Strategists Make More Money Than Tacticians

by | Sep 15, 2023 | Blog

If you’d like every move you make to be 4 to 9 times more impactful, then you’ll want to hear this episode.

Executives come to us every single day trying to make the leap from a short term pure tactician to a brilliant long term strategist.

And the honest truth is 99% of the workforce operates from that tactical place.

The only focus is… how do I generate a lead…

How do I generate a sale?

But when you think short term, you miss out on the most important questions like…

What is the ultimate goal I want to accomplish with every client?

Would I like to be considered #1 in my marketplace?

Would I like my clients to become raving fans walking around as billboards for my business?

Would I like to have repeat clients that keep asking for more?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, tune in to this week’s episode where I break down the framework we use to train executives how to become strategic.

I explain the gap between understanding and actual implementation, and how to bridge it.

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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Amanda: [00:00:00] Welcome to your weekly dose of the ultimate sales machine. I am your host, Amanda Holm, CEO of CHI. The next few episodes are a series of conversations we had during the Q& A of our challenge. Real live questions from business owners and executives just like you on how to get up to nine times more clients in the door so you can double your sales.

You still have the opportunity to get your ticket of the ultimate sales machine boot camp. To help you redefine that stadium pitch, build out your dream 100 campaign, and set in place the momentum to be able to double your sales over the next 12 months, visit usm, like ultimate sales machine, dot chetholmes.

com forward slash bootcamp. That’s usm. chetholmes. com forward slash bootcamp. Here’s the episode.

Jeremy: the way, I just love what you guys do. It, it, it’s amazing. Um, [00:01:00] so I’m curious on you, we, we, we kind of breezed through the structure of what you, of your core story yesterday. So I kind of wanted to have a refresher on that, just, you know, the basic outline is fine.

And then also, what do you include in your buyer’s guide? Is that where you just house your core story? That’s what, that’s what I would assume. I’m just making sure that that’s correct. 

Amanda: Let me show you a visual and we’ll go through it.

Jeremy: Great question, Rod. 

Amanda: Yeah. 

So when I took the buyers pyramid and flipped it upside down, that’s what I’m going to go to to show you, right? So this is the structure for how to create a core story. Because what I find is, ooh, where did it go? That was interesting. Okay. What I find is when people understand the concept of a stadium pitch, it’s a mind, like they are blown away.

People say [00:02:00] that their lives, yes. are changed when they see that buyer’s pyramid and they go, Oh my God, I’m only talking to the 3%. I need to go to the 90. They understand it intellectually, but then when they actually try to take that jump of educating a prospect on something that isn’t their service that they’re selling every day, it’s a hard leap.

To make that leap in the first go so what I do and what what I’ve been doing with the boot camps has been very successful is that I start here. Let’s just talk about resetting the buying criteria because you’re pitching all day long. Now I can take the pitch that you’re already pitching and let’s just make it a little bit better because 99% of the time companies do a terrible job of articulating what makes them different from others.

And because it’s your thing that you do all day every day, you think that people understand, Oh, it’s 0% down financing. And we have this, uh, certification by CFC and, you know, to your consumer, that means nothing to them. They don’t understand. [00:03:00] So that education part of just telling them the five things you need to understand before buying a product like mine or before hiring a service like mine or before investing in someone like me, here’s everything.

So that buyer’s guide is just so that you can get to reset the buying criteria. When they’re open to it and they’re thinking about it so you can grab it from your competition before it gets to that 3% or even if they’re in that 3%, you’re preempting all the other competitors because they’re still only pitching.

So, the whole core story, 

so that’s why in my bootcamp the first day is Let’s reset the buying criteria. Let’s understand how to set yourself apart from everybody else. Cause you know, you let’s just figure out how to articulate it more clearly. Then we’ll jump into, okay, now let’s understand the market data that talks about what are the global pains to get more attention of more of our prospects?

What are the trends that are happening over time? And so we [00:04:00] have to do that research to figure that out. We have to understand their targeted pains, which could be something completely off the wall, tell you right now. On day one, when I started talking about recessions, I knew nothing about recessions six months ago.

I had to dive deep and I dove deep for five months on recessions and what has happened over time and it wasn’t until I found this Gold mine of a study that truly articulated the difference between those that succeed and fail. But I finally said, Eureka, I found a gold mine here. This is how I can explain this because I know it’s what CEOs are experiencing.

It’s not what my expertise is. So I have to become an expert on that so that I can guide them to what I want to talk about, which was number five out of the four Five things holding you back from doubling your sales. None of them talked about marketing until the fifth one, if you’d noticed. So, that’s how we go from global pain to target pain to solutions into resetting the buying criteria.

Does that answer your question, Ron? 

Jeremy: [00:05:00] Yeah, so then you would start, so your buyer’s guide then includes all of it, correct? Your buyer’s Or is it just the resetting the buyer’s criteria? 

Amanda: That’s resetting the buying criteria. You may have one or two points that grabs more attention, but it’s mostly just to reset the buying criteria.

Jeremy: Okay. And so, and that buyer’s guide, it’s not nearly as long as a book or anything like that, you’re probably just talking like a flyer. I would imagine if you were to do it in print, right? 

Amanda: So we gave you a template. That’s just like something that you could post online, right? It’s something on social where it’s just one, one sheet that you can look at, but we have clients.

I mean, uh, Jeremy also showed his buyer’s guide earlier today and his, how many pages is your buyer’s guide? 

Jeremy: I think it’s about 40 pages. 

Amanda: Oh, see, he managed to get his out to 40 pages, so it’s really just the concept, and as soon as you [00:06:00] understand the concept, it could be as short as one page, and it could be as long as 40 pages.

It could be a whole book, I mean. 

Jeremy: Great. Yeah, it’s 42 pages. And so, because I, I focused when I, 

I’ve been 30 years. And, um, I’ve always focused on really the pains, the pit of despair that my clients have, or that my client’s clients have, and then taking them and helping them understand that the business doesn’t matter.

It’s all about the clients, right? And the only thing that we do is we tell a business does is taken from the pit of despair to the promised land. That’s it. And so I think we talk a lot of the same language in a lot of ways. Yeah. And so, uh, there was one slide that you used that gave kind of an outline of the core story.

Was that, am I right or did I see something wrong? It was like 11 points or something like that. 

Amanda: Oh, [00:07:00] when you’re finding market data. So, interesting that you say that. That is my resetting of my buying criteria slide. This, is that what you’re talking about? Yes, it is. So for me, this is me resetting our buying criteria.


I fit it all into, I have multiple versions of this by the way. I have one that’s six slides, I have this one that’s one slide. If I’m really trying to get people to understand every piece of it, I’ll spread it out into six slides. Right. When I’m really trying to hit hard with some pressure, I’ll put it 

Jeremy: on one slide.

Or when you only have an hour to deliver seven hours worth of content. Oh 

Amanda: my god, tell me about it. Sorry Max, I really apologize. I’m normally not that crazy. See, I’m a classically trained singer, right? So my breath control is insane. And I’ve noticed that that’s actually probably not always the best thing that I can do very fast for very long periods of time.

It’s because of my… My [00:08:00] breath control training. I would 

Jeremy: pass out

Thank you, I think I have a quite another question that I’ve forgotten at this point But later on if I use all time off and I remember it, I’ll ask you. 

Amanda: Thank you Yeah, absolutely good questions.

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