Following Up To Jay Abraham

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You’ve crafted the perfect sales email, gave the best sales pitch, held a great meeting with a prospect, and then sitting back and doing nothing.

Are you guilty of this scenario?

If you’re guilty of this, you need to realize the power of follow-ups!

Mastering your sales follow-up is one of the most critical skills in sales, and many sales persons are not doing this enough.

Did you know that failing to follow up is one of the quickest ways to lose up to 80% of your potential sales?

That’s an awful lot of revenue you’re not making! Therefore, start following up and don’t give up on the first contact!

It is a crucial part of doing business.

When you strongly follow up with your prospects, not only will you help them remember you or your business, you will also have more opportunities to understand their needs and come up with more solutions for them.

Tune in to this episode to hear how Chet diligently followed up to Jay Abraham and learn how consistently following up with your dream clients can boost sales and reach your business goals!


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Amanda: [00:00:00] I’ve used this approach in hundreds of cases, . Especially for myself, I’ve gotten 60 of the Fortune 500 as clients through the pigheaded determination I’m recommending for you. And to tell you the truth, most of them were not that difficult to get.

The point is that massive and diligent follow up can penetrate just about any company. If you are determined. One of the hardest of all was Jay Abraham author of getting everything you can out of all, you’ve got, I have training programs for business owners and he has a large database of business owners that buy his training program.

I decided that I wanted to partner with him to mutually co-market to his and my list. I hit this guy with a phone call or a letter every other week for two solid years. finally, after two years, Jay’s then business manager called me up and invited me to have lunch with Jay. I flew to Los Angeles and had lunch with Jay and the game was a foot I’ve estimated that the first lunch with Jay has easily been worth over 15 million to me [00:01:00] over the years, Jay became an extraordinary partner who not only made me a ton of money, but also taught me a great deal about thinking outside of the box.

So it took my father two years to get Jay Abraham as a client. And I just love how this generational thing is happening here. So my father went after him. Then they worked together for several years and since my father has passed, me and Jay have kept in contact as well as his daughter, Michelle and I was looking at my board behind me, where I have some of my dream affiliates of people that I want to do business with for my book launch coming up.

And one of them was Jay Abraham. And I think it’s really critical to recognize how you can win a dream prospect or dream affiliate. One critical way is to get somebody that is the most influential in the space. And when they say yes, or you work [00:02:00] with that one, then everyone else it’s so much easier for everyone else to say yes.

So Russell Brunson, who’s the co-founder of ClickFunnels. They grew from zero to a hundred million in four years. It was an insane growth spurt. And without any backing, any financial backing, they did it just bootstrapped. And I went up to him at one of his recent events and I asked him if he’d be open to speaking at my book launch party.

And not only did he say yes, but he invited me to come to ClickFunnels headquarters and invite everybody there so that we could share the book launch from ClickFunnels headquarters. So it was such a great win. Then, because I got that influencer in the space that everyone wants to be a part of this brilliant entrepreneur.

It was so much easier to come to Jay and say, Hey, Jay! Russell is hosting our book launch event. It would be so wonderful to honor the relationship that you had with my father. And [00:03:00] have you come and speak for my book launch party, would you be interested? And it was an easy, yes. Which was lovely. So when thinking about your next Dream 100 effort, think who is the leader in the space that if I win that one person, everyone else will follow.

And so it doesn’t have to be, oh my gosh. How the dauntingness of getting a hundred. It could just be the one that leads the way.

Make sure you got your new addition of the Ultimate Sales Machine, because if you bought it from, you get a ticket to our virtual launch party, and it would be wonderful to have you zooming in to be a part of this with a couple of other big speakers that I have on the docket.

I won’t share them all. Jeffrey Hayzlett is another one, the ex CMO of Kodak who has now grown C-suite Network. So Jay, Russell, Jeffrey, myself, and a couple others that I won’t share just yet. We’re still [00:04:00] confirming, but we’d love to see you there. Get your copy or copies, and we’ll see you at the launch party in October.

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