The Art of Closing More Deals: Lessons from the Inverted Buyer’s Pyramid

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Blog

Are you tired of facing rejection after rejection in your sales pitch?

It’s time to flip the script with the buyer’s pyramid.

Using this framework has helped countless companies become the number one in their industry and you can too.

This week’s episode of The CEO Mastery Show is jam-packed with actionable information that will help you develop strategies for success.

Tune in for some tips on:
  -How you can become the #1 authority in your industry using market data and education-based marketing
  -Getting more clients from the moves you’re already making
  -Figuring out what makes your clients tick—and how they will buy from you and nobody else

What you’re about to learn in this episode is a new evolution of a proven system that has worked for decades.

Implementing these timeless strategies can help your business to build trust with customers and prove winning in business.



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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Here is your dose of the Ultimate Sales machine coming to you from the new edition. Visit ultimate sales to get your copy or multiple copies. Hi, I’m your host, Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Homes International. What you’re about to learn has assisted a quarter of a million businesses to generate billions of dollars working faster, better, smarter.

how many of you are familiar with the buyer’s pyramid? Just curious. . Okay. Couple people. So at any given time, right? If you are, I don’t know why this is turning up black. It’s strange. But if you are doing ads, if you are, if you have a billboard, if you’re posting on Facebook, if you’re posting on LinkedIn, uh, at any given time, 3% of those people, so 3% of your stadium will be in the buying now category, another 7% will be open.

The next 30% are not thinking about you. The following 30% think that they’re not interested and the last 30% are definitely [00:01:00] not interested. So what percentage of this pyramid is not interested in your product or service?

 Anywhere between 90 and 97%. Yes. Usually we get a lot of people guessing 30. So good job guys that you didn’t guess 30 ? Yes, A vast majority. Nine times of the market that you could be potentially winning at any given time. Is not interested in what you have to say if you’re only talking about yourself.

So what I did with the buyer’s pyramid is I then flipped it on its head. So this is part of the new edition of the Ultimate Sales Machine. Uh, I took that and I explained a.

Our framework for how we’ve helped more companies become number one in their marketplace than anybody else across industries, over decades. And it follows this. So at first you want to cover your prospect’s global pain. So the function of the global pain is to. Start a conversation with anyone. So I just got, I was just on [00:02:00] Hello Iowa this morning.

Uh, one of my first TV interviews for this book launch, and I got in the door because I said I’d love to talk about how every single day, 3056 businesses are shutting their doors. Right now, and there’s one thing that has saved 250,000 businesses and I can cover it in four minutes, and they said, okay, yes.

And they had me on. So global pain, right? 3076. Businesses are shutting their doors every single day. , if it talks about trends that have happened over time, it’s even stronger, right? Because if you have you, or even a sales rep that’s talking about, so when I first came into the fold, I didn’t know industry trends, but I had a core story that told me what the industry trends were.

So I’d be talking to one of the biggest. Um, clients that I closed at first was Panasonic and I came into Panasonic and I told him, here’s what you’ve been experiencing for the last decade. Here’s what’s going to happen over the next decade. Here’s what you [00:03:00] need to look for. And he looked at me like she really knows her stuff.

I’m like, no, I just know market data and I know our core story , but I was able to talk to his pains better than he even knew himself over decades. So global pain industry trends that have happened over. Critical. Then we get into targeted pain. The purpose of the targeted pain is to show that you understand your prospect better than they do.

So if you can articulate their pain better than they can, then they believe that you have the solution. That’s why we want to go into like, uh, Frank was, or not Frank, like Jonathan was saying. What is keeping someone up at night that, that owns a home, right? It could be their, their marital status, it could be their health, it could be the fact that they can’t pay their rent or, or their mortgage, right?

What are all these things that are potentially keeping them up at night? We wanna talk to those things and then it leads into the next portion, which is solutions. Because the purpose is not to solve all of their [00:04:00] pains, it’s just to solve a portion of their pain. So they. Some bit of relief. Wow. I am in the hands of a true expert because this person is guiding me.

I haven’t even collected money from them, or I haven’t even paid them yet, and they’re already giving me things that can elevate and make my life easier. I can imagine what it would be like if I gave them money. Right? So instead of just talking about yourself this whole time, that was another thing that I was thinking of when you were speaking, Frank.

So when you said, so we got to the price conversation and I was negotiating, well, my question would be, What did you lead up to that conversation with? Did you talk about global pain? Did you talk about their targeted pain? Did you give them solutions? Did you educate them? Critical? Next step. So content marketing has become so critical over the last 15 years, and my father created education-based marketing as a precursor to content marketing.

And the difference between the two is this one step. Resetting the buying criteria. You should be [00:05:00] educating your prospect on how to buy from you and nobody else, because majority of people aren’t experts on what they’re buying unless you sell cars. That’s pretty hard, actually. And even so, you should still be educating them on the five things they need to know before buying a car, right?

The majority of them, majority of people don’t know, and then they lose out on X number of money, X number. . So what are those pieces of buying criteria that you need your prospect to know, and are you educating every single prospect that walks through your door on what those buying criteria are? So much so that you’ve gotten through every one of these steps, and it leads to you as the only logical conclusion.

It is you and nobody else. Okay.

So how do we create a stadium pitch that grabs the attention of the entire buyer’s pyramid that educates them , into the buying now category? So [00:06:00] when we look at our titles, right, was it focused on them or was it focused on. because majority of companies are self-focused and majority of that stadium will walk out because you’re wasting your time, money, and energy.

Now, we had some good ones in here, but I know that we can refine them and make them even better. So this was a client. Who sold high-end real estate, right? We’ve got the best luxury apartments. They have beautiful views of Dubai, high quality granite tops, and a a second home dream. That’s really only we get 3% and they were selling to billionaires, so obviously it doesn’t, uh, that’s a very small percentage of people to get only 3%.

So we changed their stadium pitch title to. Why wealthy CEOs are at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and premature death, and what you can do about it, so dramatically different, but it grabbed what percentage of the buyer’s pyramid does that touch the [00:07:00] entire buyer’s pyramid? Right? And you can imagine, uh, the real estate brokers were like, you’ve gotta be kidding me.

Why are we talking about, you know, diabetes and premature death ? Because that’s what a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Is worried about, it’s either their time because it’s the only thing they can’t buy and their health mostly. We also did some data to find out about what happens in a family that’s an affluent family and, and the likelihood of drugs and, uh, depression increases.

So we just, we found out what was keeping the prospect up at night instead of talking about what they were interested in talking about. So here’s another example. This is Troy’s example. We’ll have him in here tomorrow to talk more deeply about it, but he first started off talking to, uh, farms, talking about how, you know, I’d love to talk to you about how, uh, your, what’s going on with your farming equipment.

I’d love to schedule [00:08:00] a call with you to talk about your farm and, and the needs of your. Different tractors and such. So we went from that. That was only 3%. Talking about tractors and farm equipment, I’m sure he could do a much better job of this. I’m sorry, Troy . Uh, then we switched over to the stadium pitch.

Of the five top reasons your farm could lose revenue,

today we’re at war with everyone for the tension of our buyers. Yet everybody seems to be doing the same thing to combat one another. We keep throwing more and more money at marketing just, ooh, just last year.

Just last year alone, we saw an increase of 92 billion in advertising, and yet people are sick and tired of ads. 90% of consumers find targeted ads annoying, and that’s up from just three years ago. What do you think is the most despised ad? What do you think is the most despised ad?

Popup ads lead the way. 58% of consumers hate them. The second most despised ads are the ads that stop you from watching a video [00:09:00] now. 

, so how do we avoid L? All of that competitive clutter. We want to break through that clutter because majority are talking in the Mii syndrome, right? Most advertising and sales says, look at me. Look at how great we are. We’re different from the rest. We’re the best. So as consumers, we’ve been hearing the same pitch from everyone for years.

So the result is we’re tuning everything out and only focusing on convenience and price. . So how do we sell without selling? They have to get to know you. They have to learn to like you, then they trust you, and that’s when they buy. And trust is the foundation for gaining higher prices and overcoming rejection.

So how do we build that trust? The trick as we teach is to work smarter, not harder. And the most effective solutions are about beating your competition with your brain, not your wallet. Ha ha ha. , take that. So the power of story. Modern [00:10:00] discoveries in psychology and cognitive neuroscience reveal that stories are fundamental to human cognition.

So simply put people thinking stories. I’m sure you’ve had a meeting two weeks ago where you were told to do something or you told your staff to do something and you can’t recall what it was. But three weeks ago you watched a Netflix show and you can remember the entire saga of everything that happened, right?

It’s because we think in stories. Since the beginning of time, right? That’s how our history has been handed down. And yet the power of story can only be turbocharged by the support of solid research. So the fact is our culture is dominated by an utter faith in the power of science. So when you back your story with professional research and data, your message instantly gains immense legitimacy and authority.

But most companies fail to tell that right story and they don’t know how to. Market research. So this is what we teach the core story method, which com connects compelling facts with [00:11:00] emotions into a story that grabs the attention and resets the buying criteria, which leads prospects to you as the only logical conclusion.

Whew. Woo. I’m gonna pause for a moment there. Let that sink in. There was a lot, but you getting it? Are you guys following me?

Okay. I’m gonna give you some real life examples of the buyer’s pyramid. So if we think about the buyer’s pyramid on a website, so you have this one on the left, the all in one destination for professional coaching. How much of the percentage, how much of the buying pyramid is that getting. 3% versus you go to something like our website.

Would you like to double your sales in the next 12 months? Take our quiz to find out what’s holding you back from that growth. Take the quiz. So 40% are interested in doubling their sales. We’re converting 17%, which majority of websites only convert. 1%, [00:12:00] 2%, maybe 3% max, right? So this is a good example of how that buyer’s pyramid and your stadium pitch can be the opt-in on your homepage of your website.

Another example, reaching the full buyer’s pyramid and cold in mail. So if we’re prospecting, so I have this email here, so somebody says, hello Amanda. We are seeing tremendous success through digital solutions we offer working with our amazing clients.

This was a, a LinkedIn message I got. I would like to share with you the below in an effort to be a pure research for resource for you. Let’s schedule a time in exchange how we could help one another. Please let me know what works and of course, feel free to call me at any time. I would only c contact that person if I was like ridiculously lonely.

I think one night I will just just sit down with a good drink and just message all of these LinkedIn people that are like, talk to me and I’d be like, sure. Just have fun, but I mean anybody in their right mind, right? Who would reach [00:13:00] out to that or respond to that, okay? There’s 3% of the marketplace that will respond.

That’s why they flood your LinkedIn in mail with so many messages is cuz they know they can send a hundred messages and three people will raise their hand. I mean, I don’t know about that one. They, you don’t even know what they do. If they say what they do, they’ll get 3% versus I. This is a message that we did in, we were doing an Instagram dms, so we said, Hey, C T O D.

This is Diane. So this is, uh, my social media manager. This is Diane Amanda’s assistant. Welcome to the community. Since you joined, we have a gift for you. Would you like to know the biggest thing holding you back from doubling your sales this year? 

Hello, Diane? Yes, we’d love to. Great. All you need to do is answer these five short questions.

So it’s the same quiz from the website is now being reached out in social media direct messages, so we’re getting 40% versus the 3% that they’re seeing with [00:14:00] just talking about themselves. Is this landing for you guys? Are you understanding how valuable, how everywhere you can use that stadium pitch to lead with an education?

It’s making sense. Wow. Yes. I love it. Jamil. This giving me a wow. The, 

I’ll give you another one. A voicemail. Okay, so voicemail. Hi, this is Bob from Bob’s Builders. I was just calling to see if you were looking for a better solution for your phone system. I’d love to get on the phone and discuss how your phone system is failing you and how I can be a, a valuable resource for you, right?

Again. 3%. What are we doing with our lives? , purely Dral versus here was a ringless voicemail that we sent out. 

Hey, this is Amanda Holmes with Chat Holmes International, the ultimate sales machine. I’m calling to brighten your day just a bit more. I thought you want an invite. It may not be for you, right?

I’m doing a pattern interrupt by telling them, pushing them away already before I’ve given them what it’s about to be. We’re running a three day free challenge on how to triple your sales conversions. If you’d like to [00:15:00] position yourself as number one in your. Train your clients to buy from you and nobody else, and get some specific steps on how to get more clients from the moves you’re already making.

You’re welcome to join. It starts on the 16th and it’s live. If you’d like to accept the Infin invitation, you can text the word yes to this number, right? Instead of getting a 3% response, we got a 12% response.

pretty nice, right? So when you get clear on that stadium pitch, then everywhere you do your marketing messaging, it is that same thing over and over again. If you’re in a trade show booth, that’s where you start. If you are doing an ad, that’s where you lead to an opt-in that gives them that education in a video everywhere.

The tactics will always. Change because that’s what happens with innovation and technology, but this strategy will always stay the same. If you understand the buyer’s pyramid, you can [00:16:00] always come back to that buyer’s pyramid and ask, is that title focused on everyone or is it just focused on that 3%?

Make sure to get your copy or copies at the ultimate sales There’s a lot of special bonuses that you can’t get going to Amazon, so make sure you check it [email protected].

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