Get noticed, drive traffic, capture leads!

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Blog

Events like trade shows and major conferences are usually attended by hundreds or thousands of visitors and professionals who are likely in the same industry as you.

It makes perfect sense to create a solid database of potential customers and make new business connections.

How do you actually capture leads at a trade show?

Tune in to this episode to hear an example of how you can magnify your trade show activities online!



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Amplify your trade show efforts online today, you can magnify your traffic tenfold by sharing all your trade show activity online. So my father is really well known for what he does with trade shows. He dominated this so many clever ideas that he came up with to set himself apart from everybody else.

So three things you wanna keep in mind with the trade show, right? As we’re seeing these coming back into the fold number one, the three rules of the trade show. Number one, you wanna get noticed. Number two, you wanna drive traffic and then number three, you wanna capture leads capture their information.

So I was at an event about a year ago. I keynoted for… they’re called the pinnacle society. It started by Jonathan Dawson and, it’s the top 1% of car salesmen in the United States. And Jonathan’s really well known for social selling. He shows how you can use social to get social credibility, to sell more.

[00:01:00] And his reps, a lot of the time are selling an average car salesman is maybe selling 10 cars a month, his sell 40 or 50 cars a month. And the top guy Frank. 180 cars a month. I They’re doing so much better because they’re incorporating social. So one thing that I just loved and had to put in this book was I was at the event and he said, okay, let’s practice what it’s like to do a Facebook live because you’ll be using this in your sales process.

So we got everybody in the. To pop up Facebook to open up Facebook live. And we all went live on Facebook all at the same time he had us, he had everyone, this is the title you wanna have. This is the tags you wanna have for different people. And then we went live with all, it was over a hundred people all in the same industry, all going live at the same time.

So can you imagine the effect of having a hundred lives [00:02:00] in a room and then having it spread out to easily a hundred thousand people now, because they decided to all go live at the same time. Imagine you being at your home and seeing all these people going live all at this one event, you would wish that you were there.

It penetrated that industry and made such a blitz online. It was unreal. So there’s so many different ways when you’re thinking about you doing your trade shows, how can I document the process that I am having at my trade show? Do I have a way to capture their information and carry it out with social media?

Because all of the people at that trade show remember the average Facebook user has about 400 friends, 440 friends. So if you, if they even just posted on their Facebook, Hey, I went to this trade show booth and they happen to have this really great Backdrop or giveaway or something, you can expand your reach, tenfold easily.

So that’s something that my father would’ve loved. So how are [00:03:00] you documenting your day to day process within your marketing and sales process or what you’re doing in your business online to magnify?

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