How to Hit Your Business Goals and Be a Great Parent At the Same Time

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Some business owners have found that involving their children in their work life has not only given them more time together, but also several other benefits.

Incorporating children into your professional life can elevate business too. Just ask Troy Aberle, our Executive Strategy Officer!

In this episode, Troy shares how he integrates work and being a good father to his children, Luke and Everett, while also boosting his career goals!

If you’re curious to know how he does it, then tune in to this episode right now.


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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Amanda: since we were talking about the inverted pyramid, I think it’s perfect to bring in Troy cause he is a great example of it. Yes. Troy overly. How are you guys doing? Oh wow. Look at that.

They’re happy to see you. I’m happy to see you. Awesome. Oh, so how I met Troy? I don’t, I met him somewhere online and he is the epitome of pigheaded discipline and determination. He follows up, like his superpower is following up with people. I’m like, I don’t know what this man wants, but he is determined and it’s great.

Intro: Here is your daily dose of the Ultimate Sales machine coming to you from the new edition. Visit ultimate sales to get your copy or multiple copies. I am your host, Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Homes International. What you’re about to learn has assisted a quarter of a million businesses to generate billions of dollars working faster, better, smarter.

Amanda: And then you went through our bootcamp? Yes. So Troy went through our bootcamp and I think in week two I called him out. I was looking at their faces. I always [00:01:00] look at your faces and I said, Troy, you look really uncomfortable. Are you okay? And I think you terrifying . started to realize that there was a different way that he could operate.

Yes. After that week, you closed a $700,000 deal. The next week you closed a $280,000 deal and you used your stadium pitch all the way through there. Two weeks after the bootcamp, he generated $8.4 million. And over the last, what is it, seven months, we did 43 

Troy: million with that client. 

Amanda: Woo. Yeah. So such a great success.

I know. I saw some clapping. He deserves it. He did an amazing job. And then he said, I love this. I would love to help more companies do this. I’m like you want to, You wanna be a part of what we’re doing? Are you freaking kidding me? I’m I’m honored to join the team. So now he’s our executive strategy officer to help everyone else get the kind of results that Troy got.

A lot of fun. Thank you. Thank you. I have, before I brought, we brought, we came and worked together. I actually hired his [00:02:00] son first. , can you say hello? Luke? 

Verne: Hello 

Amanda: everyone. How 

Jeff: is everyone doing today? 

Amanda: Hey buddy. So how are you? I remember when I interviewed Luke I kept trying to find different ways to educate him on something and every single place I tried, Do you know about social media?

And he. Totally outsmart me. I’m like, All right, I can’t teach you anything there. Do you know about funnels? He totally outsmarted me. I asked him about Hootsuite. He’s I’ll use this interface, but I also know this interface. It was so impressive. I’m like, Ah I’ve got nothing to teach this kid.

He’s 13 and gonna take over the world. So he joined our team and then his father. But I really wanna ask you, because so many people that meet you, gravitate towards you because of your relationship with both Everett and Luke. Can you share for the fathers and the mothers that have children that are looking for, How do I have a success in my life?

Because you’ve sold yourself half a billion dollars. Faced, one on one. He sold [00:03:00] half a billion dollars in sales yourself. But then you also have a wonderful relationship with your sons. Can you give a little bit of secret behind the scenes how you do that? 

Troy: It’s a good question.

And I think the cool part is I treat those two guys as my friends. They’re my best friends. And the thing is, we all carry a goal card. We carry a goal card for ourselves personally in our own life. But, and then for our business, and each of one of them, Luke’s when he was nine, started his business.

And Everett 10 started his, And with Robbie, my wife, she has goal cards and we also have a family goal card. But the thing is, I think is being transparent about what your goals are with each. and not being afraid of how big that goal can be. Think beyond what the paradigms are that other people have taught you and be able to like, encourage each other and work every day to help each one in your family, but also in your business, achieve their goals.

It’ll come back to you. In just in just such a beautiful flow. And I can’t say it enough, is just be real, be transparent and don’t do things [00:04:00] to say that you’re making it better for somebody. Involve them in your journey. Help them in their journey. Cause that’s what’s gonna really make so much 

Amanda: happen.

You were bringing Luke around his sales calls since two years 

Troy: old. Yeah. Yeah. So when I was selling agriculture equipment, Luke was we didn’t have, we didn’t have babysitters and stuff. And I’d tell people if you want a sales call or a demonstration, you had to, you’re gonna have to have a two year old come out for this the deal.

And Luke would sit there on deals. I think the biggest one, Luke, that he was with the one day was around $18 million. And the guys, he’s sitting at the boardroom table and there’s eight of us there. And they looked at him and they said, What do you think Luke and Luke’s sitting there writing notes and just taking it all in.

And he says I think I would do it too. And and I think involving, I think if you think of so many times where you’re get so wrapped up and not doing what she, When people say, I don’t get time with my family, or I’m always busy, and that just involve your family.

Luke and Everett and Robbie have handed out thank you cards and did Dream 100 work for me and my business way back when and, involve everybody. Have fun and just make them all part of [00:05:00] that journey and celebrate together. There’s nothing that, it’s not redo it together. And the cool part is when each of you know your dream, your dreams and your goals, them kids keep me on track, My wife keeps me on track and we hold each other accountable and every Sunday, have a burning ceremony and burn the things you don’t like about what you’re doing.

I don’t know, but just have some 

Amanda: fun. I definitely have seen that and it’s so amazing. More people need to, I think, adopt this belief system that you have with your children of including them and showing them the world. You’re not afraid to show them what’s out there, but then you also reinforce a very strong moral system, right?

Yes. That you see it, it’s there. I can’t hide you from it, but there is a better 

Troy: way again. Yeah. Transparency, Luke’s and ever too Robbie obviously too, but every coaching call I’ve done with any of my personal life coaching or whatnot, they’ve been a part of. So they’ve seen, the successes and failures and what it takes to be amazing.

So do that. 

Amanda: Thank you. Oh my gosh. It’s such a one by one. [00:06:00] Every new speaker could just give so. Thank you. Thanking everybody here too. I know, right? All these smiling faces, one that’s been smiling nonstop. It just brings me so much joy to see Verna Harish over there. He has been smiling with us in this whole thing.

Thank you, Troy. Perfect. Thank 

Troy: you 

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