The Making of the New Edition of The Ultimate Sales Machine

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This week’s episode is a behind the scenes interview of the four year process it took to write the new edition of The Ultimate Sales Machine.

You may be surprised at my “why” behind starting this epic journey. It’s not what you’d think.  

The BizBros were kind enough to interview me talking about:

  • The relevant changes in business over the 15 years ago since the first edition to today. 
  • What trends were important for the writing of the new edition.
  • Why Penguin said “no” to the new final chapter (not once but a couple times)
  • The story behind the foreword, “Dear Dad.” (Not your typical sales book opener)
  • The most critical distinctions you need to know to survive the next decade of business.

If you want to learn more about the Ultimate Sales Machine and it’s timeless proven strategies for doubling companies’ sales in 12 months flat -this episode is for you. 


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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Welcome everybody. Amanda Holmes here, CEO of Chet Holmes International. And this week I have something very special. It has been something that’s been in the works for the last decade. Literally it’s taken 10 years to be able to give you. This conversation that’s happening today. And, uh, it was an interview that I did with, uh, content is profit biz bros.

And so I’ll just let you, um, tune into this conversation. We were just talking about, uh, why I took on the. Project to do the new edition of my father’s ultimate sales machine, which just happens to be available for presale today.

 So I went out to the social media following and I said, I’m about to do the new edition of the book. What do you wanna see in it? Tell me, right. And multiple people replied back. Don’t change it. It’s perfect. So, so that stuck with me as I thought about, oh my gosh, what do I do here?

Um, And so my father passed of leukemia. He, uh, got diagnosed with cancer and we battled for about a year and a half. And, um, he spent about 352 nights, uh, in the hospital and not one did he spend alone? So it was between my mom, my brother and my, myself. We all pulled all nighters because he would have these night sweats.

So we’d be up with him all night. And, uh, yeah. And it, it’s kind of shocking to think, cuz my father was very much a world traveler, you know, public speaker around the world, very high esteemed in that fact. And he was also six foot four. So a very tall man. And when he walked into a room, he was larger than life.

Right. So while he was there in the hospital, he was running 12 companies. From his hospital room, like the most productive cancer patient you’ve ever seen in your life. and, um, he ended up getting the bone marrow transplant and be before that they basically take away your full immune system. And so you’re sitting, you have to, you have to isolate, you have to be quarantined in that room and you can’t leave that room for two months.

He stayed in that little, uh, room and I’ll never, I’ll never forget this moment. I walk in about to start my shift with my dad and he’s sitting next to the window and he’s just staring out and, uh, I walk up to him and he goes for all the wealth that I’ve amassed, nothing can buy my way out of this hospital room.

And I have tried to forget that moment. . and I’m, it’s just stuck with me for, you know, obviously over a decade, it’s been about 11 years now. 

And, um, That was a huge reason why I picked up the book and said, I’m gonna do a new edition because during that fight, uh, my father did a lot of soul searching. He actually started a blog during that time writing about his journey because he was debating between the alternative route and the, um, the more medical route.

And it generated 60,000 readers. In like a matter of 60 days, it was absurd and we didn’t plan for that. It was just supposed to be friends and family, you know, how they do like a caring bridge site and everybody gets to know, so you don’t have to tell everybody so that caring bridge site went to 60,000 readers.

Um, and it got to a point where people were really heated. So we ended up turning it off, but he learned a lot during that time. And he really changed his whole motive. Opera end day. And I felt that people needed to know that man people needed to experience what he had come away with. The next book that he was writing was actually a book on health because we spent so much time going through alternatives and we learned so much about all these different, uh, methods and, um, So I kept, when I was writing this book, I kept thinking if my father had survived the leukemia, what would he have written in here?

What would he have said? Because it was a different man and majority of the world didn’t get to experience that man. And one night, 4:00 AM. The book is due to the publisher. I had gotten to a hotel room just to like really focus in on writing this, this, uh, to finish this and, um, I was searching through my father’s emails, cuz that was the only way I really got to know his business was, I didn’t know what he thought about people in his side of his organization, cuz we never had those conversations before he passed.

So I went into his email and I was just searching, searching, give me something, something. And then I fall fell upon this letter that he had written to one of his best friends where it said I’ve generated more wealth in the last six months than I have in the. Eight years combined. And this is why, and this whole letter just talked about this.

So I put that into the 13th chapter,


his legacy, you know, the, the Encore he never got to give, and it then took me another. Uh, two years to come out with a book because taking that letter and then blending it with what he’s saying, and then carrying it on for what is this? The, the final chapter is really a new chapter for where we’re about to go and, and what life is, uh, how that.

Impression left for me and dictated how we’ve moved forward. So it’s evolved over the last decade, but I’m really, really proud of that chapter. I rewrote a hundred times, literally I have a hundred versions of that chapter on my computer. And several times I sent it into penguin and they said, This, this shouldn’t make the book.

This, this doesn’t make sense in the book. You’re, you know, cuz I’m talking about fulfillment and life and they’re like, this is a sales book, Amanda. 

So it took so many iterations. until it is what it is today. And I was just reading the final to send it in for print. And, uh, every other time I would read the book and make edits.

I would continually edit it and edit it and edit anybody that’s ever tried to write a book. I mean, you can edit until the cows come home. It’s like something that I did for years, but the final time I even, I was getting to chapter 12 and I was finishing it up and tears were already coming down. My. And I cried all the way through the chapter 13, but it finally felt like, oh yes, my masterpiece is done.

Yeah. Um, I wanna, I wanna acknowledge and celebrate, um, that moment and, and, and that story, I know that not easy to share. Um, so you because. What that would mean for a lot of people. it’s it’s the world, right? Like, we’re, we’re evolving. Like we talked about the state of business in many, many, many, many ways, uh, internally, right.

CEOs and, and, and people, we have to take care of ourselves in many ways as well. And, and what you guys, or what you added to, to the book? Um, Really really resonates and, and, and really helps people in that. Uh, I’ve been blessed to, to be a part of, uh some of the, the things that we’ve done in the last few months to, to expose the, our community and the people into, into this, framework, this strategy, this the way of living.

Right. it has been wonderful. The, the feedback has been incredible and. It just warms my heart. The, the fact that you made that very tough decision to, to share initially that story and. Rewrite it a hundred times, right? right. That’s like, does that? Just you, Amanda, and this is awesome. It’s so worth it right to, to, uh, so I, I really encourage everybody it to obviously read the full book first.

Don’t go to chapter 13 first. read the whole thing and then that’s just gonna be amazing. But, um, so I wanna really celebrate the fact that you decided to, to share that. Um, I know is, is not easy for a lot of people. And especially when we talk about publishing, right? Those are like things that we have to, uh, to, to make peace with and, and, uh, be very brave to, to help others at the end of the day, like where you’re serving so many by doing that.

So thank you. Uh Franci any thoughts? Well, I’m curious, did, uh, ping when accepted that because of the hundred times you wrote it and you were like persistent, like this must be in the book, uh, Or why? Why

It’s funny you say that. So I. I finally, um, they were at first, they were like, it should be the, what is it like AF what’s not the opposite of a forward it’s like afterthought or something like after the book, this is something, you know, acknowledgements or something and that’s what it should be.

 then, um, my, my, uh, book strategy guide genius. Um, genius fairy, uh, Julie Isen told me nobody reads the afterthought. Don’t put it as the afterthought. It has to be chapter 13. I’m like, okay. Okay. And, uh, so then I finally, I rewrote one that was specific to what the publisher was asking for or what penguin was asking for and they approved it.

I finally got the approval that that should be in the book 

 and I sat on it for about two months. Three months and I just felt wrong about it. I just felt like I had lowered my bar of excellence to appease what my publisher wanted. And I mean, they, they know better. Right. They’re great. At, at books, they’re one of the biggest publishers in the world.

Right. So, 

uh, I respect what they were saying and why they were saying it. You know, there’s a context here and there’s a whole book talking about something completely D. but then, but then on February 13th, which is my father and my birthday, and we share the same birthday, um, I had done a whole strategy session the whole day before, and I stayed up all night and it just downloaded what chapter 13 should truly be living to my greatest potential and not just the bar of what’s approved.

And I rewrote the whole thing. I, showed it to Julie the next morning. She’s like, that is it. I sent it off to the publisher and they went, yep. We approve this so, uh, yeah, it just, it came to me on our birthday, so that was really special,

is, that is amazing. Yeah, it feels like you were channeling the whole, the whole energy in there. That’s that’s great. Wait, you said your birthday is February 13th. Isn’t that your, your wife’s birthday too. Yeah.

Are you

wow. Yeah. I, I was like going in my head. I’m like, I think I’ve mentioned this to her, but, uh, but yes, very small world.

Is it? It, uh, it’s amazing. So I would never, ever forget birthday

There you go.

yeah. yeah, is a very, uh, funny, know. Yeah. Moment. I’m like, obviously like surprised of this but. Go going away from my personal life. uh, we obviously talked about the state of business, right? So obviously this book deals with very serious issues right.

For, and, and very serious, uh, things that CEOs have to be very aware. And thing is yesterday, we were in a call with, uh, Ted, right. Who’s part of the team. And, uh, and he mentioned something, uh, that resonated big time. It’s like this book is like about. It’s all about taking action and it tells you really this roadmap, a lot of material out there, right?

That, that just like might be fluff, might not be fluff. They might be explored like one idea. Right. But at the end of the day, it, it gives you probably nothing. No, no roadmap to do it. And it’s up to you to actually go and try to figure out thing is like, it tells you exactly how to do it. Why do you do it?

Like all these amazing stories and people have. Uh, got so many amazing results. Yeah. It’s an instruction manual for sure. Uh, it’s literally people don’t have to go read anything else. Like they do this and like, and we talked about the bigheaded discipline last time and, uh, you know, with that in mind, right?

Like how do that then compare in the industry from 15 years ago versus today? And why should people be paying attention? This.

Yes. So I’ll give you an example. Chapter seven is the seven months of marketing chapter and it started with like, here’s what you need to do about radio, television, and billboards. And. I went Oh, gosh, dad. This was like before the internet, this is when websites, the word websites was two words. I even put it in my four word.

I’m like, wow, can you believe websites became one word over the last 15 years. But, but when we look at the span of time of what has happened with marketing, so for a half century, the only true innovations that happened in marketing was radio. To television. So the change in what we’re doing in business was a very slow adaptation.

Then you look at the last 15 years and we went from so 15 years ago, the average business had seven different marketing mediums that they would market on today. They. Oh, my gosh, it’s 13 different marketing mediums, five social media platforms and three paid advertising. So we’re doing double the amount of work because all, I mean, every day, a new medium is popping up.

It took, it took 30 years for radio to get to 50 million users. It took televis. 13 years to get to 50 million users. It took Facebook four years to get to 50 million users. And, um, I think this is hilarious. Pokemon go took six weeks to hit 50 million users.

Yeah. Wow. Yeah, we were part of those 50 million by . Uh, it was pretty intense. It was very intense. It was very intense. Those six weeks. Yeah.

So the, the rapidness of how a new medium can come to play is very quick. Right? So because of the internet, so what we did chapter seven was like, all chapter seven in itself is a whole new book. Basically. We had to completely re redo that chapter and how it. Flows because it can’t just be about billboards.

Um, so , that was a huge part of what Julie Isen helped me with. Oh my God. I don’t, I wouldn’t have been able to finish this book if it weren’t for her. Uh, so, um, so all through that chapter, what we’ve done is because there’s so many different marketing mediums, we took, my father had a five prong process to identify if your marketing is working or.

not We took that and applied it to every subset of marketing. This is how your email marketing, just follow these five steps, these five checklists. And you will know if your email marketing is working or not. If it’s not working, go back to the five steps, go back to the five prong, go back to the five prongs.

So we keep landing it back because we’re so divided today. Multichannel. Do you know, you need to have all of these different things running at the same time. We don’t go back to the basics of, 

 is this the right medium? If this is the right medium, why is it not working? Right. What, what is stopping us from generate sales from this marketing, uh, channel?

So that was a big part of adding to, and, and reworking chapter seven.

It’s so important, right? It can be very overwhelming, especially for big, big corporations. Right. They might have the resources. We talk about a lot about this in the, in the publishing pyramid, right? Like, uh, whether you’re an entrepreneur or, a big, a big business, right? Same framework applies. Do we have the resources?

But then if we have the resources, then it becomes more overwhelming, right? Because we’re dealing with, with teams, where do we go? Like, uh, this big decision. So I love the fact that it is a. Uh, simple framework that we can follow to always go back and land. Is this actually working? I remember listening to a story.

Or re well, I, I listen to books, so that’s why I say listening. but about your dad testing a $10,000 budget. Right. And I think at the time it was in radio and they were like, well, how do we know that it’s working? And they divided 10 different things, 10 different things that they were doing into a thousand dollars chunks.

And they, they would run the thing. Right. And they’ll be like, Hey, are these the results that we’re looking for? If it was yes or no, then they will make the continued decision. And they will reinvest in the things that they were working. And to me, as I was listening to, I was like, It, it, it is simple, right.

But it’s, it’s not easy to do because there’s so, so much distraction. And, uh, again, this was 15 years ago, right now, today is even worse because we have online media. Right. We had the Facebook ads, we have YouTube, we have TikTok. Even what resources do we assign to each platform? How do we know the offer is really working?

How do we know that we are actually attracting the right customer, uh, for our business? Right. We talked about. many times. So, the fact that chapter seven is there , uh, it makes it so, so worth it. especially if we have, if we have that background. and if you’re experiencing that in your business, um, you must read chapter seven.

Well, that’s a great segue to chapter four. If you don’t allow, if it’s okay. Can I go?


So, so there are about 8 billion people in the world today, population, and yet there are 4.75 billion pieces of content posted on Facebook alone. Every single day, we post half the world’s population on Facebook in content, 15 years.

ago That wasn’t really the case. Right. And that’s not even counting what’s on Instagram, which is half a billion posts happen on Instagram every single day. So we went from only the elite could get a message out to the world, right? Only the people that had a platform today. Everyone has a platform. There’s 3.8 there’s 3.8 billion social media pages today.

It’s. So we’ve gone from competing with just the elite that could pay for radio and, and television to everyone and their mother, their grandmother can post their child’s baby composed. A dog has its own social media page. I mean, Everybody has content. But the difference is that 50% of content online is deemed useless.

And 40% of the content that’s posted for a business actually hinders your sale. It reduces the likelihood of somebody purchasing. So we have gone from, okay, I’m gonna post content because it’s an organic way. And I have the ability to have so much of a reach without spending money. Such an amazing concept.

And yet we’ve forgotten the framework for why content will generate sales, which is what we want.

absolutely. Uh essence. Right. I remember when we first, uh, imagined the show, we’re like, okay, the, the, the path to the frictionless sale. Right. And there’s so many elements, right. That, that we’ve discovered along this journey, 300 plus episodes. Right. um, When I first, uh, saw the book, right? The title, the ultimate sales machine.

it just goes back and remind me the story of, uh, when we were growing up arm, mom was a math teacher, right. So I will go out and, and I will ask her, be like, Hey. Uh, what’s the answer to this equation she’ll be like, let me tell you something. And then she’ll send me that in front of a whiteboard and she’ll like, go back and, and revisit like the, the, the principles and foundations of what we needed to talk about.

Yeah. She was like, when math first started and you’re like, oh, here we go. Just Um, but you know, now that we run a business and now that I’ve seen firsthand with the companies that, that, that we help at C HHI, right. Um it’s so important. The, the foundation, those principles. And, uh, this Reba, that’s what it is, is that roadmap to always go back and look at these things because world yes.

Is changing. It can be overwhelming, but at the same time, it cannot be overwhelming because if we know, if we stay true to those foundations and those strategies and we stay with bigheaded discipline, we execute it on those. Right. We, we talk about the core story bootcamp. We talk about the dream 100 elevated dream, 100, right?

The 47 point checklist. All these things are these amazing. That will bring it back to those principles and foundations that we can continue to execute no matter what challenges are coming, uh, our way in, in the business. And that’s why I believe is, is so powerful. Uh, do you, do you have like very, uh, do you remember maybe some cool stories of the top of your head of people that have applied this and, uh, and have obtained amazing results?

So many, I mean, I, I, I, I. Put so many different protege stories of people that have implemented the book because they’ve done such magnificent things. I had to add them in. Uh, I added in quite a few times, um, ClickFunnels and the CEO, uh, Russell Brunson, uh, because I mean, they went from zero to a hundred million in four years and the dream 100 was one of most successful uh, strategies that they use to make that quantum leap. So I do put them in there quite a bit around the dream 100 chapters. So chapter six and chapter eight, uh, and really help people better define how to deploy the dream 100, because, uh, so many businesses, they just get stuck on the first step of how.

Get that list of a hundred. It, um, so I go into that and how to find the list and how to narrow down the list so that you make sure a checklist to know if it’s the right list. Um, but yeah, that’s a great one. Uh, another one, um, I put in there about. A client that, uh, during COVID they, their business shut down is super dentist.

Um, their business shut down as a dentist office and, um, the CEO KA ha decided to try and get some press. And he started talking about the link. Um, so there, there was a link because we did a core story for him. He knew that there was a link between the health of your mouth and your lung capacity. And, uh, so half of the population, um, it’s something like you’re eight times more likely to die of.

COVID if you have gum disease and one in every two people has gum disease in the United States today. So one simple thing you can do to avoid COVID is just brush your teeth for, you know, three minutes, twice a day and floss. And this message was not out there at all. And when he started using that market data to get in front of, uh, press, he ended up, he, he got like half a million dollars in press all over the country.

He was speaking on every news station because he was using. That market data with this story to educate the public on something that’s relevant and important to them. Uh, and then he also talked about how he had a book coming out. If your mouth could talk. And if you guys wanna read something fascinating that you would never think you would care so much about your mouth, however, It affects your entire body and it’s, it’ll have a ton of market data because that’s what he did with his core stories.

He put it into a book. So if your mouth could talk, but I do talk about that in the book too. A bunch of stories. I have so many stories that I sprinkle through there.

I, I, I love it, right. Because, uh, you know, with, you say, Hey, he started brushing his teeth recently, does that a hundred percent? Can you tell they’re so white? Um yeah. Um, but you know, we, we often mention, Hey, just imagine. Right. Just imagine. And, and I think those stories are so important. They are there because it can put you in a place where you’re like, I can do this.

Right. I can go out and execute with it’s so important. Right. Without execution, nothing happens. Right. We often talk about whether that’s, uh, again, whether that’s an entrepreneur for the contents profit audience, or whether that’s a, a corporation, a, a bigger bigger company for, uh for the CII audience.

Right? The same thing. If we don’t execute, we don’t have assign the resources and we provide ’em with the principles and foundations to go out and, and kill it out in the marketplace. Uh, you know, we might as well just, you know, leave the book in the, in the shelf. So please go out and execute this, um, This part here of the conversation just made me think on like how your dad was like the OG content creator, honestly.

Right? Like these presentations, right. Like, thinking about what the objections were gonna be and then going and present them to, you know, the people that he, he was selling at the end of the day, that’s kind of what people are doing when they are creating content. And I, I can’t stop, but thinking your dad would thrive in social media.

I feel like

Yes. Everyone says that all the time, you know, it’s interesting. So, like I said before, uh, that people have lost why they’re posting and what they’re doing with their content, and they’re not leading it to. They should be with every step leading back to you is the only logical conclusion. So that as soon as your prospect thinks of some, a product or service like yours, you are the first person that they think of.

But, um, the lines between marketing and sales have really blurred, especially in the last 15 years, because 

now because of eCommerce, right? More businesses, more marketing departments are being responsible for sales because we’re. 

 Digital sales people, right? With different funnels that you have that lead you from a page to a page to get you, to upsell, to get you to cross sell, uh, and then educating along the way.

Um, I mean, I put in here in the book as well that Amazon has killed the traditional commissioned breath salesperson. Because 97% of prospects don’t wanna be pushed, feel that sales people are too pushy today. And it’s because of Amazon, right? 50% of eCommerce, 50% of sales on the internet come from Amazon alone, just them.

And then everyone else is in another 50%. So what has Amazon done? It’s taught us that we can buy. without The need for a person. That’s why there’s so much tension between prospects and sales people. So you have marketers trying to sell more online, and then you have sales people having to market themselves more online and social gives the opportunity to break down those barriers of I’m just here to sell you.

No, you get to know the person, they start talk, they start educating. It’s your opportunity to educate. And when you think of the seven steps to a. The first two are establishing rapport and finding the need establishing rapport means they like you. They trust you. They respect you. If you do those two steps, you’re 65% of the way to a sale.

Today, you do that with your content, you build that rapport, you build that relationship so that they trust you and they respect you by what you post online.

Oh, so, so good. Uh, can we do like a 24 hour version where we just like dissect the whole thing? Uh, by the way, if you, um, listen to the. Amanda’s podcast, please, we’re gonna link it right below, because over the last, over the next few days, every single day, there’s gonna be a piece of nugget.

That’s gonna come out your way with, uh, all these amazing information on how you can implement it. So super awesome. Uh, there’s a couple things as we wrap up Amanda, that I really, uh, wanna tackle is one of these, one of the, your most famous, uh, frameworks, uh, the, they inverted buyers pyramid, which the first time that we saw it mind blown and I’ve seen many presentations.

people see it for the first time and you can actually see their mind blowing to pieces. Um, so do, do you wanna dive into, into that just a little bit and, and, uh, maybe, uh, explain what it is.

yes. So my father taught, um, uh, at any given time, if you are marketing to a group of people, let’s say you have a hundred people in a room. Uh, only 3% of that room will be interested in your product or service. At that time, 3% will be in the buying. Now category. Another 7% will be open to it just like if you made a hundred cold calls, or if you posted on your Facebook page 3% will be interested in what you have to offer.

7% will be open to it. Another 30%. Are not thinking about you, your product service, the next 30% think that they’re not interested. And the last 30% are definitely not interested. So you have this buyer’s pyramid with all of the subsets. And he did that to say, to say that if you are just talking about your product service, you’re only reaching that 3% and all of your competitors are reaching that 3%.

So what we did, uh, as Julie eon and I were working on this book, um, we took that pyramid. and we flipped it upside down because business has flipped on its head and we described how we have helped more companies become number one in their industry than anyone else. And it’s following this framework and, uh, it all comes back to core story.

You know, people, when they read the book, they go, oh, I love that market data thing. I love how that’s blended with story because. we think in stories, um, back to the beginning of time, right? We’ve taught our history and story. People can remember what happened on the Netflix show three weeks ago, but they can’t remember what happened in a meeting last week, but our society is based on the power of science.

We believe in the utter legitimacy of science. So your story can only be legitimized by the backing of solid research. So what we do. Uh, at one of my company’s empire research group is we go and we look at all of the data and we scan an entire industry. So the first step in that inverted pyramid is global pain.

We wanna understand what’s happened over decades.

 The first step is global pain and that’s really to show when someone says something like, did you know that last year 85% of businesses were in a financial struggle? Actually, 80% made less revenue than they did the year prior.

It sets me up as an expert. Oh, this person isn’t just talking out there, you know, they’re actually saying something. It seems like they know what they’re talking about. So you want that global pain to really catch the entire buyer. Pyramid, regardless of if they’re interested in your product or service or not, then we get into targeted pain.

So targeted pain is what keeps your prospect up at night because it’s not generally majority of the time. It is not your product or service as much as you think that they care about that. And that’s, what’s keeping them up. It doesn’t, it isn’t only maybe that 3%.

Target pain. so what keeps them up at night? And if you can articulate their pain better than they can, they believe that you have the solution. So you are just expressing to them that they truly, you truly, I get you that from that they would just say, wow, you really understand me. And from there, then we get into the solutions portion.

So global pain, targeted pain solutions solutions is just setting you up as an expert in your field. If you give something valuable and it’s a part and a piece that maybe isn’t exactly, this is my product, this is my service, and this is what I do. So what can you do to add value to that person? 

Then the difference between content marketing and what my father taught, which is education based marketing, which is bound being a strategist versus just a tactical.

I’m just going to post something online and, you know, we’ll see what it does. So. That step is different in this second to last step, which is resetting of the buying criteria all through this education, you should be teaching them so that they’re thinking of only you as the possible logical conclusion.

So what do you have to do? Because if you do all of those steps and then you don’t reset the buying criteria, you’re educating your prospect to lead them straight to your competi. So you have to make sure this is a critical point that you educate them on everything that they need to know to purchase a product or service like yours.

That’s the resetting of the buying criteria. So that by the time you talk about you, your product, your service, they should already be sold on you before you’ve even mentioned you. That is the power of a true core story. That is the inverted pyramid. And that will be in the bonus chapter in chapter four.

Standing ovation. Yes. Yeah. And, and that was a, a true, uh, uh, golden Boulder moment right here. um, trademarked BI rest. Okay. uh, hi, Amanda. As, as we wrap up, this has been so awesome and, so cool to, to witness and experience like this whole process and we’re right there. So if you’re listening to this episode that means that the presale is up and running.

So go get your book right below the descriptions in both shows.

Ultimate sales

PC, easy PC, uh, go get your copy and copies. There is amazing bonuses to, to be taken for you and your company and your team members. So, uh, make sure you get those before, they, uh, run out. yeah, I, I just wanna point out you did a really good job to when writing the book at documenting the process and.

Sharing with people, you know, that you were your late night writing or very early mornings writing and you know, some of the, the challenges and struggles that you had. I just wanted to point that out because know, it’s not about, oh, I finished the book and now I’m going into promotion mode. Right?

Like, you’ve been And I don’t see it honestly, as promotion all. Honestly, I see it as you’re sharing something that you deeply care about and, you know, once you started taking on, okay, let me update this awesome book. You started immediately sharing with everybody and you’ve brought so many people throughout that journey.

So now people are, eager to get their hands on this.

Everybody’s like enough already. Could you adjust post? It it’s been four years of watching you write it on every plane train in automobile. We get it. We get it.

so you don’t,

you, but it is cool. Cuz now you see how much work it took. Right. It’s not just, I, you know.

it definitely increases the, the perceived value of it. You know, it’s already extremely valuable. Uh but now, you know, by knowing all the work that was behind. Um, it makes it even more special. So I’m very excited to grab the, yeah, by, by the way, I just wanna show you this, Amanda, for those listening, uh, I’m just showing like a stack.

Of them in here. Like this is like the one book that we actually like send out to, to like our people and community and the, because it’s, it’s so, so amazing. we can’t wait to, to get my hands into that presale now, uh, bono story, we talked about this, well, first I wanna celebrate the fact that you, over this last three years, you’ve developed this amazing voice, uh, in, in this space.

Right. And it was quite a bit of a process. Maybe we can do another episode just on that. Uh, I really, like you mentioned, there’s like, there’s a funny story involving clickfunnels in a virtual party and, uh, riding a, a bull or something. So maybe this is a treat for the audience today.

Uh, yeah, so I was at an event of ClickFunnels recently and um, every time he would like break off and say, okay, now work on your funnel and everybody would sit and they would do workshopping and work on their funnel. and I kept watching Russell and he would just sit there and wait. And I’m like, oh man, I gotta go up and talk to him.

I rarely get to talk to him. He’s a client. Right. So we’re working on his car story for ClickFunnels 2.0 but it’s fair few and far between, and I kept just staring at him. I’m like, oh, I really wanna get up there. I really just wanna say hi. I really wanna talk to him. I really, I mean, it was like driving me crazy inside of my mind.

So then I finally just ran up there and said, Hey, Russell, I put together the book funnel for the new edition. And I showed him cuz we were using his stickers and he’s like, oh, that’s so cool. And I’m like, and then it just popped into my head. I thought, you know, I’m doing a virtual event when we launched the book, uh, and I’m gonna have the biggest, best speakers I possibly can.

And it would be so awesome to have you as one of the speakers. And he said, oh, well, where is it gonna be? And I said, it’ll be virtual. Um, he’s like, well, Why don’t you have it host, we can host you at ClickFunnels headquarters and you can film it live from, from my headquarters. Are you serious for real?

So I, oh my God. I was like a giddy little child, but, uh, so that is for every person that gets the presale version of the book. You also get a ticket to that virtual, uh, party launch party, which will happen for a much smaller group of people and I’ll have him. And then also Jay Abraham. Also agreed that he will be there.

I still am filling the slots for the two others that will be there, but, um, it’s gonna be a great, a great

I, I, I took APIC of that, on that list and, oh my gosh. Yes, please go ahead and, and buy like now, cuz it’s gonna run out those spots. so, so much value, not just the fact that Amanda’s there launching this amazing resource and, and for, for many years to come, but also. The people I say yes to doing something like this, you know, J Abraham, Russell, Branson, legends, right in the, in the marketplace, in, in the, right now, in the business world.

So super excited. Thank you for sharing that story, Amanda. Uh fun Anything else? thank you so much. Yeah. For sharing everything for putting so much love and effort into the new, the new version of the book, is gonna change a lot of people’s lives. Yeah. And, know, get them all pumped up. I remember when I finished reading this book, I was.

Honestly, as I was reading it, was like, this is what I need. Like, this is what I need to do now. Right. I even chapter one with like time management I was like, this is perfect. Cause my time management skills are, it’s not the best. yeah. feel like you need to repeat it again. Okay. uh, Amanda, anything else that you want to add?

There is one little thing. So, um, I was so normally a forward would be to the reader. You say dear reader. Right? And I had written many versions of dear reader. And then when I had my first session, cuz I needed a coach to help guide me finishing this. So, uh, Julie eon was that for me, guiding me through just pulling, I would call her a genius extractor.

She just pulls out whatever genius you have in the moment, it’s just kind of a mess. Thoughts in your head until she helps you plan it out and get it into something clean and clear. But, uh, we had that first meeting and she sat me down and she said, you know, I think that the forward should actually be dear dad.


And I heard that and I went no, like immediately, like it was like guttural, like out of like an instant resistance to no way would I ever want to do that. And, uh, so over a couple of minutes, I was like, well, Oh, okay. I have hired you to be my guide, so I should listen to you. And this is our first meeting together.

So to say no to the very first thing you asked me to do is kind of not being a good student. And I pride myself in being a good student. So I will do it as an exercise. It won’t go in the book. That was my, that was my answer. And she went okay. You know, she could tell I was very upset about it and. After that meeting, I went down and I was sitting, I was in Puerto Rico at the time and I was sitting at dinner and all of a sudden it started to come over me of like, oh, I think I can write this forward.

And I pull up my phone and instantly it just. Again, another, just download came and I just start writing dear dad in a notes in my phone and tears are streaming down my face. I, it was you ever have those moments where you just get so in the zone that it’s like time just like slows and. Everything blurs.

And it’s just you cuz there were some parts of my head that went Amanda, you’re hysterically ugly, crying in this restaurant right now. I’m sure everybody’s thinking that you’re crazy. And I’m like, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. And this whole forward just like flowed out of me in one fell swoop and you know, it’s, it’s a letter that I never.

told my dad and there’s some parts that are really raw and really honest, and it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. There’s also some anger in there, but then there’s also a lot of gratitude and honoring. And, um, so I have, I will say that I might have made some grown men cry and it’s kind of a strange way to start a sales book, but you know what.

It’s just a part of my heart and my soul. And I think people will resonate with that because cells should be about your heart.

Yeah. I mean, I’m listening to this and I’m like, I haven’t even read it. I like getting water eyes. I can’t even imagine. Um, gonna, I’m definitely gonna cry when, when I read that and if you’re a dad is even worse, uh, in the, in the best way possible. Uh, but yes, it, it is incredible. Uh, I I’ve seen firsthand the effect of that forward.

I mean that, and obviously, um, yeah, it. Very grateful that you decided to, to make that decision and, uh, you know, make, make this book your own as well. So super awesome. Uh, that set guys, you so much for tuning to the contents profit podcast. Go ahead and follow the show in your favorite platform and on social media at base Broco.

That is right. Amanda. Here has help you move one step closer towards your goal. Please. forget to share this episode and, go get your copy of the ultimate sales machine. Let’s go!

And that is a sneak peek into the new edition of the ultimate sales machine. There is so much more to it. Go ahead and get your presale copy because when you sign up, you get a bunch of wonderful bonuses that special ticket to the virtual event for ClickFunnels, with Russell Brunson and Jay Abraham, uh, a bundle of wonderful templates that you can utilize in your business to help you with market and sell.

And, um, uh, you will get chapter four before everyone else, which is really cool. So you’ll get to read that. And there’s a great, uh, story about, um, quite a few great stories actually in there. I won’t, I won’t even talk about it. Uh, there’s also, uh, Bulk orders. You can get a bulk order. If you wanna get three copies, if you wanna get five copies, if you wanna get for your full team, all of these presales go to, uh, the actual launch of the book and we’re working to get it to number one.

And every book matters. So if you wanna buy 10 and give them out as Christmas gifts now is the time to do it because you get a special bonuses. If you buy 10, if you decided to buy a hundred, you get even more special bonuses. So go ahead and get your book. Orders are appreciated. Uh, if you’ve ever had a breakthrough or if you’ve generated some revenue from, uh, this book, this is one of those let’s honor.

My father. For the life’s work that he did and what better way to celebrate him than to get this new edition. So thank you everybody. And, uh,

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