Amanda Holmes Reveals New Original Song

by | Nov 25, 2022 | Blog

What do you do to reset? How do you turn off the chatter in your mind?

I used to be a singer/songwriter. So when I need a break I go to my guitar.

Here’s a clip from my book launch. At the end the audience asked me to sing.

So here’s an original I wrote to overcome the chatter of my mind.

Reply back, I’d love to know what you do to reset, recharge, and rejuvenate!

Enjoy this week’s episode!

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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

So I was sitting in Puerto Rico and uh, I was sitting in front of the ocean and I was just kept repeating to the ocean, Tell me what to say. You’re so beautiful, Divine ocean.

Please guide me. And it was like this, uh, this duet with me in the ocean. And what came out was kind of like how I experienced dear dad, where it was like, Oh, this feels so uncomfortable to say, but maybe that’s what I am supposed to say. So that’s okay. Um, yeah, I’ll just play a little bit of it. Okay, here we go.

I gotta get outta my head. I’m a little bit nervous. Gotta get through this ang it’s making me crazy. Yeah. I need to say to know what it feels again to feel one with myself using my, and Select once was a victim. Now I’m a

almost on the.

Hardy Hard

Boy’s. I’m really singing an original song. Guys, this is really happening . Here I am once again thinking I know better, trying to force my hands when you have all the answers. Emma, best of times, uh, pastor You to be my guide and my hands would follow through. Life is surreal when I

Oh no. Hi, Hardy. Hardy Boy.

More survive on the More Survive on the More. Hi, Hardy Hard Boy, Mom, Mama.


and that is me singing in English and Sanskrit goal. Yes, truly achieved. Thank you for letting me, uh, have such a wonderful time. And it’s always a goal of mine to put Sanskrit into as many things as possible. . So the fact that I also got to check off my list, um, another way, as GY has taught me to, uh, unluck your mind and the ability to use more of your intellect, um, to go inward.

Sanskrit has been a great way for me to learn and, and bloom and blossom.

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