Why Is Your Current Marketing Strategy Failing

by | May 20, 2021 | Blog

It’s not all about you.

Seventy-three percent of consumers want ads to tell them a unique story rather than trying to  pitch them on a product or service.

And yet most marketing and sales efforts are focused on me me me. 

The problem is that goes against the vast majority of human behavior.

This is the power of Education based marketing.


Ask yourself: am I educating my prospect’s with something of value? Or am I just talking about myself?

The first place you can start is finding out, what keeps your prospect up at night. What are their worries?

HINT: It could have NOTHING to do with your product. 

It could be their health.

It could be their family.

It could be their staff.

It could be the activities that are stealing away their time, money, and energy.

Write 3-5 things now.

Once you’ve identified your list of things that keep your prospect up at night, now write your own headline (Stadium Pitch) that would speak to that prospect’s pain point.


     -The 5 Biggest Mistakes You Didn’t Know About that Are Costing You X….

     -The Single Most Important Issue Companies Like You Are Facing that’s Putting Them Out of Business…

For a real life example of this, watch our Case Study: how one company increased their appointment setting by 550% using education based marketing. We walk through their scripts, their emails, their messaging. 

How this one topic dramatically increased sales, boosted company morale, and created raving fans amongst their customers which turned into positive customer reviews online. Click here to learn more.

Today’s consumers are jaded so how do you get past these barriers.

Take yourself out of the equation. 

People react to 2 main emotions: 

  1. Pain 
  2. Pleasure. 

If you want to get someone’s attention remind them of their pain.

Then give them a way to move from pain and towards pleasure. 

Which marketing pitch is more effective? 

  • “Let us show you how to improve your web and social media presence”


  • “I would like to show you the top five critical mistakes that most companies make when creating social media sites no matter who you choose to work with  you need to know these things”

Why does this approach work with today’s consumers?

Education based marketing builds  long-term relationships with your clients because they don’t perceive it as a sales pitch,instead you are educating them and focusing on their wants and needs in the same way you yourself would like to be treated.

Education based marketing is more cost-effective, hard-hitting, and has a stronger emotional and tangible appeal.

Ask yourself: what can I give of value to my prospect’s that 1. identifies their pain, and 2. brings them a solution.

If you’d like more guidance on how to incorporate this into your marketing and sales approach we’d recommend getting the Case Study of how this company increased their appointment setting by 550%! Click the button below:


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