[PODCAST] Chet Holmes Sales Advice on The CEO Mastery Show

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The first episode of The CEO Mastery Show is a brilliant never before released live Sales Training call with Chet Holmes. In a short period of time he breaks down:

  • A cold calling script that gets 9x more impact than your typical cold calling approach.
  • Examples of riveting market data that got the attention of a $4Billion dollar company
  • How all of this connects with Hiring Salespeople on commission
  • The biggest mistake salespeople make when trying to win business

There’s so much in this episode you’re going to want to listen, you’re guaranteed to pick up at least one gold nugget.


Chet Holmes worked with over 60 of the Fortune 500 companies as America’s top marketing executive, trainer, strategic consultant and motivation expert. Chet Holmes got his big break doubling the sales 9 companies for Charlie Munger (co-chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, business partner to Warren Buffet). Most doubled within only 12 to 15 months, several doubled multiple years consecutively. Chet is the author of the bestselling book, The Ultimate Sales Machine voted in the top 10 most recommended marketing and sales books of all time. Chet Holmes passed in 2012 leaving a legacy of over 250,000 businesses being assisted in his techniques.


  • If you’d like to have a profound breakthrough in your business, schedule your breakthrough call with a LIVE expert here: Chetholmes.com/Breakthrough
  • Claim your FREE chapter 4 from the top 10 most recommended marketing and sales books of all time! Visit: Ultimatesalesmachine.com to find out how you Create 9X More Impact from every move you’re already making to win clients!

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