Stop Wasting Time on This–There’s a Better Way!

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Blog

One of the biggest reasons so much marketing today sounds the same is that companies fall back on what’s easy and what they believe they’re supposed to do: talk about themselves.

Seems like it should make sense, right?

But it doesn’t.

Most companies waste 90% of their time and energy only talking about themselves.

They miss a golden opportunity to address the real concerns of their buyers.

That’s why we’re here to help you break free from this common marketing mistake.

This week’s episode is a live and interactive conversation from our recent challenge that can help create that ultimate strategic position businesses need to stand out and truly capture their prospects’ attention.

If you’re looking to increase your revenue by crafting the most efficient and logical storyline that leads directly to a sale and resonates with your buyers, this episode is for you.

Tune in to see what the coaches and challengers think about this conversation!

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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Amanda: [00:00:00] Welcome to your weekly dose of the ultimate sales machine. I am your host, Amanda Holm, CEO of CHI. The next few episodes are a series of conversations we had during the Q& A of our challenge. Real live questions from business owners and executives just like you on how to get up to nine times more clients in the door so you can double your sales.

You still have the opportunity to get your ticket of the ultimate sales machine boot camp. To help you redefine that stadium pitch, build out your dream 100 campaign, and set in place the momentum to be able to double your sales over the next 12 months, visit usm, like ultimate sales machine, dot chetholmes.

com forward slash bootcamp. That’s usm. chetholmes. com forward slash bootcamp. Here’s the episode.

Guest 3: Okay. Did you know that there are 67 million people in England? [00:01:00] Did you know that there are 65 million people in France? That’s 132 million people in two countries. So what? So what have just 14 people done? What have just 14 people done in the last 50 years? According to Google, in both France and England, only 14 people that we’ve managed to find on the planet have managed to do this.

By contrast, these are the number of people going up Mount Everest on a single day. I don’t know, can you see that? So this is not just one in a million. This is 14 people. Out of 132 million. So how can you become one in a million? Forget one in a million. How about one in 10 million? Would you like a true story?

An ordinary man doing extraordinary things. This man windsurfed to France. My last crossing was one hour and ten [00:02:00] minutes to windsurf to France. The cross channel ferry takes an hour and a half. My dream, my goal, is to smash a world record and be the first person on the planet to do this in under an hour.

It’s a true story of goal setting, adventure, fun. So many people have so much money and so little fun. Why not take an exciting adventure with me? And learn how you too can set goals and achieve those goals and make your life so much fun that you can’t stop smiling. Thank you. 

Amanda: Alright! Round of applause!

Round of applause! Okay, who wants to give feedback on that?

Steven, you were very focused. I’ll go first. Okay, what’s that? 

Guest 4: I didn’t, eh, I wasn’t clear on what exactly you were trying to communicate with. The pain and the challenge, I wasn’t sure what you were trying to connect with. Thank you. In terms of like when you started [00:03:00] with, did you know that there is so many millions of people in these two countries?

I think it could have. Maybe open that with, did you know about this challenge or issue or are you starting experiencing this type of frustration or do you want this certain thing just to grab my attention and then just these guys were saying earlier to me and other people, just go poke the pain or the want and then go through what you, and then I guess that one in a million or one in a 10 million thing.

That’s my two cents. 

Guest 2: Thank you. Yeah, I 

Guest 3: I didn’t hear what the 

Guest 2: pain was that that you were addressing toll. I heard what the kind of pleasure is. 

Guest 3: But I didn’t hear 

Guest 2: what the pain people are suffering. Is which I’m assuming they’re miserable 

Guest 3: or something like that, but

I agree with you. There’s no pain in there because it’s not really what I’ve done in the past. I’ve always focused on the good things in life. [00:04:00] 

Guest 4: So what is the good thing that you’re going after? 

Guest 3: What it is I’m looking at getting into public speaking because it’s something I really enjoy doing.

I’ve done a fair bit of it historically, and I want to do this on my windsurfing the English channel from France to England. I don’t know. What’s a 

Guest 4: good thing for the listener? What’s a good thing that you’re promoting? What am I supposed to experience that would appeal to me? 

Guest 3: Good question.

It’s about goal setting, achieving your dreams, and doing stuff that you’ve never done before and instead of having a work life balance where you’re finding a lot of people working maybe 80 hours a week and they’re maybe worth millions but they’re going to be the richest person in the graveyard. So there’s the pain.

Do you 

Guest 4: get these people to climb Everest? Is that what you do? 

Guest 3: No. 800 people a year climb Mount Everest. I I’m a windsurfer, so I windsurf to France, or I’m windsurfing from France to England. 

Amanda: So if you’re talking to the people in the crowd so this is very common when people want to start doing a stadium pitch.

Yeah. It then becomes about [00:05:00] them, which that majority of that was telling your story and talking about you until the very end. I understand. So that’s why I have to help. Yeah, this is great. So what percentage of people are experiencing depression in your life? Are you experiencing depression in your life?

Do you feel that you’re stuck? Do you feel like you can’t get out of the normal rut? You’re not alone because X percentage do and it’s actually up by X percent over the last 20 years. So what’s keeping us stuck in our perpetual rule. Life where we end up, what did you say the richest man in the graveyard and you’re not living that life of balance, I’d love to teach you the three biggest mistakes that people will make keeping in their own way of living the life that they want.

And the reason why I can give you that is because out of the 156 million people. I did something that none of them have. But if you get with me, I’ll show you what that is. And I’ll show you how I did it. I wouldn’t give them the kidney with the, I wouldn’t give it all away. I would [00:06:00] just say, I’ve been one of the very few.

I like how you positioned that, but we have to talk to them first. Does that make sense? Oh, that was fabulous. 

Guest 3: can I ask a question on that? I 100% agree with these fabulous stadium pictures. They’re brilliant. Stacey yesterday, Jeremy today. If you’re looking at, let’s say in my case, a brand new market and your target market is, let’s say, trying to get booked as a speaker on seminars, platforms, these people have been running them for years.

They think they know everything. If you go. And say, can I tell you the five biggest mistakes seminar organizers or convention people make when they book a speaker? It could almost put their back up as a little bit patronizing. Who are you Johnny Lunchbucket? And what do you think you know, Jack and Jill?

I’ve been doing this for ages. We’ve been running this company for 50 years, 100 years. We have 10, 15, 20, [00:07:00] Stadium or every convention every year. So could I get your views, Amanda? Because I know you’re pitching to convention seminars. You said you’d been on a platform with Obama and various other people.

You said some people are paying 100 to 160, 000 to get on the platform. Their message was weak and you’ve managed it on skill, talent and ability. So if you could share something on that would be incredibly helpful. Thank you. That’s 

Amanda: part of the balance is how can we educate them and give them value without making them feel like you’re making me to feel the fool, right?

Troy experienced it and it’s just practice, right? To see what is landing and what isn’t. I can’t tell you that title will work or why don’t you try this one instead? We’ll only be able to test to know. Troy, his first stadium pitch out the gate was right. The five reasons that farmers. What was the five top 

Guest 2: reasons why your farm will fail in 2022.[00:08:00] 

Amanda: And that was aggressive for those farmers in Canada, so he had to change to why they could be losing money. You walk a fine line, but being observant and knowing that you are creating this for the person on the other side, so watch their responses. When I was working on… Chapter 13 of the Ultimate Sales Machine, the new edition.

I tested in the field for four years writing Chapter 13. And I would just perpetually say, This is what this chapter is about. And I would watch people’s faces and see how they react. It’s about service. And they go, Oh, that’s great. It’s about gratitude. Oh, that’s great. It’s about, intention. Okay, that’s nice.

And I finally got to a place where I said, I found a letter that my father wrote where he said he wrote where he said he generated more wealth in the last six months than the prior eight years combined. And I took that one thing and I put it into that final chapter on the encore he never got to give on how to [00:09:00] live a rich and full life.

Guest 3: Sorry, if we’re looking at emails, where sadly in this world it’s now largely about emails, I agree 100% of my background has always been pick up the telephone, dial somebody’s mobile, world class referral, and you can effectively gauge what’s happening. Straight away, because you can listen to them if it’s a bad time to call, you ask for a time to call back, that’s good, and basically, kaboom, everything works.

On an email, you send an email, you half the time, you don’t know if it’s either got there, if it’s gone to spam, if it’s gone to junk, if they’ve read it, if they deleted it, or they just never saw it. And even When I’ve been on the phone to people I’ve known for a number of years, they go no, haven’t got the email.

And then they’re like let me send you a test email. You write test email from Toll. And they go, yep, I got that. And then they start looking Outlook. Then they look in Other. Then they look in Spam. Then they look in Junk. And suddenly they’re, oh, I’ve just found it. And have you not been on the telephone?

for five minutes, getting them to [00:10:00] look for it, they’d never have seen it. If they then forward it to somebody else, it goes into their spam junk, and you’re almost like winking in the dark. You know you’re doing it, but nobody else knows. 

Amanda: Yeah. So there’s one thing about email deliverability and you should always test your email deliverability because that, that’s a whole lot of technical things that I’m not an expert in.

But what I do know is when you deploy a true Dream 100, if you have just a few that you’re focusing on so let’s say that you’re trying to get on 20 stages, and you know who those 20 people are in each one of those conferences or you found one person that does Lots of conferences. So that is that dream person for you.

Then you don’t just reach out on email. You’re doing email and cold calling, and you’re reaching out to them on LinkedIn and you’re reaching out to them on their Facebook and you happen to send something in the mail, right? You can pick which mediums, but if you’re doing multiple mediums, then it is the observation that you are everywhere and you want to create that experience that you’re everywhere.[00:11:00] 

Otherwise I would just Google increasing email deliverability. Okay. Michael asked, in giving the market data, should you state the source to have credibility? Absolutely. Absolutely. That’s that adds so much more to say. So I started this whole challenge by saying Bank of America did a survey of small businesses in 2023.

So we know that we’re relevant and we know that it’s a reputable source. And it says that 50% of companies are polling back on their growth strategies because of high interest rates. So I can’t just say, hey, are you pulling back on what you’re doing to grow because of possible recession problems? We even saw it with the data when we did a poll, because I was curious where you guys at, and 40% of you said, yeah I’m worried about recession.

And the other 60 said, no, I don’t think so. So I have data to prove that actually 76% according to Bank of America is worried [00:12:00] about it. So it does help, but I would know when to use it and not because if you’re using sources for every piece of market data and you’re stacking three pieces of market data, it starts to get a little bit exhaustive so you have to know the context of where you’re speaking in the data, and in what Like I’m saying, if you’re doing three pieces, you don’t want to give three sources.

Just what’s most important. That’s a good question. 

Guest 3: can I ask you about websites? Your website is very good in terms of it’s getting people to enter their name, email address not quite date of birth and inside leg measurement, but yeah. Do you have either available or anywhere that is easy to get? It’s a relatively basic website, don’t want to spend millions of dollars on it. And really what you’re looking to do is get people to enter a name and address for email address, mobile phone number, and also that you could host a couple of videos on there.

So [00:13:00] people could click on a little video you’ve done. And it’s, if you like just it’s not designed to make sales. It’s not designed to do much fill your diary. It’s more resource and building a database. 

Amanda: Jerry, you want to speak to that? You’re up on the, 

Guest 2: The simplest way to go toll is WordPress is the defacto.

Yeah, where is the de facto backbone of the internet. If you look at most of the websites on the internet, I think it’s something like 60 some percent are all built on WordPress because it’s open source. It’s a free platform. And then you can go to platforms like Upwork. Yeah. And hire a freelancer from around the world and get your website stood up for any, depending on how far you want to take it from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars, but you don’t have to spend a gazillion dollars to do that.

Guest 3: Thank you. And getting these name and [00:14:00] address gathering things, WordPress does that, does it? 

Guest 2: There’s, yeah, there’s plugins to the core modules. allow you to do that. And you can either suck them into an email that gets emailed to you at all, or you can actually put it onto a place where it’s going into your CRM.

If you want to connect it to a CRM like HubSpot or keep or active campaign customer relationship management tool. So it keeps track of. Everything from, the names, the telephone numbers, the activities, depending on how complex that you want to get

Amanda: Another live clip from our virtual event. Now is your opportunity to join the Ultimate Sales Machine Bootcamp. And it’s almost up. We’re nearly there. So make sure that you visit usm. chetholmes. com forward slash bootcamp. That’s U S M like Ultimate Sales Machine. [00:15:00] usm. chetholmes. com forward slash bootcamp to secure your seat.

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