[PODCAST] Uncovering the Stadium Pitches

by | May 27, 2022 | Blog

Can you catch the attention of your prospects in less than 3 seconds?

That’s what it takes today as our attention span is now the equivalent of a goldfish!

Watch this episode to see the behind-the-scenes Stadium Pitch Contest!

Businesses competed to grab the attention of their prospects in 60 seconds.

Do you have your stadium pitch perfected to grab all your prospects in 60 second?

Watch these hot seats of others to get better ideas for how to promote your business.

It’s wildly entertaining and a bunch of fun!

Click this link to watch: Uncovering the Stadium Pitches



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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

So the goldfish rule, I don’t know if any of you are familiar, but our attention span is actually half what it was just 10 years ago. And that’s the equivalent of a goldfish. Are you able to catch your prospect’s attention within the first three seconds of their attention span? So how many of you are familiar with the red ocean blue ocean concept?

Let me see your hand raise. Okay. Majority. So it’s the same concept that we have with the stadium pitch. So red ocean is the 3% that are in the buying now category. So everyone’s competing. For that same prospect. Whereas the blue ocean is the rest of the buyer’s pyramid that are not thinking about it.

Think they’re not interested are definitely not interested. And you want to go after that blue ocean to bring them into the buying now category. So let’s do a self-assessment. Now, can you catch the blue oceans attention in five seconds or less on a scale of one to 10? Eric, if you could pop up that question for everybody, where do you feel you lie?

As far as getting the attention of the full buyer’s pyramid?

Okay, Eric, I think you can share the results and then if you could calculate it for me, that would be lovely.

We’re at a four. All right. With place to improve, 

How do we use this to grab the attention of a prospect? I would use this to get an appointment. I would use this to catch them in a video. I would use this to get their attention in an email to lead to the appointment. This is just that initial. Okay I guess we’re at one minute.

Are you guys ready to hear my, my my hook here? Yes. Are you? Yep. Go some are others. Aren’t let’s go. Let’s go. Oh, yeah. I thought someone was about to role play with me. I’m like, yeah, but it, okay. So usually a conversation starts like this. Maybe somebody who would even say, oh, what do you do? I’d say let me ask you this question.

How many companies do you think make it to a million in annual sales, whatever they’d say. I’m like that’s interesting that you say that it’s actually 95% of companies will never make it to a million in annual sales of that 1.5%, make it to 5 million of that point, zero 8%, make it to 10 million and 0.0, zero 4%, make it to a hundred million and beyond.

I’d love to show you the three things holding you back from doubling the size of your company. And the next 12 months, I would cover the fastest least expensive way to double sales, how to get nine times more impact from every move you’re already making and how one of our clients increased their sales by 3546%.

It would only take me 22 minutes and it’s filled with great market data. Third-party that shows you the trends of what’s happening for you right now. Do you have. I did it in less than a minute. Boom. Okay. So that was fast, but I’m going to now show you on the slides, right? So let’s go to the slides. What did I do?

I hook them with global pain. Obviously it wouldn’t be that fast. Normally I’m not a freaking computer, but just for the purpose of our time in this process I hooked them with a global pain market data. Then what did I do? I did the stadium pitch. Then what did I do? I gave them the sizzle and then we led to in 22 minutes, right?

Oh, I had put in here it’s something that’s worked for 250,000 clients and generated over a billion dollars in sales. We’d love to talk to you about it. So that is a lot. What we’re going to do now is we’re going to call up five people and go ahead and write in the chat. If you’d like to be one of them, we have to go through this fast.

Okay. Five people that are going to be contenders to compete on the stadium pitch challenge. So what you’re going to do is we’re going to give you a clock one minute. Can you intrigue our core story, bootcamp, implementers, or coaches to get an appointment with you to watch your video. It’s just to grab their attention.

Have you gotten their attention? Yes or no? They will give you a score. And the person with the highest score wins. So the score will be from either one, which means murmurs spam or five. Wow. That was so magnificent. I’ll just give you my whole wallet right here. Now. Obviously we’re not pitching, right? This is stadium pitch.

We’re just grabbing the attention to the full buyer’s PR. It’s not about your product or service. You’re selling the education. So it’s okay. There could be a blend of different things. You could want to do a global Payne. You don’t have to do a global pain. It might be nice to hear some market data.

If you feel compelled, the stadium pitch title has to be there. And if you want to put one of those sizzles in you can, I know that I went through it really fast. It could just be a title and a piece of market data. You don’t have to use the full one minute. It’s just to grab the attention. So has anybody raised their hand of yes.

I want to be, I knew Pablo would he’s been dropping bombs. Isn’t that chat. Okay. Who else? Yes. Can we write it down or do we have to rattle it off the top of our head? No. I’m just used to that. That’s what I do all the time. I’ll every time. So you don’t have to, it doesn’t have to be the presentation.

You, you can. Or you could wrap it. Just kidding. Okay. 

karen’s next? And then after that, try.

Karen who’s in your stadium. Hello. My stadium is full of lawyers. All right. You tell me when you’re ready. You ready? Okay. Let’s do it. I know that 86% of law firms never reach their potential. They never reach what profit they can make. Do you want better performance from your law firm? Do you know that 73% of lawyers are working 25% more?

I want to be and making significantly less than they feel they deserve. Do you know that 67% of lawyers landed in an early grave and, or have mental health issues? I’d like to talk about the top four things, holding you back from immediately improving your law firms performance by 25%. We’re going to talk about today, how to reduce the impact of the great resignation on your law firm.

How not to be a prisoner of your software provider, how to stop wasting valuable lawyers, time and administration, and how to make technology your friend call us today. So we can show you with 30 minutes, multiple hacks of how your law firm profit can increase by 25%.

Okay. Excited. They’re so awesome. Okay, Anthony. I’ll jump in Karen, kudos. That was the market data. It was just like one after the other. So I like, you were just punching me in the face and if I was an attorney, I’d be like, oh dude, that’s me. So I love how you deliver the market data.

I, I definitely think that hit home. Yeah, all said and done. I have no complaints. I think you deliver the message. There’s areas, we clean up, in like a professional pitch. Cause we’re doing one second, one minute at a time, but for me it’s a four and a half.

I think you got my money. You got my email, you got my call. Good stuff. Great. Who wants to go next?

First of all, everything hit home because for 12 years I wasn’t an attorney. So that’s why I’m no longer there because of those reasons that you just mentioned. Absolutely fantastic. I love the love, the questions you are just basically like racking their brain and I will literally go even farther just so they can relate.

When you introducing called us from America data, you’ll say, can you relate? Is that your situation? So basically you can have yes. Already to your sizzle, so to speak in their brain. Can you relate? Is that. Get that into it. And because then you get the fear of missing out. What if you’re not going to see me today, if you’re not going to talk to me today, that’s what you will mess up.

I’ll give you a four, but great. Stephanie, you want to go next? And then Claudia. Yeah, I think you did fantastic. I think what was really great as you illustrated that the power of market data, which is what we’ve been talking about and you did such a good job of what’s great. Is that you also illustrators we’ve been talking about ask questions because it causes your audience to get self-reflective.

It causes us to get into the shoes going. Oh no. Oh yeah. Oh, that was, that’s a good question. Oh yeah. I can feel that pain. So I think you did a really great job illustrating exactly what we’ve been talking about. I’m going to give you a four and a half. Claudia on the I, he kept me intrigued with the market data and that was really good.

And I liked the asking the questions again, would be what that I should have said was can you relate it? So I agree with that part, was Trent that just could connect a little bit, but the person you’re talking to, and then a little bit more compelling on the asking the question.

So the call to action such as we have four significant ways, something like that to help you. So I’ll give you a four as well.

I don’t have anything new to say, like you did a great job, love the data, loved the questions, I think the buy-in piece and then just streamlining, which you mean would do obviously more times the CTA and. People are going to be dropping all their cash into your lap. So I’m going to give you a four.

Oh, thank you, Karen. That was great. 

Okay. Cami, you ready? You have your one minute. Who are you speaking to? Who’s in your stadium.

 Is, are parents. Okay. You ready? Set go. So I want to talk to you guys about the five biggest challenge facing parents today, and one powerful solution to raise a near perfect child. Being a parent is tougher than it’s always been our top five.

Borys our finances. The number one expense of a family is a child. Number two is wanting a house. The second thing is physical health. We worry about our child’s physical health, with COVID with being in front of the TV all the time. It’s a really terrible time right now as parents to worry about.

Mental health is a third thing. Obviously we want to make sure that our father has his confidence. How it is happy speak up, doesn’t get bullied at school. And out of those, the four thing is a school performance. We want to make sure they do a good job. And the fifth one is we want to make sure they are succeed in life.

It may not come readily available readily to you, but all of their oral health is actually the one common denominator. If they have they’ll have a healthy mouth, there’ll be more successful, be healthier because if they have better mental health and do better in school and be more successful, that was like enough time.

I definitely didn’t need that one more minute to get into the juicy stuff. More data you’re supposed to sell the sizzle, not the steak. Okay, here we go. Here we go. I love it. I love it. We’re learning on the spot. Okay. You guys ready? Who wants to go? Oh, I’ll go with that. I’ll jump in. I am sorry.

Anthony, do you want to go first? The last time you got all right, we’ll flip it. One coming, I think, great job. A hundred percent. The beginning for me, because I know what the end Paul, in part of your businesses. And so when sometimes it might not have that there wasn’t like the same similar things probably with that market data, but I’m looking for something to grab me in the beginning.

So you mentioned the areas of how, and you wrote down, five challenges for kids. I would love to see something along the lines that is painful as a parent, right? So we’re not really selling to a parent can’t envision the loss that a business owner takes, but a parent visualizes, something I’m thinking like three out of five kids cry at after school because they’re upset for whatever the reason is.

And some simply selling to their smile, some of their oral health. So I’m thinking of. Tugs at the strings of apparent, but overall, I think you’re going in the right direction and yeah, that minute came fast, but I try to write as many notes as I can. So I’ll give you three and a half on that, but thank you.

Okay. Gotcha. And then Emmy

you go. I thought we were going to do a reverse order, so then Anthony and then Asha and then Emmy and then Claudia and then Stephanie. Perfect. Alright. So Comey great job, first of all. And I know that you want to emphasize work. The parents you’re one of them. So you completely get their pain points and challenges.

Although again, don’t tell them, ask them, it’s just, you’re accessing totally different parts of the brain when you’re asking questions, making people excited, curious, versus just telling them because then that can go through, second of all, also, I didn’t hear any cultural action. Why is this important to me to show up what do I do?

Something, a very urgent and then again, the urgency factor, right? And also something that will really be memorable, something that I can distinguish from so many other people. And you’ll have that data. You have that achievements to share already. Great. Three and a half. Okay. Wonderful.

Emmy. I’m going to give you a three I a great job. I there’s some place. I feel like you can make it more exciting and even a little bit fun and playful with the perfect child piece. So I think there, and what everybody else said too with market data and asking questions, but for me, There’s a little more emotion, excitement that could be had.

What’s your rate and then Claudia, what’s your score? I thought also so what I would to DST is focusing more on the oral art of it. It almost seemed like the one surprising thing that most parents don’t know about about how to perfect a child or something. If that’s to work. The, all the other things that you said were not really earth shattering.

So it didn’t have that sizzle that I was looking for. But the one thing that really got me was right at the end, when you started talking about the oral health, that was different. So it focused a little bit more on that. Again, I would get three Bri and Emmy, what was your vote? And then we’ll go to 73.

Okay. Stephanie. Oh, you’re on mute. What I wasn’t meaning. First I just want to say I’m a parent, so I am your audience. And so I was excited to hear about your stadium pitch. So I don’t want to repeat everything that everyone said, because I spot on what everyone was sharing, have something powerful, have some really strong market data, get something that’s going to capture my attention right away.

Cause I was excited to hear what you were going to say. And you and for everybody, look at how do you, when you’re thinking about speaking or you’re talking to your audience, how do you drive that other 97% to get their attention? How do you drive them up the pyramid, if you will, how do you drive them into, I’m not interested to, I’m interested in what you have to say.

And I think that’s the piece that we’re looking for is do we need a little bit more sizzle, a little bit more Cisco, I’d give that I get to the three. Lovely. Thank you, Cami. It was great.

We have 10 more minutes, so let’s see how many more we can get through Troy and then Julie

who’s in. So my, my stadium is, um, business owners or like sales managers, uh, people with sales teams basically like the sales department. Great. Ready? Always. Here we go. Go ahead. Here are the five ingredients that created $400 million in sales. And those ingredients is what’s really going to determine whether or not you become winners or losers.

If you look at your sales team today, and even yourself, you get to pick, are you in the top 3% or are you in the 97%? Because statistics show the 97% of the people are in the bottom percentile. Meaning 3% of your people are actually earning nine 97% of the money. If you ask those 97% of the people, most of them are going to tell you that getting through their car door is the hardest door to get through, let alone taking the, your business and the story and the value that you bring to that, uh, to the market.

So you get the chance to pick here today, either you or your competition is going to sign up and learn these five ingredients that are really going to 10 X your business immediately, and, and be able to get them for a hundred million dollars in sales.

Okay. Who wants to go.

I feel like a proud mother. Okay, Stephanie, go ahead. Um, I thought overall it was good. I think that, uh, you had some great benefits and some positive, like, why they’d want to do that. Um, but again, so sorry, broken record here is got to feel the pain. Like what’s, what’s going to get my attention. I don’t feel like in the very beginning, like we really got the, the sock me between the eyes.

Why am I going to listen? Uh, what’s the impact to me if I, if I don’t, as of course I’m a business owner. So I was really, I got a little confused as I was listening to you in the beginning, and I felt you came off stronger in the end. I think you were coming in stronger on the end with some, with some good solutions.

I would just say in the beginning, give us some good meaty sizzly stuff that just sucks us right between the eyes. So I’m going to give that a three and a half. I can go any, uh, I agree with Stephanie, I thought the end was great. I almost want you to start with the, like the last thing you said about the 400 million, um, and just more sizzle, a little bit more market data.

So I’m going to give you a three and a half, two great Claudia. I thought that bird, and then I got really lost and all the 97% and the 3%, um, I would say make that much more clear and again, going to the peanut a lot more on that. Um, and then the end also was good. So I would review a three and a half.

Okay. So, um, good job. There was no. What did you say? Sorry, that was too adorable. Say that again? I said great out, but, um, there was no cook at the beginning that well, really, uh, interests, um, your ideal client now, no impact also on them, what they can even get out of. Speaking of your, maybe working with you, uh, something stronger than just the 400 million, because a hundred million for, so it was just getting lost in translation.

And also, I didn’t see any, like a fear of missing out of there. What if I just, John attend, you know, it was nothing that will pushing me towards, um, listening to your working world view. And, um, but also, you know what, one thing that I’ve noticed that people go after excitement, if you’re excited after anything you share, and remember how Amanda was sharing something, you announce the aiding sharing of excitement.

You know, it just struck me that your living breathing, and that’s your passion because you’re helping your clients and you’re changing the lives completely versus, um, you know, you know, if you guys went out to end, it would be fantastic, you know? So it’s just that emotion behind that. Okay. So two and a half, sorry.

Okay. Who’s left Anthony, I think. Right. Troy you, uh, you’re uh, I am, I am your stadium audience. So I’ve sat in that space. I’ve managed sales teams, small and large. So I totally get where you’re coming from. Um, I, I understood what you were saying about the 97 and the 3%. So I totally get that. Where, where I think you could have elaborated more.

And this is one thing that, that when, when sales people sell to sales people, right? Sometimes we find ourselves in a position where we forget what’s the buying criteria. Like, what am I thinking about? So for me, that global pain of the 97% of people who aren’t hitting, what’s the impact to me, like that’s where I was looking for.

You were, you were guided the statistics, but a global pain is going to make me say awkward. I need to call this guy because I have a bunch of bums on my team that aren’t recruiting. And according to him, they’re costing me $250,000 per head. Every time they turn over, because they’re not, they’re not performing.

So that’s what I, that’s the one thing that I was looking for, the statistics I get. But if you, you know, and I’m just giving you true harsh feedback, like you want me to, you want me to call you? So tell me the, tell me the impact of not calling you. Like I get the data. Uh, but when you, when we, when we share data and that’s my that’s like, the teeter-totter I get with working with clients is market data is great, but what’s the impact of that.

So when you go to a salesperson like salespeople, what’s in it for me, that’s, that’s all we think about. What’s in this for me. So if I’m a listen to you, what’s in this, for me, I’m a prevent this expensive, whatever it is of the 3% of people who are performing in the 97% of bumps I have with my Salesforce.

Like, that’s how I think about it. So, uh, but, uh, you know, kudos to you to having that data coming out with it. I’ll give you three and a half. I wish that the clock would have had 15 more seconds. Cause when I saw it, I, there was a piece in there I really wanted to share. It’s definitely nerve wracking.

Like I felt it. I was gonna, I was gonna comment for all five of you because it was already in my heart. I felt that’s great. You can bring it to the chat. I know Pablo says he’s crying or maybe it’s just the onions he’s chopping. He doesn’t know. Well, let’s go to Julie. 

 Julie, who is in your stadium? All my stadium is business owners, small, medium, large, doesn’t matter. They can be executives. They can be entrepreneurs, anybody in bed. Alright, are you ready to go? Is your company still using outdated marketing strategies in 2022? If you think the lead generation is getting harder, you are so right.

69% of consumers, distrust advertising of any kind, and those ads that you’re paying for 60% of them are blocked on desktop and 18% are completely blocked on mobile, organic reach. Yeah. That’s not paying off so great. Either Facebook reach went from 12% to 2.8% in just three years. I’m curious if you’d be interested in learning how to leverage the number one underutilized marketing trend and get customers to buy 200% more from you in 2022, because here’s the deal.

67% of marketing executives agree that word of mouth is the most effective marketing vehicle, but only 6% admit to master. If you have 19 minutes, I’d love to share the three critical components to engineering, a successful word of mouth marketing campaign and share a case study of how one of our clients went from Idaho, food stamps and coaching, and a basement to $10 million company.

In three years,

I skipped two paragraphs. Beautiful. Who wants to start?

Stephanie drop the mic. Like you, you got it. You totally nailed it. From the market data, you got to self-reflective you’re asking good questions. You had a great call to action. I frankly, I’d give you a five. I think you just nailed it. Thank you, Mike drop.

All right. So it was absolutely fantastic. I loved the beginning. It was funny. It was puzzling it was like, Hey, this is the question. Did you think that yes, then you’re right conversation with them. So that was wonderful. Now what I love you share a secret with them. You’re going to share a secret with them.

Something completely unusual that no one else knows. And that’s the advantage of working with you and your company, right? So that was the next great point now. I the impact in the end boom, from this, to this, here we go. That can be you Aldo, what I will add maybe some additional impact maybe something.

So something some or additional, so they, everyone can also relate, because for some, make it believable for some people, if that makes sense. So for one and a half, fantastic job loved it. Okay. Next Claudia.

I also thought excellent. Really excellent. Really? You had my attention to the whole way through, I think one, one suggested on the word of mouth is that of 6% have we’re not. The biggest thing is because of fear of word of mouth. There might be some statistics in there that you could also put in so that people can make that transition to.

Why they want to talk to you. So I don’t understand if you’re a word of mouth. So I’m hearing that at Walmart. Yes, exactly. It won’t have enough impact yep. So I would give you a, I would give you a four and a half as well. Excellent. Who else?

Great job. Loved it. Loved the data. Loved your energy. Loved the call to action. I’m like, I want to sign up. So I’m going to give you a five Anthony. Yeah. Juliet a hundred percent. I’m going to give you a five as well, but I want to share some of you because I always think there’s no such thing as a perfect, like you can always improve.

So as I’m hearing what you’re saying, I would love. And you’ve got a five already. So yes, I’m interested in talking to you that you would take my money, but I would love to know you, you mentioned that 69% of marketing and I don’t know other stats, you said, but it was percentage.

What I would love in there to break up that percentage mantra of percentage. When you talked about the Facebook ads, how much money do what’s the average business owner spend on Facebook ads that doesn’t get an ROI because if whatever that money is more than what you charge, you’re winning.

And that, so to me, I just look up saying, how can I break up percentage point, percentage, point, percentage point. So even with that feedback, you still got to five for me. I’d still book a call with you. I think that you hit so many of the core buttons right there, but let’s say. Let’s take your product from whatever it is and let’s 10 X it, because now your company spent $80,000 last month on Facebook ads.

You got nothing. I got a better answer for you, something along those lines. So thank you. 

 Who’s the winner. Eric Julianne was 24 and then who’s runner up.

What can I give it to both? Is that okay? Because Julie knocked it out of the freaking park and Karen I’m so proud of you. That was obviously such a huge breakthrough for you. So can we give number one to Julie? Can we everybody celebrate Julie? She was a rock.

And how about for Julie? You can have a hundred dollars and you can have the package. You can have both. We’ve been talking about for a while. So you get both and then Karen, you can decide one or the other. Do you want a hundred bucks or do you want the media package?

No brain up media package. Thank you. I’m

Amanda, you need to do this every like six months or so, and just have it be a televised thing. Cause that was so fun. I’m in tears. I’ve got tears running down my face. I am so grateful. Oh, I’m so proud. I’m like just, you couldn’t stop. You can wipe the smile off of my face. It’s been so lovely to watch. All of you guys is really, and for those of you that listened, did you get value from hearing all of that feedback?

Oh my gosh. And can we thank the coaches for giving such wonderful feedback? They were way, way better at that. I’m glad I didn’t do it. I’m glad they did it. That’s why their coaches, I’m here to cheer you on. They’re there to like actually make you better and better. So

not, everyone did fantastic. It was, it’s really challenging. It’s a hard work. It’s always room for improvement, but you’ll get fricking phenomenal. So really adapt. And if this has also lit off some kind of light bulb oh, maybe this would help to have more of these conversations. We still have that available


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