Keep Your Dream Buyers Forever: 88 Questions to Build Bulletproof Client Relationships

Your customers are your company’s greatest assets. This alone explains why your relationship with them is more important and crucial than you think. Simply advertising what you can offer won’t always work. Now more than ever, they want someone credible enough to attend to their needs.

81% of consumers said that trust is an important factor in their buying decision. However, most businesses forget this. It becomes their last priority, probably the reason why only 34% of consumers say they trust most of the brands they use. 

For instance, we use the term “Dream Buyers” here in Chet Holmes International to refer to a company’s greatest sphere of influence. They are the clients that buy the most from you the most often, your “better buyers.” Therefore you should build a specific campaign to prioritize converting them. 

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Here’s a tip: if you want to keep your Dream Buyers forever, you must build a bulletproof relationship with them! To help you get started, we compiled 88 questions that you can use in your dialogues to build a bond that is so strong no competitor could ever break it! 


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Trust isn’t something you gain overnight, it’s something you nurture. And not all salespeople are good at this. The superstar salespeople naturally build rapport, they spend the majority of their time gaining the trust of their prospect so when it comes time to win their business it is WAY easier. Use these questions in your scripts training your team to build rapport, put them into your LinkedIn messages, ask your Facebook followings. When you’re out to dinner or over Zoom, try to find ways to insert these questions everywhere and listen for what they say. You’ll be amazed at the results.

For starters, keep in mind that your clients are also human beings. They aren’t just numbers for increasing revenues. They will always have concerns, they need something, and they expect you to help them. 

How you create healthy client relationships depends on the person involved. We all have our own interests, likes, dislikes, preferences, and personalities. Our clients are no different. So the best way to get through them is through active listening and understanding.

These questions aren’t only for rapport building. It’s your way of empathizing with them. Doing so enables you to personalize their experience, know what they truly need, understand where they are coming from and what they are expecting from you. 

From your clients’ perspective, these questions will make them feel prioritized. Seldom do they have the chance to be heard. There are only a few companies out there taking the time to personally know their prospects! This can be your powerful edge against your competitor!

Building rapport with your clients is easier once you get to know them as an individual and as a person, not only as an executive or a CEO. Let them feel that they are valued, reassure them, make them comfortable, and show your sincerity through words and actions. Start establishing trust!

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