Verne Harnish Shares How This is the Time to Pass All Your Competition

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Blog

This episode features another exceptional guest in our book launch, Verne Harnish.

The founder of the world-renowned Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and author of Scaling Up, Verne has spent more than 30 years educating entrepreneurial teams and assisting companies to grow in the past four decades.

Tune in to this episode as he shares why this is the time to pass your competition.


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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Alan:  Verne Harnish. Oh my gosh. I’ve never been able to shake this man’s hand, wanted to for years.

I think I called somebody else Yoda, but I do believe that Verne is Yoda. . 

Amanda: Such a wealth of 

Alan: knowledge. 

Intro: Here is your daily dose of the Ultimate Sales machine coming to you from the new edition. Visit ultimate sales to get your copy or multiple copies. I am your host, Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Homes International. What you’re about to learn has assisted a quarter of a million businesses to generate billions of dollars working faster, better, smarter.

Alan: Amazing. Founder of the EO organization, Entrepreneurs Organization. I don’t even, Where do you start 

Amanda: with Ver Growth Institute? We still get royalties from Growth Institute Verne, when my father recorded that like 15 years ago.

I can’t even believe that. 

Alan: Yeah. Welcome. It’s amazing. 

Verne: Yeah. You know what? It’s amazing. I don’t know, Amanda, first of all, congratulations on the launch, and I’m guessing is 13 like a [00:01:00] lucky number for you? 

Amanda: Absolutely, yes. My father’s 

birthday was February 13th and my birthday is February 13th. , 

Verne: I heard that earlier.

It’s my lucky number. And it was at, it was exactly 13 years ago that Chet did that program for us. Oh my God. We would, Wow. Yeah. I was just looking it up. I wish I could almost share screen. We were coming out of that 2008 great recession and everybody was hurting. Really the companies were hurting that we were serving and partnered with Fortune Magazine.

We did a sales and marketing summit, then that following April, and we said, Look, there’s only one human being on the planet. We’ve gotta have to kick that off. And that was your dad, Chad. Oh, and his book was still number one. It had been out for two years. I detailed that in this long email, and that was the first time, Amanda, that we then broadcast his presentation to all those folks who couldn’t actually be there [00:02:00] physically.

And this is back when this was hard. Now we have Zoom and all those kind of things that we can do. But we reached thousands with his message. Thank you. And I continued to hear back how literally his presentation saved so many companies that were struggling coming out of, that disaster that it occurred in 2008.

13, I think is an amazing number. It was 13 years ago that he spoke for us, and we produced in that course that continues to be popular out there on our growth institute. And so the fact that you have and look, my first book, Rockefeller Habits the John Rockefeller kind of family, we see what often happens with second generation and third generation.

But you, once, I think the whole family is defining the odds. And you as second generation are gonna take this thing even further faster. And, when we looked at, maybe going in some tough times right now, again here, 13 years later with a potential recession and all of that.

Thought it was [00:03:00] interesting this morning, Fortune magazines or yesterday, Alan Murray quoted the one of the top guys in McKenzie who said one of the famous race drivers noted you can’t pass 15 cars when it’s sunny out, but you can when it’s raining. And that was the kind of message that I remember your dad presented to our audience and gave us all such hope.

And last I know you got, I don’t want to really talk about me or, and that kind 

Amanda: of stuff. I wanna give, I do wanna talk about you. 

Verne: No. But I gotta tell you that story. Look, I’ve heard probably every speaker on the planet, we’ve been lucky to host them at those fortune summits and. . And so I’ve heard a lot of stories, but there’s that story your dad told about roofing company and how he used Haiti in order to be able to drive leads and how he increased leads by 18000%.

And that’s the thing that we said at the beginning of the [00:04:00] pandemic to our audience, and we did back then that this is the time to be ambitious. This is the time you push the pedal to the metal. This is the time that you pass 15 cars. And this is the time that we, and, we are, we’re gonna get the message out a big about this revised, updated version of the book.

This is precisely the book everybody needs right now in order to be ambitious, to be able to push through and this at the time to pass all your competition. So look, I’m humble that I was invited to this. I’m a huge fan of Jay Abram. He’s the, he is the yoga Yoda in all of that. But anyway, you had a couple of questions, but this is really, I’m so excited.

Amanda: I and I you’re doing the same exact thing, right? You’re coming out with the new version, right? As well. Yeah. 

Verne: This week, October 18th, by the way, three of my voice is so raspy. We just came off our scaling up [00:05:00] summit the last two days. I flew in from Denver this morning back east in Paris, Virginia.

And where I’m broadcasting out of. So yes, brand new revised edition after eight years of our own book, Scaling 

Alan: Up. It’s important to do, isn’t it? Because the times keep changing and the world keeps changing. It’s not something you do because I wanna, piggyback on this fame. It’s important.

It’s necessity actually. 

Amanda: Yeah. So we’ve been sharing all about how we, how I adapted the new book. Can you share a bit about how you’re adapting your book? Yeah. Because there seems to be some ties there. I know I didn’t send that, but I’d love to know. What do we 

Verne: need to know? Yeah. You know what, one of the biggest shifts, and I think you represented Amanda maybe it feels a little woo, but we did move into the age of Aquarius and that really represents a shift from the masculine energy to the feminine energy.

Wow. And what’s interesting, even this morning Alan Murray reported on it from [00:06:00] Fortune, how important artificial intelligence is going to be AI machine learning in driving our sales and our marketing how Oracle has gone all in in building out their platforms in order to support it.

What is interesting is AI cannot thrive in a masculine environment. It needs a feminine environment for it to be able to work its magic. And so one of the big revisions that we made in the book is that rather than is to get rid of a lot of the masculine notions that we’ve gotta plant a flag on top of a hill and we’ve gotta climate and, persevere when Mother Nature, where, and I co-found and I chair an organization called Geo University where we’re studying how is Mother Nature scaled much easier and further and faster than us human beings.

Look, mother nature heads the other way. The river goes from the top of Everest down to the ocean. And so this idea that [00:07:00] we really understand flow and that we get into the flow and that we realize that the market either makes us look smart or makes us look stupid and really know that all wars in all markets are one through intel and that is at the heart of what it is that we need.

So those are a lot of the things we’ve updated in scaling up primarily to bring much more of the feminine energy. Never. Can I tell one other story, Amanda? Yes. Did I try 

Amanda: this home? Let’s do a story to close it out. 

Verne: I love it. Yeah. Okay I found a eo and if there’s one, one Legacy is that there were 16,000 entrepreneurs who were not alone during this pandemic.

And as we take that to 160,001 of the, those entrepreneurs early on us is Sarah Blakely. And so last year at eo, you saw Sarah sold for 1,000,000,002. And so we were interviewing Sarah and she’s telling the story how, she joined this forum. It was [00:08:00] her and a bunch of dudes, and that was the word that she used,

And they’re all talking about how, Look, Sarah, you gotta toughen up and you’ve gotta take this hill and you’ve gotta go beat down your competition and all that. And she literally describes how she goes home and she cries. She’s I don’t wanna do business this way. I wanna do it differently. And so she comes back to her form and she says, Look you do could do it the way you guys want to do it.

I’m going to go with the universe. I’m gonna trust the universe. And they’re like, Oh, Sarah, you’re an idiot. And they did ask her, How did you end up doing it? She said, I spent no time in the office. I spent all my time out in the retail stores talking to customers, gathering the intel. You.

Educating and all of that, and the rest is history. Her company way surpasses all the dudes in her forum and she says shortly after that one by one [00:09:00] secretly, they came to her and they whisper. Sarah, can you tell us more about this universe thing, ? And and so I do think that you are the right person at the right time to lead this and again, help massive numbers of companies like your dad did 13 years ago as we go into the balance of this this 

Amanda: decade.

Wow. We have a lot to talk about. Verne. I can already tell I look forward to it and people and Oh, you too. We have quite a few people Fortune’s also asking where do they get scaling up 2.0. Where will they be able to find that? It’s it’s 

Verne: on Amazon. We got it up this week, 

Amanda: Oh, congratulations. Oh, anyway, it’s.

Verne: All 

Alan: right. You’re awesome, 

Verne: Verne. Congratulations, Amanda. Thank you 

Amanda: so much. Thank you more to come with us, Verne. I look forward to it. Great. What a 

Alan: great time with Verne. Thank you Verne.


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