Henry Ford’s surprising motivation method

Most people know Henry Ford as the founder of Ford Motor Company and the originator of the assembly line.

 But Ford was also a master motivator. 

 One day he walked onto the factory floor carrying a can of paint.

 He marched to the middle of the room and proceeded to paint a large number 6 right on the floor. 

 When the night workers came in, they asked what it meant.

Ford told them that it was the number of cars the day crew built. 

 The next morning he came in and learned the night crew had built seven cars. 

 He then painted a 7 over the 6 that had been there. 

 When the day crew asked about it, he told them that that was how many cars the night crew had built. 

 By playing the day crew off against the night crew, he was able to substantially increase productivity for his factory.

 Gamifications like this are a great way to inspire and increase effectiveness in sales or any other areas of your business.

 This works in any industry. 

 Yet few companies take advantage of this natural human tendency that plays such a large role in today’s culture.  

 How do you come up with out-of-the-box ideas like this?

 The best way I know is CHI’s proprietary Business Opportunity Assessment, a powerful diagnostic tool that examines every system in your business.

 Until now, it was only available as part of our $36,000 consulting package.

 However, as a special promotion, we’re now making it available separately in a self-guided format for just $49. 

 CEOs who have gone through the Opportunity Assessment tell us that it truly opened their eyes to what is really happening in their business.

 The diagnostic tool contains sets of incisive questions to draw out information you probably haven’t considered. 

 But be warned. You might find some of the questions challenging or uncomfortable. 

 This is by design.

 Breakthroughs come when you’re out of your comfort zone. 

 But you won’t be alone.

 If you need help, you can schedule a no-obligation complimentary consultation to ask questions.

 You’re guaranteed to uncover untapped profit opportunities hidden in plain sight within your business. 

 You are also sure to unmask problem areas you need to shore up.

 Honestly, at $49 this is a no-brainer.

 If you go through the CHI Opportunity Assessment and don’t feel you received 100x the value, I INSIST you reach out to us for an immediate refund.

 That’s how sure I am this will help you. 

 Best regards,
Amanda Holmes

 P.S. Henry Ford once received a letter from notorious bank robber Clyde Barrow (of Bonnie & Clyde fame) praising Ford vehicles as great getaway cars. 

 Honestly, it might feel a bit like stealing when you receive so much value for just $49, but go ahead. I urge you to try the CHI Opportunity Assessment and see for yourself.


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