What characteristics create a successful business executive?

PR111111-image1What kind of executive do you want to be?

What are your morals, and how hard are you willing to fight for them?

Having the honor and challenge of walking into my father’s company over the last year, it’s been like getting to know the businessman behind the father. I understood what the company stood for and it’s core, because I knew my father.

I see the business model’s success mirror the way he lived his life.

A gem of advice my father always shared that contributed to much of his success in business was, “Always give away your best stuff for free. That’s the only way they’re going to come back for more.” (#Chetism)

That one concept made The Ultimate Sales Machine a NY Times bestseller, keeping his book on the top of Amazon for years and ultimately catapulted his career to a whole new playing field.  All because he did three things:

  1. Gave value.
  2. Gave more value.
  3. Thought he’d given enough value, and decided to give even more.

He held nothing back writing that book. Concepts that he had refined over decades of work, that clients spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get from him, all readily available in a twelve dollar book holding the keys to business success wrapped in his 12 Core Competencies. To give or not to give, for my father that was never the question, he always gave and it worked out quite nicely for him and his clients.

Since it’s the holiday season and giving is in the air, I thought this would be a great topic to touch on for our blog this week. Giving was not just a business strategy for Chet Holmes. Giving was a way of life, a way of being. Giving truly was my father’s very own Core Story.

Christmas at my home started in July with the music, in October with catalog buying, and ended in February when we finally took down the tree. Why? Because my father found no more joy than to give to those around him. Whether it was giving a lift to a homeless guy, buying iPods for all the nursing staff at the hospital, or hiring the star of a Vegas show to come to Grandma’s house because she was too ill to go to the Stratosphere.

I can see his giving nature run parallel with how he built this business here at Chet Holmes® International™. The most wide known gift running the lines of radio for years is a FREE report on the “4 Ways to Double your Sales in 12 Months.” Over the last 10 years, Chet Holmes radio ads have had record-breaking response rates comparative to majority of B2B advertisers on the radio. What’s our secret formula?Giving.

Once business owners get the report, they’re offered to attend a 2.5 hour educational webinar where we do nothing but give them gem, after gem, after gem, revealing how they can generate at least $50,000-$300,000 in income immediately. What are we doing?Giving. Because of that initial gift of giving, followed up with value and even more value, Chet Holmes and his company as a whole built relationships that last years upon years, attracting business owners WORLDWIDE, cross-selling and upselling into 8 different divisions of products hitting all the pains of the our clients with services that solve. Giving may seem like too much work in the beginning, but it’s not about the small sale, it’s about the lifetime value.

Giving first will reward you later. Chet Holmes and Chet Holmes International are living proof of that methodology. #ChetCulture

What does giving create?

Do you trust a company more if in your first experience with them they’re giving? Giving of knowledge and giving of time. Earning the right to serve. As Chet teaches, your clients will respect you more as an expert in your field, trust you as an advisor, and closing will be that much easier if you educate –give.

We attract abundance into our lives because when we give, we have more than enough, creating a feeling of abundance.

Point being, if you want to be successful, pay it forward. Give your best stuff for free. (Upsell them later ;).

Maybe if you focus on giving, this world could be just a bit brighter.

To the gift of giving-

Happy Holidays,

Amanda Holmes, Chairman of the Board at Chet Holmes International

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  1. mattpegler

    Amazing message. The getting is in the giving. I love it.

  2. benwhitehair

    Love it. Add value, add value, add value.


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