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Let’s imagine that you had this outrageous opportunity.

That I could put all of your prospects into a stadium all at once, and you have one opportunity to walk out there and sell them all.

Are you ready for that pitch right now?

Can you get up on stage right now, do a masterful job, and completely sell the entire room?

What would you want to accomplish?

What would be your strategic objectives?

Tune in to today’s episode to hear an original Chet Holmes delivery of how to set up a buying criteria that positions YOU as the only marketplace expert in your specific niche.

This is so powerful that you will become the only logical option for your prospects. Your competition won’t be able to compete with you.


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Chet: Let me give you a real good exercise that drives us all home. It’s what I call the stadium pitch. Let’s imagine that you had this outrageous opportunity that I could put all of your prospects into a stadium all at once, and you have one opportunity to walk out there and sell ’em all at once. Who here is ready for that pitch right now?

Here is your daily dose of the Ultimate Sales machine coming to you from the new edition. Visit ultimate sales to get your copy or multiple copies. Hi, I’m your host, Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Homes International. What you’re about to learn has assisted a quarter of a million businesses to generate billions of dollars working faster, better, smarter.

Who here is ready for that pitch right now?

Could walk out the door right now into the stadium, and these are all your customers. You can get up here on stage right now and do a masterful job and completely sell the entire room? We got a couple of you. Uh, there’s always a couple of you. Um, but all of you should be ready for that. But let me make it even harder, right?

What would you want to accomplish? What would be your strategic objectives? So most cases people would say, well, what would be your strategic objective? You walk out there, well, I wanna sell ’em all. And I’d say, well, is that all? Well, yeah. Yeah. Well, what else is there? There’s a lot else. So I’m gonna show you like 15 other things you might wanna do in that stadium pitch.

But first, let’s define the. So the top line, this represents at the very top, those who are buying. Now that says down here, the audience for any product or service. So all of you right now, this defines your audience right now. There are people buying right now, you know? And let’s say you sell cars. Right now there’s a two, 3% of any particular product or service.

There’s two or 3% who are buying, right? This. They’re already, they’re right. Whether you get into them or not, they’re buying. Okay. Then there’s about twice as many or three times as many or four times as many, depending upon the market who are open to it, who know they’re gonna be buying. The leasing in a car is coming up.

They’re open to it. They, you know, it would be okay. It’d be an easy decision for them and for any product or service in the room. This is the case. Then there’s those who are not thinking about it. That doesn’t mean they’re against it, because that’s a separate crowd. They’re next. They’re not in. , but above them.

And usually the biggest part of the pyramid is those who are not thinking about it, just hasn’t occurred to them. Does everybody understand this? To find your audience? Pretty much. And then you have those that are definitely not buying ever. So they think they know they don’t want to buy. But a great stadium pitch will appeal to the entire pyramid, and it will drive buyers up.

It will take the people who are in the, you know, Not thinking about a category and move them into the open to a category. It’ll take all the open category guys and move them into buying now. And I’ll take the buying now and you’ll sell ’em. So here’s the real challenge, and this is where you really, now let’s make it real challenging, right?

Right. Before you walk out, I tell your audience, okay, you had to come, but you don’t have to stay. So if this person doesn’t rivet your attention from the first 30 seconds, you can get up and. now that means that if your audience is composed of people who are definitely not interested and you start talking about your product right away, like um, carpet cleaning, you know, you definitely don’t think you need carpet cleaning.

And you come out there and, uh, you start talking about carpet cleaning right off the bat, your products or services, right off the bat, you’re gonna have a huge portion of that audience walk. Just get up and walk out. So again, I, I’d love to ask the people who thought they could come up and do the stadium pitch, if this were the rule that basically these people have been told, if you don’t rive their attention immediately, they can get up and walk out.

Now you’re still ready to do the stadium pitch. Who’s ready? Okay. Give me your opening line. I’m the financial advisor. Okay. So you walk. Good. So all of you guys are his potential stadium, right? Come on, give us your opening. Whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, you’re engaged in a game of financial chess against the financial institutions and the government, but you don’t have a chess board, so how do you know how you’re doing?

Right? Hey, excellent. Thank you. That’s a great stadium pitch. Why is that a great stadium pitch? Cause it, it starts off with something of interest to you, not of something to interest to. Citizen doesn’t walk out and say, I’m a financial planner and I’m here to teach you about financial planning. Cuz that’s his pyramid is there, he’s got people who think they don’t need that and he just opened up with something that makes us all go, huh.

So lemme give you a lot of other examples. So, true story, I go out, I’m about to buy the a hundred thousand dollars Mercedes, and after three phone calls to the dealer dealership, I had seen it and I was ready to buy. Sales guy did not return my phone call. Well, just being who I am, you know, I can’t buy from somebody who, who like has that kind of follow up.

And the neighbor of mine says, why don’t you go check out the. I’m like, I’m not really Cadillac, you know? So I go down there and the sales guy’s like a rocket ship, fantastic sales guide. He opens the, the, uh, hood of the car and he says, you see those platinum spark plugs? Well, they cost us plenty, but they won’t cost you with dime cause this car don’t need to be tuned up for a hundred thousand miles.

I go, really? He goes, you know how much it cost to tune up a. . Yeah, I do actually. You know, he reset my buying criteria. He took my current. So if you agree with the criteria, I call it the funnel effect, you should set up a criteria that says, he says, well, you don’t have the chess board. You know, and I bet if we let him go, you’d probably set it up pretty good where you’d be going.

Yeah, that’s true. Oh, that’s true. That’s true, that’s true. So if you agree with the criteria at the bottom of the funnel, you’re gonna draw a logical conclusion. So what market data, how can you set it up? Where basically you’re setting up the buying criteria for your buyer? You. . So every one of you should have a stadium pitch that goes the five most dangerous trends in your industry, or the five things that every person you know, should know about shoes or vitamins or, and all of that is a righteous setup for what your product of service does.

That’s not my idea, by the way I just named it. It’s what every top producer. They set up the buying criteria before they try and make the sale, and it’s so powerful that you cannot compete with them. You better hope one of my clients never has to compete with you cuz they will slaughter you if you’re not setting up buying criteria.

If you’re not an expert on your marketplace, you’d be an expert on your product and someone comes in, an expert on your marketplace who’s gonna have the credibility. You could talk about your products, but do you know that there’s five trends right now that are occurring in the industry? They’re gonna totally make your product useless

or so your competitor would show them if they listened to what I’m saying.

Make sure to get your copy or copies at the ultimate sales There’s a lot of special bonuses that you can’t get going to Amazon, so make sure you check it [email protected].

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