[Gold Calling] The Biggest Failures Salespeople Are Making

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Blog

Straight from one of our sales training calls, you’re getting a clip in this week’s podcast about Gold Calling.

That’s right, because so many people hate cold calling, Bob has renamed this process to gold calling. 😉

Hear the biggest failures that salespeople make – and how you can avoid them.

One simple trick you can implement within minutes that will dramatically assist in overcoming call reluctance.

There’s so many nuggets in this training, all the CEOs stayed an additional 45 minutes just to hear what he had to say.

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So as we already started talking about words are powerful, right? So I call it gold calling. I wanna change the frame and I’m also, it’s really digging for gold. I want the sales, when you say cold calling, how many people are so excited about cold calling nobody in the entire planet, including me. , it’s not exactly where I get totally excited, but when you flip this, I’m gonna show you when you use this in combination with a core story.

Right. And best buyer strategy or dream 100, how this really could be a powerful tool. Okay. Um, so happy you guys are here. I’m so excited. Uh, the funny part, as I kind of indicated to you, usually I’m sharing this with people to look, to call into CEOs. So that’s the normal, right. Um, so, and normally this is a minimum of three hour training.

Okay. So for the next six hours, Just seeing if you’re paying attention for the next hour, I’m actually gonna explain how you guys can really use this, but I’m gonna go through not only the strategies, but I’m gonna go through the psychological overview of how goal calling works along with the sales strategies, when you deploy this, um, it’s really gonna have an impact.

I’m gonna explain that as we go. Um, but first, can I kind of provoke you guys a little bit? Is it okay? Like, can I be really raw and authentic and tell you how it is? Not what you wanna hear? Is that okay? Is everybody good with that? Say yes. Everybody always says yes. And then I start going and they’re like you really?

Yes. . Yes. Awesome. All right. So see, you guys are all successful people on the call, right? And still, there are people that are more successful than you that are less experienced. Right. And they make more money, things come easier to them and just, it happens for them. Does, does everybody agree with that? Is that true?

Right. So yes, there are also some people who are even less intelligent than you, and they’re doing great. Like, when I said that you had a picture of your neighbor, a friend, someone that you’re like, how is it? He or she is doing better than I am. I don’t get it. Cuz you went drinking with them on Saturday and you’re like, it blew your mind away.

Like you’re like, I don’t, I don’t understand right how they’re getting the success. And the funny part is it even gets worse cuz there are actually some people that work less. So here’s the funny part. They were inexperienced unintelligent, lazy people, and they’re getting better re results than you.

Who’s mad about that. I was so I was like, I started analyzing why is that happening? So there’s a something there’s a difference. And I really started thinking about what’s the difference between really the most successful people on the planet. Right? What’s the difference because you guys all agree.

That there are people working less getting what they want. They’re, they’re not working any harder than we are and they’re doing something. And I started becoming the salesman of that, something. And I’m about to share with you, what’s going to give you the unfair advantage up until now that they’ve had.

Um, and just in case I’m not crazy, which some people may say I am, just in case I’m right. And just in case this works, who’s be interested in learning about that. Cause that’s what I’m gonna share with you tonight. Um, before I do that, I. Um, Amanda gave you a little bit of background, told you I was into flight.

I actually flew this L 39. I know ocean island, North Carolina pulled five and a half G. 180 degrees. I was just about to pass out. And luckily he came out of that because if you’ve ever pulled five and a half GS, it is a very interesting process. um, but this was the, a cool time, but really what changed the game for me is meaning these two gentlemen, right?

Like the really working for business breakthroughs international, I answered the ad superstars only don’t even imply unless you’re an overachiever and can prove it. We don’t hire backgrounds. We hire top producers, younger, old. If you have this stuff well, Right. And it completely changed my life because when I get out of that before David and I really started working together, I started traveling all around the world, teaching sales strategy and working with some fairly big clients.

Um, and they used to have me go all around the world. Now, the irony of that was they would go, Hey, you’re going to blue rest. I’m not really good in geography. So , I was like, Google was my best friend. I’m like Bucharest where’s Bucharest. Um, and then they would go, Hey, you’re going to, um, Rotterdam I’m like great Rotterdam.

I didn’t know where Rotterdam was. Then I actually got a, an invitation to speak on success, resources, stages. Um, it’s kind of cool. They give you their own little poster when you do that. Um, I ended up speaking to rush. We had a client. One of the largest. I think they did 10 million a year in, um, Oh, uh, gosh, what was the company?

They did, they did landscaping a landscaping company, so 10 million and then the guy who set us up with it said, Hey, can you speak on Saturday? And I said, on what he goes on, what you normally speak on. So there was 2000 people. This was like a Tony Robbins event jumping up and down. Now think about it.

There are about 10 to 15 years behind us in Russia when it comes to entrepreneurship. But they were so excited. There was another 8,000 S cast. Um, it was an awesome trip, obviously this was before their challenges recently, but, um, it was funny cuz we got to red square and someone came up to me and said, Hey, can I take a picture with you?

And I’m like, okay. And they’re like, I was at the event yesterday. What are the odds? You’re gonna go to red square and bump into someone who’s at the actual event. It was crazy. Um, I’ve been to London numbers times Paris, um, actually Judy Robinette. She did the financing, I think for, um, monster headsets. If you guys know what those are.

And ju, and then Aaron Brockovich was at the event. I was actually helping a client there. And, uh, I actually thought it was gonna be Julia Roberts. So I was kind of a little bit disappointed, but she was really nice. Um, then I also got a chance. My, one of my buddies and ex-partners was really close to mark Victor Hansen.

So we did some stuff with him. Um, and then you might have met this guy, Dave and Dave, and I came together just recently, about four years ago. Now, I guess recently we’ve known each other for 13 years. Um, I’m gonna tell you a little secret. I was the. COVID patient on Neer island. So I have, he called it. He told it best COVID story ever, but a David shared it.

Oh, you have pictures? Yeah, he did still. He is the coolest, he brought me books. Right. I, he, and he gave me the books. I actually got autographed books to Richard Branson were given to me because the author didn’t know that I was gonna get ’em, but he said, yeah, yeah, keep I said, you sure didn’t want him back.

He’s like, no, he was so gracious. So kind, it was such a great event. Um, and then the only reason he really become a speaker and a trainer. So you can share, you know, pictures of your children and, and your family. So that’s my son, my daughter. And my beautiful wife, Maria. Um, and that’s really what the drive to do this.

And, and I hope you all have a huge why. Uh, I think I saw someone, I think Troy, you had your son in the background or, and, and then it’s so great when we do what we do. There he is. he was behind the, the green screen, but, uh, it’s, it’s so fun when you get to do this and share your life and, and kind of work in something that you’re passionate about and share it with the people that you care about.

So, really cool. So. I wanted to talk, like I said, when Amanda said, Hey, you’re gonna be talking to CEOs and I want to use this, build it. Model it or learn it, build it, use it. Yes. Teach something. Let’s build it and then let’s utilize it. Yes. But then, and it’s funny cuz when I, you asked the question, are some people gonna use this?

It actually is interesting cuz we can actually do some, some, um, role playing if, if we get time to do that, but I’m gonna show a lot of different things and then we’re gonna go right into really how to use goal calling and really. How to deploy this. But my first question for everybody is as CEOs, what do you feel when the salesperson calls you?

Like gimme some, like, you know, because you get your gatekeeper, who’s like, literally keeping everybody at bay. Oh, by the way. Realize there’s some people in that group that could actually give value to you guys. So it’s really, how do you evaluate a salesperson when they actually get through, what are some of your thoughts and what do you feel when a salesperson calls you?

What are you looking for? This is the interactive part of the show. , I’m quite, I’m quite happy to have a listen and know they’ve gotta make money and there may be some value in it for me. And also rather perversely. I’m also watching for technique, figuring I might learn something as well. I love that. Um, but the big thing for me is will they listen?

And do they attempt to create rapport or they just go through a script that they’re gonna get through no matter what. Perfect love that. Um, anybody else Keter share? Frank had said waste of my time. You have 30 seconds. Yeah. And that happens. And I, and I get that. So what are they saying? And we are gonna go over some of that.

Um, I got one more question. How do you want your sales people to show up? Cause that’s the real question.

See, it’s how they show up. Um, when, when you go through the process of what I’m gonna show you and correct me if I’m wrong, but really what you’re looking for. You talked about listening, rapport technique, the value they, they present. Right? One of the things Dave and I teach all the sales people we work with, excuse me, is certain.

You want them to know that they know that they know that they can create value for you. Right. And you want them to be certain when they, when they speak to you that they’re creating a value proposition, would you guys all agree? Yes. And then the other thing you want is consistency. So we’re gonna show you, I’m gonna show you like how we do that with those through going through the voicemails, like, I’m gonna go through the voicemails, I’m gonna go through the script.

I’m gonna show you how you position that, why it’s positioning. And that’s gonna really be what we’re gonna do over the next, um, little bit, because I need you to guys to understand the process of sales in a way that every time I teach this people go, I’ve never heard anybody really position it this way before.

Um, and I’ve had people that. Like just gone through every sales training and they’re like, I’ve never really seen it position the way you position it. Okay. So I’m gonna go through that just so you guys really get some, some value and then we can transition into the, the back end of this. Oh, by the way. Um, a cool little thing that happened to me was one of my clients using one of my strategies.

Um, actually I’ll share with you. I think if you guys are excited to know, but they went from 1.2 to 2.2 million in 24 hours. So if you guys wanna hear about that, I’ll leave an open loop here. and if we get really excited and go through the process, I’ll share that with you a little bit later. Oh, open loop.

Oh, I love that one. So, and, and it’s such a great story by the way. You’re gonna love it. Um, so how many people I’m gonna ask this question? How many people love sales? Now? I know you guys love it when it hits the revenue online, but I mean, as you for yourself, Like, it’s funny, cuz Jason just mentioned, I listened.

I want technique. Like not everybody does that. Right. I mean, when we think of sales, how many people just jump out of their chair and go, yes, I can’t wait to do gold calling. Right? Not all of you are probably in that boat. Right. Right, right. So, and this is why

This is who everybody pictures. And I’m gonna tell you something and I don’t want you to tell anybody, but I really sucked at sales before I went to business breakthroughs international. I didn’t really know how bad I was until I had contrast of what was really good. Okay. I tell everybody that, like, I literally have been all over the world teaching this stuff.

And when I, before I went to Tony and Chad and really was working with business breakthroughs, there was such a development in such a short period of time. And I remember going, oh my God, I am horrible. And I said, that’s never gonna happen again. And I completely changed the frame of what I believed this was to what it really is.

And the challenge with sales is everybody pictures. This used car type of guy. Selling, and here was the difference. And this is actually what I’ve been teaching probably now for going on 12, 13 years is moral obligation selling, helping clients through a threshold of making an informed decision in their own best interest.

I wanna say that again, helping clients through the threshold of making an informed decision in their own best interest, what does that mean? So one of the things that I’m gonna teach you in a little bit psychology wise is I do a lot of takeaways. So like, I start things with like, this may not be for you, cuz I wanna be the first one.

If I actually go through the discovery, call the information, call the value call and I go. You know, John, this really isn’t for you. Like there’s not a good fit. I don’t think we can create the value proposition that I thought we could for you. So, frankly, I think it, it’s not best that we move forward, by the way, ironically, when you’re really super honest and raw, authentic with people and you actually mean it, guess what happens?

They’re like, no, no, no, I wanna do it. And I’m like, no, no, no, you don’t understand. You really shouldn’t do this. And I’m ex and I have to explain why. Right. The value proposition is gonna work for them. It’s kind of ironic. And I’m gonna go through that psychology in a little bit, but, and here’s why if I do a really good job throughout the process of the sales cycle and I give them a tremendous value and I really recognize that the value proposition isn’t there and I’m the.

Like Jay Abraham talks about is really being like, Hey, I wanna be the person who’s responsible for them. And I say, this isn’t a good fit for you. I can ask for a referral on a note. This is an optimization point. So it doesn’t take any more time after an energy. If I say, Hey, listen, John, this really isn’t for you.

Here’s why, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But listen, now that you know who we are, what we do, how we really care about our clients, Hey, is there anybody, you know, that I could work with in the future? Is there anybody that you can think of right now that. Maybe this would be a fit for, so actually creating a leverage point on a no doesn’t take any more time, effort, energy, and you may ask a hundred people and no one gives you one, but you might get one that’s the biggest client you ever had.

So think about that. So that’s time. Yeah, by the way, I changed ABC from always be closing to really always be caring about the caring about the client. Hmm. That’s the key concept and, and really how you’re you get your sales people, especially in goal calling to really you all here have awesome products and services that you offer.

Correct. And you know that the client’s life is gonna be better if they have them in their world, by the way. And, and I’ll share this with a man. She doesn’t know this, but this is where the flip came for me. I knew that I knew that I knew if that someone didn’t sign up with business breakthroughs after I had analyzed their business and went through the script and kind of learn what they were doing.

I knew that they were gonna be worse off without us. And that made me so passionate in caring for them. It was never about me. In fact, if you listen to some of my recordings, which is kind of funny, I literally would say things like if I really couldn’t push them forward, I’d say I’m screwing this up for you.

Let me get another sales person. You’re like what? cause I car, cuz I, they knew I cared about them. It wasn’t about me. And when your salesperson can disconnect from the. And this is the secret is caring about the client and really caring about them and not caring if they move forward or not. That disconnection with really a, um, a high rapport and being very raw and authentic with them.

They, it just blows their mind away. And when, when I teach this and I actually have my clients use this. Oh, my gosh, this works like gangbusters, like me not caring. Cuz remember when you’re in high residence with somebody, they actually feel what you’re feeling. So if you are, so you get in high rapport to build because you want to help them, but then once you start thinking, oh good, I’m gonna close them.

Right. What do you think? They’re thinking, oh, he’s just doing it to close me. So it’s a very fine line and you have to understand that and you actually resonate back and forth. So we’re gonna get into that. Um, but really the key here is to be raw, real, and authentic, right? We’re all human beings be attentive.

That’s another part of this is really being attentive. Listening, listening is everybody always asking me what’s the most important thing in sales. I’m like listening skills and it throws everybody off cuz they’re like, it’s not speaking. I’m. No, the only way, you know, what to say is when you listen to the client, I was hot seating someone today, and I said, you missed an opportunity.

They were fearful there. They didn’t say it. But what they did say led me to believe that. Did you feel that emotion? Did you, did you talk to them about that? He’s like, no, I didn’t. I said you missed an opportunity. You’ve gotta listen more. And he was like, and you can actually sense and feel where clients are.

Okay. And then you’re gonna be emotional. And when you layer this strategy in with passion, right. About the product and service you’re delivering and you, you combine it with a core story, right? The core story, the elements of the core story and the dream 100. Oh, my gosh, you, you have, you have the ability to deploy this at a level that most people can’t even think about.

Okay. Now, one of the things I told Amanda, the biggest challenge with goal calling is people have what I call, call reluctance for some reason, this phone that they could be on almost every minute of the day, when they go to make gold calls, it becomes 350 pounds and they don’t wanna pick it. It’s called call reluctance.

They’re scared. And here’s what it’s about. They’re scared to call out to people. And they’re concerned about the opinions of people that they never met. They never met him. And yet it’s a concern. So there’s a strategy to help your sales people deal with this. And this is a picture of my family and what I tell the clients I work with.

I said, I want you to take a picture of your family and I want you to keep it by your desk at all times. And here’s why I tell them when they have that picture in front of them. And when they’re concerned about making a gold. Right. And this challenge arises by the way, how many people know this is real?

have salespeople making call calls, and you’re looking at the numbers. You’re like why? Aren’t like they get an, a whole day and they’re making like 15 calls. Like what’s up with that. That’s call reluctance. So what I tell them. Is you wanna look at the picture of your family and you wanna say the person I was about to call that would’ve produced money stability for us, his opinion of me and my fear are more important than my family at this moment in time.

That is why I’m not picking up the phone phone and doing what I need to, to provide for you. And you see how that actually does a total perspective switch cuz who hear their big, why is their family? Can you imagine doing that? But do you know how many sales people will not pick up the phone because they’re, they’re concerned or the opinions of someone that they’ve never ever, ever met in their entire life?

That’s what call reluctance is folks. And I’ve never actually seen a strategy beyond this that actually breaks them through that almost instantaneously because they don’t have, I, I, I’m not gonna do the why. I there’s a certain way. I teach how to get to your why, but just to understand when you understand that it, most of it’s family based.

That’ll do it. So I highly recommend you. You have your sales people put a phone or put a picture of their family in front of ’em and share that with ’em cuz it really does change the game almost instantaneously. I’m gonna go through and you guys are all pretty acclimated with this, cuz this is out of the chat playbook and I’m telling you, but it’s really important cuz if you’re looking for sales people, I wanna explain why this is so important.

Most sales people have. They care about your clients. They do. They, they, they that’s, they’re empathy driven. It’s actually one of the reasons why, you know, if you analyze sales from the beginning of time, what’s the biggest gap that salespeople have. They don’t ask for the close. Right? There’s a reason it’s again, call reluctance it’s because they don’t have the ego strengths, not on ego.

I’m better than anybody else, but they can handle the reject. Now what happens is I want to do the flip, remember the guy that I showed you, the sales guy, that the used car sales guy, you know, the guy that can close like a freight train. If you have one of those, guess what the problem is. They’re not connecting.

They don’t have empathy. So there’s, so there’s two challenges, right? So the way this worked for me, I had empathy, but I was scared to close cuz I didn’t have the rejection armor. Most people have ego drives. Most of your sales people have ego drive either way. What you need to balance is the empathy and the ego strength.

And here’s the, here’s the way you make this work. Cuz I’ve worked with a lot of different sales teams. And so if they have empathy, you know what changed it for me? I knew I cared about my clients so bad that I was willing to take the rejection to make sure that they get what they needed. And when I understood it was about caring for them, closing was about caring for them.

Oh my God. I changed the game. Then I closed like a freight train, which is why I became one of the top, uh, salespeople, right from the beginning. Right. That’s why I realized I sucked so bad previously, then ego strength. Now you guys might have people who close like a freight train, but they’re not connecting.

So you know what my conversation is with them. You’re awesome. You do really well, but if you really wanna close, do you wanna close like at, at a optimum level and they all go? Yeah, I go, they care about the damn. Like, you’ve gotta, you’ve gotta become a caring individual because you’re not caring enough about them for them to move forward.

And when they realize it’s tied into closing, which is what they’re all about, guess what happens magic, right? The other pieces of this, you know, they need to have market knowledge training, constant training. I don’t know if anybody knows this, but BBI, we trained two times a week was mandatory. Monday and Wednesday, I still remember this Tuesday.

was the, got a minute meeting guys. Aren’t doing got a minute meetings, look those up. And then we actually had two that were not mandatory, but here’s the irony. All the top people were on those calls and I learned more about sales. I’m gonna teach you guys how to answer any objection, including go away and die in a few.

And I learned that in one of those, I know you’re cracking up. You’ll see but it literally changed my life and changed the way I became such a good salesperson from ironically, the ones that weren’t mandatory. I learned so much. Of course, your dad hot seated me twice. He was actually supposed to hot seat me one more time, but he got on a roll.

So it was whole thing. Um, you also have to have high product, um, highly productive time and territory management, which that again has learned and trained all. The other thing I want you to understand when it comes to sales people and the psychology of what they do and where they spend most of their time, there’s two things you need for every sale.

And no one brings this up. You need to have someone who’s interested. And qualified. What happens with sales people is they find someone who’s interested and they’re so dang happy that they’ll spend a freaking day with ’em and then they’ll be like, what do you mean you’re broke? Like, and I’m like, what are you doing?

You need to find out when they’re interested. Are they qualified? And then it’s funny, cuz some people have millions of dollars, right. That clearly qualified, but they’re not interested. And it’s funny how we spend too much time, effort, energy. Now, Dave and I have the same philosophy like Che did that. You know, we got a little bit pigheaded discipline and no is not now, but don’t spend time, effort, energy with someone who’s not now understand that you’re gonna reconnect with them at a different time and make sure when they’re interested, you’re there not.

Spending time, effort, energy with them when they’re not. Okay. I know it seems like a simple thing, but I see this happen in every sales team I work with. And this actually, this came up in a training I did today with some sales team. They go, oh my God. I started realizing I’m spending time with people who are not qualified and it’s burning my time that I could be spending time that were both interested in qualified.

Um, this came up about when I first learned public speaking, I had a real good mentor and he said, and, and him and I talked about this all the time and, and he had a different way of saying it, but people really don’t fail because of what they don’t know, they fail because they don’t implement the tactic and strategies.

They do know. And I want you guys to look at what your salespeople are doing and sort of the way you’re putting this together with Amanda and really understanding. And becoming very strategic, right. Tactical and strategic two different things. And my gosh, when you actually become strategic, everything we do is strategic.

I, if we make a move, we wanna know how do we, 10 X that move. So really think about that, but then look at what you’re actually not doing that, you know, you could do that. You already kind of have some skill set, but you’re just not implementing it. All right. 1,000,024 hours who here wants to learn . So this is really kind of an interesting thing.

How many people here do a to-do list? Show of hands. Okay. Few people, um, stop. Don’t do to-do list anymore. Here’s why. As human beings, we write lists down and then we wanna feel accomplished. So what do we do? We do this small minute things that don’t move the business forward. So here’s my clue. Do the single most important thing in your business every single day or this or something from a sales aspect, that’s gonna move your business forward.

Don’t move on to number two until one’s done. And there should never be more than three of ’em on a daily basis. So I taught this to a guy and he did something crazy. He actually implemented it the next day. his name’s Mike Anderson. He literally looked at his to-do list and he goes, what should I have done?

He goes, oh my God. I did a pitched six weeks ago and I haven’t followed up. He followed up. Do you know what they said to him? Mike, we’re ready to move forward. We’re waiting for you to call. He goes, my Joe almost hit the ground. He goes, oh my God. So then he, and, and he called, so he looked at his list. He had done a pitch three weeks earlier, by the way, it was a $500,000 agreement in his agreement, not a contract.

He then he called the next person. And three weeks he had did a pitch. They said, we’re ready to move forward. Another 500,000 agreement. I said, Mike, can I ask you a question? He said, yeah, I go, why didn’t you call was the hope of having a deal better than getting a yes or a no. And he said, that’s exactly it.

I need you to understand the psychology of sales people, guys. he said, and oh, by the way, here’s another fun fact then what he, he got so excited that, that worked. You know, what he did. He called the two largest companies, best buyer strategy that he never thought he would get an appointment with. And guess what they both said yes.

Four calls change his business. I’m letting you guys know this stuff works and I’m really sharing it with you in a way that I want you to implement this. Okay. All right. We’re gonna talk about modeling. Oh shoot. Not that one. Uh, we’re gonna talk about modeling. the power of modeling and matching and mirroring.

So here’s what I want you to know. It’s body tonality and speed. And it’s funny because. Cold calling brings up in goal calling. When you go to do it brings up some very deep emotions. And I, when I show you the scripting, and by the way, every time I train this, I tell the, my clients, this is what’s gonna happen.

I warn them. You’re gonna call. You’re gonna be leaving 20 voicemails in a row. Then you’re gonna make a call. And guess who answers the phone? And Amanda will laugh at this cuz Che used to do this all the time. He goes, Michael Eisner answers the dang phone, and you’re not. And instead of going into your script, you go, oh crap.

And your voice goes up. It’s very weak. And by the way, all of you on the call, I’m 53. Do you guys remember when you used to get telemarketing calls, never start a script with how you’re doing today. That’s a sales call, right? You do not wanna be perceived as a salesperson. And I see this all the time.

People gimme their scripts and the first line is how you doing today? And I go, oh my gosh, it’s not good. So wait, what I want you to remember is tonality. You always wanna be, uh, a little bit slower and a little bit lower than the, than the person you’re speaking to. And you’re gonna get nervous and you’re, and the sales people get nervous.

The first time they get into this, by the way, and they’re gonna mess. Um, I’ll give you, so when we worked with the client that, uh, Amanda is talking about, they actually came to us for a funnel. And this is a perfect example. I said, you don’t need a funnel. This is what it’s about being, you know, really hyper focused and caring about your client.

I said, you don’t need a funnel. He said, what do you mean? I said, you get a 350 person sales team, but you don’t have a track for them to run on. You don’t have any scripting. You don’t, they don’t know how to handle objections. They don’t have a system in place to get the results they need. And then we took that and we actually created an inner circle within his team and they invested and we actually trained them.

And it’s funny, they went from being horrible. They were actually some who were worse than me, which is hard for, to believe they within 60 days of training with us once a week and I would hot seat their calls, they became professional salespeople. So I want you to know, and by the way, even when you’re professional, like I could get on a call.

And make cold calls tomorrow. And there would be times when someone answers and I might be flustered, right. I just kind of know how to regain the composure. And that’s really what it’s about. And by the way, it’s funny. Cause I warned them all. What was gonna happen? And guess what happened? It happened.

They picked up the phone one time and they go, oh, here’s the one that I got crushed on. And, but here’s the other thing they learned. And this is something I want all of you to understand when you’re goal calling and you have scripting, it’s not gonna be perfect. And it doesn’t matter. You you do, you can’t believe the amount of discovery calls they got that.

It seemed like it was going very badly, but through the spins, right? The, through the differences of learning, how to handle an objection and spinning it back to where we needed to go, they were actually able to get those discovery calls. I’m gonna show you that in a little bit. All right. The last psychological thing, it’s probably one of the most important things in you to understand is influence how many people have read this.

Influence the science and practice. If you haven’t it’s okay. I’m gonna literally train it in the next few minutes and you’re gonna memorize it for the rest of your. So consistency, reciprocity, authority, liking social proof and scarcity. Now consistency means we wanna be consistent with what we think and believe about ourselves.

So I’m gonna give the example, has anybody here ever gone to, um, the mall pre COVID and the person comes up to you and says, Hey, would you date, would you do a survey? And you’re. No cause you got things to do. Right. But they asked Kini in his new book, a persuasion, could you increase the closing ratio? And he said, absolutely.

So all of you internally right now, if someone came up to you, indiscriminately in em mall and said, excuse me, sir. Ma’am do you like to help people? What would your response be? Yeah. Yeah. That’s people. Yeah. Great. Would you help me fill out the survey right now, please? And you’re like, oh crap. I just kind of walked into that one.

Didn’t I, now here’s what I want you to understand. This is in innate to human beings. So, let me give you a clue. If you were a person who doesn’t like to help people, but someone came up to you and said, and, and said, Hey, would you like to help me? And you said, yeah, yeah. I love to help people sarcastically.

And then he said, great. Would you help me fill out the survey? The first person, the first thing the person’s gonna do is look around to see if anybody heard. Now understand these elements. I’m about to describe, need to be used for good, not evil cuz you can’t influence people. I’m I’m serious. We were talking about this the other day and actually at the mastermind.

Um, what I will say is, again, it doesn’t mean that someone’s gonna say yes every time sales is not about that, but this increases the odds of you getting a result. Okay. Reciprocity. Is Christmas time. You went to a Christmas party probably this year and someone said, Hey, Merry Christmas. And in your head, this is the conversation you had.

Oh shit, they got me a gift. And this is what came outta your mouth was, uh, oh, I totally forgot yours at home. And they know you’re not telling the truth, but God, I don’t worry about it. Right. And then they give you the gift. And you open it and now, you know what they spent, how many people here, the first chance they get, go out and get something a little bit more expensive than they got you as a higher reciprocity.

Cuz you forgot to get ’em a gift that’s reciprocity. Okay. Authority in the book you actually had. Doctors tell nurses to give medicine to the patient in dosages that would either make them sick or possibly kill them. And none of the nurses decline because of the authority of the doctor. So it’s crazy when you read the book, you’re like, holy smokes.

Again, it was like 12 years ago. I think that’s the reason. You guys ever hear about doctors operating on the wrong leg or the wrong, you know, internal now they have to all sign it. The reason they do that now is so the authority of the doctor isn’t super cause there were literally nurses going, why is he going on the right leg when it’s it clearly states the left leg.

But they didn’t wanna say anything. Cuz doctors yell at nurses, liking you’ve been taught all your life that people need to know, like, and trust you to buy from you. And it’s true. But in, in, in an influence it’s about you liking them. It’s about you finding something within them that you like. If you’ve ever had resonance with someone that you’re me and you don’t know if you like ’em at that moment in time, that’s how you break it is by finding something within them that you like.

And then the last two, I love social proof. I use McDonald’s when we were kid, it said millions and millions served. Now it says billions and billions served. If I physically could teleport someone into a McDonald’s parking lot, they would literally look up and go, am I like the only one who hasn’t eaten here yet?

And they would probably walk right in it’s has that type of influence. And they would also have something. On the second one is FOMO fair, missing out, which is scarcity. Now I want you guys to picture an infomercial. You’ve all watched an infomercial. I want you to think about how they layer these in ever notice that there’s a guy in a white doctor suit selling vitamins, or that they select the boat.

They cut a whole out of the boat and then put some rubber stuff and then they go on the ocean. That social proof, right? Buy one, get one. Free is reciprocity. They’re, they’re using all this. They’re asking you questions like, Hey, if we could help you with this, would you move forward with this? Right? Like they’re getting consistency on you.

And then the irony is at the end. What do they do? They just spend $5 million in commercial. Hey, there’s only 10 left. Five minutes to buy . You’re like you just spent $5 million on a commercial. You’re only giving me that time. It’s scarcities getting people off, getting people to make a decision. Okay.

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