Case Study: How a Gift Under $5 Led to The Ultimate Dream Client

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Blog

Whether it’s a simple handwritten note or a pair of personalized socks, the act of gift-giving can take many forms and has the unique ability to establish a connection between two individuals. This is what you NEED to BUILD- an authentic and positive connection with your BEST CLIENTS.

Listen to this episode and learn how to stand out from your competition through creative and personalized gifting.


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Amanda:  Welcome back to the C E O Mastery Show, and here is.

Weekly dose of the ultimate sales machine. 

With the information posted on social media today, it’s very easy to give a gift to your dream buyer that is tailored specifically to their likes and needs. By studying them, you may find a book about their hometown, a hat from the college they attended, an item from their favorite celebrity or sports star.

Here are a couple of creative ideas that our clients have used to create more specialized gifts. Leather made with a He handmade leather book. Um, put your. Client’s face on socks, my face Dennis, you sent me a pair of those and I have kept them forever. You just cannot, you can’t throw it away.

And every time you open your sock drawer, you’re just staring at these really strange socks with your face on ans hilarious. 


Amanda: Take a picture they cherish and have it have a sketch made of it, which actually happened to me. So funny that we put this in the book. Um, my client, Motilal Oswal, they had a painting made of me and my father, which absolutely. I mean, it made me cry. They presented it to me while I was in India. 

Uh, or if you don’t have an artist to hand paint it, you could also get a caricature done. There’s free apps that can do that. Um, yes. Many different options for getting your dream client. I think my father would’ve been. So thrilled to see how Dream 100 has evolved over the years, right?

Dream 100 is the fastest, least expensive way to double sales. Uh, it’s the one strategy that has doubled the [00:02:00] sales for more companies than any other, just for those that are unfamiliar. At its basic core, there’s always a smaller number of better buyers than there are all buyers. That means the marketing and selling to them is cheaper than marketing and selling to all buyers.

So in essence, You could have a Dream 10 or a Dream or a Target 12 instead of a full Dream 100. But if you are deciding to get hyper-focused on just those few and you wanna be in their face and their place and their space, right? You are everywhere to them. So they look around and they go, I could work with nobody else cuz these, this company is everywhere to me.

That is the power of what Dream 100 is today versus, you know, just a sprain prey model where you just send it out to everyone and hope you get some back.

You can get so hyper personalized today because of what we see online. I’ll give you an example of this. So, um, Russell Brunson is a really well known entrepreneur.

He is a couple million people that follow him. Businesses that follow [00:03:00] him. ClickFunnels went from zero to a hundred million in four years, and he, uh, took Dream 100 and, and that helped him get to that a hundred million and he is continued to share it in all of his books and, uh, it’s been a blessing to see him carry on my father’s legacy like that.

So of course when I’m thinking about how to send a gift to the gentleman who has carried on Dream 100, right? How do you dream 100? A Dream 100 expert from the Dream one hundreds originator’s daughter. 

I mean, there was a lot of Dream 100 s there, right? So the, the pressure was on the line. I really had to do something cool.

And this, I’ll bring it back to a point in just a moment. So I was talking with Russell and we. I, I told him about this manuscript that my father had written and my father said that it was the best book that he’d ever written. And it wasn’t the ultimate sales machine, it’s this other script, uh, [00:04:00] or book.

So we wrote this book and he considered it be the best he’d ever written, but it is, how do I word? Promiscuous , uh, rated PG 13, possibly rated R. Like there’s a gray area there. And I was telling Russell about my predicament where I was feeling like, you know, if this is something that is really great, but it’s not something that I would, uh, release to the world.

Uh, he, he didn’t release it to the world. Uh, I think also because maybe there was some questionable stuff that he put in. And I told Russell about it and I was like, what do you think? You think I should put it out? I mean, it’s, it’s kind of questionable. I mean, the title is The Sex and Sales Adventures of Clifford Haws.

Just to give you an idea of where this might go, . So, uh, I mentioned it to Russell and uh, I was like, you know, what do you think? And he’s like, I could read it if you’d [00:05:00] like. And he was just so excited, right? Because it’s, it, it tells the story basically of, my father’s be living in New York City and inventing the Dream 100 concept, so it’s just so entertaining.

And, and he wanted to create it into a whole TV show. And, um, so Russell asks, so, you know, I’d love to read it. I’m like, oh, are you sure? Okay, great. So I ended. Making a book. I went to a printer and asked them to make the book to send just to Russell. I made I think two copies, one for me, one for Russell, and I sent it over to him.

It cost me $3. To make that book. And it like, still to this day, years later, he had told me like, you gave me the ultimate gift. Like I can’t even believe I got the manuscript and nobody, and I’m like, yeah, nobody will ever see that manuscript. So you actually have the only manuscript of the originator of Dream 100.

How cool is that? And it just so happens that Russell [00:06:00] is like, um, he has a love of books. I think it’s like bi. Oh, it was bi maniac, bibl, I forgot what the word is. When you’re obsessed with books, he’s obsessed with books, so it was the perfect gift to give him. So the point that I’m trying to make, um, is gifts don’t have to be expensive.

and I know that there’s a lot of offshoots that have happened from the Dream 100 where, you know, people will buy very expensive gifts as well, and there is a place for that. The point that my father was trying to make with Dream 100 in gifting was to set yourself apart from all the comp competition.

That’s just, you know, maybe sending a direct mail piece. That’s just some letter. You know, majority of them get thrown out. You have it be lumpy. It has to be something that stops them in their tracks long enough to say, what is this? And they read it and they go, that’s entertaining. Right? Or the gift is something that stops them in their tracks and goes, oh wow, that was thoughtful.

So if you have [00:07:00] a Target 12, or, uh, you know, you have three in, in my latest Dream 100, I had just had three companies that that was who I was focusing on. and to just know that it’s three, you can get really specific on what their needs are, what their likes are. You know, you analyze and watch them online because we’re posting everything about ourselves online.

So it’s so much fodder to be able to create something that stops ’em in their tracks long enough to get them to have that appointment with you to continue to be a client. Right. Russell, uh, that was my first Dream 100 gift I sent him. Um, and. He loved it and he ended up, so he bought 650 books to send to all of his best clients, his clients that have made over a million in using his software.

Then when the book came out, he bought another thousand copies to send again to all of his clients and to thank him for that. I took, uh, there was a chapter. [00:08:00] There was a letter that I found where my father said that he generated more wealth in six months than the prior eight years combined. And it was all because of this one thing.

And he, and, and I found this letter and I went, oh my God, I have to put this into the new edition of the book. So I took my just pieces of that letter, but uh, mostly wrote about my experience and how it interwove with what my father had found in the final chapter of the new edition in chapter. But the actual letter we ended up taking and we made it into a book, and I printed, uh, we printed just about, I think a hundred copies of it and I sent it to Russell saying, you know, because he’s very open about his faith and he’s very, um, He shares a lot about him being a Mormon, and I think that that’s very inspiring for others that maybe wouldn’t feel as comfortable about talking about, you know, [00:09:00] their, their faith or their religion.

So this letter very much reads like a prayer or a meditation, and I probably wouldn’t have put it out if it weren’t for trying to find a Dream 100 gift for Russell. Who, you know, has plenty of money. It’s not like he needs to buy anything what he cares, but you have to find what that person cares about, right?

Something that would make them stop and say, wow, that’s really cool. So I, I made it put into a book and then I also let him know that another hundred or so businesses would be able to get the same gift of that prayer because of the inspiration that he had on me for the way that he lives his. , right? Aw,

So all I’m trying to say, and again this, I mean these cost under a dollar, so it’s not like it needs to cost a lot of money. The point is to be smart and to think what would make them interesting or [00:10:00] interested enough to want to talk to you more, want to work with you more, want to refer you business.

That is the key of the Dream 100 gift.


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