Are You Ready For Accelerated Growth?

Everyone wants an increase in sales, but you should be asking yourself, am I prepared for that kind of success?

Try This: Do you have a growth mindset? Here’s a checklist of things to consider when you want to commit to accelerated growth: These are the characteristics that determine whether or not you are ready to grow.

  • Do you accept that you don’t know what you don’t know?
  • Are you willing to change?
  • Are you ready/willing/hungry for feedback?
  • Are you open to working with others to achieve the desired goal?

YOU’RE READY: If you accept that you don’t know what you don’t know and you’re willing to learn new skills

“Thinking that you know everything is a dangerous thing.”

“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.” – Charles Darwin 

In a recent interview with one of Chet Holmes International’s highest demand Coaches, Coach Jerel, he gives a valuable insight into the difference between CEOs that succeed or fail. We call it, Jerrel’s pie of knowledge, he explained that if you draw a circle, carve out 1% of that pie, only 1% is what you know you know. Now draw another piece at 4% of the pie, that is what you’re trying to learn, and the remaining 95% of the pie is what you don’t know you don’t know.

To be able to adopt a growth mindset, you need to accept that you only know 1% of the pie, and you have to be willing to open your mind to different possibilities. And in that open frame of mind, then expansion can happen.

CEOs and business leaders are conditioned to act like they know everything. They have to be confident in front and for their teams; they have to enforce their thinking to process the company (or so they believe). But the biggest factor that stops you from growing is the limiting belief that you know everything.

VISUALIZE THIS SCENARIO: Imagine right now that you’re in an environment and someone suggests a new idea. What is your response? 

    • Is it an immediate no?
    • Will you be chiefly skeptical with little room for acceptance? 
    • Will you play it through in your head how the scenario goes?

Now, visualize that scenario and how it would go if you were open to the possibility that you don’t know what you don’t know…

    • How would that scenario change? 
    • How would your questions change? 
    • How would your reaction change?

 YOU’RE READY: If you’re willing to throw the rule book and adapt to change

“You can do anything, but not everything” – David Allen

“One of the biggest defects in life is the inability to ask for help.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Harvard Business Review Study reveals that 38% or 2 of 5 new business leaders fail within the first 18 months on the job. And the reasons for these failures have nothing to do with their talent, knowledge, or experience. Instead, these CEOs fail because of their ego and poor leadership style.

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, called this approach that made him multi-billionaire “stubbornly flexible.” In an interview with Forbes, he says, “If you’re not stubborn, you’ll give up on experiments too soon. And if you’re not flexible, you’ll pound your head against the wall, and you won’t see a different solution to a problem you’re trying to solve.”

If you keep doing the same system that you have already been doing, you will only get no more than the same level of success.  The reason why your business success has gone stagnant is your thinking that you have done everything, that you have tried that, and it did not work- that you have been doing it this way for so long, and it obviously works thus, you will stick to it.

YOU’RE READY: If you’re ready to listen more and talk less

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” – Dalai Lama

Because of your title and authority, you may feel obligated to live up to all sorts of unrealistic expectations of everyone around you. If you continue to pretend to have every answer to all questions, you will, in one way or another, be unaware of your blind spots, which may create a downward spiral of failures within your company.


YOU’RE READY: If you’re ready to open yourself and be vulnerable with your coach

“There is no such thing as a ‘self-made’ man. We are made up of thousands of others.” – George Shinn

3 out of 4 Fortune 500 CEOs have a coach guiding them in their business practices. A Stanford Graduate School of Business survey shows that nearly 100% of the business leader respondents saw the importance of seeing an outside coach or consultant. They said that they are willing to be coached to make the necessary changes to help their businesses. The problem, however, lies in the actual acquiring of a coach. While almost every chief executive believes that it is a good idea to work with a coach, a lot of them are still reluctant in acquiring one as they see it as a form of remedial, which, for some, is a sign of weakness.

Yes, you are the boss, but you can only do so much. Those who are ready and willing to have accelerated sales growth are willing to ask for assistance.

Having someone to present you with a fresh perspective and new lens through which you can view your business will help you understand the needs of your company and the need for a new approach (if necessary) in overcoming the challenges and obstacles of your business.

Taking Action 

Go back to the checklist above. If you check all these boxes, you’re ready to move to the next level of growth. A lack/weakness/blind spot in any of these characteristics or core traits is the reason why many businesses only grow to a certain level of revenue and then plateau.

Do you have a growth mentality? Take us up on your 7-minute breakthrough call, where we will assist you in identifying a place in your business where you need improvement. Let us help you find that and improve. Our methods have been proven with a quarter million businesses worldwide. You want to work with someone who’s concepts are proven and the results are tracked over decades.

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