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The difference between companies that scale and those that don’t boils down to one thing…The CEO’s commitment to mastery at every level of the organization.That’s why my father, Chet Holmes, originally started the CEO Mastery show.To bring companies on a live call and hot seat with them to find a breakthrough in their marketing and sales processes.This week’s episode is from that archive of Chet hot seats!Tune in this week to hear how he transforms an ad campaign, a website, and sales team.


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Good day and welcome to your CEO mastery conference call with your hosts. Chet Holmes. Hello everybody. So again, the title of this conference is CEO mastery and what I find that makes a difference between the companies that do really well. And those that don’t is that CEO is committed to mastery at every level of your organization.

My personal companies that I run, there’s 12 of them. Now, again, as you evolve and change, if you don’t evolve, then you devolve They say, if you’re not growing, you’re dying. But in my experience, with my own companies, we have a weekly meeting with every single one of them. And the whole focus is improving some aspect of the business.

And then we have a meeting with all. Department heads to look at synergies. And then there’s a couple of the divisions that work really well together. So now we’re merging a meeting with them, but the point is that there’s all this activity to work on, improving the business, not just working in it because we know you work in it.

We know you’re working in it all the time, but you’ve got to stop and work on it. So congratulations to those of you who are joining us today because you’re here to work on your business. My question to you is if you look at the BGM, does this growth masters series. And I ask you if I spot-quiz your salespeople today would every, one of them be able to name the seven steps to every sale because that’s a minimum that’s remember the lowest level of learning is memorization.

So that’s where you start Does every salesperson to work for, the seven steps to every sale. Could they tell me the six questions they would ask every prospect? Would they know how they create desire, build value? What are the most common objections and what are the five different ways you have for overcoming the various objections?

And then how do you close the sale? So like you’ve got that down. That’s mastery in your organization then the actual sales process in terms of what’s the first thing we do, what’s the second thing we do. What’s the third thing we do if the client says, no, what’s the first thing we do. What’s the second thing we do.

What’s the third thing we do. And each one of those levels. So in our companies we’re set up like that. Every single Step that is taken by. Someone has been something that’s been expertly planned. That doesn’t mean you tell people what to do. It could mean you ask them what to do. But then it becomes a policy, a procedure, a set plan, and the people who are working in those areas every day are the most anxious to solve the problems and create a better company.

So again most of you on this conference are not like, a one person army, because this is a CEO mastery conference, which means you’re at least a gold plus or platinum member in order to be even allowed on this conference, which means you probably have a pretty good sized company. So you made the commitment in your coaching to take your business to the next level.

And my message to you is what are you doing to achieve mastery? And at the very least, the place to start is with memorable. And of course that’s where I’m laying out the 10 follow-up steps or the seven steps to every sale or the six steps do time management. And those are just three areas that if you had mastery in your organization, you’re going to be better than any competitor you’re ever going to come up against because they don’t have mastery in their organizations.

It’s a very rare thing that I see any company that’s really run well, at the level I’m talking about. And again, remember that in addition to all the speaking that I do all over the world and in front of this week, it’s crazy. I have four speaking engagements and then next week only two.

And and some of these are in front of 2000 people. Some of these are in front of 600 people and I always do Q and a and interaction and. When I get done, I have a two and a half hour standard speech that typically I will give. That’s an overview of the philosophies that, we teach in the BGM.

And at the end, I’ll say to the audience, I say, is anybody in here have this kind of precision in their organization? And not one hand will go up and I’m talking whether I’m with small businesses or large businesses. And yet we have we as Chet Holmes international, we have that kind of mastery in our companies.

Not all of them because some of them are new. Some of them are just developing, but in most of them it’s pretty carved in stone. And the people are extremely well and expertly and regularly in training to improve their skill. And of course, today yesterday feels like a week ago with how much I did yesterday.

But yesterday I sat in on a training session where we were listening to recordings of the salespeople on the telephones with all the other salespeople listening and with their managers listening. And I’m on there and I’m tuning the sales guy up and he said something backwards of what we normally say, meaning that I know every word these guys are going to say, because we’ve tuned up every word.

And then they know we’re going to be listening to the conversation, but he said something backwards. When he was talking to the prospect and this guy has been with us a while, so he knows his stuff pretty good. He’s very good at what he does. And so he’s innovating and I don’t care if they innovate as long as it’s an improvement, but in some cases it’s not.

And anyway he innovated this one thing and he said it backwards and I liked it better. And so we changed that and all the scripts immediately. And, but that’s how well run your organization should be. There should be script. And of course the best people are going to get off those scripts. it depends on what you sell.

So I’m going to, I’m going to now start with some of the people who want to have questions answered and again, I strongly encourage you, you can’t even buy my time, but if you could, it’s $5,000 an hour and a.

Not Saying I’m great. I’m just saying that, it’s supply and demand as your time gets more and more precious and you have little or smaller amounts of it. You keep raising your prices and, then you hit a ceiling at a certain point where you know, that price levels off. When I started, I used to get $250 an hour and then you go to $500 an hour and people still keep paying.

And and right now I’m at $5,000 an hour, but I’m not even available. You can, if you went to my assistant and tried to buy an hour of my time, you’re going to be out to mid February. So I’m that crazy book solid and And that just is maybe a Testament to the fact that I have over the years with lots of practice and thousands of situations gotten some experiences that enable me to help you maybe profoundly and sometimes in a very short period of time.

And sometimes I’ve just done 10 minutes with a company and just, check back a year later. And the guy’s revolutionized his company based upon the 10 minutes of insights that, and it’s just like you and your business, you work in and all the time. So after a while, you get to be quite the expert.

So if you were sitting where I’m sitting all day long and all you did was help businesses grow, you even a blind squirrel is gonna find a nut every now and then if It keeps looking. All right. So let’s Andy who owns the weight loss clinic. You need to hit one, one time on your.

And what that will do is that will open your line. So the operator can find you

So here we are. Let’s get you taken care of. Feel free to plug your URL. You have uncle Sam’s new york.com, right?

Okay. And I’m on that site right now. And what you do? Beds value, New York city walking tours, pub crawls, and night tours. Okay. So what would you like me? Cause I could just take off and start at firing questions at you and try to find the breakthroughs or there might be some very specific place where you think, oh, I would love to have Chet’s direct input right here.

I’m sad. I’m researching the core story about the best way, the five things you want to avoid that will ruin your trip to New York city and how to operationalize that on a website free report and where you would put that on your website. As the Le would it be the entire front page where you put some of those facts up there and have an opt in, or would you have that on the side or, I’m trying to get the mechanics down of a free report.

We’re building where we’re giving free advice to travelers coming to New York city. Yeah. That’s a great idea. And as many titles as you can and optimize as many ways as you can. So you were at business mastery, right? Yes, I was there last year. And then again, this year okay. And I don’t know if you signed up for that web thing where they can hot map your website and show you where, you’re getting with the eyes going, but I can already tell you I’m on your website right now.

You’re putting red attracts the eye 700% more than any other color. I can already tell you that. So you’ve got book now on the. I put some kind of an offer there and this whole left about us and all that being in red, like that I’d take that away because it’s actually distracting me away from the thing on the right.

And then of course using red in this ad is also pulling my eye. You know what I mean? It’s you want me to book now? Or you want me to take action? So let me just ask you a couple of questions. Cause we can tune that up all day long, to tune it up all day long. 

. Our main problem is, and I’ve been listening to the radio stuff. Our main problem is education-based marketing has to be done because people are looking from all over the world, the B to C we can get them to call us and we’ll answer the phones, but it seems to me to actually get them to sign up for a free report.

It has to be on the internet unless you can think of a different way. And I want to figure out how to structure my internet core story to be my primary B to C. B to C tell me about the, okay. Direct to the travelers versus I have concierge and travel resellers that I needed different kind of a package for.

Yeah. You don’t need heavy research. Are you actually using a research firm to do all this? We’re trying to do it ourselves right now. We’ve been good. Let me give you direction. Cause I don’t think that you need to have you research. I think you can write this from your heart and it may be better.

And a couple of anecdotal statistics at the beginning just to grab attention. And you can even make those up as long as they’re based on some reality we did a test where we had a person who didn’t know their way around New York and came and said, okay, why don’t you put together your own sort of tour of New York?

And what we found is they did 25 hours worth of research on the internet, and then they got to New York and they actually took five days and to S to see what we would have shown them in three days. And. Five of the most important things that people see when they come to New York. And so you know, like I’m making this up, but you could have something like that.

That would be probably, from your own just experiences. Cause you’re such an expert at this. You could write a pretty good, like here’s the mistakes that people make. And and then you say so, or, consequently, what you could have is you could have an expert guide you through this process.

Now this hot nightclub thing, that’s actually a pretty cool idea. Because a lot of these places, you stand online for an hour. Is there any kind of a special relationship you have, or they don’t have to stand online if they’re there with you? Have you ranged? Oh yeah. Oh, that right there is worth the radio.

Yeah, that right there is worth radio. You know what I mean? And again, I don’t know what kind of budgets you have, but you might be shocked to find it again. You already heard the big speech on, do not use a URL, do not use the MRL, but you might find that we have a number. We have a number they can call. So yeah, I would do the, E Vinnie, if you’re a new Yorker, I’ll bet you money that we can show you things about New York that you don’t know.

I’ll bet you, that we can get you access to things you haven’t access to. I bet you, we can get you into the hottest clubs. I’ll bet you, we can help you find things to do in New York and explore New York and have new and unique way. Call us for our free report on the 10 hidden treasures in New York city.

And, you’re going to, the phone is going to ring off the hook. And so you’re definitely morning drive time. I, and again, you can target for, from anything from WPLJ to 10, 10 wins and just test different radio stations. But I will tell you with the radio Monday, doesn’t pull that good, but you gotta be on it because it starts people thinking about it Tuesday.

It’s okay. Wednesday it starts to pull Thursday and Friday is when you start to get all the leads you want to be on the same time, twice a day. Within the same time period. So that if I’m shaving between six and six 30, if you buy, you want to try to be, cause they’ll say to you, oh, you can have the six to nine slot and Dale, if you’re a unsophisticated advertiser, you go, okay good.

But if you say, look, I’m looking to really ramp up. Like I want to spend a hundred thousand dollars a week in advertising and telling everybody now how to negotiate with media people. I want to spend a hundred thousand dollars a week in advertising. We have it, we’re looking at that because if it was working, that’s not unrealistic for you.

You know what I mean? If suddenly you did radio and it started to drive, like what’s a good amount of people using your tours like in a week. Total it’s probably about three, 400 a week in the better seasons right now. It’s slow January, February. What would blow you out? What would be like, oh my God, we can’t handle it.

Not another person. We’re scalable because all you gotta do is put more guides out there and the nightclubs aren’t going to turn away 500 people. It’d be a huge logistical challenge. We’d have to ramp up to that, but that wouldn’t be a high quality problem. Yeah.

Quality problems. The most people we’ve had on a nightclub tour was 55 and one night. And that was during high season, but if we walked a hundred uptake, they’d never seen that before, but they let them all in with us. Yeah. So I will tell you right now that you should definitely test radio. You might be shocked.

I’ll make sure you get set up with the as the M people. And cause they can do miracles for you. But I think you can write a lot of articles yourself because you have tours, mistakes people, but I liked that 10 hidden treasures about New York city. You’re going to pull like crazy.

You’re going to get thousands of phone calls. I predicted, but just see when you run it, but some, morning drive time stations in New York. When we run in there, we’ll get 50, 60, 70 leads for one, one. Minute spot. So again, now that might cost you, six, $700.

So you got to look at what’s the ROI on that. And then also, how do you handle that? Because you might also look at a virtual call center. Like we have where, we have 66 people at home. And I think I talked a little bit about this at business mastery. Did you go to the one in April? The big elaborate one?

Which, which one? This one? The one in Vegas in April where I did 12 seminars. What do you know what this is? Yeah. Last year with Tony, your first. Yeah we did other things, but we did that ultimate business mastery summit that day. Yeah. You did it the 12th seminars, right? I don’t know if you remember me going through that.

And then that program is coming to you any second now, but I don’t know if you remember, but I did a whole training program on how to have a virtual call center. So you’re going to get that, in the next couple of weeks you’ll have that seminar and that’s just detail. So I don’t, I want to, I don’t want to teach that here and drag everybody else listening through that, but in your case, it’s a very viable thing to consider and Jorge I’m coming right to you in a minute here.

But it’s a viable thing for you to consider is, if you can flood so you start small, you know what I mean? With that’s, it’s a big budget though, because if you’re spending 800, $900 a spot and you want to go in morning, drive time and you want to be on, and again, I don’t know what the perfect station is.

You, you would know, because if you’re looking for people to fill the club scene, then it’s probably, a young station as compared to, if you’re looking for, wealthy business, people who are looking for cool things to do with their clients, then it’s 10, 10 wins. You know what I’m saying? And the approach would be different, but that club thing alone, you could probably bury yourself and leads with that.

And then it’s like how much you charge and if you can convert instantly, because there’s so much more, I could tell you, I could do a whole hour on you alone. It’s not fair to everybody else waiting, but there’s so many things you could do. So I like to 10 treasures, I’d go with that idea.

10 secret treasures, because then you can go. If you go in New York, a New York DriveTime station, you’re reaching three states. You’re reaching Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. I lived in New Jersey for 11 years, commuted into Manhattan and listened to PLJ. You know what I mean? That was my station now.

And then of course I miss in the morning and for gone way back and then, Howard stern when he took over. The point is that morning drive time. That’s a really good, a good place for you. And if you have a sexy offer and don’t use a URL, I think you’ll bury yourself in response, but then it’s about booking them when they call.

And I’d go with this scarcity, I’m sorry, we get hundreds of phone calls and there’s lots of people looking for these tours. And it’s not really in the big scheme of things. Our research shows that you’d spend 10 times more money just booking the tour yourself. And it’s a question of how value, but if you have all the time in the world and find, you can do all the research and try and do all this stuff yourself, if we do it for you, you’re going to avoid this.

You’re going to avoid that. You’re not going to have to hassle with this. You’re not going to have to, with that. You could do a whole thing just on the club. You say how many times have you looked at those clubs and thought to yourself, boy, I’d like to go to that club, but there’s no way you want to stand on line for an hour.

With. Uncle Sam’s New York tours or whatever. The name of the thing is might want to have something a little sexier than that. But with uncle Sam’s New York tour, you don’t have to stand on line because we have all access to the hottest clubs in. Because this is all we do. We are experts in making sure you have the best possible time.

Even if you live in New York, we can make sure you have a better time than you probably have on your own, because it’s all we do. 

We are out there all the time. Just making sure that anyone wants to have a great time in New York. No, one’s had to have that great time. So whether it’s, museum tours or whether it’s the hottest clubs in town or whether it’s, secret treasures, you’re, you’ve never heard of, call today 800 bump up, blah, blah, we’ll start you off with a free report that gives you some of these secret treasures.

And then if you want to go further and find out fantastic adventures that you can take in New York city will help you better than anybody call 800 blah, blah, blah, blah. 

So that’s pretty good off the top of my head. You can almost use that copy word for word it’s not bad. You know what I mean?

And then back to the core story stuff.

Then it starts driving them crazy. So then I’d look at the colors on this thing, because on the left, I’d take that all out of red and I put it all in blue and the book now I would say I’d make that circle maybe twice as big. And I’d say show me New York or something, a little sexier expertly guide me to new York’s treasures, or that’s off the top of my head is not great, New York city travel guide or.

They get to take a next move with you. Yeah. Or what about on the front? Where we have that copy. What about putting a big ad in there with an email opt in at the bottom where it says, the five things that have 10 secrets to enjoy New York and just list those and then a sign up right there and move the rest of the copy down.

Where would you put up in basket or? No, in the middle of the page where we have our text, would you move that text down and put like a, the five secrets to enjoy New York and an octet? Yeah. This is not a bad idea, actually. That’s not a bad idea. Although, again, if this club thing is working, I wouldn’t mess with it.

Yeah. That’s our most popular tour and, we can rotate, we actually have banner ads. If you read professional, we have banner ads that rotate through of, our five main types of tours. Maybe right under that at our main copy could be, the, here are the secrets of enjoying New York and then sign up for this free report.

And then underneath that has all the descriptions. Yeah. I’m telling you, your world is going to explode the deeper you go in my material, the better cause also for you affiliate marketing. But I, I got to do some other people now. I think I got you a good start there, bro. And I invite you to show up at other ones and if no one raises their hand, I’m happy to come back to you.

Okay. So let’s go with Jorge and thank you, buddy. It was fun, Sam. Thanks. If I come to New York, you have to make sure I have a good time.

Oh, you got it. Okay. Jorge, if you’re there it one, one time.

Hey buddy. Nice to talk to you. What an interesting conversation. If a Sammy’s looking for investors, I might a new Yorker would love to talk to him. Oh, what a great a. As I mentioned, that’s a 15 year in new Yorker and this is my fourth time living in New York police nine, 15 years. I think he has, as you mentioned it really a very distinct concept there.

Yeah. If you go to uncle Sam’s new york.com, there’s a contact form on the left-hand side. You can, anybody listening can feel free to go contact contact Sam. Okay. Jorge, tell me where you would like some help with your business. First of all, tell everybody what kind of business you’re in.

I’m in a publishing business, a four year old reasonably nascent. And according to Tony description, really toddler pre teenage stage. Yes, but definitely will incredible possibilities. I just a sign at the joint venture with a big. Publishing company that we’ll expand my markets. But anyway, I am at this point in where, let me ask you about that.

The only language my book isn’t in is Spanish. Oh, really? Yeah. And I have the largest home builder in all of Mexico is a client of mine. Yeah. Homax and that guy said to me, I can’t believe your book is not in Spanish. Like every, I would buy a copy for every month. I was like 15,000 sales right there.

I don’t know how many, but the only language, Japanese, two different dialects of Chinese. I’m in Polish. I’m in Brazilian. Hi, I’m in a, all these different languages, Portuguese. I didn’t even, I don’t understand why it’s not in Spanish, but nobody has picked up the Spanish rights to the ultimate sales machine.

So there we invite, I invite you. And then if you get the rights to that, just let me know and I will make sure home-ec goes and buys thousands of copies from you. No, let’s let’s move because I have the right company. Now they got the operations in Spain. I think I’ve even had speakers in a circle with large corporations in Mexico and in Spain banks and all kinds of, and I think that we could set up the your Spanish translation.

Okay. Feel free to move on that one. Let’s stay with helping you let’s stay with helping you. 

What made you decide to become a book publisher? Let me say, first of all, the passion for books, and to realize that my, I have a very successful career before in diplomacy and finance and that in a way that career was very much helped by reading and the value of books are enormous in terms of a for readers, but also for our authors.

People that want, that, have something to say that to change. A sector not to change their world necessarily. The Dean a very modest way, someone that has something to say, like for example, Sam has many things to see about New York. I realized that books are incredible tools. And since 10 years ago I’ve been a fan of electronic publishing.

And now that, that Kindle has a, we exploded that market. Then the iPhone has exploded the market. And now with the iPad, which I’m very excited out of my 70 books in print, I have already 16 in iPhone platform and night and Kendall. And I see that market really exploding. And therefore I read that I predicted puts bookstores out of business.

If they don’t see the handwriting on the wall, because once you get. You can’t buy a paper book anymore. You can’t because your brain just goes, I can’t, I have, I have a Kindle now, so I have to read this electronically and, I can enlarge the type, which is just the best feature right there.

You had me at that one. And then, also you can load PDFs and stuff. The only problem with the Kindle. And I’m sure it won’t be the case with the iPad is you can’t enlarge the type on an, on a PDF. So it comes out in this really tiny type. You can’t even read it. So it’s worthless to load my own stuff on my Kindle.

And I do a lot of writing and I’m telling you, I think the Kimberly’s dead now. I they have to come with something similar to apple. And I think that will take them like 12 months, but obviously they will be able to sell books for the eight buyers. And therefore it is not really Amazon in danger, but definitely came the list.

I think, of the past. And this is a game changer for my. Yeah. So my point is that I don’t know what’s going to happen to bookstores when you can go, I can download two free chapters of any book I want. I already got, I just got it at Christmas time. I bought nine Kindles as gifts, just for different people, but nine different Kindles.

Yeah. And of course he comes out with the iPod after I go and buy all those Kindles. But, I’m sure the iPad’s going to be a, just a phenomenal one-up on that, but I hear it’s got problems and let’s wait a year and it’ll be half the price. It is by Christmas. But anyway yeah, there is not a chip.

I think I could bet you that we will see 4 million night, but by September or October. Okay. All right. If I just bought nine Kindles, it’s unlikely I’m going to buy nine iPads. So that’s my point. They sold, I don’t know how. Yeah, but let’s go to helping you again. So you’re you’re doing electronic publishing, which means you’re not even putting this stuff in paper.

No, but most of my it’s all my books are in paper. Electronic publishing has been really a new avenue that I have been exploring for many years. And I’m excited because finally I see that this have really an amazing market potential. Let me tell you what I would do if I were a publisher that no publisher is smart enough to do, and it’s utterly shocking.

And I tried, I penguin is my publisher, which is the largest publisher on the planet. And I dragged them. I tried to drag them, kicking and screaming into this new advanced model and it was impacting. If it wasn’t the publisher’s limited imagination, it was the lawyers getting in the way of it.

But I tell you where the real money is in publishing is in the backend. Like my book has generated, I don’t know, maybe $50 million in business or something like that. And they made, I don’t know what 500,000 or 5 million or something, I don’t even know. But more than me, cause I only got a dollar 50 a book or whatever.

But the point is that there’s a backend, even if it’s a fiction book, what happens is at the end of the book, if you have a great writer who has if we took a, this one that’s new moon or, the the whole Twilight series, if at the end of that book, it said to learn more, go to twilight.com or to explore these characters and, join fan pages and blah, blah, blah.

Then you go there and then there’s a subscription. And even if it’s $3 a month or whatever it is, with the fact that books, how many copies of that book sell, no, but maybe 5 million copies or, yeah, let’s say some tiny. A hundred thousand people decide to, join the fan club or whatever.

At $3, like I tried to get them, they wouldn’t let me put anything like that in my book, on the back inside, slap cover. It’s just something like for more offers, go to Chad holmes.com/book. And there we give away a bunch of free stuff. But I wanted to, feed all through the book, because in almost every area, I have a company meaning that, it started off me teaching, so I am the ultimate entrepreneur.

I just hold myself out there as a model for anybody to follow in that, it’s all about first, the first part is people come in through our radio ads. Then they come in through our radio ads and then they, get offered to go on a web seminar and on the web seminar, they pay for that.

But then at the end of it, they have an opportunity to buy a training program. If they get the training program, they get a coach. And then the coach does sessions for free actually costs me money. I pay for the coach to do the sessions, but a lot of companies don’t want to part with their coach at the end of their free session.

So they go on to pay for it. And then the coach helps them, whether it’s, maybe you need a website. And initially. Yeah, we were just sending this business all off to other people and, or just not doing anything cause we didn’t have someone recommended. And I just made it my business that anything, a business owner comes into our world and needs.

I’m going to do all the research for them and make that another division of our company. So like we have the lowest cost, easiest to use CRM system in the world today. And but we researched 11 of them including spending a bloody fortune ourselves trying different CRM systems. So my thing is if I were a book publisher, even if I were.

Is, I would look to have, I mean on a book, there’s no way you’re going to make a, even if the book sells if it has a rabid fan base, you’d be shocked at the people would spend $3 a month to get some kind of insight from the author on some part of that book or some new thing, or some insight of the new chapter or, things like that, that they could sign up for and heck, 10,000 people.

And if you, even, if you split it with the author, you don’t have a business book. It’s clear like a business book it’s really clear. In my case, I have 12 companies. So it would have been really smart. And I tried to offer the publisher a piece of it and I couldn’t get the guy to do it. I said, I’ll give you a percentage.

We’ll put up a special page just for you that everybody who goes to that I know came through this book and I’ll incentivize you and pay you a percentage of that. So that instead of making the lousy amount of money he made on the book, which that. Dead or dying, kindle helps everybody except the bookstores, because now they, they it’s $25 book is only $9 through Kindle that’s it?

Nine bucks. So that’s why I say once you have a Kindle, you’re never going to go buying the heart hardbound book, but there’s also no cost to the publisher. So I don’t know what the splits are there. In fact, I’m curious, but that’s what I think is the big breakthrough, first of all, the front end marketing, and I don’t know how sophisticated you are about that.

When I did my book and not sure if I told this from the stage, but I got a hundred famous authors to endorse my book. And why would they do that? They have their own things. They want to promote, they do it because I came to them and said, I’m going to have 11 million emails sent out all from famous people, all endorsing

my book and every one of them is going to drive any purchaser of that book to a bonus page where they’re going to get free training products from all these famous speakers. So here’s our offer to you, Mr. Famous speaker, give me a free training product. I’ll put it on this webpage and then I’m going to get 11 million people to go to that web page.

And you’re going to pick up new fans for your database. And all you have to do is send them an email on my book. So it was like a no lose situation because all you do is send out one email and you’re going to get exposure in your email list might be a hundred thousand, but I got 11 million emails sent out.

So my book went from number 47,000 on the day of release, which was a Monday to number one on Amazon by. By Wednesday, just two days. And it was a, it was amazing to watch that, cause you can see minute by minute where your book is, and you go in there. Oh crap. It’s number seven. And so now it’s number one and the publisher was thrilled because he was, I remember him saying to me, on Monday when we started the climb, he says if he can just break the top 100, that will be great. We blew by that. That’s what I think is like, how can you get, if I had a book, how can I get, and this is what I’m going to do for any other book that I do.

How can I get hundreds of different sources promoting the book? And then of course, we have probably a daily request to publish something from the book or write an article on the book or do a review on the book. And a lot of these authors, you can’t even, you don’t even know how to get home. No, there’s no website.

There’s no way to contact them. So if you, as the publishers say, look, here’s what we do. We’ll do the book together and we’ll do whatever the deal is. On the backend, I’m going to build seven ancillary offers to these to the readers of this book. We’ll plug it in the book, I’ll manage it all.

And I’ll give you half the money or, one third of the money or whatever the money is. You know what I mean? Yeah. You are absolutely on the money. And as I mentioned, I spoke with Doug Williams and I have in my website, the only part that I haven’t developed Batavia is there is called JPB round table in where I went to.

Pre-site the offer, the authors, let me you definitely exploded 10 times of what I was thinking, but obviously, for me, and that’s what I think that the best my clients are really the authors more than the readers. I want to cater to others to give them platforms and revenue stream that what were the will, we will.

But you are absolutely on the money on basically you could even do and again, I know you have some prize winning authors, perspectives, interviews that author insights you could even have storyboarded sections, of the, of some of the books, like you take and you get a storyboard artist and he storyboards it out and they sign up to get, relive the book through pictures and that they pay $10 a month for, and again, you don’t need a lot, like you just need a small rabid fan base.

If you look at a book and maybe you sold 30,000 copies of it, But, 300 people are willing to spend $10 a month to be, in that world in an intimate way. And another 3000 people are willing to spend $3 per month. Now a book that only made you 30 grand is making you $45,000 a month in backend revenue.

And then how far can you take that? And how many ways can you take it? That’s what I would do. If I were a publisher, I’d be looking at what’s the backend and how can I maximize the relationship with the reader? And that is why I’m in conversation with dog Williams, because they really need precisely how to create that platform.

That I will allow my authors to talk with readers and to charge money. And as you, then, as you refined and you give me a, you exploded the idea that I have a 10 times, but that is why I, as I mentioned, I’m willing to dog to came with ideas, but that was one of the ideas to have kind of a area in where they could be attacked.

And interaction. And now that you mentioned paying interaction, which is better in my website, then I listen to you carefully. And you’re absolutely, this is really great. Then there’s, of course there’s the Hollywood, play and then there’s internet TV shows and things like that are popping up now left and right.

And again, depending upon how. Good. The material is that you get your hands on. That also depends on how far you can take it and the imagination of the authors. So would you be looking for are relationships where you have a really creative person who doesn’t really want to be involved in the business, or isn’t very good at it, but it’s highly prolific and can really connect with his fans or her fans.

And and then you just look to, how can I monetize that seven ways to Sunday? And I’d tell you that they should do some brainstorming sessions on that. Like a teach, where you sit around with a bunch of people and you say, all right, I want five suggestions from anybody on something somebody would absolutely pay for, and you’re going to come up with all kinds of ideas, right?

You blew my mind. So you have two or three hours. I can see that a profile. And the only thing is they have to think besides the calc. Create this platform to do, to make the dialogue or to make this interaction. We’ll see if you can get yourself on another hot seat and I’ll take you further. It’s come back with more ideas and I will definitely take you further.

Unfortunately, I am at a time, in fact, I’m overtime and I’ve got another group waiting for me in another conference. So Hey, it’s pleasure to finally get to help you. Sam was a pleasure to finally get to help you and Bruce, who was a pleasure to get to help you. I love your restaurant as I think you’re moving in the right direction guys.

And I hope, of course, this is helpful for everybody, and I hope you all want to be part of that study, where we hold your feet to the fire and you are held accountable to become a master in at least six areas over the course of a year and just transform your life and your business. All right, everybody Jorge.

Thanks again. But it was fun.

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