Live Demo with ChatGPT & the Limitless Possibilities for CEOs

by | Apr 19, 2023 | Blog

AI is transforming the way businesses approach marketing, and it is changing the game in ways that were once unimaginable.

With AI-powered tools like ChatGPT, marketers can streamline their processes and generate content at lightning speed.

This has resulted in significant time and cost savings for businesses of all sizes. But what if you could create an entire marketing workflow in mere minutes?

That’s precisely what Leslie has done and it’s amazing!

In this week’s episode, Leslie Fook, an innovative entrepreneur and fan of the Ultimate Sales Machine, shows us how you can use AI to save time and boost productivity. 

Whether it’s generating ad copy or creating stunning visuals for content, AI can do it all in a matter of minutes. This will definitely be a game-changer in the marketing world.

Tune in to the episode for a quick sneak peek on how to leverage these AI-powered tools for your business.

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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Welcome to your Weekly Dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine. This week I was having a dialogue with a gentleman that’s a part of the Ultimate Sales Machine Dojo. One of our participants, Leslie Lee Fook, and Leslie is the leading data transformation strategist and educator in the Caribbean.

His career spans over 20 years with experience in analytics, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence. And he typically serves enterprise and government customers. And he really aspires to create a globally competitive region and positively impact, Caribbean life in the Caribbean community.

So I was having a dialogue with him and he was showing me about what he’s been working on with AI for the last couple of years, and it is fascinating. So I asked him his permission if I could share our Zoom call that we were having with, you guys so that you could just see how [00:01:00] a process that previously took you months to, take a product to market. He can build one in five minutes or less now, and cutting down the amount of time that you’re just sending emails and cutting down the amount of time you’re writing creative for campaigns.

It’s just fascinating. So it’s nothing polished. We were just having a candid conversation but I thought it’s something fascinating that you might enjoy. So this is Leslie Lee Fook.

Amanda: What Leslie said. Leslie, you’re the second person that we’ve talked to in the last week that said, take my money, please. I’ve been looking for ways for you to take my money. I just think that’s hilarious, guys. 

Leslie: That book, that, that book that you guys, the Ultimate Sales Machine when I read it is, it’s part, it is how I’m built.

It’s my dna, right? So no big budgets, but I brute force everything and I get results that nobody else gets, right? I’ve put competitors out of business and they shook my hand after seeing Leslie. I don’t know. What you did was incredible, right? That book literally changed my life, guys.

I have a emotional connection to the book, right? So anything that you guys do, I’m in. Anything that you do, I’m in. That’s what I got for $10, right? So imagine if I paid whatever. 

Amanda: That’s great. 

Troy: That’s awesome. Thank you so much. 

Leslie: , can I bug you guys for a minute? Yeah. Yeah. So give it to us. Start it offline. Yeah, let’s do it now.

It’s, yeah. Okay. So it’s a new thing I’m working on and it’s wrapped around AI and chat G P T and all of these things, right? So it’s really about how do I, and I’ve been using since Covid I’ve been like double down on, on ai. So I’ve spent like more than house money on AI over the last two, three years.

And everybody’s now dabbling it cuz it is chatGPT stuff, right? But I’ve been all in for a while and. You guys use chat G P T yet? Yeah. Yeah. So pretty incredible. So first first touch point, it’s one of two experiences. The first experience is wow, this is amazing. It’s gonna take my job.

The second experience is, this is okay. And everybody’s at the point where they’re dabble with, but a really squeezy juice out of it. The first thing you need to learn is how to prompt. Prompt engineering is gonna be, so first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna create a a course on prompt engineering, but the next thing up is you’re gonna have tons and tons of prompts.

And I haven’t thought about application development before, but I’m going on an application development and I’m gonna create a platform that will manage prompts. So Troy has he has a bank of curated prompts himself, but the company has. Like 10, 20, 30 prompts that they use so that in messaging everything sounds similar or is aligned.

Then so the application will manage all of those things. I wanna just give you guys a quick run of something that I have, cuz this would be like the next step. 

Troy: And I u I use Jasper now too. Leslie, 

Leslie: I come off of Jasper. To be honest with you, I’ve been using Jasper since it [00:04:00] launched.

I was like, I probably first person in the Caribbean, but but Chatt, if you know how to prompt it, it gives you like, just as good, even better results. So I want to, I wanna give you 

Troy: guys, I think that’s the thing that people don’t understand, right? 

Leslie: So the first part of it is a program to teach you, and that would be like my low ticket offer.

So that would be how I feed my funnel. Let me just give you a quick link here, guys. All right. So guys, I don’t, you wanna click on that link and just just fill it out. It’s like this quick 32nd thing.

Amanda: Okay. So I went through it. All right. 

Leslie: All right, cool. Troy. Done. Scott, I dunno if you give it a try, try, but that’s All right. So I’ll come back to this little exercise. So the mid-tier is the application I’m developing, right? So it’s really about productivity and stuff. So I’ll do a quick screen.

Oops. Screen share. 

Amanda: Whoa, look at you. 

Leslie: Wow. Transition. Cool. So I’ll just take, I’ll just grab your email that you sent me earlier, Amanda. Okay. And I’ll say, Leslie, blah, blah, blah. So people spend people receive [00:05:00] 121 emails a day on average and spend 2.1 hours a day just responding to. So if I had to like, take your email and I was thoughtful about it cause I, I suck at typing.

I’m a horrible writer. It would take me 15 minutes to respond to this email, right? I just go, ai, So this is the shortcuts basically. And the shortcut will call an engine. And I just pace the body of your email in, right? So you know, hey, Leslie, Richard Branson, et cetera, et cetera. And it will take the email and in seconds it will create the response to me. So this is the SAS that I want to develop.

It’ll plug straight into like chat PT or whatever engine is out there. And in seconds it’ll say, Hey dear, and thanks for not keeping in loop, keeping me in the loop. I’m thrilled to hear about the exciting news to share with me. I’m disappointed it’s not a collaboration with, to hear more about the Dojo program.

Unfortunately I’m tied with prior commitments for the next four days. Okay. So this is not what I want to respond. I just reply and again, like a draft, [00:06:00] sort a full email to me, right? Oh, wow. You could use this across any platform on your mobile. But it’s like a massive productivity jump, right?

So that’s, that is that’s what, that is what I wanna do with the SaaS, right? What I’ve realized over time though is if you start breaking up, if you start looking at workflows, so for example, you have the Dojo, right? And now I know a lot of this stuff you cannot built in the past, but you have your Dojo, for example, was if you wanna take it to market, what’s the first thing you guys do?

You go typical marketing thing. You look for your ideal customer persona. How long does that take you guys? And I know you guys are experts. But how long is typical together? Time.

Amanda: It takes time. It still takes 

Leslie: time. How long? A week, A day, a month. 

Amanda: I think we’ve been refining it as we go.

That should be what Dream 100 is anyways, is it’s living in breathing. 

Leslie: So you do your ideal customer persona then if you’re using like a problem solution framework, what’s your problem?

Just solve for the ideal customer persona that you, so your persona plus the product [00:07:00] that you have. What’s the solutions, right? You go build out on marketing plan. So how are you gonna take it? What channels? Based on the persona yada. After that, then you have to go do all your creatives.

You have to go write your copy, your social media ads, your emails. Your your posts, your tweets, your whatever. Then you have to go create all your graphics. Like how much time and effort have you spent working on this stuff? Yeah. A lot. A lot. So Troy put his idea in okay let’s take a look.

So it hasn’t come in just yet, but I, I spoke to the CIO of a really large, so in terms of the Caribbean, there are like three or four companies that dominate the whole region. So I spoke to him, I talked him through this process, and for any one product launch, he uses four months and $350,000 to do a single product launch.

Wow. And then it might go to market, it might suck. And then you have to start the process over. So I just, I ran him through this. And I’ll show you the results in a couple minutes. Last year [00:08:00] they hired DJ Khaled to do a promo for them, right? Like a video, a music video. Okay. And he said they spent no short of a couple hundred thousand dollars just to get DJ Khali on it.

Wow. I was like, I was just messing about with the AI last night and this is what I did. So I said, act like DJ Khaled, a rapper and songwriter. Write a rap song for Answer Digital bank to appeal to the younger generation. So you’ll listen up. We got a story to tell about a digital bank that’s changing the game.

It’s answer as well, right? And this guy, he almost fell off his seat, but this is what AI is doing. So I showed him like the different tears and all this stuff. And then when I him this, he’s Leslie, could you build one of these for my, for me, right? Ah, so he wants me to take this and create like a voice DJ Khaled’s voice.

And that’s what I’m looking on right now. And then potentially do a video avatar of Khaled, like wrapping this stuff or he’s not a rapper, but you guys get my point. Because the executive they have zero imagination and they don’t know how to actually execute on this stuff. 

So in five minutes I would’ve [00:09:00] produced five different versions of our entire workflow. I would’ve take, I would’ve taken that one, that maybe three liner, two word sentence. gave me, I would’ve produced an ideal customer persona.

I would’ve produced variations. Cuz I’ve done that already for Amanda here.

So I don’t know what your product is, Amanda, but if I got c Success Academy, CEO e Academy co Edge CEO Academy has different variations. In terms of the product itself. Okay, here we go. . So here’s Amanda. So Amanda, you took about four, six minutes to come in. So here’s what I did for you. And guys, remember that this is the worst AI is ever going to be.

So co edge a product. CEO Edge is the perfect solution for CEO CFOs, CEOs and business owners who are feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of running a business. Our business management platform simplifies and streamline operations, provide a new way of comprehensive suite of tools and resources to help you manage your business more efficiently and effectively with CEO e Edge.

So this is the plan, right? The ideal customer persona. It talks about the other channels, and so the ideal customer persona. So 30 to [00:10:00] 40 old meal white collar workers earning an average salary of 50 to $80,000. Ceo, CFOs, COOs businesses owner, personality to trade, certain ambitious, driven detail-oriented, organized, tech savvy, education level, bachelor’s, and a full psychographics, demographics of the person.

The problem that they face is the feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of running a business and having to manage multiple aspects of the business, such as accountant, payroll, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. The solution I broke it this morning, so the solution isn’t coming in, but the journey so we produce a whole customer journey for you.

So stage one, Is discovery where we have the goals identified potential customer needs, determine what the C Edge right solution for them, social media, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, online forums discussed. So we built out the five steps or four steps to the customer journey. We have an ad example. Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the complexity of running a business?

CEO Edge G the ultimate solution to simplify and streamline your business operations. It’s see edge you can manage your business confidence, peace of mind, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Don’t let, don’t get left behind. Click now. Click here and take control of your business. Some concepts for the creatives.

So picture a [00:11:00] determined businessman in a sleek charcoal suit. This is what the graphic is gonna look like. Here’s the email. So get the edge of business transformation strategies here. So here, there, do you feel like you’re struggling with keep up, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then five creatives.

Amanda: Wow, that is insane. Insane from four words. 

Leslie: Yeah, four words. It blew it up into all of that stuff. Good jog. Leslie it, Scott, his good jaw. Scott, here’s your stuff. It’s gonna be in your inbox. So strive families, strive family coaches, family balance coaching, family success coaching, dream boss family, which I like actually.

And then it’s gonna, it is gonna do all those things for you. Troy has one year deliverables. So give you five different concepts, five different personas, five different, like everything. No, this is like the middle where I want to take it. So the where this is interesting or where it stops off is I charge G P T.

They read a big part of the internet, but they don’t know you as a company, right? Yeah. So the next step I’m gonna do is [00:12:00] you’ll be able to take your assets, feed it your assets. So these responses look like, feel like your team worked on it. That’s what I wanted around by you guys. What do you guys think about it conceptually? 

Amanda: It’s, yeah, it’s. Amazing. Very quick to market for sure. I think also it takes all 

 And even if it’s not on point, at least now you have a framework or a template to work from, which is Yeah.

Amazing. Because I read that and I went, oh, it’s not that, but knowing that it’s not that, then it helps me know what it is, which is fascinating. 

Leslie: Yeah. But then you go in and you add two more words to the original product name, it becomes more refined and then you go again. Fascinating.

You get five more ideas in six minutes. So 

Amanda: how do you monetize that? How are you, how would you, what would you do with this since 

Leslie: this so certain part of it, like if first two tiers, like prompt training and prompt management. I wanna create a SaaS and I wanna give it away. I wanna give it away to everybody in the Caribbean.

That’s the first part. This sort [00:13:00] of things like, this is specific workflows. I have no idea yet. But the next day up there it’ll be expensive to, to build the chair where it’s ingesting your data and giving you back your stuff. I have no idea. But I’ve been, I haven’t been sleeping for the last maybe three months and this is kind, this is what I’ve been working on.

Amanda: My goodness. Wow. 

Leslie: And that’s why it’s a perfect time to do this stuff with you guys, cuz then I’ll build, allow all the assets. 

Thanks again, Troy. Thanks Amanda. See you guys soon. See 

Amanda: everyone. Sounds good, Mike. Bye.

If you would like to join Leslie in our Ultimate Sales Machine Dojo, basically taking theory and bringing it to real life, following the pigheaded discipline and determination of the book into your company’s DNA. Having you your sales team, your marketing team, parts of your team in on these one hour week calls to just incrementally improve, can completely transform your business.

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