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Do you ever get frustrated by your competition that’s doing sub par work, but outgrowing you in sales?

I just had this conversation with a client this week where they produce double the ROI for their clients than their competition, and yet the competitor is surpassing them in revenue.

How can that be?

The frustration in the room was palpable.

So what is the difference between those that work harder and harder staying in the same place and those that excel with greater ease?

Tune into this week’s episode to hear quotes and case studies from the Ultimate Sales Machine.

You’ll hear:
-what a multi billion dollar company does internally to train their sales reps better than any other company I’ve ever seen.
-One of the most frequent mistakes executives make that kills the attention of staff.
-The one thing that seems like a distraction to the company, that actually creates the competitive edge.



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Here is your dose of the Ultimate Sales machine coming to you from the new edition. Visit ultimate sales to get your copy or multiple copies. Hi, I’m your host, Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Homes International. What you’re about to learn has assisted a quarter of a million businesses to generate billions of dollars working faster, better, smarter.

Amanda: Welcome to your Weekly Dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine on the CEO Mastery Show. We’ve got another quote here. 

Some managers view training as an interference with work to be done, but think of the tail of the wood cutters. Wood cutter A cuts wood all day long. Woodcutter B keeps stopping and sitting down at the end of the day.

Woodcutter B had three times more wood than woodcutter. A wood woodcutter A asks, how could this happen? You were resting all day. Woodcutter B says, I wasn’t rest. I was sharpening my saw. 

Take time to sharpen your skills, your tools, and your resources, and you will be [00:01:00] more productive. 

So you can see a theme that we’ve been talking about.

You might have seen them in past podcasts where we talk about. Training, repetition of training, the specific skillsets it takes to train how you can create a bulletproof business of ultimate sales machine by consistent repetitive training. Now I’m gonna go a little bit deeper into, okay, let’s say you start to do your training sessions.

Right covered in the new edition. On page 30, people should be told what to expect. So how to run your training session. You want to talk about what you will cover, how long it will take, how the information will be covered, the objective of the particular session, and the obtained skill or knowledge that you hope that they will gain.

I find this very often when I’m doing keynotes. Uh, I’ll start with my stadium pitch title. This is what we’re gonna cover in today’s session. Here’s what I’m about to talk to you about, [00:02:00] and I’m selling the sizzle all the way through so that they, their mouth is watering how much they wanna hear, what you have to say.

Can you imagine if your training started with that very often? Very, very often I see, uh, people may have great training, but they actually don’t have the setup to explain why this training is important, what is the value of it, and what they can get from that training. So you have to sell the fact that you’re about to give a training.

Otherwise people don’t really care. 

It’s the same when we start teaching education-based marketing and we start leading with an education versus leading with, I just wanna talk about me and how great I am and pitch my services. You flip to starting to educate. Now you have to grab their attention with why they should hear the knowledge that you have to provide for them, and it’s really critical.

There’s a couple of different things in this chapter. So it’s one thing to speak that training to somebody. [00:03:00] It’s another thing for them to hear it and to see it, right? They retain much more if they see it and hear it. That’s why slides are critical. I know a lot of people say, wow, Amanda, you have so many slides.

Why are you going through so many slides? Like, if I give a 90 minute presentation keynote, I will have 95 slides. When I spoke for HubSpot, it was 95 slides for 90 minutes, and it’s just following my father’s principles of, you know, we know that the attention span is very short, so we wanna give them interesting, engaging visuals that reinforce the sentiment that you are creating with a headline that is of an interest, right?

We’re grabbing them with every piece of information and reinforcing. With visual. That’s why that’s so critical. So when you’re creating your trainings for your team, can you have a visual representation of what you’re talking about? That is a critical piece [00:04:00] so that they hear it and they see it to get even deeper into that knowledge.

Can they learn it? Can they interact with it? Can they role play it? Can they do a group discretion around it? Can they then teach it back? Right? You retain way more when you have to actually teach it back to them.

I have a client out of India. Motilal Oswal, they have 600 staff that all have read Ultimate Sales Machine.

Not once, not twice, but three Hun, three times, sorry, 600 sales reps that are mandatory have to read the book three times and in the second time, They read through the book, they come up with their, uh, work shopping training that they’re going to do, and then they have to teach the book back to the others in the group as well as their manager.

Why? Because we retain much more of what we teach than if we just learn it and see it. So that’s, that’s the next level, right? Just like [00:05:00] memorization. If you are memorizing all of these, uh, three Ps we call it planning procedures and policies, uh, just memorizing them. Is the first step. But where the true mastery comes is beyond memorization.

It’s when it just becomes part of you, right? So every time you hear the objection, you know exactly what to say and it’s masterful, right? 

We train on that with data points because we have Empire Research Group. So we’ll pull out a piece of data that will reinforce why they should buy that product or service.

Like for instance, I have a client right now that has a tech tool. that uses five different tech tools into one tool instead, and people just say, you know, why would I use your one tool when I can go off and get these two or three other tools? It, it would be so much easier for me to get, get these multiples well.

I could understand why you would want to do that. I have to tell you, we just recently [00:06:00] found this study that showed that on average when they studied 20 different companies with 146 staff over 1,200 days, they saw that the average staff member actually wasted five weeks a. year Hopping back and forth between applications and websites on, on their computer.

So they would get disoriented going from one website or one app to the next. It would take them a certain amount of time to recalibrate and then they’d start working again, five week equivalent. So why Mr. Prospect would you not want to have three or four or you know, six different apps and just have one?

To get you back five weeks of not just your time a year, but your entire staff’s time, what would that be worth to you? Right, and then we calculate the roi. 

So what are we doing? We are [00:07:00] creating consistency with training that is engaging, that tells them, right? What did we say? I told you what you will be covering, how long it will take, how the information will be covered, the objective, and then the skill that they hope to get.

This is critical. You have to sell the sizzle of the training that you’re going to give. 

Make sure to get your copy or copies at the ultimate sales There’s a lot of special bonuses that you can’t get going to Amazon, so make sure you check it [email protected].

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