What the Top 8% of Companies Do in Their Sales Process

by | Mar 22, 2023 | Blog

Shockingly, 1 in 10 small businesses do NOT have growth targets.

Of those that do, only one of ten actually track them in real-time.

The good news is, if you have your basic KPIs in place, you are 2x more likely to hit them!

As Peter Drucker said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

Listen to this week’s dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine!

You get an insider view from a keynote I gave for the #1 marketing expert in Italy–Frank Merenda’s Metodo Merenda.


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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Amanda: It’s been such a pleasure to travel across the world. To be here. I have to say that Frank told me to go to the outlet mall, which I’m still debating if that was a good idea. I bought a lot of things I bought these lovely shoes that I’m wearing, so if you come up to me, please tell me whether they’re good or if I got ripped off. I’m not quite sure. I’ve never spent so much on shoes, but the woman, the saleswoman just kept saying, soft, handmade, Italian leather soft. And I was sold. It was the least amount of words I’ve ever heard someone say for me to spend that much money,

But I’m very grateful to not only experience the lovely Italian artisan but also to be here to make sure that. 

By the time that you leave this room today, you have actionable assets that you can utilize to generate more sales. How many of you would like to actually triple your sales conversions?

 Hey, Amanda Holmes here. If you enjoy Ultimate Sales Machine, whether it be the book or our trainings, or you’ve been listening to these podcasts and you’re thinking, I’d really like this to be infiltrated into my business, I want it to run in the d n A of me and my team, then I have something really special for you.

A Harbor Business Review study showed that in times of financial crisis, regular and consistent training was the key differentiator to help companies sustain and strengthen and be able to set themselves out as number one in their market when people weren’t spending money.

That is why with what we have on the horizon and what’s happening right now, that’s why we’ve put together a group training format, A community of like-minded ultimate sales machine believers that want to, with just one hour a week work on your business in marketing, sales, and operations to.

Finally tuned into with pigheaded discipline and determination to improve every little piece of your business, just one hour a week. If you’d like to hear more, go to Ultimate sales machine.com/dojo. That’s D O J O. Again, ultimate sales machine.com. Dojo, d o j o as my father was a fourth degree black belt in karate.

We decided to take this training, make it for the modern man and or woman and have it be a Dojo theme. So you’ll see sparring included, you’ll see tournaments included in belts. You can get your black belt certification and ultimate sales machine, which will also be available. So if you wanna bring in your executive team, if you want your head of sales, if you want your head of marketing, if you’d like teams to get trained in this methodology, ultimate sales machine.com/dojo.

Amanda: , any of you ever heard of the Ultimate Sales Machine? Some. Okay. Any of you read it? No. No. Oh, one reader in the back, what’s your name? Luca. Luca, okay. I’m expecting a lot from you, Luca . Okay. All right. So these, just to say that these strategies work, we have built 70 different training programs from my father’s core methodology.

It’s been translated into 15 languages. We’re working on Italian now. We’ll see if we can get it. We have assisted 80 of the Fortune 500, and we’ve assisted over 250,000 businesses worldwide. 

So if you tell me, Amanda, I don’t know if this works in my industry. I will tell you , yes, it does. So regardless of whether you’re selling straight to consumer or straight to business, or you are doing a product versus a service, this applies to all of the above.

Mastery isn’t about doing 4,000 different things. Mastery is about doing 12 things 4,000 times. 

My father came up with this. He was a karate fourth degree black belt. So he realized there was only a few ways that you can punch and kick and block, right? There weren’t a ton of moves, but it was about doing them over and over again to create that mastery.

So anything that you’ve ever mastered in your life, whether it was music or a , sports or you become a pilot, how many hours do you have to do to make that mastery? It’s the same in business. We just have to get very clear on what we need to master and where to focus to create the greatest leverage for growth.

Does this make sense following me? Okay

 So the first step that we’re gonna do is we’re going to diagnose where you are at in your business. 92% of companies do not have a sales process. So if this steps that we’re about to do feels uncomfortable or you don’t know the answer, many don’t.

However, it is critical to know, because we can’t grow unless we know where we’re at. We, can’t expand if we don’t know where the holes are. So my question to you is, what are the top two reasons you fail to win a sale? It should be in your workbook. Yes. Great. 

I’m gonna put them on so that I can hear what are your top two reasons why you failed to close the sale. I just wanna hear from one or two of you. So whoever would like to share, if you could raise your. I’d love to hear. Okay. Luca’s going, oh, are we gonna get two people in English so I don’t have to put on the headphones?

 We haven’t enough differentiation about the other competitors if this is the first, even if we try to do something better than before. And the second is because we haven’t the sales reps internally in our company, we work with [00:06:00] sales rep in which they are in, who they are in another organization.

Okay. Great. Thank you. And we’ll be working on the first one specifically. So it’s good that’s one of them. We are working very deep on, on this concept, but it’s not so easy. We’ll work on it today. Okay. Okay.

We are entire business and the main reason I think is the traction to accommodate this item and do not follow the value proposition of our business. Okay. Our company. Okay. What is your company, I’m sorry, chemical me around the tire. Business and mechanical repair. Okay. Okay.

Chemical around tires? No, we sell tires. Oh, you sell tires? . Okay. Okay. Okay, great. That was one. Do you have a second? And the second one is when they cannot trade fast our positioning and they tend to bring to match us [00:07:00] with the other company. Okay. And apple. With Apple. Great. We’re gonna work on that today.

This is great. I’m going to talk about this exact thing, so this is wonderful. I’m so happy to hear that. I’m sorry that you have to go through that, but I’m happy because I will help

So we want to rate your sales process by importance and performance. So one is the worst, 10 is the best. So do you have a defined sales process? How important is it to you? Is it a 10, is it a two? So for Luca, he has more sales reps that he’s trying to get them into some kind of a process, but it’s hard for them to follow because they’re not in his organization.

So that is a critical piece that he needs to work on. And then where are you at with that performance? So define sales process then. Do you have scripts [00:08:00] and messaging for all the opportunities? If Do you have objection handling scripts for? Do you know all of the ways that people would say that they don’t wanna work with you?

Do you have a script that can combat that in the strongest, most powerful way so that everyone in your organization knows what that script is and can combat that objection in an eloquent way that helps bring it back to them? Do you have voicemail scripts? If you’re ever calling prospects or even clients, do you have scripting For us in our organization, we have 11 voicemail scripts, right?

We have 15 objection handling scripts. We have 6 different ways to build rapport with a prospect and. we’ve Created a system around that so that every new person that comes into our world to start selling has all of this great fodder for the best way to [00:09:00] position the company and give the best experience for clients.

Sales closing success. How good are you at actually closing when they come to you? As I said, handling objections, follow up, right? I’ll do more about follow up later, but 80% of sales are made on the fifth to 12 contact, and yet only 20% of sales reps follow up after just three touches. Mind blown

So how are we following up? Do you have a system that is automated with some emails, automated, maybe with some WhatsApps, and then a live person? And how many times are they following up as well? And then just continual training. Are you training your team? Are you training yourself? I can tell that everyone here invests in training, so that’s critical.

I am curious for some feedback on this. What did you realize filling out this diagnostic? . Anybody have any [00:10:00] breakthrough? Anybody realize there is a gap? I’d love to get feedback. Yeah. We have gap. Yeah. Share. Where’s your gap? Oh, hold on. Yes, we have a gap. Okay. I put 10 in four. Importance to all of the voices, but the performance is not 10 at all.

Okay. Any place specific where you think you should start? Of all of these I think I should start for the process of selling well-defined defined sales process. Great. Okay. Because if you have a base, you can build everything around it. And what do you sell? What’s your business? I am a beautician.

Oh. We have some shops and we make leather hair. Oh, I need your services. I need to cut my hair. . I was looking yesterday for somebody. That’s funny. Okay, great. Thank you. Yes. Who else?

 The fear and terror that comes over people’s eyes when I ask if you want to share. The reason why [00:11:00] is I want you to be involved because you get the benefit when you’re involved. Huh? It’s not for my benefit. It’s for you. And when I know what’s going on in your world, then as I’m teaching, I can refer it back to Luca.

I can refer it back to Alessandra. So who else would like to share? What was your realization from this exercise? Ricardo I think about objection of a problem with operation, maybe after sales. This one, I think I need to trade.

Because usually I centralize this issue. Specific, but I think now we can pa put in the sheet and train people to do that. Great. We had, we have Jiffy Lube in America. It’s a huge automotive company. Are you familiar with Jiffy Lube? Is that here or No? 

Miranda: No. They 

Amanda: usually world sail in USA Don’t.

Okay. Cross the ocean. Okay. So when we went to their [00:12:00] sales reps to figure out how we could assist them in their business, we found out the majority of their staff were from Co Cuba. And in Cuba there was a ban on cars. So all cars are, 50 years old. They’re in this older time. So all the sales people felt that the service that they were doing was actually stealing from the consumer because they didn’t think that new tires and an oil exchange was actually a good thing.

Which was crazy. And this Jiffy Lube had been operating for several years. So we built out scripts and we educated them on how important tires are to the livelihood of people. Because every 15 minutes someone dies in a car accident. And this equates to, I think in America, it’s something like oh man, I don’t remember the exact numbers.

I’ll have to get them for you. But it’s something like 2 trillion over the year’s span for hospital [00:13:00] bills for those that either depart or their family members. And we started educating them on how important tires are. And it completely changed the entire sales team. But we had to do the diagnostic to realize what they thought of what they were doing.

And then we built a script and messaging and training to educate them. So then they felt proud that they were selling cars and selling tires rather than feeling like they were just cheating every person coming through the door. Mind blowing. . But we don’t know until we do that diagnostic to understand.

Okay, last one. Any brave soul want to also share the realization from the exercise?

Yes, Italian. I am, I have a dentist practice. I have three practices in the north of Italy. And in attending this group of study and working in the practices, I’ve realized over the. That we are not [00:14:00] organized to manage change.

So there is no change management methodology in our organization. And we are qualified in the top end of the market. And it’s easy to work on a referral basis, on a word of mouth basis, but it’s difficult to follow up on a lead from the lower end of the market. We have a difficulty managing hundreds of elites coming every week.

We have to screen the lead because Very often we come across people who are not on target. And I’ve realized on the basis of this diagnostics that there is a lot to be done internally, to prepare protocols, to prepare scripts, and to train those people who manage customers and leads. And after two years of work, I still feel at the beginning of this process,

Okay. Congratulations. This is beautiful that you’ve had such growth. It’s [00:15:00] very common for dentists especially the person working the front desk. They are the first person to interact with prospects and yet they know nothing of sales training. It’s mind boggling, right? The first point of contact for the prospect.

Even the phone skills, if someone calls in to say, I want an appointment. If they’ll just give away that lead because they’re just a receptionist, right? So it is critical and I’m glad that you’ve had this realization so we can work on that. That’s great. Thank you.

And that was your weekly dose of the ultimate sales machine. If you’re feeling like, wow, I’d really love to figure out how to put more of this into my business and see some money in my pocket, you can sign up for one of our complimentary strategy sessions. All you have to do is go to how to double sales.com and you’ll talk to one of our growth specialists to find where are you leaving money on the table?

Where can we help you generate some revenue quickly? [00:16:00] To double sales.com.

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