Advice From a Family That Raised $80,000,000 in One Year: Creating a High-Performance Family

by | Apr 14, 2023 | Blog

Have you ever considered how business and family life can intersect and complement each other?

What if the most important business that you will be a part of is not the one you go to, but the one you come home to?

This week, we have a special episode where Dave Stech shares his secrets on how his family has generated $80,000,000 in just 2020 alone, that’s not counting their multiple unicorn investments.

From trailer park to one of the most successful family offices in private lending in North America, you’ll enjoy this micro-episode on the blend of financial success and creating a high performance FAMILY.

When I heard his keynote I was actually in tears at how much I wished my father had talked to me about what Dave teaches his boys about financial literacy.

Tune in and be inspired.

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Continued Learning: How to Hit Your Business Goals and Be a Great Parent at the Same Time


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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Amanda: Welcome to your Weekly Dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine. This week you’re going to hear advice from a family that’s raised over 80 million in just 2020. They’ve invested in companies that have hit billion dollar valuations, unicorns, and they fund several Real Estate investments over the last several years.

But the fascinating thing is really how they create a high performance family. It’s Dave Stech and his two children Josh and Blake and I got the opportunity right after a keynote that I gave, Dave was also speaking at the event and we locked up and I just had to ask him so I could share with you all

what he does to create this high performance family, because it’s so unique how he approaches this, so hear a bit from Dave.

Welcome to your weekly dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine, Amanda Holmes here and I have with me Dave Stech.

I [00:01:00] literally tiered during his keynote here at DLP Capital’s event, and I think it’s so magnificent your humble beginnings going from that to now your family is producing billion dollar companies, unicorns, your stock, your real estate portfolio is just so magnificent. Can you share a bit for all of those that want to create a high performance family, what does that look like?

How did, how have you been able to 

Dave: create. Yeah. It’s a great question and it’s not an easy answer. Okay. But it’s obvious that when you start in a trailer park like I did for the first 20% of my life, that’s not very high performing. And when I was in a trailer, all I wanted to do was two things.

I wanted to be a great dad and I wanted to be a millionaire. And I had no idea what a millionaire was, but I’d heard there was such a. And I wanted to be a great dad, cuz my dad, even though he only had an eighth grade education, was my John Wayne. [00:02:00] And so fast forward to where we are today. We treat our family like a business, not in a cold way, not in a calculated way, not with employees, but with a loving family that has a mission, vision, values, strategies, objectives, key results, and priority initiatives.

Those seven things are what we use in our business. That we apply to our family. And on the basis of that, we’re able to perform at a level that we couldn’t have if we weren’t structured in a way to support that kind of success. So for example, one of our techniques is to go through every year in the fourth quarter, a process we call reflection and.

And we borrowed it from a dear friend of mine who, and basically what we do is reflect on the last 12 months, by answering 20 questions and talking about the next 12 months [00:03:00] and being able to solve for where we want to be. Each one of our family members does that process, and then we all come together and share.

And that sets the stage for an. Next 12 

Amanda: years. Wow. I love that. And something that really resonated with me, I can’t believe you have intellectual property to assist your family with how to operate. 

Dave: That’s 

right. Or another way to put it is that everything we do Yeah. Is part of what we call our legacy library.

Wow. And what is a library? It’s a lot of intellectual property where a lot of people have thought through things. More than we could have ever thought to think through things. So for us, a legacy library is not for us today, but for four generations from now. Wow. To be able to look at what their ancestors thought and to be able to take purposeful action with a [00:04:00] blueprint and a game plan that we’ve already.


Amanda: You know, after my father passed, it meant so much to me that I had this database of videos that I could watch of him, and I learned from him on the business side, and so many people would come to me and say, I wish that I had that from my family. I wish that we had recorded videos. So even just as a quick action step for those that are watching, would even just recording pieces of I don’t know even here’s my favorite recipe and getting it from your mom is that absolutely a That could also be a part of it. 

Dave: Yeah. You have to start somewhere. You know you’re not gonna create the Gettysburg address by tomorrow at four o’clock. Okay. So at the end of the day, you gotta start somewhere.

And so whatever it is that you think is important for your kids and your grandkids and their kids to be able to. Is intellectual property. It’s something that you believe personally and deeply and you think it’s worth sharing. Now, a [00:05:00] recipe may not be viewed in that perspective, but it’s all about history.

And so for that, I think it’s important that whatever you think is important to pass along. 

Amanda: Wow. So where could people that wanna learn more about you, because I know that they do. Where would they. What 

Dave: would you send them? I don’t know. We don’t have a website. We’re like the, not even for access.

We don’t have a public facing, everything is referral only. It’s basically a secret society of already successful people and there are roughly a hundred of them. And we call it our insider group. Wow. And we don’t do anything nefarious. All we do is try to make more money, do more good. Have more fun. The 

Amanda: mysterious man that you can’t get ahold of.

That is Dave, thank you so much. My pleasure. Such a, such an 

Dave: honor. I appreciate you. Thanks. I appreciate you. 


Amanda: It’s such a fascinating thing when you meet those people that are at a [00:06:00] level where they don’t want to be contacted and they’re so exclusive and hidden that you can’t get ahold of them in any way and they’re not trying to market themselves. I just love that level of achievement. Next, I know this is a

double whammy for an episode, but I wanted to latch on. I also had a conversation with Matt Shields. Matt Shields realized that he could use his engineering background to make systems and processes easier to utilize, so he’s created apps that have generated more than $50 million in sales for clients.

He’s worked on projects for some of the largest brands in the world, including Amazon and Walmart and Phillips. So he then, with his wealth, decided, I think I’m gonna start investing in multi-family real estate. He’s been the host of Past The Secret Sauce. It’s a podcast. He’s been an author of Sprocketize 

that’s a little bit hard to say (haha) he also runs a community [00:07:00] that helps people break into multi-family Real Estate. Every time I talk to him, he’s in some fundraising for another multimillion dollar project. So fascinating, man

and we were talking about the Ultimate Sales Machine, so I’ll hand it off.

Welcome everybody. Your weekly dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine at Amanda Homes here and I have Matt Shield of significant, 

Matt Shields: significant, yes. 

Amanda: Wow. Alright. And we share quite a bit about the pursuit of life and when I asked him if you could come up with a quote that he’d wanna talk about, he said Chapter 13, which is the encore, my father never got to give about how to live a rich and full life.

So can you share a bit about that? Cuz I just, I love that you picked that 

topic. I, it, 

Matt Shields: so it’s actually near and dear to my heart as well. I lost my father and I lost him at a young age, so I never really. To, get his wisdom on this exact type of topic and how being successful following everything that’s inside of this [00:08:00] book can lead to a, life that is fulfilled financially, but maybe not necessarily spiritually.

And, internal. Piece. And I think it’s so amazing that was included in this book as as the most, one of the most important things is being able to give back and, be fulfilled. Not just necessarily make money and have a great business, but also give back, 

Amanda: which is a huge balance for you, right?

Because every time I see him, like every couple of months at events and trying to close deals, real estate, you are. just in a High pressured environment, right? Yes. You’re just in the pressure cooker so much. Always. Always. So what’s some of the things that you’ve done, can you share that are helping you get into a bit of more thoughtfulness about your life and your 

Matt Shields: pursuits?

And so with us we’re very much so diving deep into the people that we, have on our staff as well, being able to give back to them. How do you get that? And actually they have read this book too because [00:09:00] again, some of. The follow ups with leads and referrals. Yes. And, following up with all of that great insights and that for us, really pouring into the people that we have, established in our organization.

We’re truth to be told. We’re looking to, for different ways to be able to, create different organizations to be able to actually give back as well. So we haven’t exactly pinpointed that yet. But it is definitely on the radar and trying to deal. So 

Amanda: I love that. Anything else you feel that is important that people should know specifically about your journey?

Matt Shields: Yeah, so I started off very I’m very shy. I always worried about what people thought about me, right? And when my father passed away, when I was 16, that was really the catalyst that, took me out of that. I realized life is too short to worry about what everybody else thinks.

After I came out of my shell, I’ve accomplished great things. And with that, again, giving back and being able to pour into other people, we’re impacting other people. [00:10:00] So that ripple effect, just keeps flowing out. So it’s again, powerful way to be able to look at things, always look at things positively.

I can take that away. When my father passed away, that, that was one of the most positive things that happened to me in my life. Being. able to Finally step out of my shell and start realizing what can be possible. I 

Amanda: love that. Thank you. No, thank you. Thank you for being honest.

And that’s a genuine life shift. Which is critical. 

Matt Shields: It is. It is. Absolutely. 

Amanda: Yeah. If people wanna find out more about your real estate on that side, 

Matt Shields: where do they go? So we actually have a podcast called Invest in Square Feet. Amanda is actually, I’ve been on it. Yes, Amanda has been 

Amanda: on it. So invest in 

Matt Shields: square feet.

Yes. So all kinds of stuff on the real estate journey and business in general. There. So that’s probably the best way. 

Amanda: That is perfect. Thank you. Thank you so much, man. No, thank you.

 And if you liked hearing that from Matt, I just wanted you to know that he is one of the handful that have joined our Ultimate [00:11:00] Sales Machine Dojo. We want executives and their teams to be able to come in and master the art of the Ultimate Sales Machine. Repetition is the mother of all skill. We’re not about doing shiny objects.

We’re just about working on the few things that really make a difference to your business so that you can get quantum leaps as the economy starts to waiver in the next few months. We wanna give you those foundational skills that can help you progress in any economic storm. Just get back to the basics that can work for the next decade or beyond.

So Matt is one of our people that has joined the Dojo, if you want to join him, you can apply at Dojo d o j o dot ultimate sales

That’s Dojo, D O j o dot ultimate sales


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