We’ll show you how you can achieve 9x the attention from your sales & marketing messages

Need a smarter way to sell?

The Stadium Pitch Session is for you if:

  1. You are finding it hard to distinguish yourself from your competition.
  2. Your prospects tell you you’re too expensive.
  3. You aren’t getting enough leads from your marketing.
  4. You want to close more deals from the leads you’re already getting.

In a power-packed 60 minutes, we’re going to build your Stadium Pitch!

  • No more guessing how to pitch your prospects when you get in front of them,
  • You’ll see how to transition from a purely selfish sales “pitch” to an effective education that turns MORE prospects into BUYERS.
  • You’ll discover what type of market data to incorporate to get prospects’ attention.
  • Take notes because this will be A LOT to cover in 60 minutes!

Chet used to charge upwards of $380,000 to create a full Core Story for a Fortune 500 client.

A strategy session like this is a $700 value. But for today, we’ll be offering this consultation for just $249!

Would it be worth $249, If all this session did was:

  • Give you a new way to set 20% more appointments?
  • Help you triple your leads from your website?
  • Boldly set you apart from all your competitors?

Sign up below. Just click the button and follow the instructions to invest in a smarter way of selling this 2016!

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Strategy Call Testimonials

“During my strategy session I was given a tool that I used the following week to close a $100k deal! It was the fastest I’ve ever closed that big of a deal!”

George Turano, Visione

“Following my strategy session, I’m happy to report that in my first year of working with my CHI coach, Stacey, we increased sales 179% and have had double digit growth year after year since. That Dream 100 strategy really works when you do it right.”  

Don Norwood, A Logistics Company

“I must say that our strategy session today was a completely shocking delight! This is from a very guarded and historically tough sell. I really wasn’t sure what the session would look like, but it was so much more than I ever expected. Not only were you not pushing a product but you genuinely wanted to collaborate with me and co-create something bigger and better for my business. Thank you for sharing your sales insights, your helpful business experiences, and for being such a kick to work with? ROI (return on investment) is always higher with great ROF (return on fun)!”

Kevin Minne, An Innovation Company

Our CHI certified growth specialist have shared their expertise with such world-class businesses as:

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