Are You Proactive vs Reactive in Your Business?

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Blog

In today’s daily dose of The Ultimate Sales Machine, Fonzi (Luis) shares how being PROACTIVE is beneficial to your business.

When you are proactive, you get to learn how to balance between the day-to-day, while keeping one eye on the future.

It’s impossible to anticipate every circumstance. No leader or organization can be proactive all the time.

But if you’re reactive all the time, you may spend a lot of time ‘putting out the fire’ that your team may get frustrated because you did not have contingency plans in place for foreseeable challenges.

So which one are you? Are you more proactive or reactive in your business?

Tune in to hear why having a proactive attitude matters in business.


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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Amanda: Welcome to your Daily Dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine. Amanda Holmes here, CEO of Chet Homes International. And I have with me Luis slash Fonzi 

Fonzi: Yep. Those work, those are per perfectly fine. If people are asking or wondering why the confusion is because I have a brother that has the same name where both name, Luis and sometimes he can get a little bit confusing. 

Amanda: So can you show your book? Because I wanna show how much of a raving fan you are of Ultimate Sales Machine. See all of those? Wonderful. Yes. That is proof that he really went through it.

Fonzi: Oh yeah, I devoured this book when I first got my hands on it. And honestly, I think I got through it randomly through Amazon when I was just looking for entrepreneurship books, and it was one of the recommended ones, and the title really caught my eye because, we kinda needed sales at the moment.

We needed to grow the business. And I was like the ultimate sales machine sounds like the ultimate way to grow your business, so why not give this a try, and I bought the book and it was actually one of the very first entrepreneurial books that I read as well. And I devoured took a lot of notes and later on, like years later, we actually connected with you, Amanda, and we started working together and, building a cool friendship.

So I love how everything went. Like full circle.

Amanda: That’s wonderful. Okay. Share with us one of your favorite quotes.

Fonzi: All right, so here we goes. First. Do you function mostly in a reactive or a proactive mode? In my experience, most business people don’t take the time to plan and take action because all of their time is consumed by reacting to the business they’ve already built. So that one resonated back in the day, and I was actually sharing this with you, Amanda, I would like to actually take notes on the new book

and compare them to this ones just because of the timeline and see how, my perspective and needs inside of the business have. But this one, while I was looking at the notes, I was like, Wow, this is very key. Because I’ve noticed plenty of times that we do get in the flow of being reactive, right?

We have a lot of client work and then managing the people inside of your business, and all of a sudden you’re just trying to solve one problem and the next problem inside of your business, and you lose the bigger picture of things, and you pretty much feel you are misaligned. You’re like, Something is wrong. I don’t feel any progress.

There’s lack of momentum. But then when you stop and actually have those strategic sessions in our case, we do them once a week, which going back through the notes, I notice that is one of the tips that your dad gave us. Which was, having that one hour, a week meeting on those like areas that move the needle instead of your business.

So we have that one hour and every single time that we have that meeting and we see the picture from above, we see everything. We are able to pinpoint exactly the things that we need to do to move the needle forward. When we skip those meetings, oh, it is a little bit chaotic. It just becomes reactive at that point.

And we’re just trying to deal with problem. And at the end of the day, we look back and we. What did we do? Those are the days that you end up tired and you look back and you feel like you didn’t really accomplish much.

Amanda: I love that it’s so interesting how my father talks about got a minute meetings, and yet I saw that the average person touches their phone more than 2000 times a day because we’re so used to getting that gratification, those endorphins in our mind from just the validation we get from a notification a reminder, a so many different things.

So we’re fighting our chemical makeup in our body that’s trying to react to the gratification it’s something to take you away from your focus, right? So you’re fighting your own chemistry to stay focused. So that really resonates with me what you’re saying there. Thank you so much, Luis.

Fonzi: Thank you. I, again, I love this book and make sure you guys go check it out.

Amanda: And that is your daily dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine 

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