One Unexpected Relationship That Created Exponential Growth

by | Apr 7, 2023 | Blog

In today’s fast-paced world, we forget how one chance meeting could change the course and trajectory of life.

In this week’s micro-episode, you’ll hear a story of pigheaded discipline and determination that transformed into millions of dollars in revenue.

Sometimes it’s just one person that can help you make a quantum leap in business, listen in to be inspired.


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Amanda: Welcome to your weekly dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine. I have with me Adam Witty, who was so wonderful on stage, and he had mentioned he dropped in the Dream 100, which I thought, oh, I’d love to hear more from him. Can you give a brief background for them so they know a bit about you, and then we’ll dive into the fastest, least expensive way to double your sales.

Adam Witty: Absolutely, Amanda. Thank you. Uh, so my name’s Adam Witty. I’m the founder and CEO of Forbes. And Advantage Media. We help entrepreneurs and CEOs write and publish business books to help ’em grow their business and create authority. So I read your dad’s book. A gazillion years ago. , well, it really 15. It really wasn’t a gazillion, probably 15.

Yeah. It was probably 15 years ago. Gazillion 15 . And I remember the most profound thing that I got from the book. And there was a lot from the book. Yeah. But it was this whole idea of a Dream 100 list. Mm-hmm. and it, it was such a simple idea, but in practice I hadn’t done it. Wow. And very few people I think, have done it.

Mm. Really thinking through with intention. Who are those Dream 100 people or companies that could exponentially. Grow my business. Yes. And so one of our big ideas was we had identified through this process that your dad and his book had inspired me to think through who are the various media partners that could help us really exponentially grow our business?

And because we’re in the business of publishing business books, one of the top names and brands on that list is Forbes, Forbes Media, Forbes Magazine. Okay. I think just about everybody knows Forbes, Forbes. So Forbes is on our list, and in 2015, I have a chance opportunity to connect with Steve Forbes. Huh.

And because I had intentionally created that Dream 100 list. Yes. I now had something very specific to talk to him about. That ultimately turned into a great partnership, which today is Forbes Books, [00:02:00] which is now eight years in the Making, which is a very, very large business, in fact, one of the largest independent business book publishers today.


Amanda: Yes. That’s how good. 

How many times do you have a chance meeting that could turn into something, that seed is planted and then we forget it and we negate and we just move on? Cuz the shiny object syndrome, I just all the time perpetually. Yeah, all the time. But if you have the frameworks to identify when that’s an opportunity, and then you just have that pigheaded discipline and determination to see it through.

You are a living, breathing example of it. Thank you. Where did they find. 

Adam Witty: You? Yes. So you can find me, uh, at Oh, you go pretty easy, right? Yeah. Easy, easy. And you can find more about our [email protected]. Thank you. You’re welcome.

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We can’t just wing it in our marketing and sales processes anymore. We have to get hyper-focused and do what works during a no spend economy. So what would be more enjoyable than spending just one hour a week with a group of pigheaded disciplined and determined companies that are committed to grow?

Because in studies of previous. 91% of companies either go stagnant, decrease, or go bankrupt during recessions versus 9% that actually grow. If you wanna be part of that 9%, that’s why we’ve created the Dojo. Visit Dojo do j o dot ultimate sales That’s Dojo D O J o dot ultimate sales to apply in just one hour.[00:04:00] 

You can transform your whole business, taking just a handful of concepts and working to master them with repetition, right? Just like my father taught, like the Dream 100 are the best buyer strategy, education-based marketing. Time management, secrets of billionaires. We dissect the concepts, bring it back for discussion and workshop, the solutions on how to implement it into your company’s dna.

This is for CEOs, marketing and sales departments. We want everyone to be on the same page. And not only that, we’re inviting professionals that want to use brain power over wallet power. Solving old problems with new ideas. If you want to simplify and make bigger bets on fewer things, if you want to be surrounded by that group, all you have to do is apply for the Dojo at dojo doj o dot ultimate sales

I’d love to see you there. I’m extending my sacred space to a group of like-minded individuals that all wanna elevate [00:05:00] during a time when everyone else is in panic. We’re not. We’re just hyper-focused. We’ve got a roadmap ahead of us that’s worked for 250,000 businesses, that’s generated over 2 billion for our clients.

We know it works. We just have to have the pigheaded discipline and determination to do so. So why not do that in a community? I look forward to seeing you there. If you’re willing and able to do something great, visit dojo dot ultimate sales to apply.

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