The Email Campaign that Won a Billion-Dollar Dream 100

by | Jan 7, 2023 | Blog

Have you ever wondered how many times you should contact a prospect before you give up?

I was asked this question at a recent keynote I gave in Mumbai India in front of the company Motilal Oswal.

This company is the epitome of pig-headed discipline and determination, having served 5 million Indians with their finances.

Of their 16,000 staff, there’s 600 of them that are required to read Ultimate Sales Machine not once, but three times. (Including the homework of having to create their own workshop and report back their action plan.)

In this episode you will discover:
-The email exchange that broke through the clutter and got the CEOs attention of a multi billion dollar company.
-What it takes to win your Dream clients
-An inspiring story about making dreams come true.

You’ll love this clip as I show the criticism I got for how I was contacting this prospect, as well as a clip from one of the most memorable moments of my career to date.

Tune in to inspire you to win your dream clients in 2023!

This is the year!

Continued Learning:  The Story of the Dream 100 Strategy


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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Welcome to your Weekly Dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine, the first episode of 2023. 

How are you feeling about this upcoming year? Are you optimistic? Are you bearing down? What do you think will happen in the marketplace? If you can leave a comment about what you think will happen over this next year, I’d love to know your thoughts.

What will 2023 look like? If you’re watching on YouTube, you can comment there, if you’re listening on Podcasts, you can write it as a review and tell us what you think. I’m just curious, what’s your world looking like right now? 

So one concept that stands, the test of time is follow up, right? They always say Fortune is in the follow up.

And 80% of sales are made on the fifth to 12th contact, and yet only 20% of sales reps follow up after just three touches. 

So this week’s episode is diving into a recent story. 

I’m gonna. A peak behind the scenes of the email exchange

that turned into working with a multi-billion dollar company.

Yeah! It’s very exciting!

This was actually one of the top three highlights of my 2022, and I’ll tell you why. 

I first met Multi Law al the company six years ago. 

I found out they had 16,000 staff, but specifically 600 of them are in sales 

and it’s required that they read the Ultimate Sales Machine, not.

But at least three times for every new hire, 

they first have to read it, then they have to conduct a workshop on what they read from the book. Then they have to report back their findings. And they’ve been running Dream 100 campaigns for the last decade. 

So they would tell me that pigheaded discipline and determination courses through their veins, ultimate sales machine is like their IV or their life support.

So of course, hearing this, and for those of you that know me, I may be white skinned on the outside, but inside I’m actually Indian

so you can imagine my excitement when I found a company that has served

5 MILLION Indians using our methods. 

So I managed to do a webinar for their team six years ago, but there was no money exchanged, 

and at that point I made it my target. Dream four, one of my top, dream four, that someday I would make my way to India and speak for their staff. 

That came true just a few weeks ago. 

Here’s some pictures. They have a beautiful Skyway training facility. 

It’s five stories high, all glass in Mumbai, 

and Mr. Multi Al is the co-founder of the company, multi al.

He wanted to give me a gift after I finally got there that I would never forget. 

So he actually had a painting commissioned of a picture of my father and I. 

So I want you to see this next few clips to number one, give you some inspiration for those deals you’re working and you continue to work that you haven’t quite got in progress with them.

This is to remind you to keep using that pigheaded discipline and determination. 

Number two, I also wanna show you how to position yourself as an expert with every interaction so you build their trust. To want to buy. 

Then you’ll also see some clips from one of my Dream 100 Bootcamps

I actually showed the people on the training, the interactions I was having with Mr. Oswel when trying to get to my goal

and I want to show you because it’s entertaining to see how you will get people that don’t believe in you

people that think you should give up 

I happen to have mine documented of somebody that didn’t quite believe in the tactics I was using to try to win this client

So I threw that into the clip too just so that you could see my reply at the time so you could actually feel the pig-headed determination coursing through my veins. 

So enjoy this next episode and please comment, let me know what landed, what didn’t. Do you have a similar story? I’d love to hear it. What is going on for you? For now listening to this episode.

5 Months Ago. Amanda shows interaction between her and prospect Mr. Motilal Oswal 

So here we go, use it. We are going to dream outreach our Target 12.  So multi law. Also, I had short shared with you guys yesterday that they are one of my top, they have 600 staff and all of them had read Ultimate Sales Machine three times. I’ve done a speaking engagement for them, but we haven’t become consulting arrangements.

They served 2 million Indians out of India, on LinkedIn Mr. Ol swell has 200,000 followers. All right, sorry. On Twitter, he has 200,000 followers, which is rare, I think, for a CEO of a finance company. So rather impressive. But I knew that I couldn’t get ahold of him through all of the people on Twitter, so I emailed him instead.

We had emailed two years ago, so I just picked up where we left off and I wrote a really compelling email title saying, Approval needed for your testimonial in Ultimate Sales Machine, right? Cuz he loves the book. He’s a big fan. Hello Mr. Oswell. It’s surprising it’s been two years since we spoke. The new edition is coming out in August.

I just wrote a testimonial based on what you had told me. Can you approve it so he can go in the book and then I put a seed saying PS I re, I retweet you more than anyone else on Twitter. It’s very refreshing what you post. I wish more people adopted your belief system around content than he wrote back within an hour.

Hi Amanda, hope you’re doing great. It’s a pleasure for me to share the below testimonial, so I’m just giving you as an example. Let me keep going here. Thank you Mr. Oswell. That is fantastic and so quick. Happy belated holy if you celebrate right. I’m just trying to connect and have him see that I. Part Indian.

He just doesn’t know it yet. Have you written a book yet? Your wisdom could so easily become a book. I knew it would be a lovely success. So what am I doing there? I’m saying that because I’m tr I’m putting myself as an expert in his world. I’m giving him advice on his business. Why? Because as I looked through his feed, I also saw, he’s just wonderful at his words and whatever quotes he picks are just great.

And he’s been doing this for years. It’s obvious. It’s very inspiring. So he said, thank you. Not. Written, but would keep in mind. And I said for someone that is so well articulated with brilliant ideas, it would be magnificent to see a book from you. Look at my father’s book. It’s come on for 10 years since he passed.

And the legacy lives on in every word, a great strategic leg legacy move to leave something for your next generation. Why? Because when I looked at his social media following, or what he was posting, he’s posting a lot about legacy. He’s helping, he just gave a bunch of money to a school, he gave another money to an ashram, he gave more money.

So he’s given money to legacy plays everywhere. So I’m trying to, get my way in there. So he said thank you. Oh, so then as another step to that legacy, do you have a son or somebody that might be interested in taking over the business? He writes me another email back. Thank you. My son just joined the biz and then I write back again.

Oh wow. Does he like it or is he just doing it because you tried? My brother. I tried to recruit him into the family business. No matter how many ways I tried to get him, he, wouldn’t come. Do you think he’d run the company one day and then he replies back, these are all emails. I just had to fit them on one slide.

And he said, too early. Let him decide, right? So not a lot of interaction, but enough to build some kind of rapport, right? So as soon as he said, my son is joining the business, I thought, there’s my in, there, is our connection. There’s something that we have I in common and now I’m going to give even more value.

Let me find a way to give more value. So I wrote him again. Oh, I understand that one. My father and I never talked about the legacy, but whenever I meet people that are second generation businesses, I always. Offer to talk to the children because I know from having lost my father that it’s such a gift to be able to work with your father in an in a company.

And I feel that when I share this with them, it shocks the kids and makes them think twice about the gift that they have. So if you’d I’d be happy to chat with him anytime. He didn’t reply to this. But on my first touch I got, six different emails in the matter of the first hour. And I’m thinking, okay, great.

That is a great first step. What am I doing? I’m just preheating. I’m getting onto his radar. I let him know I’m gonna start being on Twitter. That’s where I’m going to start interacting with him more. So it’s not so strange that we’re sending like six emails with four forward answers. But this is a great example of, I’m just letting you know I’m here.

Hey, Amanda, question. If you were able to quantify reaching out to these individuals, 

what would you say your response rate is?

And moreover, Thinking, what we talked about in the first session how, people tend to go to negativity first. Reading those responses to that email sample you made. Like for me, I’m impressed that you kept re kept a dialogue going to be honest with you, because for me it was like reading those that like these two, three forward responses, no questions being asked back like about me, what I do, et cetera, et cetera.

It’s almost off-putting to the point where you almost don’t even want to continue the dialogue because of that negative vibe that you’re getting. So I just wanted point out like my view on it and viewing this example so I’m not debunking it or disagreeing with you. I’m just thinking for the way I would be thinking it, like it’s cool to get to response, but like two, three word answers I’m almost like, are, do they have that interest?

If I’m making sense? They shouldn’t have that interest. Except that they have absolutely zero interest in you whatsoever, and it could probably take a month, three months, five months of mailing them, of emailing them, of chatting with them of, but I didn’t care cuz I’m in it for the long run. I have the pigheaded discipline and determination that it doesn’t matter what you do, what you say. If you say no, I hear not yet.

If you say, I can’t do this right now, I’m great. Okay, great. It’s in an hour. Okay. That’s I’ll be there. It is the determination that I will either do this or I will die. That is the kind of determination that you have, regardless of what they say or what they do. So if they say, that’s not what I want.

I don’t want this. Oh, okay. So you don’t want that. Okay. What about this? Do you want this? No, I don’t want that. Oh, okay. Wait. No. How about this? Do you want this? No, I don’t think so. Okay, great. Find something. I’m sure of it. I know that. I’ll help you. I’m sure I can help you. After a while you start to respect the person.

It’s like I feel morally obligated to answer this person because they have just not stopped in trying to add value to my world. That is something above and beyond anybody else out there. 

5 Month Later in Mumbai, India 

 My question to you is that, would you at some stage give up following up with a client or would you like always keep following? Would you say at some stage enough is enough? What do you guys think? Oh, he asked would you just give up at some stage,

Yes. It depends. You know how I got here? It took six years. And you know how I got here. Me and Hardik. Comment on Instagram DM on a regular basis for six years, and I interact with you on Twitter and email six years to get here and have my name all big. How crazy was that?

How cool is that? Yeah. My father went after Tony Robbins for 19 years. So the question is, who is it? Is it worth it? Are they that kind of dream client where, you know, it could change your world? And if so, the only way you could fail at that is if you give up.

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