The Best Ideas We Tend to Forget

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Blog

How many times have you used a successful strategy and forgotten about it?

We see it every day.

You start a concept, you get traction, you make a win!

And then you move on to the next shiny object.

Watch this week’s dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine today about a brilliant idea that generated $40 million dollars

And yet it was forgotten.

Tune in to hear more so you can finish more things that you start, and refine it until mastery.


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Continued Learning: How to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome


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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Hey, Amanda Holmes here. If you enjoy Ultimate Sales Machine, whether it be the book or our trainings, or you’ve been listening to these podcasts and you’re thinking, I’d really like this to be infiltrated into my business, I want it to run in the d n A of me and my team, then I have something really special for you.

A Harbor Business Review study showed that in times of financial crisis, regular and consistent training was the key differentiator to help companies sustain and strengthen and be able to set themselves out as number one in their market when people weren’t spending money.

That is why with what we have on the horizon and what’s happening right now, that’s why we’ve put together a group training format, A community of like-minded ultimate sales machine believers that want to, with just one hour a week work on your business in marketing, sales, and operations to.

Finally tuned into with pigheaded discipline and determination to improve every little piece of your business, just one hour a week. If you’d like to hear more, go to Ultimate sales That’s D O J O. Again, ultimate sales Dojo, d o j o as my father was a fourth degree black belt in karate.

We decided to take this training, make it for the modern man and or woman and have it be a Dojo theme. So you’ll see sparring included, you’ll see tournaments included in belts. You can get your black belt certification and ultimate sales machine, which will also be available. So if you wanna bring in your executive team, if you want your head of sales, if you want your head of marketing, if you’d like teams to get trained in this methodology, ultimate sales

Amanda: Welcome to the Weekly Dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine, the CEO Mastery Call. I am Amanda Holmes. This is Troy Aberly, our Executive Strategy Officer here at chi. Now, we were talking yesterday about the topic of CEOs and the shiny object syndrome that they face.

I mean, it makes sense, right? You have to wear every hat. It’s you’re responsible for every nook and cranny. And sometimes you can get your eye off the prize. It’s overwhelming. It is overwhelming and easily distracted. And my favorite stat on this, right, 15 years ago, it was seven different marketing mediums to market your product on average.

And today it’s 13 with five social media channels and three paid advertising platforms. So you’re doing double the amount of work for a fraction of the results. So no wonder we’re feeling. Right. Yeah. But something that we were talking about yesterday, . Yeah. I got really heated on it. So we came up with this killer stadium pitch for somebody. 

Let me ask you this question. I have a case study of a podcast that generated $60,000 and I. The same podcast hosts the same topics, and yet the second podcast generated 40 million. Would you like to hear that case study of how that second podcast generated 40 million over 60 K?

Yeah. Love to, right? So when I first heard this, I canceled two meetings and followed the gentleman. That, uh, came up with this. And if you write in the comments, if you write back to [email protected], I’ll tell you who that is. Um, but the thing, that hook is so good. It’s so good. It’s so good. So I said that is your hook.

That’s what you need to do. So then he used it on LinkedIn and, and posted this, have a case study if you’re interested. Uh, just write in the comments to see it. And it was the most engaged post he’d ever gotten. Yeah. He got 44 leads from that one post. And it was for an agency, it was shocking. Everybody was dropped dead.

Surprise. Amazing. Yeah. Amazed. And then he didn’t do anything with it. After that moment, he stopped using it, and then about six months later, we’re in a group and he’s like, I’m really trying to figure out how to explain what I do. And I again said, this is your hook. This is what hooked me. And I said the title and the room went, oh, that is a great title.

And I’m like, see, I already told you it already worked and yet you’ve forgotten. Oh, and then a year later, here we are, a year later, and the same thing happened again where we were. We were in a room and he was like, I don’t know how I should explain myself. And I’m like, okay, let’s try this one more time.

 I know I’m a broken record here, and the room got into a debate. One felt that that was a little too click Beatty, but then [00:05:00] five others said, Nope, I’d follow you to find that out. It was already proven. He got 44, he got right crossed, already proven yes. And then he reaches out to me.

Well, what should I do for my website? How should I follow the core story framework, which I loved that question. You know, do I start with global pain or targeted pain? And I said, absolutely not. The hook that has worked. Yeah, over and over again, I’m gonna repeat myself. consistency case study. Get this download of how we generated 40 million from a podcast.

Oh, so I just wonder 

Troy: how many people go through this and yet don’t see, it’s just like shiny object syndrome. It I did. It changes the focus and it’s insane. Even more money in time trying to figure out, not realizing what worked is 

Amanda: sitting right in front of you, but we forget about it. Because there’s so many other things to focus on.

We just go, oh, shiny object here. Oh, squirrel, right? Yeah. So I just did that . So the message for today [00:06:00] is what has already worked? What do you know works, and how can you repeat it with pigheaded discipline and determination and carry it through everything you do. Because we know that you’re in business because it’s worked.

Troy: Exactly. Success and failures both lead clues. Take a look at the customers that are already working amazing for you, giving you the feedback and work with that feedback. Don’t look for finding brand new ones and everything else. Just focus on on getting the, working on what it is that’s already been working.

Just keep doing it and just stay consistent. Like Chad consistency consist is about, you know, doing 12 things 4,000 times, those two. Yep. Something 

Amanda: in those 12 things is working. That’s way. Consistency breeds confidence and right now what do we need with a recession coming, we need confidence. Yeah. So with that said, it is another weekly dose of your ultimate sales machine.

And hey, by the way, I don’t know if you heard, but we’ve built. [00:07:00] A group program where we’re gonna run through the ultimate Sales Machine book in a group. So for those of you that have read the book and gone, I would love to actually implement this and make this part of my, the DNA of my company. I’d like my new hires to go through a training for Ultimate Sales Machine.

I’d like my new marketing manager, my new sales guy or gal. This is the place to be. We’re going to have a blast. Anything you wanna add to that? Yeah, I think that, 

Troy: you know, there’s something that people keep coming to me about is they, they say that they’ve read the book 5, 6, 10 times and they, they don’t really seem to get how to install it.

They’re just reading and they’re, and that back to that shiny object syndrome. Then something else interrupts you and then you’re like, dang, I really like that. But then they go back and read again, but they still don’t implement it here each and every single week. We’re gonna spend 

Amanda: one hour per week. One hour a week, that’re all it is we’re gonna these little incremental 

Troy: steps for Big leap 

Amanda: results.

Absolutely. Gosh, isn’t he good? ? Dang. Okay. And that if you [00:08:00] want to find out more, we’re doing an application process because we just wanna make sure that great people are part of the group, so we’re not accepting everybody. Ultimate sales Dojo, that’s where you can apply ultimate sales

Until next time, thanks for walking with us .


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