The #1 Thing People Are Spending Their Money On

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Blog

For over a decade it has been my dream to do this, and it’s finally come true…

I’ll share with you in a minute, but first. Let’s talk about you.

You’ve just gone through years of unprecedented events.

You managed to get through the stress of disruption that hit nearly every industry on the planet.

Now, can you guess the number one thing people like you want to spend their money on after the intensity of the pandemic?

I’ll give you a hint, #3. is finance to ensure financial security. (Makes sense)

#2. is physical health, because obviously the attack has been on our immune systems.

The number one thing people want to spend their money on this year is… (Drum roll please)

Mental wellness.

I heard the results of this study about three months ago and I realized my dream could finally come true.

You see the world experienced a life changing event the last three years, but my life altering event happened in 2012 with the loss of my father and inheriting this company.

Nothing was more earth shattering than losing my hero and then being left with a pile of responsibility no ill prepared 24 year old should ever have to endure.

And during that time, when it felt like the world was against me, I had the gift of having a teacher that guided me through the darkness of my mind.

She helped me heal, showed me a way to reconcile my pain, find clarity from my foggy mind, find new purpose, and assisted me to step in as CEO of the company, carrying it on now eight years later.

This week’s podcast is taken from a training we did on corporate mental wellness: how to accomplish double your work output in half the time.

It has been my dream for the last decade to assist leaders of the corporate world to expand their intellect, increase their productivity, and do it all while feeling a greater sense of fulfilment and purpose.

This is the next evolution of CHI, bringing business leaders like you.

Corporate Mental Wellness

Watch this week’s wonderful episode on doubling your productivity in half the time.

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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Welcome everybody. This is an unprecedented occasion. You are about to experience the new. Corporate training series on mental wellness, becoming a master is not about doing 4,000 things. It’s about doing 12 things. 4,000 times the ultimate sales machine presents the CEO mastery show for entrepreneurs looking to grow faster, better, smarter.

If you would like to have a profound breakthrough in your business. Talk to our team live by visiting Good advice is contextual. Get your answers at The first part of this training will be on how to double your output in half the time. We’re gonna cover how to deal with distractions, how to understand our mind, to optimize its capabilities with an exercise on getting focus and clarity in the now then on the second half of this experiential learning, we’re gonna focus on how you can get better.

With your work and your true purpose and potential, this portion will be finding alignment with the practical exercise we will do together as a wonderful cohort that we are, and, uh, to truly find the best version of you. So there is no person. On this planet, more gifted to give this training to you than who I’m about to introduce you to.

So let me explain the context so everyone can understand exactly how magnificent of a gift this is in ancient scriptures. It said that the greatest blessing of your lifetime is to have the grace of meeting a true guru. In Sanskrit, the word guru. I think I explained this to you earlier. It breaks down to GU, which is the dispel of darkness.

Ru is the uplifter of light and a true guru is the person that guides you to regain the trust within yourself. Something that guides you to your true. Destiny. Now I can share how I came to meet this special guest, um, because of sicknesses that happened in my family, we were looking at alternative methods for healing, and we had the resources to be able to have two people on staff, full time, going through thousands and thousands of potential alternatives.

And through all of that work for a year and a half, we found. The top 160 in the world. Everything from sound therapy to light therapy, to oxygenation therapy, uh, priests monks. And after all that, every one of them paved in comparison to Guruji. Uh, many of them boasted and said that they could cure anything and they made promises that they really couldn’t keep, but just being in her presence, I felt a sense of peace and positivity.

And her aura was so palpable. I wanted to be around her at all times. Still to this day, I love to be in her presence. She said she taught me that every disease is just a dis disease of our minds. And at the time I had severe celiac disease, I, if I, the smell of pizza would make me nauseated. And if I actually ate pizza, I would have to go to the hospital.

It was. That bad, but Guruji said she could assist me. And so I traveled all the way to Singapore across the world, uh, and went through a three month program with her where she, I was cured of celiac disease. I can eat wheat. Now it’s a magnificent gift to our world, pasta and bread and wheat and everything that comes from wheat muffins.

Okay. So, but the true gift here was, it was all by unlocking. blockages in my mind. So it’s absolutely amazing to watch how Guruji can take the most complex situations and turn them into the most simple of solutions by far the most intelligent being I’ve ever encountered. And I’ve been surrounded by leaders of industries all my life.

So not only. Not only that, but Guruji’s purity. I’m, you’ll see it. You’ll see it in, in moments. Her compassion is something angelic beyond this world. She comes from a very highly esteemed spiritual lineage in India. So for those of you that aren’t familiar, I’m just gonna break this down because it’s so significant.

So she comes from the lineage of Shri 1008 BBA ni Carol some know him as ni Carol Baba. He was a brilliant Saint that worked with the Indian government to procure 108 healing sessions or sorry, healing centers in Northern India. He, he would actually. These are great stories. He would walk into a government official, uh, office, walk up to the government official and say, this land is mine.

Give it to me. And they’d look at him like, who is this man? And he would say, this is what’s going on with your wife. This is what’s going on with, uh, your life. This is how you can improve it. Go, I will fix it and I I’ll come back and I’ll take the land and they’d look at him like who. Who is this man?

Because most of the time he was dressed in a cloth and, uh, that was Babaji. Um, he’d so he’d come back a couple months later and they would be utterly shocked because they did what he said and they would see those results and they would give him the land. Uh, it was rather remarkable. So. Also know of this story, but I wanna reiterate it.

So mark Zuckerberg, a couple years ago, he was being interviewed by the prime minister of India. And he had shared this story about, he was about to sell Facebook and, um, he was talking with his mentor. He didn’t really know if he should sell Facebook or not. And it was at the very beginning of Facebook and he called up Steve jobs, his mentor and Steve jobs told him.

Before I realized what apple would be, and I was still searching for what that could be. I went to this center in India above a new curly center and there, he got this vision in his meditation of what apple would become. So two of the biggest companies in the world happened to get lined right back to a man named Baba Nim.

Carol, I maybe we can show a picture of him in the back. Uh, yes. So Baba Nim, Corolla. I don’t know if you see. See, even in his picture, he’s in his, um, his blanket. So then, and, and. So honored to be a part of this mission to create a place like what Bubba G created in India here in America as the university of self realization, a site for people to travel from all around the world to experience.

Now, though, BBE Corallia is no longer with us. He passed his capabilities to his predecessor who built and led multiple of his centers, SREs Shri 1008 B and this beautiful loving Saint. Had that same knowledge and those special gifts. And he passed down to the wonderful, special guests that I have for you today.

It’s very unknown that she is the living heir to B and Nim Carol’s, um, special gifts. Her formal title is Sova Loma, her holiness Shri 1008 Guruji punji, many Americans wonder we have people from all around the world on this call right now. So I’m sure many say what does all of that mean? That might be the longest name I’ve ever heard.

Let me break it down cuz. Very sacred and very significant. So OCMA means divine mother to all SRE SRE means that she’s conquered all levels of the mind, her conscious mind, her subconscious mind and the super conscious and 1008 means that she has bloomed all the thousand and eight Lotus pedals that are on your crown tracker, which means enlightenment.

If you’ve ever seen a Buddha and how they have all of those. Have you guys seen those bud? Where they have all of the, yeah. Things around the crown. So, uh, and then Punam is her birth name? NG is a form of respect. So she may go by many different names, but those that love her, we call her Guruji. So Gurgi is not what you consider a normal guru dressed in white or orange.

It’s part of her mission to bring color back to this gray world. Before meeting Gurgi, she traveled to Europe or sorry, before meeting her guru. Babaji she traveled to Europe to get her masters in English literature. She also has a master’s in business and a degree in fashion. not what you typically expect.

She went on to Australia where she consulted for the Australian government on the healing properties of herbs and essential oils. She also did the same consulting at government laboratories in India at the base of the Himalayas. So Gurgi begins her. Decades ago today, she has started her nonprofit divine plus international, which has been around for many years on how to achieve an ideal state of mind, body and soul eradicating DISE from the root causes, showing how it is practically possible for every individual to be joyful and successful while contributing to positively affecting your family and society.

So her following spans to a singer singer. wow. Center in Singapore. That was a tongue twister and in America, specifically Florida with followings also in Australia and India. So originally when Guruji, uh, received her G ship from Beba, she was always in the public lag. Every news ch uh, channel would follow her around because they just love to hear.

Simple and basic she under, she explained topics. And at that time she didn’t have the nonprofits infrastructure and the amount of masses that came to flee to understand what she was able to provide, which is such a natural gift of assisting people to understand themselves. And they understand. In India.

It’s very clear that the significance of a true enlightened Saint it’s not something that maybe the Western world knows so much about. So today she is here assisting so many people around the world, and I’m so honored that I have, I, I requested her here that she could share this wisdom with all of you.

So without further ado, I want to introduce you to. Sova Loma her holiness. Shihi 1008 Gurgi punji.

You wanna play dream big for us? For the entrance of Guruji? Oh, Gurgi. Oh, Gur. Oh.

Yes, please. A okay. In the car and go to G as an honoring for you being here. I want to,

  1. To begin with, uh, how do you double the output? Um, well, the first, the first thing that people don’t do about themselves is they are never in the now. So when you’re trying to achieve something and your mind is somewhere else, then it’s very hard to achieve what you’re looking for in the present and in the future.

So, uh, the first thing that people must do when they start to begin their work. If you want to achieve something perfectly is to do a little breathing exercise of which I will share with you all just now, if you do the breathing and you’ve got to present yourself the opportunity to bring yourself into the now, because if you’re not in the now, then.

you’re somewhere absent. And if you’re absent, how do you achieve something? So majority of the time I see people, uh, meandering here, meandering there, uh, you know, wasting time, settling themselves in putting things up and down. And it’s basically because they’re not present with themselves in the now. To come into the, now you have to make the effort of making yourself present there.

So the first thing is to switch yourself off, you know, like. I, I tend to give analogies from the computer as somebody was pointing out to me yesterday, because it’s most easily understood nowadays. So it’s like you shut down the windows on your computer. So likewise, you shut down your mind from everything that it is thinking.

So you take a deep breath in you hold that breath. Okay. And you shut down a window. so let us say that you’re still thinking about, oh my God, did my kid, uh, get to school in time or not? Did I do this or not? Did I leave my fridge door open? Did I leave my door open? Um, do I have my car keys? Did I close my car so we can be anywhere?

And we can be all over and we could be processing multitudes of thoughts simultaneously. Our mind is capable of processing almost 150 thoughts simultaneously. We are not aware of it because one pops out, but one thought pops out in a multitude of a second, but we process one thought every second. So how efficient is your brain and nobody has ever thought of that.

And nobody’s ever tried to tap into, to take that efficiency of the brain and use it for their personal gain. And. because of this. We are only using at an average, uh, something between two to 3% of our brain only we do not use the rest of the 97, 90 8% of our brain is just sitting there idle. So how do we start computing and making use of that?

Is also by making yourself aware of it first without awareness, there is no achievement, so let’s become aware. And once we become aware, then we need to have little tools. And how to make that available for ourselves 

to experience the rest of this training on how to accomplish double the amount of work.

And half the time sign up below. This is part of ch I’s new initiative around corporate mental wellness. Since our data shows that the number one thing that people want right now, post pandemic is mental wellness. You can go to a therapist, you can try meditation, you can do yoga or exercise. However, Is something you will get nowhere else.

It is the blend of a truly enlightened being teaching corporations, how to be more productive in the workplace with less stress and a greater sense of purpose. Get your exercises with this training below 

the body knows nos. Sickness till the mind puts it there. Majority of the time we are influenced by the society, by the people around us, by our associates, by our friends, we are defined by how they look at things.

And of course the media, the media pumps us with so much of rubbish that we do not know what is our thought and what we absorbed from the television. What am I telling you? Since I came on is it’s not about how I see life. I would like you to learn how you would like to see your life. And would you like to become you?

That’s a choice you have, would you like to become you? Would you like to be a person with purpose? Would you like to know how much of your potential can you unfold? It’s your potential. You are in the office, but you, 90% of the time, you have not brought your brain along.

anybody relate to that? it’s your choice, your freedom, your decision. Ultimately, it’s your life 

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