What We Think Defines Who We Are

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“What we think defines who we are.”

Most of us have ideas about ourselves based on what we can or cannot do.

More often than not, we define ourselves based on the limitations someone else gave us!

The good thing is that just because that person gave us those ideas, does not mean we need to keep them.

In this episode, Coach Troy Aberle shares one of his favorite quotes from The Ultimate Sales Machine and how a change in mindset gives you the power to become better in selling!




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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Amanda: [00:00:00] Hello. We have another daily dose of Ultimate Sales Machine I have with me today, our executive strategy officer Troy Aberle again, sharing another one of his favorite quotes from the new edition of the Ultimate Sales Machine. Troy, you want to share with us your quote?

Troy: For sure. So what I’m saying or seeing that really always stands out to me is what we think defines who we are. And, that is a big piece of every single thing. When you wake up in the morning, you gotta figure out how you either reacted or how you’re gonna prepare. And, when I look at back at the interview that we often talk about when I reveal my Core Story and working with my client what’s so interesting is I picked up on what Chet was saying.

And I talked to those sales guys who had already gotten those hard nos. Those hard nos had really transpired into creating the salesperson, a new image that they felt defeated. 

Amanda: I love what you’re saying. Let me put just a bit of context here. So for those of you that haven’t heard this Troy generated 8.4 [00:01:00] million from four clients in just six weeks of building out his core story and deploying it, it was an unreal story. And what you’re saying is those four people that you went to were all people that were hard

no, already. They had already said no to the product or service, right?

Troy: Exactly. And so for a salesperson, Amanda, that makes them feel crushed. You have myself, coach Troy, come in there and he’s gonna change the world. And they’re already saying, no, I already see myself as defeated. I’m not going back to get beat up on again, but Chet says it right here, what we think defines who we are.

And so I would just read this to them and say okay. So if you would define yourself as failed or weak or not good enough. I said, no, your client actually gave you feedback that no, just meant that they don’t know and trust you enough yet to make a better decision. So what do we have to do? We have to figure out and learn more about them and what problem that they really wanna solve.

And so that’s what really, is the goal is now change it. When you wake up, [00:02:00] the more you say, no, I’m gonna be a better consultant. I’m gonna be a better salesperson. And I’m gonna understand the problems more so I can develop a much stronger set of value. To give them this isn’t a transaction. It’s about how much value it’s not price it’s value.

And so if you define yourself as being the ultimate provider listener and the, pigheaded discipline that no matter what you are going to get that sale, that’s, what’s gonna win. But if you keep showing up as weak and being from a place of resistance and you’re, you, you will be in a recession your whole life, go in there, define yourself and see yourself as already won. And achieve it. That’s exactly what you have to do. So read that page and

Amanda: I love it.

Troy: put that on the dash of your car. So when you get out, make sure you know what you’re thinking of, cuz that’s, what’s gonna define your day. Okay.

Amanda: Yes, I love it. And if you guys want to see the full interview of how Troy did this, he just shows his whole deck and how he pitched and closed. It’s. It’s great. You can [00:03:00] go to our YouTube and type in how Troy Aberly generated 8.4 M million. That should be able to find that episode or find it on our blog or just type it into Google and it should pop up.

Thank you so much, Troy.

Troy: Thank you.

Amanda: Make sure to get your copy or copies at the ultimate sales machine.com. There’s a lot of special bonuses that you can’t get going to Amazon. So make sure you check it out@ultimatesalesmachine.com.

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