[Case Study] How to Land One 8 Figure Contract!

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 Learn from Indian Wealth Management Company -Motilal Oswal How to Follow Up Like a Sales Machine!

Motilal Oswal is widely respected in India having over 2.2 million happy clients! Pig headed discipline and determination is engrained into their DNA with everything they do.

Here’s some highlights from the interview you can take away and learn:

How do they find their dream clients?

Through media outlets. Ashish’s team looks for headlines in the news where companies have either raised funding, or sold their companies, then they put them into their Dream client campaign.

How do they follow up with their dream client list?

Quarterly direct mail pieces using lumpy mail with a clever tie back to the messaging of the letter. This is also followed up with a phone call, email, or linkedin message.

How long did it take to win this 8 figure client?

Two years. Every quarter they followed up with mailers just the way we teach at The Ultimate Sales Machine. This particular prospect ask that they refrain from calling. So Ashish’s team stopped calling but continued to send smart mailers that were entertaining and appealing.

How much is an average client?

3 million.

How much was this dream client worth?

25 times an average client.




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