How Sales Is Changing In Today’s Current Economy

by | Nov 16, 2022 | Blog

In the last 30 years, the world has changed drastically, and the working life of a sales professional has changed right along with it.

Customers have become more cautious and consequently their buying decisions have become more complex.

Business owners and salespeople often forget that closing a deal involves many more touch points than it did in the past.

In fact, studies show that buyers have an average of 10 interactions for every purchasing decision they make.

That is a lot of opportunities to win or lose a sale.

So with all that in mind, how do you succeed in this multiple touch point, online-offline world?

Tune in to this episode featuring another special guest during the book launch, Bob Sears, as he talks about how sales is changing in the current economy.

From GOLD calling to strategic SCRIPTING, hear how Bob continues to create modern sales tactics using the timeless strategies in the book.


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Amanda: Bob. Sears, everybody. Let’s give a round of applause. So Bob Sears dates back again to the times of my father.

I’m another og, I guess. Right? You are part of the OG crew. Can you share a little bit of that backstory? 

Bob: I, I want to, but before I do folks, everybody here, you have to just give accolades to no. Like, yes. . Yes. So, because how many of you watching this. , the book changed your life. Yeah. And it changed my life in ways that have empowered me to travel around the world, help business owners just drive business in ways that I never even thought would happen.

So I wanna thank you because it means so much to me and it, and I believe everybody here and everybody who sees this, it means tremendous amount to you. So thank you. Okay. Thank you both for you and your, your dad and for you, because you’ve really taken this, and I love Verne was saying like, you’re the one that’s gonna lead this to the next generation.

Thank you. 

Here is your daily dose of the Ultimate Sales machine coming to you from the new edition. Visit ultimate sales to get your copy or multiple copies. I am your host, Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Homes International. What you’re about to learn has assisted a quarter of a million businesses to generate billions of dollars working faster, better, smarter.

Bob: So now my story of, actually I answer the ad superstars only don’t even apply unless you’re an overachiever 

Amanda: and can prove it. How many of you know that I a Right. We have higher backgrounds, 

Bob: right? Yeah. So I answered that and thought I actually had the job. Apparently I didn’t because there’s a five and five, You gotta get five sales in five days or guess what?

You don’t get the job. So I, I ended up getting sick and child 

Amanda: days didn’t leave a job thinking that you had that job. Don’t tell. 

Bob: My wife might be watching. So yeah, I actually left another job because they sent me Chet’s material. Oh, okay. And I said, and and it’s funny is have you seen, um, something about Mary, right?

It’s been a long time. [00:02:00] Directors of that. The Farley brothers actually were, were part of that group. And when he sent me the material from Chet, I’m like, I’m gonna go work for this guy. So I ended up telling him, I’m not gonna work for you. But I didn’t tell my wife . And then when I realized, and he got hired.

This is gonna be interesting cuz she’s an accountant and I’m not . So I ended up getting the job and within um, I think it was like three or four months, we were just crushing it and I said, um, I want, I, I really wanna train on like, I went through that, I devoured it, I was crushing it and then ended up, uh, becoming one of the top seven people and we ended up working with Dave where I met my business partner and then that’s how the full circle of where, why I’m here today.


Amanda: That’s so good. And then we had, we came back together. It’s so interesting. As time separates you and then we come back, I, I’ve been so impressed by what business nitrogen he stands for. Business nitrogen does. Cuz I, I love the blend of we’re living in this world where there’s offline that you have to understand, you have to know how to get your sales team in [00:03:00] place cuz Major 92% of businesses don’t have a sales process.

They don’t, But then if you don’t have the digital piece, either you are flying in the dark. You 

Bob: are. And it was funny because Dave and I, everybody comes to us for funnels, right? Building click out funnels, building out click funnels, digital funnels. Yeah. And, and I, and the real, real, what I realize is we’re a an op business optimization agency.

We actually take businesses, we look at the gaps, we close those gaps to accelerate the growth and all of the stuff we implement is all the things that we worked with when we were working with your dad. And one of the things that started happening was people started talking about, um, can we teach cold calling?

Right? Remember that’s the big thing everybody by the way, guys, cold calling. Does it still. Absolutely. How many of you cold 

Amanda: calls 

Bob: anybody? Everybody’s like, I don’t want to. Yeah, so, so I changed it. The only thing I changed, I optimized that a little bit. I call it gold calling because words are extremely powerful.

So what I wanted to do is put a spin on it to make sure that people [00:04:00] really, cuz what is it? It’s really digging for gold, right? There are gonna people that say no. But one of the things I learned is scripting, right? Like when I got in there, when I would started working and I realized the scripting, I remember one of the, I, this is gonna really date me, but I had three by five cards with all the objections on my window.

Oh. And when someone called in, like I just closed the deal, I said, or I was about to close a deal, I said, Would you be moving forward using a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover? And they said, I’m driving right now. Yes, well in the lower right hand corner with my three by five card. And in my head going, this is never gonna work.

This is never gonna work. . I said, I can appreciate your driving right now. 99% of the participants that were driving all pulled over said it was the best pullover they ever made. . Right? And I’m thinking, this is is never gonna work. Right? And all of a sudden the guy’s like, Hold on a second, right? And he starts giving me his visa and.

That fing worked. So . So I’m like, so then I realized scripting is great, is [00:05:00] critical. It, think about it. If you don’t have a strategic way of responding to an objection, zero times zero, you cannot multiply a zero. I’m just letting you know it can be a billion times a zero. It still doesn’t work out. So what I re recognized very quickly is that if you have a strategic response to an objection, you can get better results.

Mm. Which also led me to, I started speaking and I realized everybody was going. I go, What’s your, What’s the worst objection? You can gimme me. And they were like, Time, money. So high said, Wait a minute. So one day on stage. Not thinking . I said, Excuse me sir, can you come up here? And he said, Yeah. And I gave him a microphone.

I said, Tell me to go away and die. Which by the way, you really shouldn’t do without warning somebody. So . He kinda looked at me and said, What do you mean go? He said, Go away and die. And I said, So, I said, I can appreciate John, cuz his name badge was John. I said, John, I can appreciate you want me to go away and die, but in the next two minutes, 37 seconds, I could help you double your business.

Would you give me two minutes and 37 seconds before I wait, go away and die? Would you do that for me please? So the whole [00:06:00] audience started laughing, right? So I said, Interesting concept. So then we started just playing with that and playing with we, we call it playing with resistance, right? And that’s one of the things I really learned.

I folks, if you ever wanna optimize your business, if you really wanna know the strategies that Chet used and that we used as a business to really grow everything, it’s through this process, right? Yeah. Like setting the buying criteria. Best buyer strategy, right? Target, we call it Target 25 we, yeah. . 

Amanda: So this is also an interesting thing.

So Dream 100, right From the original addition to today, we have been doing this for decades. Yes. And the more that I would ask our clientele, the more I found that they had such a hard. Coming up with just the first step of a list. Yeah. They couldn’t even determine a hundred dream clients. Exactly.

Exactly. And then when I started talking with you guys, you said, Well, we don’t do a hundred, We do a target 2020. Yeah. Target 

Bob: 2025. We figured like, let’s get the best of the best people you could work with and let’s create a strategy around that. Now, by the [00:07:00] way, online offline works really well, right?

Right. You can actually target them offline. It just, it just, again, it’s exponential growth. Right. I always look at how do you actually. Move the scale. Cuz most sales managers, you make a hundred calls, you get 20 appointments. So what is the sales manager goes, Okay, I want you to make 200 calls, but there’s a law of diminishing returns, so that doesn’t work.

Right. You don’t get another 20, you get, you actually usually get like 25. Right? So it’s kind of, it really ends up not working out. But what I loved about CHE is like how strategically do you create something that’s gonna work better? That instead of you getting to 20, you get 25 or 30 with the same hundred 

Amanda: calls.

And you’ll see that in the new addition in the book as well. Because of this conversation that I had with business nitrogen, I realized, well I’m going to, cuz I had generated 30,000 leads from 12 people promoting an event. The first virtual event I ever did, 30,000 without spending a dime on advertising.

I went to Target 12. Okay. By permission, is it okay, can I use the target 12, [00:08:00] David, David Issar? And I was like, Yes, of course. And I’m like’s, okay, okay, here we go. We’re diving into the target 12 because the essence is still the same, right? The strategies are still the same, it’s timeless. It’s just the dep, the tactics that have changed.

Correct. And one of them is just like, can we get laser focused on who our better, better buyers are? Yeah, absolutely. 

Bob: And when you do that, you can actually do better marketing because. Targeting them, you can actually personalize it. Right? There’s so many things you could do that really stretch the boundaries of the imagination.

And when you start working on those things, it really moves the needle. Um, and then the last thing, just because you were talking about the stress 

Amanda: Yes. And I do wanna hear that answer. Yes. 

Bob: Because, you know, um, 

Amanda: how do you lower the pressure of, of sales and stress of sales 

Bob: and, and it’s, and it’s so, such a conundrum.

And the funny thing is, if you actually go the opposite direction, you can actually get better results. So what I mean by that, if I said, What are the ABCs of closing, everybody would say, Always be closing. And I said, That’s not correct. Which you should be is always be [00:09:00] caring. And if you start really caring, and one of the things that I did learn in, in, and really when I was working with your dad in, in the group that we had, I always felt if someone got off the phone with me, they were gonna be in worse shape because they didn’t work with us.

Mm. And I cared so much. I mean, Ted Shake in his head, I mean, some of the calls were kind of funny cuz I’d be like, Don’t listen to me. I’ll bring someone else on. Maybe I’m screwing this up for you. Like, I would do anything and everything I could to get them to get on, you know, the go, move forward in some way, shape, or form.

Mm-hmm. . And it was funny because when I recognize this and I tell clients now, don’t be disconnected to the outcome of the call. Be disconnected to the outcome of the call. Mm. Because the stress that they have is that they’re thinking about themselves, not about. Mm. And when you focus all your energy on the client and really care about them, worst case scenario, I actually created a, a situation where at the end I, I usually take it away from [00:10:00] clients to begin with.

I go, Look, maybe this isn’t a good fit for you. I love that. Like maybe this, if we’re not a good fit, I’ll let you know. So you should be the first one telling them if it’s not a good fit. And secondarily, at the end, if you do a really good job in the presentation being very strategic and it’s not a fit, You know what I say?

I go, You know what? Remember I said this might not be a good fit for you. It’s, it’s likely not. And here’s the reason. You’ve gotta give ’em a reason. Cuz by the way, when you say it’s not a fit, they really wanna do it. Which is ironic, right? Cause 

Amanda: the, has anybody felt that? I feel like almost like, Yeah, 

Bob: I know what you’re talking about.

It works wonders, by the way, that’s a whole nother thing. But what I would do is I say, But who do you know that we could work with in the future now that you know what we do, how we do it? So I’m asking a referral on a no, which is again, just taken and amplifying 

Amanda: the strategy. Wait, wait, wait. Have you, has anybody else on here ever gotten a referral from when someone said no?

Oh, Jay, Jay Womack. I like it in the house. That is a true expert right there. But it works out because, I mean, that 

Bob: is amazing. Why not? And, and you may get a hundred, [00:11:00] ask a hundred people. You may get the best client you’ve ever gotten just by two seconds 

Amanda: of a question. Amazing. So, wow. Thank you so much, Bob.

I love it. We can do this all day. I know we, we will be doing it much more, but. Thank you. Thank you. 

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