The One With The Most Passion Wins In Sales

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Blog

There are a lot of qualities that are essential to become a great salesperson, but perhaps the most overlooked quality is passion for sales.

A salesperson who has passion strongly believes in what s/he is selling that they are able to bring about interest and excitement on the customer’s part.

Passionate salespeople attend meetings and present their pitches full of energy and enthusiasm that is infectious–making their audience more open to sales suggestions.

Passion is the secret to being a great salesperson!

Listen to this episode as Luke Aberle, one of the youngest entrepreneurs I’ve ever met shares his all-time favorite quote from The Ultimate Sales Machine – “the one with the most passion wins.”



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Amanda: [00:00:00] Hello, Amanda Holmes here. We have our daily dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine I have with me today, Luke Aberle, which is our youngest of the team, but just wait. This is the next generation of business owners. And you’ll want to hear what Luke has to say.

Luke, what is your favorite quote from the ultimate sales

Luke: Yeah. One of my favorite quotes is actually from the Ultimate Sales Machine is the from Chet Holmes. and that is the one with the most passion wins. And to me, that’s one of the most important quotes ever. Throughout my journey. I’ve been doing entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship four years now, and I’ve always found the best ways to over deliver.

Right? That’s a big thing is, doing what you’re, what you said you’re gonna do, but also overdelivering, creating that valuable connection and having passion in what you do when you love what you do. And you’re truly passionate about it. The customer can also see if you’re truly passionate about that, or if you’re just doing it to get a sale, that’s super important.

Know what you’re talking about, become passionate researcher like [00:01:00] in my career as a entrepreneur different material that I teach, I’ve been studying it for years now. Getting off of it for my dad, Troy Aberle he’s taught me different things as well, and that I’ve been learning really for my whole.

And so having that passion, having that pigheaded discipline and determination of going through that is super important. I I did a, I was actually in the bootcamp. I’ve been in the bootcamp two or three times now, the core story bootcamp. And I actually had a guy who my dad’s been friends with since 2000.

So for over 20 years now, and I’ve never met this guy before. Okay. And so I put a face, I’ve never met him. And I put a post on Facebook saying, Hey, who would like to join me for this bootcamp? It’s really good. I’d love to have an accountability partner with me. And this one guy said, Hey, yeah, I’d love to come in.

And I’m like, great. Here’s all the info and stuff. He’s yeah, that sounds great. I’m in. And he comes in the bootcamp and apparently my dad’s known him for a really long time and I’ve never met him before. And so create that a relationship being passionate about what you do, people love when they [00:02:00] see passionate.

Amanda: I love this story, Luke. I never knew that story. All I know is, so for those that are listening, I was just so thrilled to see that Luke had sold a Core Story bootcamp seat. And I never heard this story 

that you didn’t even, you’d never even met the man. You just busted on social. 

That truly speaks to the passion that you have.

It was so infectious that somebody that didn’t even know you said yes, of course I’ll join you for the bootcamp. Wow. What a hilarious story. And for those that are fascinated by Luke and saying, what is Luke’s business, you can go to Luke’s view, right? Is it or should they go to your YouTube?

Luke: is fine. That’s where everything is.

Amanda: Awesome. And Luke’s been starting his YouTube career since he was nine. And he has over a hundred videos there. What do you do with your Luke food videos?

Luke: I do product views and tech products and camp gear from a kid’s point of view to show my opinion. And I’m very passionate about what I do. [00:03:00] I’ve been doing it for four years now and I love what I do. I’m passionate about the products that I review, and I really only recommend and say things that are truly from me.

Amanda: I love that. Thank you so much. This has been great.

Luke: Thank you.


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