If You Hate Social Media, Here’s the Most Effective Way to Get Results in One Hour a Week

by | Jan 13, 2023 | Blog

Do you feel pressure about using social media? In your business? In your life?

I recently had a discussion with a man who was disturbed about having to post about his personal life online.

He felt he was getting left behind in his professional career due to his resistance to social media.

If you:
-feel annoyed at social,
-feel like it’s a waste of time,
-and want a simple solution to getting results in the shortest time possible…

You’ll enjoy today’s five-minute episode. I’ll show you how to use social media so that you can grow your business without losing sleep over it.

The best part is that you can practice doing this with just one hour a week.

Tune in to this episode to hear the secrets to social selling, even if you hate social media.



Continued Learning:  How to Use Social Selling to Generate Business


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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Hello everyone. Amanda Holmes here, CEO of Chet Holmes International, and you have your weekly dose of the ultimate sales machine. If you are watching on video, you can see that I have a beautiful landscape behind me. Even in the far, you can see the Swiss Alps. So I am in Switzerland, uh, right on the border of Italy.

In Logano, if you ever get the chance to go, I highly recommend it. It is so gorgeous for anybody that actually likes Designer brands. There is this outlet mall that has 250 designer brands that are all 50 to 70% off. It was ridiculous how much money I spent in such a short period of time. So what I’m talking about today is something that I had a conversation.

With a gentleman, uh, at the event that I was speaking at yesterday. So I spoke for the alum Illuminati Club , Frank Menendez Illuminati Club. It’s a mastermind. It’s not the Illuminati. Uh, and I will be making it back to America, . Uh, so I was talking with a gentleman who was actually the translator for the event.

He was translating everything I was saying into Italian Mike, and he had actually translated my. At Business Mastery, oh, 12, 15 years ago. So it did give me a shed of an a tear, but he said to me, he said, you know, I’m, I believe he’s in his, you know, probably early sixties, and he said, I’ve never really been native to social media.

He didn’t grow up with it. He felt very uncomfortable going on social media and posting. He brought this to me saying, you know, I, I just don’t understand how I can use social media. And it’s frustrating for him because he sees that other people are using it, but he just finds it so hard to post. And me knowing that salespeople who.

Use social outsell their peers by 78% and knowing that prospects are 80% more likely to talk over social media than to pick up a phone and dial a sales rep today. So I know how critical this piece is. So we were talking and I, and I recommended that, cuz with sales, right? It’s better you. You truly have picked up the art when you’re listening more than you’re speaking and you’re able to ask questions that evoke the response of wanting to buy rather than just telling them and the famous line of be more interested than interesting.

I recommended that he pick a select few cuz he’s. Uh, translator, right? So it’s not like he needs 5,000 clients, but he probably has a couple that he has already worked with in the past or ones that he would like to work with in the future. And I told him to follow them on social and to just spend, allocate one hour a week to go and look at those profiles and comment on whatever they post and like, whatever they post.

And just be interested in that person. To him, it was a huge relief. He looked 15 pounds lighter, and by the end of the session he came back to me and he said, I’ve already found three prospects, and I’ve commented on a couple of their posts already. And what I’ve found is I don’t even have to pitch my services.

All I’m doing is that I’m showing that I am. I’m showing that I care. I’m showing that I’m consistent. Cuz if I’m consistently commenting, they feel that I am relevant and top of mind. Because the number one goal of marketing is to be top of mind, right? You’re creating top of mind awareness. And that is the point of social is to create top of mind awareness.

So why wouldn’t you allocate for those that you know are better buyers, right? Dream buyers, or those that are worth the time to spend. You’re not just going on social and flicking through for hours. You’re being very diligent and focused about who you’re responding to. And then if they post something about their family in a picture, you should say something nice, you know, oh, I can’t believe Billy’s that old.

Look at how much he’s grown, uh, if they post about their business. Congratulations. So great to see that. Right. So we’re just starting conversations. And what does everybody want on social? They want validation. They want people to like and comment on their posts. So they’re already looking for that validation.

Why wouldn’t you give it to them? So there is just a little gold nugget beat. More interested than interesting and go ahead and do some social listening on and come back and tell me how it goes. Hey, because what I’ve found is I become more interested in those that I wanna work with, and they end up coming to me asking for my services rather than me having to pitch them.

That is the art of social selling. So until next week, . Enjoy.

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