3 Revenue Sources You Can’t Ignore

by | Sep 6, 2023 | Blog

According to Content Marketing Institute and SmartBrief, 62% of customers prefer marketing content that speaks to pain points.

What we found is that businesses kept talking about the positive instead of speaking about the negative.

You’re probably doing the same.

You have your solutions and can’t help but talk about the benefits, but you’re not going to grab your prospects’ attention that way.

In fact, according to IBM, nearly 80% of customers don’t feel understood by brands.

In this episode, you’ll discover clever strategies to quickly grab your customers attention, and seamlessly capture those leads–online or offline.

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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Mustafa: [00:00:00] so I would love to get feedback on these three topics here and then either from you or from the room on what you think, which one do you think is the most attractive? 

Amanda: Okay. Who’s in your stadium? 

Mustafa: Business owners. People in an audience audience of business owners.

Typically at different events. 

Here is your dose of the ultimate sales machine coming to you from the new edition, visit ultimate sales machine. com to get your copy or multiple copies. I am your host, Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Holmes international. What you’re about to learn has assisted a quarter of a million businesses to generate billions of dollars working faster, better, smarter.

Mustafa: So first one is how to attract most leads out of your existing customer base. 

Second one is the five step process to turn cold leads into referral partners. 

Third one is untapped goldmine that three hidden revenue sources you cannot afford to ignore.

Three. Three? 

Amanda: Yeah, to me that’s the one that, that one’s the one that hits the pain the most, but all of them are in the [00:01:00] positive. 

So what’s the opposite of that? What’s the pain point that they’re missing out on?

Mustafa: The pain point that they’re missing on is they’re typically hungry for leads, and they don’t know where their main lead is coming from, or the next lead is coming from. 

Another pain point is they’re just paying a lot of money for lead generation, 

so you need to write that in there is just put that in there, right?

end the lead generation costs madness. Here’s the five deadliest mistakes that you are making and wasting while trying to find leads. 

Because someone’s had a conversation with a staff member or a spouse and said, 

Ri, you’re spending way too much money trying to get leads.

Where are they? 

So say what’s in their subconscious mind and then give them a solution that they should read more about what you’ve uncovered. 

What do you guys think about this idea? A lot of these companies are losing… Customers as of a lack of follow up and staying touch. 

And they don’t even know about it.

So the stats are only one out of [00:02:00] 26 unhappy customers will speak up. The rest of them will fade away in silence.

That’s a good one right there. 

And I guess I need to turn that into a title. 

Amanda: The five reasons your customers are leaving you. that 

Mustafa: reasons your customers are leaving you and if you feel it’s too harsh put, could be leaving you.

No. In a lot of cases actually they are leaving. Then just say it’s straight out all companies, they just don’t know. They don’t even know that they’re leaving. 

Amanda: Would then say a case study of like how a case study, how one client lost X number a year and put dollar signs on it or percentages, right? 

Was losing X thousand dollars a year from lost clients and how, and the one secret we use to turn it all around, something like that.

 But put the pain first. 

Mustafa: Turn it around. Okay. Love it. 

Current example is a customer has about 20,000 customers that haven’t placed an order with, like within five years. 

And we’re now reactivating between 20 to 50 of them per day. 

That [00:03:00] sound like a good enough example?

Amanda: Yes, but how much is an average client for them? 

Mustafa: About 800. 

Amanda: So then times, how many did you say? 20 a day? 

Minimum. So 20 a day over a month times by 800 is what? I would say they were missing out on X dollars a month.

With leads. They thought we’re dead half a million bucks. Yeah, here we go. Minimum half a million a month. That’s great. Not too shabby.

Yeah, but does everybody see what we did there? We talked about the pain because if you’re, I’m losing, I’m missing out on half a million dollars a month. Yeah, I got to find out what I’m doing to miss that amount of money.

Mustafa: Jeremy’s got a customer that’s losing 17, 000 a minute from downtime. When you hear that. Obviously that evokes the urgency of paying attention to the next line item.

This is the exact same program that when you guys heard my story for for [00:04:00] this is the exact same program that you’d be taking then that what Amanda’s teaching for this next one would be the exact same layout that helped me create that 8.

4 million in three weeks. 

Amanda: . Okay. So if you were to deploy a core story at a trade show, you asked us yesterday, I would highly recommend It’s it’s absurd how many companies go to a trade show and they have no way to capture emails.

You’re working so hard to get emails online, and then when you get in person, it’s just, if they’ve inquired for something and they’re testing something at your booth, then You’re collecting their email, but you should have some shocking stadium pitch, you sell. How to double your appointment setting in 30 days or less, I don’t know if you can actually do that, but I’m just giving you a sample of a stadium pitch.

And this QR code to get our free report or case study of how this company did X, Y, and Z. So you’re collecting emails. That was, that’s one critical place that majority of [00:05:00] companies do nothing like that at trade shows. 

Do you do you normally have an opt in at your trade show booth? Do I? Oh, absolutely.

Typically typically I speak at trade shows. Oh, okay. And then we do have opt ins. And another thing that we do with trade shows is I run a training for them on how to fix the follow up problem for their exhibitors, which is a big problem for them. So we got a, and we got a book coming up on how to fix the follow, how to actually properly follow up after an event.

Which we would give the book to the exhibitors and the event managers and all that, so typically what you do to get a speaking engagement is you would send a stadium pitch to the person saying this is what I would cover, right? Title. Yep. Here’s all the things I would cover. That’s where that stadium pitch.

pitch goes. Then once you get the appointment, or once you get the booking for a speech, parts of your speech should be core story. And I’m going to show you the framework today of how to structure that core story. So while you’re on [00:06:00] stage and then also there should be some kind of opt in.

So like you’re saying, that’s great that you have some kind of opt in. How are they taking that action? Are they texting in? Are they QR coding? Are they going to a website? QR code. So what we do typically when I speak, I have a QR code where they can download a checklist or a chapter or an entire book or training that we share.

And that’s how we do list building. Great. And they’re opting in to get that. Oh yeah. And we always collect phone numbers on every form. Great. That’s a big mistake a lot of people make, not collecting phone numbers. Text is where it is at. Right? It’s 95 to 99% open rates. It’s just absurd. 100%.

And we try to follow up with them right away. There was a study that was done that was showing leads that are followed up with within an hour or 30 minutes have a monumental difference in conversion rates compared to people that wait for a few days and… They don’t want it. 

So then what do you have on your thank you page?

Once they’ve opted in for that free [00:07:00] report of that chapter, do you have a call to action on the thank you page to book an appointment? I’ll have to double. Yes. There is a call to action inside every email, every thank you page to book a call or get something else. And okay. From the text, as soon as they’ve opted in from the text.

While they’re there live while they’re ramped up that thank you page should say, would you like to find out how this can work for you schedule a consultation and it should have an embed of a calendly, calendar where they can just that’s exactly what we have. Okay, good. There’s typically a calendar link.

Like people that download I’ve got a template for a simple marketing plan template, which is for a course, simple marketing formula. People download the template and it follows up with a 12 email training on how to fill this up at the bottom. Every email, there is a call to action to book a call.

If you have, if you get stuck, you have questions about your thing. So good. And then, yeah. [00:08:00] Okay. You’re going to love the inverted buyers pyramid today. It’s great. Another live clip from our virtual event. Now is your opportunity to join the ultimate sales machine bootcamp, and it’s almost up. We’re nearly there. So make sure that you visit usm. chet homes. Dot com slash bootcamp. That’s U S M like Ultimate sales machine. USM doche homes.com/bootcamp to secure your seat. Question, would you like to get up to nine times more clients from the same moves you’re already making?

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It’s just attendance. So for our bootcamp, 42% of our past attendees have generated leads within 30 days, learning what they learned. So if you need more leads, this is the place to be. And 30% of them have generated more sales within the first 30 days using what they learned. It is a jumpstart. It’s only one hour a week.

If you want… and then there’s an additional 30 minutes open for Q&A and practice so everything that you’re building and you’re creating you can test with the group and get live feedback. I would love to see you there usm.chetholmes. com forward slash bootcamp

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