[Work Smarter] Generate 8 Figures with Less Than 30 Clients

by | Jul 1, 2022 | Blog

Do you ever feel like generating leads is a struggle?

Hubspot reports that six out of ten businesses say generating leads is their biggest marketing challenge.

This has been a common challenge for years, however the reason for the challenge has changed.

What used to take 8 touches to get to a prospect, recent reports reveal that it’s more like 15.6 touches, with 80% of those touches needing to be on at least three different mediums.

Email. Phone. Linkedin. Social. Chat. Take your pick.

This week’s episode is with one of our new partners, David Asarnow.

He shares how he has grown multiple companies to 8 figures, with less than 30 clients, all within 5 years.

Yes you heard me. He explains how we overcomplicate business, with some super simple helpful tips to win those whales.

You will thoroughly enjoy this clip from one of our trainings where David shares his stories of winning clients like McDonalds, and how he did the impossible.

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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

 I originally heard of the target 10 from a gentleman that’s in the studio right now. His name is David Asarnow and I’m going to bring him up. Actually, David, if you wanna come up now, you can. David was our, one of our speakers back in the day when we had business breakthroughs, a partnership with my father and Tony.

And he was one of our best sales trainers at that time. And he had left. He had a company right before that two that generated eight figures all within, less than five years each. Yeah. Each and then now he’s gone on since then and created his own company business nitrogen. That is number one, the number one agency for click funnels agencies for helping people get their messaging and their sales online into automated sales funnels.

So I will bring up David, as Sark say hello, everybody. 

Hi everyone. Hello? 

So thank you for having me. Yes. I love it. So I wanted to bring him in. He happened to be in Florida and I thought, oh, this is perfect. Let’s do this together because you said it before we got here that your career has been about dream 100.

Yeah. You found dream 100 

and I just 

calculated it. 

About 23 years ago was the first time that it wasn’t called, I didn’t know about dream 100, huh? At the time, obviously, because the book wasn’t out. But I came up with an idea to build a new division and a company. And we were gonna go only after the biggest clients.

And the company said they’re too big for us because they weren’t one of the larger companies in the industry. Huh. And so I said I’m going to do it. 

Advanced multi-tiered approach, can you share with us a story or a background or a case study of one of yours where you use.

Multiple different avenues to get to your dream buyer. Sure. 

And I’m going to remind me because Olivia’s goal of getting to the superintendents I want in our strategy. We’re gonna talk about, I have something that I think would work beautifully for her. Oh, great. Great. And probably multiple others here.

So I, I guess you, what you’re asking is my foundation and how I actually discovered this by accident. Okay. And it really came through pigheaded discipline and determination. And it really was. I made a commitment and I got up in front of my entire company and I was talking about a big har audacious goal in listen.

It was a 68 million company. The average division was over 30 million. And I said, within five years I was going, I got literally in front of the entire company. And here’s the funny thing I asked my boss before I made this declaration. I. The guy who’s, who gave me this permission to start this vision.

I said, do you wanna see my presentation? He said, no, I trust you. oh, my 

famous, last words I said, are you sure? 

And he said, yes. And I said, okay, and I, and the owner of the company was there. And I said, I’m gonna, in next five years, I’m gonna create the largest division in this company. It’s gonna be the fastest growing and the most profitable.

And everyone started laughing except the owner of the company. And my boss. I could see steam coming outta the ears and his eyes were getting like, what? And I just kept going on. You gave me permission. I’m going . And I went through, we were going after the large companies and my company did 68 million, but our competitors were billion dollar companies.

So they’re like, we don’t go in that space. And I said, We’re better than them. I know we’re better than them. And I know our competition. I know what their weaknesses are and I know why we’re better. And I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is going to happen. And besides mark taking me aside later and saying, what the heck did you and he didn’t use, heck did you do?

And I said, I asked you if you wanted to see my presentation he said, you better do what you said. So what happened is six months I was calling and calling just cold calling. I would stop in and knock on doors. I’d fly across the country to knock on a door. Wow. I was willing to do whatever it took and I wasn’t getting anyone returning my calls.

So if what you’re doing, isn’t working. Change your approach. Ah, okay. So I don’t remember where I would give credit if I knew I read this in a book. Okay. So I took this concept. I took a sneaker, a size 14. Yes. They’re big 14 size 14 sneaker. It was new one. I put it in a FedEx box because one of my dream 100 clients was McDonald’s and why?

Because I was doing custom plastic packaging and who uses a lot of packaging. And I came up with an idea that. That MC I McDonald’s, I said was the best in the world at doing visual imagery and auditory because they had their TV commercials, their print, but they didn’t use kinesthetic. And I came up with a concept on how we could take the McDonald’s packaging cup and container and boss the M on it.

And so I got a mockup made and that was like $750 to actually comp my company had to believe in me. I was like, we’re gonna do this. They’re gonna be a customer. They’re gonna buy from us. And they’re like, you’re asking us to do a lot here. And I said, we have to make the design. We have to make the CAD drawing.

We have to make the, and so we determined determin. And so we did, and I took a sneaker put in a FedEx box to the guy I’ve been calling over and over again. And I said, Ken, now that I have my foot in your door, may please have five minutes of your time. I’ll be calling you on Friday at 10:00 AM to talk about how I can help McDonald’s increase the brand recognition and profitability David as Sarno.

Whoa. Now, by the way, whoa, what 

I feel it right now. When I think about that on that Friday at 10:00 AM, when it was 9 59, and it was time that phone got very heavy. My heart started beating like crazy and that the nerves started coming up. What if they don’t answer what’s gonna happen? And when I called and I said, hi, my name’s David Asar.

I’m calling for my appointment with Ken. His secretary laughed. And this is the lady who never put me through. She laughed. And she said, you’re the sneaker guy. . And I said, yes, I am. And I said, she’s. I said, can you put me through to Ken? She said, Now, Ken, this is the interesting thing. If you use these kind of creative approaches, you have to be prepared.

You have to be ready, you have to be on your game and you have to know how you wanna serve them. And so when I called Ken, he said, I said, hi, Ken, my name’s David as Sarno, I’m calling for our appointment. He said, you got your five minutes start. He wasn’t happy. okay. And I said, oh, thank you for your time.

He said the time’s ticking . Now I could have done what most people would do, which would go right into a pitch and a benefit dump. And I have, and I have $3 million questions and I’ve used them over and over again. And so I said, I have a question for you. He said, it’s your five minutes.

Do whatever you want. I said, thank you, Ken. So I’ve got three questions. The first one or a question. I didn’t say three questions. I said, I have a question. I want you to think of the best vendors that you, that serve you right now. Why do you consider them the best? And he said, in your five minutes, I’m giving you, this is what you want.

Yes. Why do they serve you? And then he told me, I’d say tell me more. And I dig a little deeper. And I said, thank you. And I said, I have another question. If the best of the best could serve you better in any way, how could they serve you better? He said, you really wanna know this? And I said, yes. And he told me, and here’s what he said, product development.

They could bring us new ideas. I didn’t know what he was gonna say. Go figure. So I said, okay, Ken, I have a third question. He said, you got 30 something seconds left. I said, I understand that Ken, if I could show you right now in the next five minutes, that I can not only serve you like the best of the best, but I can also meet the needs that you told me the best of the best aren’t meet.

Aren’t serving you. Would you give me 15 minutes in person to sh share it with you? And if you don’t like it at any time, you can kick me outta your office. You’ll never have to hear from me again. He said, what are you talking about? And I said, what I told you earlier, I said, McDonald’s is the best in the world at marketing and branding.

And you have the most amazing commercials out there. I said, but you’re missing one thing. You’re missing kinesthetic, you’re missing touch. And I said, in fact, I created something. I should show you. I saw my presentation. I did for them on a hard drive. Oh, how cool. I I said I created an SLA back then it’s called 3d modeling today and 3d printers.

But back then it was very expensive to, to create this. So I said, I created an SLA in a product development that shows how we can take the visual imagery of McDonald’s tie it with a kinesthetic feel and you’re going to have branding. And what I like to do is bring that up and show you name the time.

If you want me in Chicago tomorrow, I’ll be there tomorrow. Whenever you name it, he said, can’t you just stick it in a FedEx and send it to me like you did the sneaker . And I said, I could, however, with all due respect, my company invested $750 to get this mock up made. I’d like to be the FedEx package. And as I said, if you don’t like what I have to show you or say, you can kick me outta your office and you’ll never have to hear from me again.

However, I know you’re gonna love what and you’re go, gonna wanna hear. That 15 minute appointment turned into over two and a half hours. It turned into a meeting with their entire product develop. He liked it so much. He said, I wanna see what other ideas you can come up with. I want you to present to our product development committee.

I then flew up to Chicago again met with their entire product development committee and had an hour presentation on ideas for McDonald’s. It turned into within 45 days from that 1.4 million. And I got their Sunday cups. If you look McDonald’s Sunday cups have an em in Boston. And so 

so anyway, that’s a great story.

Isn’t it? Yeah. 

It’s it’s. And I knew that I could serve them. I knew that we could, and I actually had so many other ideas. In fact, they offered us a deal that would’ve been worth about 30 million, but my company, because we’re privately held and we didn’t have funding, they’re like, we don’t have, we don’t have the funds to buy the machinery to make that.

Wow. And I was like that, would’ve been like, home run grand slam. But but anyway, the one thing that I can tell you with, if you do business, McDonald’s your agreement says that if you give them an idea, they don’t have to do it with you. Oh. But they wanted to just my, the other stuff, my, my company couldn’t but amazing.

So that’s just one example. Yeah. Of, of thinking outside of the box, like you want me to share something 

like with I’m thinking that maybe let’s do the priorities. I wanna see you guys do your priorities, and then we’re gonna come back and have Dave go into a, even more advanced strategy. So you get your action items and then it’ll help with the fodder.

Does that sound like a good next step? Everyone sees that the diagram on, sorry, it’s on your Excel sheet. We covered Johan you see the Excel sheet. This is all Johan. Johan. Yes. Sorry. I’m clicking through it. Okay. Ah, okay. I didn’t have it through all of that clicking. I didn’t have it. So you see it’s on the third, I think the third tab of your Excel sheet, it says priorities.

Or if you’re on your worksheet, it, it has you know what? I know where it is. It’s a little bit further. I’m gonna go past this into. Wow. It is far in here. Do you guys see where the priority section is? Yes.

Okay. Yep. Thank you. You can save me from clicker jail. Yeah, the prior. Yeah, that one. Yep. Thank you. Thank you. Awesome. Okay. We’re seeing it from two now. So what are your priorities for your next steps? So what is something that you can take action on immediately to, so for me, multi Lawwell, I freaking love this company.

600 of their staff have read the ultimate sales machine three times. It’s absurd. I need to do more with them. They’ve served 2 million Indians with their wealth management. So high net worth people as well. So all I need to do is go on social, find their entire executive team. I know that half of them already follow me and then start my social campaign with them.

What was I thinking that I haven’t done this yet? And then I’m also gonna put on a priority that I wanna figure out a direct mail piece, cuz I know that they would just love that then with Berkshire Hathaway, I just need to call Bob. What was I thinking that I haven’t called Bob. It’s been a while. How are you doing Bob?

Next I need to find more executives and really understand the breakdown of Berkshire Hathaway and how all of their different subsets work. So I can work within the one I’ve already worked in and try to branch out. And I’m gonna start on social, but I’m giving you those two to give you examples.

You also wanna start thinking of what other steps do you want to take? And then we will circle it back to Dave. And he’s sorry, David, he’s going to share even more advanced strategies, but does this feel good? You guys are clear on your priorities. What your next step? Okay. Five minutes, four, four minutes, three minutes, four minutes, four 


It goes electric WAV. When I turn it on 

man. Okay. We’re tuning back. How did everybody feel with their priorities?

Any breakthroughs Troy’s yeah. Any breakthroughs, any realizations, any struggles? Where are you at? 

I had a 

question. Yeah. I was doing some brainstorming today trying to think of like education based marketing. And I came up with three, three types of things I wanna offer. One I came up with was the top three.

The top three reasons why teachers are dissatisfied with PD. And I was thinking of making like a three part email where each report like has different three reasons or three challenges, student leaders. School leaders face. and getting high quality PD. And so I have all this research to go along with it, but I was wondering if that might be a good idea, like having a three part series or should I just focus on just one?


My mind is just 

lost. we crafted into a five to a seven to a nine part series.

oh, he’s challenging you even more so not 


yes. go through a, we’re go. We’re gonna walk you through a framework a little bit later on how we take the dream 100 and you can actually put it into an actionable format and get so strategic on how you’re going to do it. You know exactly what you’re gonna be doing every single week, every single month until that person raises their hand and says I’m in.

So we’ll go through that. So I want you to think I wanna challenge you to think bigger and say. You’re on the right path. How do you articulate that pain? How do you create that message? So that way they see it and they’re like, I want to, I need to speak with this person. Does that make sense? 

Yeah, it makes sense.

I already ordered something too for Oriental trading in. I ordered some yo-yos that I plan on sending out like the third or fourth contact and be like are you engaging? Are your teachers engaged during training? Let’s make it fun again. And here’s your yoyo. Go ahead and start practicing.


how fun 

that’s true. You’ll be able to use that. You’ll be definitely be able to use that. 

Wonderful. Anybody else share, share? Let’s hear. Where are you at? How are you doing one? How are you doing? You look very focused. 

You doing. Okay. 

You don’t wanna share anything where you’re right. Okay. You’re okay.

Okay. Aha. Where are you? Second time around. It makes more sense now that you’ve had the latter half. Yeah. It makes much more sense. I think it’s amazing because what I realized is I was following the same set of steps with all the dream hundred. It was like a flow map.

But I feel when I’m doing this exercise, probably for every client, we need to make different steps because that would make much more sense, which I was not doing before. So it was a, it’s a great opening for me. And apart from that, I feel it’s a very good idea to probably let’s say follow as you just given the example to follow all of the team members or the executives of the company so that we can, be in their space in their face, in their, like you said, so I think it’s cool.

I’m enjoy. Wonderful. Wonderful. Interesting. Okay. Anybody else Johan any goodness come out of that or you’re just on track and you’re ready to go. And I just realized I’m probably connected to six of those people now through socials, et cetera, that we need to connect to it. So I’m just gonna be 

type it away.

great. Already connecting. I love it. How are you doing? Oh, go ahead. Were you gonna say something? No. Okay. How are you doing ESR?

I know the mute buttons always so hard to find . 

Ah, okay. No, I’m 

on the other screen typing away and I’m like, I can’t find 

the window or the 

I’m doing good. It’s the pieces of the puzzle slowly are coming together, so I’m getting a better idea. And it’s really exciting that.

I think the biggest issue that we had is how do we get to people that we don’t know that we need to get to kind of thing. And now it’s actually at my fingertips, I got a lot of people that I know on first name basis or that I know somebody who knows somebody on first name basis that could become really big clients for us, or really big quote unquote affiliates for us.

And it’s incredible. I’m, , I’m re I don’t look excited, but I slept about three hours a night, three nights in a row because I’ve been in a crazy conference with a lot of drinking at night. I am really excited about this. No, that’s great. Cuz I know we’ve had so many dialogues too, about how are you guys honing in on who it is.

So I’m glad to hear that. I’m happy to hear. Were you gonna say something about it? 

It’s funny that he says that, how do you get in front of people? It goes to what you and I were talking about the old fashioned way, picking up the phone. You 

me to share. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Do that now.

That’s good. So 

I have the telephone is a very powerful weapon that so many people, these days don’t utilize effectively. Let me ask you a question. How by show of hands, because those of you have your camera on how many of you, when you call someone cold call, usually get a voicemail most of the time.

Okay. Yes. I’m seeing the hands or the yeses. Okay, awesome. So one of the things that we’ve been teaching, some of our clients was a very easy and simple process. So first let me ask you a question. How many of you can make. One phone call a day to a dream 100 client or a dream 12 client. Okay.

How many of you think you could make two phone calls a day. Okay, great. How many of you think you could make three phone calls? A. Anyone make four phone calls a day. okay. We got a few that can make four phone calls a day. Great. How much time is that? Two hours. Two hours to make four phone calls. So we’re do two hours.

And your dad used to talk about what would happen your business. If you just spent two hours a day on new business generation, do you remember that? 

Yeah. Yeah. For new businesses, it’s at four hours. It was four hours a day. If you’re trying to find new business, you should be outreaching four hours a day.


Yes. And one of the reasons I think that I learned this is when I was first getting started in sales. My, my dad, I. I said, ask him some questions. And he said, go ask your uncle. He didn’t graduate from college. And he makes more than me, my brother combined. So I went out and I asked uncle Alan what do I need to do?

And he said, most people are doing their proposals during the day. They’re making a few phone calls and they’re sending their follow up messages and things like that. He said, you from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM should be talking to everyone. You possibly can. You get up earlier, you stay up as late as you need to at night to do your paperwork and to do your follow up.

So out of that I obviously did pretty well when I was doing direct sales. And one of the things that we’ve taken from that is we have a client of ours and that they have outbound sales reps. Send emails. Like some of you were saying they were making phone calls, but they weren’t doing in a very systematic and profitable way.

And so we made an offering who, whichever one of his people wanted to make a small investment that was guaranteed. That if they didn’t get the results, they’d get their money back. If they didn’t at least east go 10 times more than they invested with us within one year, we’d give them their money back.

Ooh. Okay. 

That’s a nice 

offer, but they had to do what we said to do. Okay. Fair enough. Fair enough. And it was really, if they were willing to make fo four phone calls a day they followed our system and made four phone calls a day. Okay. They would make more than 10 times their money back. And if you think about it, if you make four phone calls a day, you’ve got five days a week.

Guess what? You can make 40, you have 40 potential contacts that you can target, but here’s the. I’m gonna tell you why I’m tell you this works when COVID hit. And all of a sudden they were going, they call on fortune 500 companies, fortune 5,000 companies big, giant multinational. And people were working at the office.

They didn’t know how to get a hold of them. And so what we said is I want you to craft a voicemail as if they were answering the phone and I want you to start playing with resistance. We would leave a voicemail and say, oh, by the way, you can’t answer that question because this is a voicemail.

However, you can reach me today up until 5:00 PM at my phone number. And if I don’t hear from you, I will be calling you back next Monday at 3:00 PM. Thanks again, my name’s David Asani. You can reach me at, the numbers. Oh, that’s a great one. So we started playing with resistance. Okay. And we started leaving.

Oh, voicemail, number two. Hey, Ted it’s. So it’s so great to hear from you. Since the last time that we spoke, we didn’t speak, it was a voicemail. Since the last time we spoke two amazing things happen. Developments have happened with clients. The first one is this, and I’d be happy to tell you the second one.

When we, when you return my phone call, you can reach me at this number. And if I don’t hear from you, I will be calling you back next Monday at 3:00 PM. okay. My favorite is voicemail. Number eight is Ted, by now who this is because you know my voice, but I have a question Ted, every night before I go to bed, I talk to God.

But for some reason, I can’t speak with you. Ted is always, you can reach me at, so by the way, do you see how we’re playing with the resistance here? It is funny, but here’s why the, and no, but, and here’s why it works. Our sales people get phone calls back, cuz these CEOs wanna hire them because they wish that their own sales people would call and follow up.

But there’s something else that happens. What do people want? They want people who do what they say they’re going to do. Ah, and by you doing it over 12 weeks, you’re number 12. Yep. By doing it over 12 weeks, we’re creating a pattern. I do what I say I’m going to do. And when someone wants to work with someone as a partner or a vendor in a company, they want people who have integrity, who follow up, who do what they say and so much.

So it doesn’t really matter what you leave in the voice message, as long as it doesn’t sound like you’re reading. You wanna have it really being internalized. I always tell people to stand up when they’re making the phone calls, because your tone and your energy flowing through your body’s totally different when you’re standing up.

Yep. I’m just not because my hair’s I’m getting cut off, but here too tall for the set when you’re when you’re making the phone calls, no, here’s what happened with this client. They were freaking out when COVID hit and do using this methodology. They had they grew their business by over $500 million.

Woo. Okay. And that was in 2021. And that was if they got zero new clients just on the revenue that was booked when COVID hit in March from there following this exact system. Wow. And out of the 350 reps, the sales came from, I think it was the top 18 reps that followed our system. Okay.

Wow. So here’s why I wanna say cold. Calling’s not dead. And what if we wanna put up the map? We can walk through the process. Yeah, let’s do that because it is you me with that, it’s just one it’s just one arrow in your quiver to be able to pull out. So one of the things that Amanda and I did a about a month or so ago is we mapped out how could you take this and bring it online?

How could you do it a little bit differently now? There’s something that I love that if I. Had to do it all over again because we didn’t have video brochures back, when I was a lot younger than I am now. And so one of the things that I highly recommend and and my, I was just telling Amanda at the last segment, when you’re working, I actually use this example in my Ted talk on how Russell Brunson built click funnels, the fastest growing non venture back tech, no tech company to reach a hundred million.

And he did it in less than five years and it was all with 100 of his dream joint venture partners. Okay. So someone earlier asked who do I go after? Is it my exact customer? Or is it someone who can buy from me or is it a joint venture partner who has access to my people? And that’s how he did it.

And he, you can watch my Ted talk if you wanna hear how he did it and his ethical bribe that he used, but. He used a video brochure. Okay. He used a video brochure and video brochures are so powerful because, and we use them in our company and we have ’em printed with our team’s picture on the inside. And when they open it up, it gives us an opportunity to talk to someone who doesn’t know us.

If I was to send it out, it’s Hey Amanda, my name’s David Asano, I’m so grateful that we’re gonna have the next two minutes and 37 seconds together. And I promise to make it very valuable for you and you get an opportunity to talk to them. Wow. 

Okay. So you’re saying that in the mail it comes and you open it up and it’s a video.

It we, I highly recommend putting it in a FedEx box or a FedEx envelope. Why people open up FedExes? Wow. Yeah. Okay. FedExes get put on someone’s desk. Yeah. You only things and why they’re expensive. It, so the thing. If you go directly to China, you can get ’em for $25. Each. If you get ’em from someone who’s in America, who’s gonna get it from China.

You’ll pay $75 each. So it’s not like it’s, you can get it directly. We do. Okay. It’s so easy. You record a video on your iPhone, through USB drive, you just drag and drop it onto the thing you and we hand write a note. We put like a little, we make it like a sticky note in the back and you hand write to this person a little note.

And so when $40 we get ’em for for 20, we got ’em for $22 actually, including shipping, but I think prices have gone up over supply chain. Yeah. Shipping everything. The it actually works when people get it, they will remember you. They may not always pick up the phone and call you back.

But here’s the thing. If you look at month, one month too, we actually go all the way down. Mail your video, brochure out, write it, then, Send an email to them when you know that they got it. If they don’t take the phone call, I always like to put the phone call right away, but not everyone does.

So we warm ’em up then send ’em a video email with an intro and expectation. So you can take the same thing or you can do a follow up, Hey, you probably got my, you can use bomb or other places like that. You can send video emails. We use that in our business as well. Wait a couple weeks and then give ’em a call.

Follow up with them. They’re more likely to take your call because you’ve done that. Now. My whole thing is once you make that first phone call, do not start this process, unless you’re willing to see it through, because if you start the process and do it, like I said, and say, I’m gonna call you the next week at the exact same time.

And you don’t, you just brought broke report and you broke credibility. So this process works. However only do it. If you’re willing to follow through and do what you say you’re going to do, because if you don’t, they will remember that as well. Okay. So then you go, if they pick up great you’ve got, you go into, and you talk to them, if they don’t guess what you’ve got your strategic voicemail, number one.

And then you’ve got your follow up email that you send to them that basically re reiterates what you left on the voicemail. And here’s the thing that and we often teach, go up to the top, go to the president, CEO, founder, entrepreneur, whoever owns the company. I love your, the social message that you we’ve never done that I’m going to be using.

That’s. We’ve never done the social commenting in doing things like that. That’s that I would totally add that in. Yes, totally add that. Now that I’ve heard that we’re gonna redo this chart, we’re gonna, we’re gonna redo it. And then what you’re doing is they pick up the phone. If you have a conversation, great.

Follow up with an email. Thanks for the call. Here’s what we talked about. Here’s what we’re going to do. Mail out a personal note or mail. ’em a gift. Okay. Why people like that? People like getting something if what Che used to do, and if he saw an article and he thought someone would enjoy it, he would cut that article out.

He’d put a little yellow sticky note on it. And he was like, I thought you would enjoy this Che and he’d mail it to that stuff still works today. Why? Because people don’t do it and people don’t do it more today than ever before. And then guess. You’re gonna continue following up the process next month.

If you have a book send ’em your book. If you don’t have a book, Hey, this is one of my favorite books. I wanted to share it with you. And and then on the inside, write a little note to them, mail it to them, do the exact same thing. Follow up the phone call, go to the email. Guess what the process is the same every single month.

And that’s why when I was saying Olivia do 12 things, because guess what? You’ve got 12 months of follow up. But here’s the thing that I was thinking with her. When she’s saying I got a testimonial, you introduce yourself to, to, Hey superintendent, my name’s Olivia. I know you don’t know me. I’m gonna share what I’m working with in some other superintendents.

And here’s what we do. And oh, by the way, don’t just take my word for it. Let me hear from and so who’s a superintendent of this district and because it’s a video, you can combine it together and you let that person be your testimonial right there on that video brochure. So good. Okay. So the whole idea here is.

Implement all of these things, but when you put ’em together in into a strategic plan and process, you can achieve more. You can achieve more impact, you can achieve more results and you’re going to get results faster because why it’s very thought out it’s very planned and it’s very detail oriented. And the only thing that I say is if you’re going to commit to doing this, do it with excellence and your results will show for it.

Wow. Wow. Anybody have any questions for him? The man is live that’s artful. That voicemail was brilliant. I love that so much. I can get through to God, but I can’t get through 

to you. I 

love it. That’s amazing. Thank you. Oh my gosh. That’s my favorite. And it works. Why it’s a, an LP pattern interrupt.

They’re going to laugh. And by the way, I’ve had people say to me what if they don’t believe in God, whether they’re not religious? Okay, that’s fine. Don’t don’t use it if you don’t want. Or they usually, when they’re saying that they’re not, but I say don’t use it, create something of your own.

I’m just telling you what I use, but, yeah. I love it, but have fun with it so much that we get in our own heads. If you’re looking at this person is a dream 100 target it’s because you want a relationship with them, right? You want to have a business relationship. And if you’re gonna do that, Have fun with it because that’s what I mean, life is a gift life.

We don’t know what’s gonna hold tomorrow. So make sure we’re enjoying every moment. And truly when you’re doing this, have fun with it and you’ll get better results. 

Ah, I love it. Do we need anything? Cuz we have three more minutes and I wanna do a poll. Should we do the poll? And if there’s anything else you wanna add to that or let’s do the poll let’s do.


Okay. Yeah. We get 

that flow chart a little submitted somewhere cuz it’s a little blurry 



I, we have it. Do you wanna? Yeah. Okay. We’ll work on fixing, adding in some of the new things together. Yeah. I love that. That’s a great idea. We’ll We’ll collaborate on it. We’ll put some of the new things and then for showing up, they.

Yes for showing up, you guys get it. Normally we actually charge to show that so you, you will get to see it. So what we covered today, right? The elevated dream list, narrowing down the best and managing your gold. And we had some, a lot of different ideas. David is magnificent. It’s part of our new working relationship where we’re actually doing this for businesses, what he wishes showing you.

So that’s the truly advanced, true advanced 

yeah. Doing the messaging for someone do, doing everything for you. Yes. And coaching you on it. 

Yeah. Messaging the training of let’s make sure that you know how to say it when you’re getting 

on helping with the phone scripts. Yeah. Going all the way into the phone scripts and taking it one step further with the emails, the landing pages.

We have 

all of that. All of it. Yeah. It’s very exciting. Very exciting. Fresh off the press. So you guys get to hear about it first. Okay. Where do you feel you are now on a scale from one to 10? How confident are you that you have a clear path to start with the list that you created yesterday? Rate yourself on a scale from one to 10.

What percentage are we on? Hey, Amanda, I’m not sure. The whole question is the right question. Cause the question is in the 

noise of digital jungle question is not the 

right one. We are already aware of that. That’s the reason we have the question on the 

screen at the moment. Oops. 

Sorry. Did you guys answer the digital jungle or did you answer this question?

Wait, we didn’t get the other question. We just got a digital jungle question. Oh, okay. Can you end it and repost it? Soya. It was good. It was good results though. I see seven, eight nines and tens. So whatever the average of that was very nice. 

Still going to 

be the same question, but rate it for these question that you see on the 


Okay. I guess just give me the average. Okay. Nevermind. The 

previous average was eight okay. 

Yeah. Previous average was eight. If you wanna answer 


the numbers are kind of changing. People are giving tens, 

so let’s see. 

We’ve we have improved. I see it already. I know that there were a bunch of twos and threes and ones in the last one, and now we’re up in the latter half.

Great. So what’s the results from this? Where are we at? Aha. Sorry, not aha. Sorry. Yeah. 

so we are at nine, 

nine. Wow. We went from a five to a nine and an hour and a half. Imagine what we can do. We have 30 more days. This is just the beginning. Congratulations everybody. I, so this is always good to speak what your learning is, so that it solidifies for you.

So anybody willing to just share this was my takeaway from today. This was my biggest takeaway. What was your biggest takeaway? 

I can, 

yeah. Hi Ken. Yes. So for me, the biggest takeaway was to sit probably with one of the names and just reflect and, think deeply about, on a coffee to, what exactly we can do in terms of steps.

I think that in itself is mind blowing because usually what we do is we just work on excels. We create so many big lists, but this prioritize step third was amazing because I feel if we just sit with that particular name and just list down the steps it’s in itself, it looks simple, but we don’t really do it.

That’s what I 


Fantastic. And you’re gonna get a little bit more of that fodder tomorrow, too. Our session tomorrow is gonna help you with that really getting inside their heads. This is great. Great. Anybody else? What was your takeaway, Leslie? How are you doing? I haven’t heard from you at all. Amazing Amanda.

So today’s my repeat guys. 

So I actually came to today’s session. 

This one was as my son would. 11 out to 10 today was amazing. David you, I really enjoyed any stories. So 

thank you so much guys. 

Wonderful. 11 

out 10. Did you end up, did you end up meeting? Richard Branson, David. 

Oh, Russell Branson Russell.

No. Oh, Richard Branson. Nera 

Branson. If you actually wanna know what happened is yes, I met him, but via over zoom, because what happened is we were friends of mine and I, we actually rented out the island. We were the first visitors during COVID when they closed down. And what happened is Bob who you’re going to hear from?

Yeah. Was my, he came with me as my guest he’s partner of mine in one of my businesses and we were about to go swimming, snorkeling around the island with Richard after lunch and all of a sudden got a message. And I’m like, where’s Bob, I get a phone call. I’ve got COVID. And so they quarantined the whole trip.

So while on Neer island while we were on Neer island and so 

What a terrible place to 


the horrible place to quarantine. It was great. Experience and so no, I didn’t meet him personally, met him over zoom because he did his few zooms with us to, for the few people were there. So we could talk to him, ask questions.

Bob knows him really well because we got kicked off the island, but Bob couldn’t leave. So they moved him to the house that Richard grew up with his family. Seriously, he raised his kids in and he kept coming up to he’d called Bob. This is Richard. And he’d bring him books and he’d say, you know what?

No, one’s on the island. I’d if I were you, I’d sneak out and I’d go swimming in the pool at the next house over anyways. 

He’s hilarious. That’s hilarious. 

Glad you asked. That was 

really funny. Awesome. I met him 

in maybe about 10 years ago. Wow. He was in Trinidad playing carnival, like no security, just walking on your own 


It was pretty cool. He’s a genuine nice guy. Yeah. Yeah. 

Super, super like Don too. And because of that he was actually my number one on my dream 100. And I know I’m one person away from him, so I just reached out to her. So she’s coming to my class next week and I’ll be stepping soon to get to him.

So thank 


Oh, look at that. Nice. We have another story of that, of how someone got Richard Branson as a client. It was Deborah Brison. I did a whole interview on it, actually. You’d probably really like it. Leslie, you should watch it. I’ll send it to you. It goes into a depth of how she analyzed him and because of analyzing him, she did all of these things.

She had no money to go to spend at it and all of her competitors had millions of dollars and yet she won the deal that never should have happened between Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Is a good story, please send it sounds like more fun than catching 

COVID just to meet Richard . Yeah. 


Lisa, remember us just say, Hey, I know the guy who who is quarantined with co the first trip back on your eye first COVID case on Necker. So it 

is true. That is you can 

make that into a segue. It’s true. That’s great. Okay. Any other any other takeaways? 

The biggest takeaway 

I had was the strategic planning.

So you talked about, why we do what we do, therefore, how can we accelerate that and who, and then from the dream 100, the dream 12, and then how to get the, get to them. And then David, the way you talked about month, one month, two the pigheaded discipline, the resilience, the eight voicemails, et cetera, planning that out properly.

I think that’s where most people fail, cuz they, they give up after a couple of times. And just the number that you said, on the eighth voicemail, it shows the strategic planning that you had in your mind. 

So thank you. 

Wonderful. Thank you everybody. It’s been such a lovely night tomorrow. We will cover, we will dive deep into their minds tomorrow and see what we can dig up on social.

Like you’ve never thought before and maybe even role play some social selling fun. Okay. See you tomorrow. 

Thanks. Bye. Thank you. Goodnight everybody goodnight 

guys. I, I just had put a quick 

little question in the chat. So tomorrow we’ll actually go over the plan for the actual campaign, cuz we are talking about it.

I got it in theory, but is there okay, this should be like your first contact purpose 

kind of 

thing. Just tomorrow is still preheating. Tomorrow is still preheating. So we’re gonna go over social. It won’t be the full plan, but I do plan to cover that in the three week, one hours. 

Okay. Okay.

Thank you. Yep. 

Great question. 


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