The Biggest Lessons from 21.7 Billion Dollar Man Jay Abraham

by | Oct 26, 2022 | Blog

Today’s daily dose of The Ultimate Sales Machine features Jay Abraham, the 21.7 billion dollar man, who was also one of our guest speakers during the book launch.

He has helped executives with their businesses and has significantly increased the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients worldwide.

Tune in to this episode to hear how he has generated the most amount of revenue for his clientele.


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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Alan: Got a special guest coming up now 

Amanda: We do. We have Jay Abraham. So Jay Abraham is the 21.7 billion man. My gosh, so much money is generated for 10,000 clients and what is it? A thousand industries? 

Alan: A thousand industries. That by itself is mind boggling.

Amanda: So lots of different questions. I’m sure everybody would love to ask Jay. I asked him specifically, what is the biggest thing that has generated the .Most amount of revenue for your clientele? And hear what he had to say. 

Jay: I would say it is it’s what I would call marginal net worth and and allowable cost.

Most people allocate either commission to salespeople or marketing or sales budgets very erroneously. They either pick a figure out of the, out of the air, or they’re, what, or they use a percentage that is predicated on, last month or last quarter or last year’s sales.

And you’re either spending too much or too little when you realize that all prospects aren’t worth the same. All kinds of buyers aren’t worth the same. All sources of buyers aren’t worth the same. When you analyze very granularly what different categories, sources, types of buyers are worth in the first sale, the second sale, the third sale, and then you realize the aggregate profit they represent either in real yield or strategically.

Cuz some products don’t make you any money, but they give birth to all the other ones. Then you have ano an idea of how much you cannot spend, but rather invest. Most people, Amanda, or what I call, pardon me, 2D thinkers verse 3d. A 2D thinker says, Okay, I did this much revenue this month, I had this much expense, so this much.

That’s a 2d, a 3D says, I’ve invested in these prospects or these assets called buyers. How much more yield? What’s the return I’m gonna get ongoing? Not one time, but over time on them. When you realize this concept of allowable cost, you have an unlimited budget. If I say to you every time, let’s say that you have, let’s say I’m selling a bottle of water and I know that every 10 people that buy this bottle, six of them are gonna buy a case.

And of those six four of ’em are gonna buy a case every month. And of those four, three of ’em are gonna buy not just a case, but two. And of those four, three of ’em are gonna buy not just two [00:03:00] cases, but they’re gonna buy another case of sparkling. And the total, every time I sell 10 people one or whatever my number was, one bottle I’m gonna make, let’s call it $50,000 on this $3 bottle, then I’ve got a lot more I can invest to sell this bottle.

I don’t really care if I make money selling this bottle. I don’t even care if I lose three times as long as I have cash flow because I’m gonna recoup it in month two or three. And most people, very sophisticated people get that, but even getting it, they don’t look at correlations, implications, anomalies in their selling system.

They don’t really analyze. To give you an example, I taught theory like this to somebody and they increased their business from 2000 buyers to 500,000 because they saw that they had an unlimited budget. And when they allocated a lot more because they saw the back end they were gonna get from it, it transformed their whole business.

I also, this was very interesting. I had two very large automobile dealers as clients. One’s the largest Honda Acura in the world, and the other was, they sold it the largest Mercedes dealer in North America. And there’s two stories that show the power of different kind of thinking that the big car dealer made over a million dollars a month by realizing that when somebody is in the service department, it’s the perfect time to sell them another car, because before they make an expensive payment to fix their car, you can absorb that and trade ’em out.

He also realized that the concept of car selling is flawed because car dealers tend to be democratic. If you’re, if I have 10 salespeople, Amanda every time somebody comes in, they automatically rotate to the next salesperson, the next and the next. But it’s very it’s very non-strategic. If you, for example, are three times.

at selling a truck than I am and making maximum ethical profit. And I’m four times better at selling first time buyers, but you get first time buyers and I get truck buyers. Does that make sense? And this one guy the other guy came back from listening to this methodology and he looked at his, what’s called his finance and insurance f and i, which is a very huge money maker in a car dealership.

And he had two managers, one during the day nine to five and the other five to nine and Saturdays and Sundays. And he looked at performance and the nighttime one was producing $2,500 per sale profit. And the daytime was only producing 1500, a thousand dollars less per transaction.

But the daytime guy who was producing a thousand less was getting 90%, or excuse me, 75% of the sales and the other was only getting 25. And just by changing their work schedule,the guy made an extra 150 grand a month. So there’s a lot of ways to just think 

Alan: differe. But this guy is like Yoda . 

Do not try.

Just do 

Amanda: is very smart. 

Alan: Brilliant. Yes. You introduced me to him, by the way, right? 

Amanda: Yeah, it was 

Alan: great. 


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