something really special. In the Ultimate Sales Machine, in chapter seven, my father talks about trade shows and how to get the attention of more people, because the first step to a trade show is getting noticed.

Now, he used to teach things about, oh, having a Hawaiian theme, or he had a whole Star Trek suit that he would wear and he would get everyone to wear Star Trek suits. It was hysterical. And everybody would be wondering, Who are these guys with all these Hawaiian shirts? Or in a strict Star Trek uniform or in a doctor’s uniform?

Well, I wanted to do something really special for the next blitz that I’m doing to promote the ultimate sales machine. So look what I got. This thing is hysterical. Okay? It’s called a Billboard-Backpack. Now, I can’t tell you how many people have stopped and looked at this. It is so freaking funny. It has, if you can’t tell, there’s lights, right?

So I can turn off the light. [00:01:00] I can turn on the light. and what I did was to make sure that we got not only notice, the second step to getting attention at a trade show is collecting their information. So what do I have? The first day I didn’t have a QR code, I just said, Talk to me if you’d like a free chapter of the new edition of the Ultimate Sales Machine.

So people were coming up and asking for the chapter, or I say, Go. Instead, we put a QR code on and I got double the amount of people visiting the site where I get their opt-in of their name and email, which helped us generate more sales for the book. So it is a brilliant concept.

At first wanted to design a backpack and walk around with a backpack, and then I went on Google and I Googled human billboard, and this is what showed up. It’s quite the gem, so if you wanna get your own the gentleman told me that he doesn’t really wanna sell it and it’s his side hustle, so I’m not quite sure if you can get one, [00:02:00] but if you Google human billboard, you might be able to find one, but your next trade show.

And it’s cool because this thing also comes out of the billboard backpack so you can get multiple different prints made. So whatever you’re promoting at any given time, you can. So that is another daily Dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine. 

If you wanna see it, go to our YouTube at Or you can visit any of our social media channels for Chet Holmes Ultimate Sales Machine.


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