Avoid Commission Breath Sales With This Secret

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Blog

As a business owner, you understand that your customers are your company’s greatest assets.

81% of consumers said that trust is an important factor in their buying decision.

Trust isn’t something you gain overnight, it’s something you nurture.

What are you doing to build that relationship and trust?

This week’s episode, Troy Aberle, our executive strategy officer shares the key distinction between commission breath salespeople and superstar salespeople.

If you’re looking to improve your sales skills and drive business growth, you should watch this episode.


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Continued Learning: Sales is about building rapport, not breaking it!


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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Amanda:  Welcome to your Weekly Dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine I have with me again, Troy Aberle, executive Strategy Officer at Chet Holmes International. 

And we wanted to continue what we were talking about in the last episode about how we. Took the buyer’s pyramid and we flipped it upside down to create the framework for how to be number one in your marketplace where price is no objection.

But then we were also tying that to the seven steps to the sale. Yeah. Can you talk a little bit about seven steps to the sale? 

Troy: So when you were talking about your, like when I was saying your dad’s flipped the, the, uh, pyramid for the seven steps. And what it did was it made it so that you built more rapport, right?

Because most salespeople are commission breath transactional. They’re just not really building 

Amanda: any rapport. They spend majority of their time trying to close the deal. Yeah. So if you think of a triangle, most of their time is spent trying to close that deal and following up. Yes. Rather than what it, what a superstar does is they flip it upside down and they spend majority of their time building rapport so that the sale closing the 

Troy: sale is easier.

Exactly. And if you spend more time doing that, people will know, like, and trust you. yes But it’s gonna be long term and that’s gonna be a compounding effect that’s gonna last for years. And if salespeople actually understand that, it wouldn’t be just one time transaction. Think of the lifetime value of that customer 

Amanda: by doing that

I think you are. This is a geniusness of you. 

So I’ve seen so many times where we have somebody that looks like we might wanna work with them and he, you will find referrals for them. You will start bringing them business before we’ve even engaged with them. Yes. Can you talk a little bit about some of these things that you do to 

Troy: build Well, because people want to know that you’re.

there Help them. And if you prove that you’re gonna help someone make it about them and their problem. And when we talked about on the last episode about the global pain. Yep. So if I know that what their pain is, because I’ve researched them, ah, I can already start solving some of that, which is gonna build report and credibility.

And that’s what’s gonna really build all of that piece then, which will set 

Amanda: you apart from everyone else. From everyone. Because everyone is just so transactional about, oh, you have this pain that relies just on my product. Yes, you’re now solving other things. So they realize, oh, this person cares about me as a person.

Troy: Which automatically goes to the other steps. And creating des desire, finding their need. Creating desire. Yeah. Right. And then being able to give them an offer. And at least I’ll already be handling the most of the objections because they’re not, they’re, I’ve reset the buying criteria. Right. So it’s not just about price.

at that point, cause the objections they have to figure out. But if I’m built that much rapport with them, there’s not a lot of object objections you need to find. Right. But we can easily get over that part and make sure we follow up 

Amanda: oh, we should do another one on referrals.

If you guys want it, write it in the chat. Give us a comment. Uh, tell us that you want one on referrals and we’ll do that in another episode. Thank you so much. Dry. Awesome. If you would like a strategy session on how to double your sales in the next 12 months, you can go to how to double sales.com. 

All right, until next time.

And that was your weekly dose of the ultimate sales machine. If you’re feeling like, wow, I’d really love to figure out how to put more of this into my business and see some money in my pocket, you can sign up for one of our complimentary strategy sessions. All you have to do is go to how to double sales.com and you’ll talk to one of our growth specialists to find where are you leaving money on the table?

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