From $0 to $19 Million in Under 4 Years Leveraging Social Media

by | Jan 20, 2023 | Blog

Did you know that the average real estate broker sells roughly 6 homes a year?

Krista Mashore sold 69 homes in her FIRST YEAR as a real estate broker.

At her best she sold 169 homes. That’s 25 TIMES more than the average broker!

She is a true sales superstar.

At present, she’s gone on to teach businesses around the world how to use social media to sell because that’s what she did to grow so quickly!

In one of our top podcast episodes, Krista Mashore was generous enough to share some great golden nuggets for those looking to rapidly scale their companies and leverage social media content to boost paid advertising.

In the interview, she talks about:
-A very simple trick for how to post online to create engagement and generate actual sales.
-Her biggest lesson from growing her company from zero to $19M in 3.8 years.
-How to use your social media posts to exponentially increase your paid advertising.

Tune in to this episode and find out how to “hook ’em, then align with their feelings”.



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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Krista: First year I sold 69 homes, and my best year I sold 169 homes. We’ve gone from zero to just under 19 million in about three years and eight months. So first, as you hook, okay, then you align with their feelings. I just completely transformed the type of leader that I was. 

Here is your dose of the Ultimate Sales machine coming to you from the new edition. Visit ultimate sales to get your copy or multiple copies. Hi, I’m your host, Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Homes International. What you’re about to learn has assisted a quarter of a million businesses to generate billions of dollars working faster, better, smarter. 

Amanda: Hello everyone. Amanda Holmes here, CEO of Chat Homes International, and I managed to grab Krista Mashore, which is so wonderful. You did such a great job on stage. You was just in front of thousands of people, but even more your vulnerability to share about your story was courageous.

The way that you 

Krista: have 

Amanda: being a single mother at times in your life and selling more than, can you, can you just share those snippets cuz they’re just so good. How 

Krista: many? My first year I sold 69 homes and my best year I sold 169 homes. Oh my God. And the average 

Amanda: real estate broker, I mean, how much are if they’re lucky?

Six. Okay. . That’s what I thought. Oh my god, that’s so true. Superstar here. And then, uh, your business now. Can you share a bit of it? Cuz I know you’ve scaled 

Krista: really fast. Yeah, we have. We have, um, obviously lots of ups and downs in the meantime with that. Yeah. You said, um, we’ve gone from zero to just under 19 million in about three years and.

Eight months or so. Mm-hmm. , thank you. Woo. . 

Amanda: So people come to you and I’m sure everyone on this says, yes, I need help with this to get, get more reach. I’m putting, I’m, I’ve just started. Okay. I’m posting things online, but I’m not getting views. I’m not getting, nobody’s listening to my content. What, what is the biggest mistakes that people make when they’re trying to put content online to get that engagement 

for sales?

Krista: Yeah. Great. Great question. So when people are, you know, posting on their business page or posting on their personal page, and it doesn’t really, no one sees it, right? So how the algorithms work with almost every single platform is when somebody engages with you, the algorithm says, oh, they’re friends, so let’s go ahead and put more of their content in front of them.

Your goal is to have everybody else see it, so you get organic reaches less than 0.2% of organic reach. So it doesn’t matter where you’re. posting No one’s really seeing it. Mm-hmm. So the idea is, is to pay for people to pay attention. I call it pay to play, right? Yeah. So we teach people how to utilize, um, video and social media to dominate their industry.

Mm-hmm. And how to re reach people and get, you know, hundreds of thousands of views, hundreds of hours of watch time, and all the videos that they create. 

Amanda: What would be one thing that people need to think about when posting or when producing content? Can we get like a little bit granular here? 

Krista: Yes, yes, yes.

So, , there’s, in order to create a video that people actually watch, the first thing you have to do is hook your audience, right? Mm-hmm. So you need to understand what the problem the consumer is having. Yeah. And your goal is to be able to find a solution to be able to get that out there. Mm-hmm. . So when you are, um, depending on what phase of the customer journey your, your clients are at, are they, if they’re cold customers, warm customers, or hot customers?

Well, your messaging is going to be different. So I’ll give you an example in real estate. So let’s just say, if I was to say it’s a really good time to buy a house right now. because the interest rates are really, really low. Mm-hmm. . Um, but if I’m a veteran and I don’t have the best credit, I don’t have any money in the bank.

Mm-hmm. But I’m a veteran. I’m actually serving my community and I have a job. But if I say it’s a great time to buy a house because interest rates are low, I’m tuning you up because I don’t think I have the ability to buy a house. Okay. But if I was to say, are you a veteran and you don’t have a lot of money in the bank and you don’t have the best credit, but you actually have a job and and you’re a veteran, do you know that you have the ability to probably buy a house with no money down and you’ll be able to actually pay less than you’re paying in rent right now?

Wow. Now all of a sudden that because of my preframe, what I said first, now that cold customer is like, oh my gosh, I can actually purchase a house. Right? Wow. So now they’re listening. So the first thing you wanna do is hook. Great. And most people start off with like, hi, I’m Krista with, you know, Krista major coaching, and I teach people, but it’s like I’ve already lost you.

You have six seconds to capture somebody’s attention. Six seconds. Six seconds. Let’s fish . 

Amanda: That’s so fu. Have you heard me? I say that 

Krista: too. Oh, do I? No, I’ve never heard that. Mm-hmm. Oh my gosh. I was reading, I’m a reader and they were like, it’s official. You know, humans have less attention span than a goldfish.

And I was like, no way. Oh my gosh. 

Amanda: So I teach that. So the, our attention span is half what it was 10 years ago, which I. Three seconds, which is, is now three less than a goldfish. Yeah. I call it the goldfish rule. How weird. I’ve never heard anybody say it back to me. That’s so awesome. 

Krista: Yeah. Well more, cause I, I heard it was six.

Amanda: You’re right. Okay. Uh, fascinating. Okay. So, um, making sure that it catches their attention. And that’s also with the title as well. Mm-hmm. and speaking to them. Um, what about consistency? What do you say about, is there something to 

Krista: consistency? You gotta commit to consistently producing content correctly.

Oh. So that you can make a connection so you can convert more clients and customers. Ooh, yeah. 

So here’s. with the consistency factor, right? And also, and also the correct way. So correct meaning the correct content to the right people at the right time, at the right messaging, and also correctly getting it out there, distributing it correctly.

Because if you don’t properly distribute it, no one’s seeing it anyways. Mm-hmm . So first as you hook, okay, then you align with their feelings. You’re like, okay, oh, I know how you feel. Like you probably didn’t think you could purchase, purchase the house because you don’t have, you know, any money in the bank.

That’s totally normal. Don’t worry. , right? So you hook ’em, then you align with their feelings, and then you position yourself as the authority without saying, oh, I’m the best. Mm-hmm. . So it looked like something like, so let’s just say I was going after a digital marketer. Okay. And I’m teaching somebody how to sell from a stage.

Mm-hmm. . So I’d say, , you know, um, are you coach or consultant and you’re just tired of all the ups and downs of, of being your, your own boss and you’re constantly making lead magnets and trying to fill your funnel and all these things. It’s pretty exhausting. Right? I totally understand. I’ve been in your shoes too.

Mm. Hi, I’m Kristen Maho. I actually sell from stage and do about $2 million a month selling from [00:06:00] stage. Okay. So what’d I just do? I hooked them. I align with her feelings and I position myself as the authority. She’s doing 2 million a month from selling from stage. Let me listen. Right. Without saying I’m number one.

Right? Awesome. Then you give your teaching points like, yep. Strategy. So then I’d say seating is so very important from stage uhhuh selling starts from the second that you get on stage. Your job is actually to get people to believe in the vehicle. Number one, which is what you’re selling. And number two, to believe in themselves.

You can do that. Half of your job is over. So those are my teaching points, right? Ah, and then you give your call to action, and again, your call to action is gonna be different depending on who you’re talking to. Cold, warm, or hot. 

Amanda: I, oh my gosh. I freaking love this. That was so good. 

Krista: Bam. 

Amanda: You’re so funny. Oh my.

Are you kidding me? That was such a, a, a brilliant piece. Okay. So, uh, I understand that as a process, um, if you’re posting regularly, do you just change a different pain point of theirs? Like how does it, I mean, 

Krista: not consistently, huh? Always be. [00:07:00] Pain. There’s like, you wanna be prolific sometimes, like Russell teaches, right?

Be prolific in your content. Sometimes you wanna be vulnerable, sometimes in your content. Like as you see, you know that that was probably when I did my speech yesterday, oh my God. That was what draws people in. So it’s a mix of everything. You can’t just always do business, business, business. And so even like, so let me give you an example.

Okay? Yeah. So I just posted this. this picture, and it was of this witch getting burned. Mm-hmm. , and it was organic, right? So mm-hmm. , I posted it and we had like over 200 shares within like the first day. And I just, hundreds of comments and it was this lesson of this teacher that was like, taught people about, you know, this witch hunt thing.

Mm-hmm. anyways, but the idea was is that, that now I told my team, oh my gosh, this got 200 organic shares. Like, we’re gonna take that, make an ad out of it, right? Yeah. Because, so anytime you have something and it was nothing to do with, right. So anytime you, you see. That, um, it organically gets a lot of co you know, they’re making an ad out of that, right?

Amanda: Yes. I love that. So tracking actual the [00:08:00] metrics. Knowing what is converting say. So I do it with my email database. When I see something that’s really converting on my email, I’ll bring it to my ads or yes. If my ads are doing really well or my organic is doing really well, I’ll add it into my automation series, right?

Yes. So that people see it when they first come into my world. That’s what they see because we saw that it worked on social smart. But no, majority of people aren’t doing that. 

Krista: Yeah, I don’t think so. And then also like trend worthy stuff. I mean, whatever’s trending. For example, like right now, like when the pandemic happened, how can you, let’s just say you’re cooking and it’s a worldwide pandemic.

When you’re, you’re, you’re specializing in teaching people how to cook. You’re like cooking during a pandemic, easy quick meals during a pandemic. Like you use different things that are happening in the world to sort of, kind of, because they’re getting, they’re getting Googled, right? Yes. So you wanna bring that into your content.

Amanda: Ah, I randomly posted a video of me doing gymnastics right when the Olympics was happening. Right, right. And it. S organically, right? I just started getting all of these yes followers. I’m like, what is happening?

So tell me a little bit about scaling for you as a [00:09:00] business owner and growing. What has that been like and what have been some of the, what’s some of the big lessons taken away from going so big so quickly?

Krista: Um, I think I underestimate what we’ve done, honestly. I do, but I’ll tell you, leadership is a huge deal. And, and I’ll give you an example. Um, right when the pandemic happened, I had my marketing director and my human resources director leave at the exact same time. They had been for a whole year developing, uh, business, um, behind my back, right?

And they were doing it during company time. Um, they also were kind of poaching some of my employees. Oh my gosh. And I had to look at myself and go, wow, I must not be leading. Right. If. would do that. Like I had to look at myself. So I bought, um, you know, all these leadership books you can imagine from John Wet Maxwell.

Yeah. Took the John Maxwell training and my goal disregard training. During that time I did too. He was writing your Yeah. During your training. Your training as well. . And so I learned, in fact, Gerald was like, read all the John Maxwell books. Oh, is that where you got it 

Amanda: from? Okay. , thank you. Gerald , 

Krista: John, [00:10:00] John Maxwell.

Ok. And he’s like seven levels of leadership. Okay, good. So, um, I’m, I, my word was leadership and refinement. Mm-hmm. . So I just completely transformed the type of leader that I was. I think it was being, I was expecting too much for my employees. Mm-hmm. . Um, and I mean, I did it like almost overnight too. Wow.

And, um, And now. So it’s like I just, my, I have the best team members. Like, they work so incredibly hard. They’re all here with me. They love me. My, I was like, every team member that I have is going to love working for me, and they’re gonna, it’s gonna be the best job they’ve ever worked for. And they will all tell you that.

Wow. Um, and so that, that’s been one huge lesson. It’s just make sure your team feels valuable. Um, I bonus the heck out of them all. Like I damn probably, you know, lot right. ? I do. Well, they do well. I can’t take it with me. Right. No one likes having money by themselves, so I give them, I pay them really, really well.

That’s great. Um, and I treat ’em really, really good to help their families, and that’s been really, really huge. 

Amanda: So recently Edelman did a study and found that 80% of employees right now are willing to leave. More money to go to something that is more [00:11:00] mission driven. I love that. Yeah. They’re after the pandemic, slowing down and thinking about what they’re doing in their world, right?

Mm-hmm. , they’re coming back in saying, I want to feel valued. I want to feel that I’m giving something of value. Mm. I love that. 

Krista: Interesting. Another thing is we are relentless about the customer experience. Relentless. I mean, the first two years, two and a half years, I didn’t make a lot of money, so we were doing million dollars a year, more than that.

Like we did. I think like, I don’t wanna say the wrong figure, but I think we. , like thir 3 million in a matter of like eight, 13 months or 17 months, something like that. That was a lot. Right. I see. Then we had a really slow time. Mm-hmm. really slow time. Mm-hmm. . But I put it back, a lot of it back. I just kept putting it back.

I wanted to make sure that my customers, my clients, had the best experience. I wanted to make sure that I offered them everything they needed. Anything that I took, um, in a program that I loved, I added to it. Things that I thought were missing, I made sure we we did it. Mm-hmm. . So being relentless with the customer experience and putting them first is, is invaluable.

And even if it means you lose money, at first it will, you’ll, I mean now we’re just like scaling insane. You know? It’s like this [00:12:00] month I think we’re getting close to the $2 million mark. . And so I know it’s like I used to be a teacher making $60,000 in a, you know, year after 64 years. Six years. Yeah. Yeah.

I have a master’s degree in teaching. Oh, right. And now I like in like in couple hours and, and I’m like, now I’m work teaching on like a massive level, you know, so it’s, it’s very valuable. Yeah.

Amanda: know that you like Ultimate Sales Machine, right? Yes, please. 

Krista: Yes. So it’s in my, it’s in my, um, audible obviously.

Yeah. And then, um, I’ve read it multiple. I have the hard cover too. I love to listen and read at the same time. Mm. Um, and so I’ve read it multiple times. It’s. Awesome. Like it’s such a good book. I mean, it’s talks, helps you with selling skills and training your teams and just being a better leader. It’s, it’s a great book 

Amanda: and I saw you actually use it.

So this was from stage. She’s giving all this market data because market data is way more motivational than product data. And I just, I, I love seeing that up 

Krista: there. Yeah. And the fact 

Amanda: that you keep using market data too, through this whole interview, you’ve used market data, which I just love. 

Krista: That’s, [00:13:00] that’s, and you’ve written, you’ve written, written.

New edition. Yeah, it’s coming. You’ll love it. Yeah, you’ll Oh, I’ll definitely get it, for sure. Yeah, she’d send me a copy. Oh, , 

Amanda: of course. Thank you. Thank you so much. I know everybody got so much value out of this and they find you on social. 

Krista: Yeah. You can just go to, um, Krista May Shore. Uh, and you’ll and you’ll be able to get, you know, learn more about me.

Perfect. Thank you for having me, man. It was, thank you. 

Make sure to get your copy or copies at the ultimate sales There’s a lot of special bonuses that you can’t get going to Amazon, so make sure you check it [email protected].

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