[PODCAST] How to Build a Masterful Sales Team Like Chet Holmes

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If 92% of businesses don’t have a sales process, then nearly everyone will want to hear this recording of our founder Chet Holmes explaining how he’d run his sales team.

Hear the utter mastery of the true Ultimate Sales Machine in action.

There is a reason 60 of the Fortune 500 hired Chet to help them with their sales growth, you can learn all about it in this week’s episode.


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[00:00] Chet Holmes: And then you have the 88 salespeople listening. So that now we, again, we’re, we’re out to achieve mastery. So, but look at the minutia here of detail of like, literally when we ask a question, how we ask that question, why we ask the question, what we say in front of it to make sure that everyone who we ask gives us the answer.

I’m just trying to show you like, that’s how you get to mastery. That’s like John Wooden, you know, the basket – famous basketball coach. He would work for two hours on a play that down on the court would be one minute or two minutes. And he would work that over for two hours and two hours. So he had such a level of mastery that I forget what it is -10 national championships in fleek. No one has ever matched him before or after, okay?

[00:46] Amanda Holmes: In this episode, we took the archive of one of my father, Chet Holmes, his calls, and we’re airing it to the public for the very first time. He breaks down how he was managing 3000 leads a week from his ad spend and what it took to get his 88 salespeople tuned up for mastery. He may be talking about radio, but he was basically running content marketing on radio before it was ever popular online.

He invented the precursor, called it education-based marketing. So instead of an opt-in page, like we use today, he was sending them to a live call center. Regardless of where you’re getting your leads from and who’s following up to close, everyone will appreciate the next 15 minutes of brilliance on mastering your sales process.

[01:41] Host: Good day, everyone. And welcome to the CEO Mastery Conference call with your host, Mr. Chet Holmes. 

[01:48] Chet Holmes: Good day, everybody.

Welcome to the conference. And again, the purpose of these conferences – this is for our best clients who are in our various programs. And the theme is always the same, which is mastery. That’s why I had to call up the CEO Mastery Conference. And of course, the other thing that we always try to do is get some breakthroughs.

So we’ve got several executives lined up to talk to you today about what they’re doing and see if we can take them to a new level in terms of their approach to everything. So the first thing again, I just want to reiterate, it’s like the commitment to mastery is just – it’s just amazing. We have as most of you know, we have a massive radio campaign.

We’re in 600 radio markets and you know, we’re driving about 3000 inbound phone calls. – even though our ad says 2000, but that ad’s pulling so much better than the last one. It’s now 3000 – 3000 inbound phone calls every single week. 

And they go through to a call center that takes those into a virtual call center because today, modern technology enables us to have – now I think we have 88, or whatever the number is, salespeople. We call them client managers working from home and the system, they just go in and they click, take calls and your phone starts to ring in home. And it’s just, there’s an 800 number in all the ads. And so we can track which radio stations are pulling, which ads are pulling, and then who they’re going to, how long the person’s on the phone.

I record a hundred percent of all the phone calls. You know, how we’re able to do quality control. And this last week, I played a three different calls from the same client manager for the entire team. And the goal is just to constantly get these guys to mastery, mastery, mastery, mastery. 

So let’s see here. Just as an example. Here, so now you guys, let’s pretend you’re my sales team and you’re 88 salespeople listening and I’ve got you on the conference and I’ll call this guy up who’s the salesperson who took these phone calls. 

And I’ll say, you know, you ready to, you know, increase your sales and he’ll say yes, and get his permission in other words, to tune them up.

And so let’s all listen to one of these calls, just as an example. Okay. I’ll show you what happened here.

[04:29] Client Manager: This is Alan. We can help you double your sales. I was filming my speaking. 

[04:35] Chet Holmes: And I’m going to skip some of the private information, so to protect this guy’s, you know, privacy. So you’ll hear me skip stuff. 

[04:44] Client Manager: Oh, I got a bad connection here. I’m not sure what I just heard. I’ll bring you the best business growth training. Now, we have a ton of resources for you. So let me get your email address. First letter after the @.

[05:03] Client Manager: Say it to me one more time, all the way. Okay. In case we get broken up.

[05:12] Client: Real estate building development, commercial construction.

[05:17] Client Manager: Building development and real estate. Okay. And you said construction, right? 

[05:26] Client: Right. 

[05:27] Client Manager: Okay. Now, how long have you been doing that Louis or all right.

[05:31] Client: For 25 years now.

[05:35] Client Manager: Also the size of your company dictates a lot of what a company needs in terms of business growth resources. What is your approximate current annual revenue? 

[05:48] Client: We have revenues over $5 million now. 

[05:56] Chet Holmes: So that’s, you know, he’s already off-script. And so right there, I stopped that recording and I go, what you’re supposed to say is that I’m sure you would agree that a company doing 300,000 needs very different information than a company doing 300 million. And right away, then they almost don’t even have to ask the question of, so what size is your revenue? 

So he skipped that and that’s the reason that is designed just that way, set exactly that way is because if you’re going to ask somebody the size of their company, you know, half the time, they’re not going to tell you. But when we say that sentence in advance before we ask, a hundred percent of the time, they tell you because their brain goes, yeah, I don’t want to get information for $300,000 company and I’m a $30 million company.

So they’d say I’m doing 30 million. They just tell you right away. So he’s already off the script and I play that. I just explained it to you. You all go, okay, well now I see why he’s gonna, you know, cause if we just say, so what, what size is your company? You know, people say, well, that’s private. Yeah, half the people that you ask that that’s private, but if you put that little line in front about how, you know, $300,000 company, it’s very different information of a $300 million company.

So I explained that, and then you have the 88 salespeople listening, so that now we, again, we’re, we’re out to achieve mastery. So, but look at the minutia here of detail of like, literally. When we ask a question, how we ask that question, Why we ask the question, what we say in front of it to make sure that everyone who we ask gives us the answer.

I’m just trying to show you like, that’s how you get to mastery. That’s like John Wooden, you know, the basket – famous basketball coach. He would work for two hours on a play that down on the court would be one minute or two minutes. And he would work that over for two hours and two hours. So he had such a level of mastery that I forget what it is -10 national championships in fleek. No one has ever matched him before or after, okay?

[07:57] Ted Miller: Oh, how I love listening to Chet Holmes flex on these mastery calls. He and I partnered together back in March 14th in 2002. And this call, as it may be a decade old, as you can hear his references. The essence, the passion we have to help entrepreneurs better implement these proven strategies and tactics found into Ultimate Sales Machine is still alive to this day.

So go get yourself registered right now at the ultimatesalesmachine.com/workshop. So you can be part of this kind of breakthrough. What you’re listening to are our clients that paid to get this kind of insight. And they paid several thousand dollars to do so. And Chet was taking the time to work with them, to uncover these distinctions, breakthroughs in how to better implement proven strategies and tactics you’ve got in the book. 

Well, that’s what I’m offering to you, but at a fraction of the price. This is something we’ve facilitated now thousands of times. I’ve done them thousands of times. We’ve done the tens of thousands of. And it’s my pleasure to offer it to you now because you’re a fan and you’re a follower.

We sell that for 500 bucks. We do a intimate interaction. It’s a consulting type thing, not one of those web seminars Chet eludes to – that’s where, just where we’re talking at you. We have an interactive workshop where you can have hot seats, just like you’re hearing on these calls. So get yourself registered at ultimatesalesmachine.com/workshop and get yourself registered to have this type of feedback.

Listen to the rest of this. Chet was a true master. I hope you flex your mastery in your own business. 

[09:30] Chet Holmes: Yeah. You know, so what we do is then we play these conferences. And again, when I can do it, you know, I show up and I do it. And when I can’t, there’s a senior vice president and a director of training and a sales VP, and the president of the company, because this is our front line of scrimmage, right?

This is our front line where 3000 inbound phone calls come in every single week. So I want to make sure that that’s perfection. And then from every single way, I mean, if you went onto our web seminar, you might’ve gotten one of 10 different trainers. But I’m, I don’t even care. I mean, right now, Harvey Mackay, who, most of you, if you follow my email list, you know, I interviewed him for my list, right?

So he said, well, I’d love to know more about what you do. And I said, well, why don’t you attend one of our webinars? And so he, with the president of his company, which, you know, it’s nothing confidential. So we’ll tell you, it’s a hundred million dollar envelope company. I think he’s the third largest in the country, or might be the largest, I’m not sure. Excuse me. 

But I don’t care which webinar he goes on and which speaker he gets. I know that he is going to get a terrific experience, you know, just a terrific experience and, every trainer, I know what they’re going to say. You know, I know every slide they’re going to show because I personally approved it, you know, and looked over it.

And I know what the training is. I know that it’s excellent. I know even the way that they deliver the information. You know, and sort of like the questions that they ask along the way, how they keep you involved. 

So my question to you is how committed are you at that level of mastery? Is your sales process – whether it’s an outbound, you know, B2B play – is it mapped out at that level of perfection where you, as the strategist, have planned every move, every question, why they asked the question, a way to ask the question that it will be answered every single time, you know, what the objective is that that salesperson has in that meeting, the six ways he’s going to or she’s going to establish rapport, the six questions that we’ll ask every single time, how they create desire, how they create urgency, how they, you know, what the five ways are to close and then revisit it again and again and again.

Because I can tell you everybody listening has heard what I just played for you. I don’t even know how many times, a hundred times, but you know, it’s, like I say, in tennis, my son loves tennis. There’s a backhand or forehand and a serve. Those are your three moves in tennis, but, you know, I can’t even return his serves anymore.

And when he first started for even a year, I could play him and two of his friends and slaughter the three of them, and now I can’t return the kid’s serve. You know, it’s too fast, a hundred miles an hour or whatever it is, I can’t even, you know, it’s a joke. I can’t even return a serve. Not that I play enough that, you know, I have any level of skill. I don’t, I was just clowning around when I used to beat him. 

But, you know, you can get to a certain level of skill where, you know, it starts to, you know, move toward mastery. And the way you do that is by constant, you know, coaching training. So skill development, you know, revisiting the same thing. That’s my message for today.

How well have you tracked what your sales process is, you know, what your follow-up process is, what every move is that you can make. If you don’t have CRM, you know, that’s definitely something you should have. We are automating every single aspect of our sales process. 

So anyway, but that’s another way of assuring that everything that is going on in your company, you can track it, you can monitor it, you can measure it. We can look at how many calls were made. We insist that if you called in – I got to clear my throat. So I’m going to mute the phone.

That way you don’t have to listen to that. But we – if you call in and you ask for a free report, they’re supposed to give six follow-up phone calls to you. 

And each phone call is designed to be a specific way. And by the second phone call, we’re not leaving our name and phone number at the beginning.

In the first two, we leave our name and phone number at the beginning. But by the third one, I want to make sure that you’re not going, “Oh, that guy again.” And boop, you’re deleting the call. So you don’t even know what it’s about. And the guy says, “So the reason I’m calling you today is because there’s a way to increase your sales. And I want to make sure you understood it and it takes me 40 seconds to explain it” but it’s called and then he starts literally teaching you something of value. And so if you’re smart, in fact, we tracked it, that we had a 30% – one out of every three people call us back within the one, two, three, or fourth, outbound phone call.

So that’s outstanding. Again, you know, and policing it, automating it, tracking it, measuring it, monitoring it. So your goal should be to get to mastery. 

And I had a personal crisis occur six weeks ago. I am able to cancel all my appointments except, you know, speaking engagements. I think this call might have been my father passed away.

I don’t know if this call was put off, I don’t think it was, but I mean, short of, you know, 2000 people in an audience who paid just to see me, that I would have done no matter what. But everything else on my calendar can be canceled because it’s all at my option and all meetings to improve my companies.

[15:16] Ted Miller: So, if you were thinking, I wish I was there to ask Chet a question right now, while we’ve got an offer. It may not be the talk to our late founder and my business partner, Chet Holmes, God, rest his soul. Instead, we offer a workshop format where you can get hot seated, just like what Chet was doing on these mastery sessions.

So we sell that for $500 every single day. But we’re going to give you a discount at 250 bucks, cause you’re a follower and you’re not having to talk to salespeople about this. 

So I want to be clear. This is virtual. Now he was alluding to go to meeting. Those are like gone and dead, but Zoom is alive today and who knows what it’ll be in the next 10 years, but nonetheless we’re virtual.

The only major distinctions of what he alluded to was that was in a web seminar format where we cover insights that you picked up through the Ultimate Sales Machine. What we’ve changed and have made significant improvements around is keeping it really small, intimate size settings.

So we can have these interactions, what you caught Chet doing with each individual, we do with every single participant. We make it really small. We don’t have thousands of people on a web seminar. No. 

Instead, we have a workshop with about 12 entrepreneurs, never more than 20. I promise and guarantee that. And in fact, when you invest at the ultimatesalesmachine.com/workshop, if after you attend that workshop, if it’s not the best two and a half hours you’ve ever spent to get insights, relevant situations provided you that could best help you implement these strategies and tactics, you could tell us to go pound sand. We’ll get you back every penny you paid to participate, but that’s just not going to happen. 

I mean, this is something I’ve been doing now for well, two decades. I’ve been on at least underneath Chet’s tutelage for a decade of that time until his passing.

I’ve hosted more of these workshops than anyone alive. So I promise I may not be Chet Holmes, but I’ve got your back. And as his number one protege, I’m sure I won’t let you down. 

So get yourself registered right now and I’ll see on the inside. 

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