How to Double Our Sales While Cutting Our Stress in Half

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Today’s podcast episode is a quick look back at our launch party last week!

We had a blast and so many people shared great feedback about it.

If you weren’t able to attend the party, definitely watch this!


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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Alan: Well, hello and good afternoon everybody. I’m Alan Taylor from Entrepreneur Magazine and welcome to the Well, the Obvious, uh, book launch. We’ve all been waiting for the Ultimate Sales Machine, the revised and updated edition. Um, I’m just so proud to be here and, uh, I want you guys to see something. For those who have not seen it, you have to watch this video.

For those who have seen it. Get ready, get your Kleenex out because you’re gonna cry all over again. Here it is, 

Amanda: dear dad, It’s Amanda, your daughter. It’s been 10 years since you passed 15 since you wrote this book. You’d be proud to know that many companies have voted in the top 10 most recommended marketing and sales books of all time.

That’s pure word of mouth. Dad. People even call it their red bible now because second to the Bible, they read this the most. I hope it’s okay. The night before the manuscript was due to the publisher, I was reading through your old emails and I found one you wrote to a dear friend, and in that letter you explained how you generated more wealth in the last six months than in the previous eight years combined.

It’s something everyone should know, so I’m giving it to the people as your final encore. The encore, You never. I also added one marketing strategy that helps businesses generate 42 times the roi because I know you always love those strategies that take horsepower, not wallet power. I took your famous buyer’s pyramid that changes people’s lives and finally revealed how we’ve helped more companies than anyone else become number one in their industry.

Thank you, Dad, for providing the framework, the foundation. Your strategies are timeless. It’s the tactics that have changed. You’ve laid out the roadmap so clearly. It’s just about using that pigheaded discipline and determination to get there that a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Love you, your daughter first, Amanda.

Alan: Boy, I must have watched that at least five times. The first time that I got it when Amanda sent it to me. It just was so touching. I just thought to myself, you know, she’s, she’s my Mary Poppins, my frontline Maria from Sound of Music Music, and she’s the snow white of business in my world. But here she is right now, Amanda Holmes.

Hi, Amanda

Oh my gosh, it’s the launch party. We’re gonna have fun. This is guaranteed. Um, you have been through so much, and I’ve been watching all these years since we met, when I walked up to her at some big event and said, Why the Balded head? And she started laughing because she had a shaved head and I thought, I have to know this person.

There was an energy and an aura about you that I had to know. I had to know where was that coming from, What was the, what was the source of that energy that I think that so many people see within you? And I know that that is, that is really something that you gained along this journey that you’ve been on for these last 10 years.

And congratulations, by the way. Thank you. 10 years at also, I want to talk about the tough times first because I believe, But before 

Amanda: we get there, can I sh, can I see all these beautiful faces that’s all over? Yeah. Oh my gosh. I love it All I see ver I see Jeffrey, my gosh, I see Joe, I see Stan. Oh my goodness.

Can I, can I give them a little bit of a sneak peek of what they’re about to learn? Yes. Yes. Okay. So this has been a labor of love for the last four years, specifically on the book, but 10 years since my father passed. And what better way to celebrate his legacy Totally than carrying it on in a, in a beautiful way.

And um, today our whole theme is how can we double our sales while still cutting our stress in half? Because my father, yeah, sadly passed at 55. And so if you have to work double the amount of time, and if you have to, um, sacrifice so much for that dollar to then rob yourself of that life, then it’s not worth it.

So we believe in working smarter Not harder. And to be able to give a little bit of peace of mind, cuz I think that’s what everybody’s looking for right now [00:05:00] with the craziness of what’s happened over the last three years and what we’re looking towards in the future. So we’re blending, we’re, we’re playing a little bit of a balance act between how can we put more money in your pocket while still making it easier and at the same time, cutting that stress.

So we have, uh, some amazing speakers. I can’t even believe that. Uh, we have them in here for you and we are just going to go through every single one of them. It’s gonna bring so much value. 

Alan: You know, I, I have a list right here and it’s amazing. And these people are all willing and able and, you know, they want to jump in and help.

And I, I was that way too. I already had something else booked when you called me and I said, Who wants to go to New York? I wanna go to Tampa and be with you, . But I feel like that, you know, so many of us go through the hard times of our life and Amanda has this energy. Where does this come from? You know, the stress that’s on her shoulders right now for the launch of this book is [00:06:00] second to none.

You, like you said, you’ve been doing this for four years and, but whatever you’ve tapped into is that secret sauce that we need to share and sell it in bottles all over the world. I don’t know because we all need a lot of it. Maybe you could talk about the journey a little bit more. 

Amanda: I I can share a bit about that.

So, uh, Penguin kept asking, Can you do a new addition? Can you do a new addition? They’re selling so well, and I thought never in a million years, that thing is perfect. When I ask people, What would you like to see in the new addition? They said, Nothing. It’s perfect. Don’t touch it. I went, Oh my God. Talk about the pressure.

Right? Um, but I, so when I first inherited the company, I had nothing to do really with the organization before that. I had just released my fourth record. We had just gone through a year and a half. My father spent 382 nights in the hospital. Wow. Never once alone between me, my mom, and my brother. Every single night he was, we were there with [00:07:00] him.

And in the hundred nights that I spent with him, never once did he sit me down and say, Amanda, these are what my companies are. This is who runs them. This is what I’d like to see for the company. So you can imagine my utter shock. And me and my father were very close. Uh, I insisted that the final chapter that I wrote for the new edition be on chapter 13, cuz I was born on his birthday February 13th.

Right. So it was kisn as if we were meant to be so close and losing him. If anybody’s lost somebody you love, uh, truly dearly, it’s like losing the wind from your, the air, from your lungs. Right. Um, . Yeah. Uh, , I mean, for years I had nightmares. I would, I, um, at the time I was dating somebody and he would wake me up in the morning and I would scream, crying.

I would wake up every morning screaming and crying because I would be awaken from these nightmares from us in the hospital. And, uh, thank goodness we were virtual because I would be on [00:08:00] calls, but I would be on mute cuz I would be crying so hard. And when they’d say, Oh, Amanda, are you there? I’d unmute and I’d go, uh, hi.

Oh, that’s you? Yeah. Okay. Okay. Bye. Right at unmute again. So you can imagine right, the utter terror that I had and not wanting to be a part of it because I thought that it meant stepping into the grave next to my father. Right. Because he worked himself so hard. Yeah. Yeah. So it was actually the assistance of, I had a spiritual mentor.

I really believe in having somebody to help guide you. And you, you’ll actually experience her later today. Uh, Guruji, I call her Guruji and she said, You can step in, but you can do it in a different. You can do it with less pressure, you can do it with, with less stress. And that’s when I stepped in two years later and we increased marketing by 1176%.

We doubled our coaching clients multiple years in a row this year. Thanks to all of you that are on this call. I mean, we’re up over 379% from [00:09:00] last year, and the book hasn’t even dropped yet. Thank you. I see Justin clapping. That deserves a clap. I’ll take it. Uh, yeah. So it’s, it’s been a wild journey. It has been far from easy, but I really feel that if I can do it right, and all I had to do was take that book and I just started reading what my father wrote.

I’d never read it before, before he passed. I read his book. I’d never seen him speak from stage. I watched his videos over and over and over again, and here we are today, decade later. 

Alan: Is this relatable to any of you folks that have lost, lost a loved one or, or a business? We hear even stories of people, um, even close to us that lose a business in the last few weeks where they have a hostile takeover or something like that.

And I, I mean, it’s near and dear to our hearts. And all of a sudden, what do I do? Where do I go? Who, who’s gonna advise me? I’m a failure. I’m a lost out and feared rushes in. And all these things are, these are emotional. These are human natures. Then, Comes depression, and then, [00:10:00] oh my gosh, it’s a spiral downward.

And so I, I watched you knowing all these things, step up to the plate over and over again, facing your fears, using your father’s teachings and your gurus teachings. And I loved what I saw. I, it made me want to know more about this person named Chad Holmes. I never knew Chad Holmes. I only knew Amanda Holmes, right?

So I, I got his book and I listened to it, books on tape. And I went, Of course, of course, all she’s gotta do is what her dad said. And then some, because you, it seems to me like all of us, there’s an, there’s an evolution in life and there’s an evolution in our business. And at some point we have to evolve to a higher ground.

And it, and part of your journey is that climbing to that higher ground in life. Yes. So, I mean, that’s important.

Amanda: I have a really good idea. I have something really fun that I would love to do with you guys. If somebody from the [00:11:00] audience could give me their cell phone. I wanna do something fun. Uh oh, here it comes.

So, so talking about changing of mediums, right? So my father talked about faxing and, uh, thank you so much, Jerry. Uh, talked about faxing and the yellow pages and following up, right? You have to have 11 steps to be able to follow up. I can’t. Okay. I can figure it out. There it is. So since Salesforce says that 80% of leads are never followed up on, I have a strategy for you right now that doesn’t cost you a dime.

You can use it at any time. I’m sure some of you are smiling cuz you already know what I’m about to show you. Uh, but we’re gonna do it all together. Uh, and it goes something like this. Let’s say that we just met at an event, which I think I actually did this with you. Yep. And we said, Oh wow. It’s so nice to meet you.

Let’s, let’s do something fun, Alan. Okay? Yes. Let’s do this and smile. Ah, okay. Right now I’ll text it to you. Here, hold on, let me get your phone number. Why don’t you just put it [00:12:00] right in here? Here. 

Alan: So she did this, by the way, at an auto show with the president of Lincoln, of which I saw just a few weeks ago, three years later.

And she says, How’s your friend, What’s her name? Amanda. And I mean, three years, a president of Lincoln Motor Company. Uh, it’s 

Amanda: really quite amazing that that is, Yeah, you don’t have, It’s okay. Okay. So it’s called the Signature Selfie. And what I wanna challenge everybody to do right now is can you do from your home a signature selfie with our broadcast right now?

So you take a picture with our broadcast and then, okay, this is the challenge. You guys ready for a challenge? I got challenge. I’m gonna challenge you guys. Can we take that signature selfie and post it on the internet and invite at least one person? Because if you get another, Let’s say we get another 50.

I’ll do it with 50. If we get another 50 people on this launch party today, I will walk across [00:13:00] this stage on my hands. . For real, I will do it. We practice, right? 

Alan: Look, there goes ver harness right there. Yes. And there it goes Stan. And everybody else is starting to do it. Yes. 

Amanda: Come on. Signature selfie. So you have to tag.

Alan: Look at Jason all the way. Where is he in, in Tahiti or something? 

Amanda: Yes. Everybody signature selfie. Look at 

Alan: Jordan. Hold over there. . 

Amanda: I know Jordan has to bring up Chester at some point. Yes, 

Alan: I Jordan. Um, that’s too 

Amanda: funny. okay is great. So you tag us, which you can see our either hashtag USM book launch or ultimate sales machine and invite tag, another person, a Siria.

Can you give them the Zoom link in the chat? . So then you give them the zoom link. Can you say you better come on here because we have to see Amanda walk on her hands. I saw 

Alan: her do it. Just so you know, just in practicing. It’s pretty hilarious. All in this outfit, especially . But 

Amanda: I will only do it if we add another 50 to this call.

So I’m challenging you guys right now. 

Alan: And then if she walks on her hands, you’ll have to get her to sing too, by the way. So, 

Amanda: Oh, I won’t do it. only if you guys give me a lot of love, then I might do it a little bit later.


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