[Video] How This CEO Made a Comeback After Losing It All

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We are still recovering from the wake of the pandemic that disrupted so many industries.

Rod Khleif is a perfect example for others as he shares his story of how he’d experienced a similar disruption back in 2008 losing $50 million dollars over night

Listen in to hear:

  • How he made his comeback after losing it all
  • What it takes to have a winning mindset
  • The 2 key points you need to know to use text messaging to close deals
  • The helpful hints of winning appointments through social media engagemen

Rod has started 27 businesses, owned 2,000 properties himself, and shares his tips for everything from running businesses, to the mindset after defeat, to real estate investing in today’s marketplace, and how he generates sales using social and text.

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 So everybody that’s watching right now, that’s live say hello.

This is Rod Khleif. I’m so happy to have you on here. It was such a delight to see you speak at pod Fest and then finding out that you, that we had some interweavings over the years and you being in the Tony world as well. So for those that don’t know, rod so many things 27 different businesses 2000 properties owned raised up to 50 million and then lost it and then came back after that, which I know from having my own apocalypse happened in 2012.

And my father passed getting over that is a whole other stretch in itself. This idea that. Having fifth gained the wealth of $50 million and then to lose it.

And then how you pulled yourself back together. 

After that, let me tell a little bit of my, if you, let me tell a little bit of my story, I think it’ll lend itself to that. So I want to go way back because I, I think it’s a good framework for what we want to talk about. So I’m an immigrant. Okay. I was born in the Netherlands, when shoes windmill.

Immigrated when I was six years old with my brother Albert, my mother’s Vacia. We ended up in Denver, Colorado and we didn’t have much. Okay. In fact, we really struggled. My mom babysat kids, so we have enough money to eat, but I remember eating expired food. We shopped at this expired food store.

We drank powdered milk because it was cheaper than real milk with our cereal in the morning, which I trust me sounds better than it is. I remember. We’re enclosed from the Goodwill and the salvation army all the way through junior high school, till I finally got disgusted when I was 14 and lied about my age and got a job at burger king flipping burgers.

So I could have enough money to buy clothes and I’m shirtless, and I know people had it harder than I did. And then, maybe even listening or watching headed harder than I did, but. Luckily, I knew I wanted more and thank God my mom had that incredible work ethic. So she babysit kids, like I said, and she was an entrepreneur with it.

She had no formal training, but she invested in IPO’s and the stock market invested in real estate. And her first real estate acquisition was the house right across the street from us. When I was 14, she paid about 30 grand. Then when I was 17, she told me she made $20,000 in her sleep. And I’m like, what?

You made 20,000. You didn’t do any. I’m forget college, I’m getting into real estate. So I went out and got my real estate brokers license, right? When I turned 18 in Colorado, which you could do back then with education. Now, they got smart and you need some experience before you can be a broker and have your own office.

But I was a broker. My first year in real estate, I made about eight grand. My second year I made about 10 grand, but my third year I made over a hundred thousand dollars, which back in 1980 was some pretty decent change. So what happened between. Three, that caused me to 10 X, my income. And that’s what I’m landing the plane on this.

It was mindset. I met a guy that in fact I dated his daughter and I worked for him. He was a broker. I was smart enough to go work for another broker, but I met a guy that taught me about the importance of mindset and how really 80 to 90% of your success in anything is just that success in relationships, success in business, success in life.

And so fast forward to today, like you said, I’ve owned a couple thousand property, a couple thousand homes. I’ve also. Oh, it’s still on thousands of apartment units. I’ve built 27 businesses. I told you before we started recording that several were tens of millions. Most I call them, I don’t call them failures.

I call them seminars, most spectacular flaming seminars. We fail our way to success. And in fact, I got to meet the billionaire owner of Spanx, Sara Blakely, beautiful human being, and at a mastermind that I belong to. And she told me, she started with 5,000, you know what Spanx, any woman knows Hispanics there’s men.

It’s the woman’s undergarment state. She started with 5,000 bucks and now she’s, I think she just sold it for several billion, but she told me at a mastermind that her dad used to ask her and her brother, what have you failed at this week? And I thought, what a freaking awesome question to ask your kids?

In 2000. I’ve owned all that stuff. And most of my businesses failed, they were seminars, spectacular seminars, like I said, but in 2006, my net worth went up $17 million while I slept. And you might say, wow. Cause I said, and I let ego into play and I got a head so big.

I could barely fit it through a door. I thought I was a real estate. God. And when that happens, God of the universe will give you a nice lesson. That was 2008. I lost $50 million conservatively in 2008. And so what I’m known for talking about on my podcast and at my bootcamps and so on and so forth is the mindset.

It took to have 50 million to lose in the first place, but then maybe as important, maybe more important, the mindset it took to recover. To the success that I’m blessed to have today. So yeah, if you want to go there let’s go there. We’ll talk about these strategies because I get asked all the time, how, how’d you recover?

So the first thing is, unless you’ve got a question, I’ll go ahead and keep going. Okay. So the first thing is. Is being really clear on what you want and why you want it. 

So back when I lost everything, I had to re associate with what I wanted and why I wanted it because it’s a natural human tendency to focus on the pain.

In fact, we connect through pain. If you came up to me and said, rod, how you doing? I said, oh my God, I am freaking panic. Life is amazing. Now you wouldn’t cause you’re evolved, but most people would take a few steps back and say, okay, Rod’s off his meds. But if you came up to me and said, rod, how you doing?

I said, oh God, I just lost a hundred grand in the market. My back is killing me. You’ll put your arm around me and say, oh, I feel your brother. Cause we connect through pain, but you gotta, you can’t do that. And I’m going to tell you, if you’re watching Amanda and I right now, or listening later or whatever.

You’re a leader. No question. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t a leader. And right now, more than ever the world needs leaders. Okay. And don’t get me started on this political nonsense and the fake news and all the lies that are out there in the political agendas and the news stations. Just keep you’ve got it right now.

More than ever. You start, you got to stand guard at the door to your mind. You got to bring in the good stuff, because whatever you focus on is going to get larger bulk positive or. And really be careful what you’re bringing in. I do these clips every week on my podcast called own your power.

And they’re just about that. They’re just about owning your power and their motivational clips or five minutes. You give me five minutes a week. There’s music with them there that I’m really proud of them. I’ll juice. You give me five minutes a week and there’s hundreds of them there. Like I said, we just hit our 700 episode today.

I couldn’t believe it when my team told me, but anyway, So it starts with knowing what you want and why you wanted it. For example, if you come to my bootcamp in July, the first thing we’ll do for an hour and a half as goal setting on steroids, because how the heck do you get anything? If you don’t know what it is, you’ve got to know what it is you want with clarity, and then you’ve got to know why you want it.

And we’ll do that. And if and I did this on new year’s day, by the way, she can’t come to the bootcamp. I did this on new year’s day on my official Facebook page. But if you go to rods, links.com, rods links, pleura, both words, plural.com at the bottom. He is my goal setting workshop.

I did it with music professionally done. There’s a goal guide you can download and it’s something you should do with your significant other, sit down and go through this process together. What’s sad, Amanda. And this people spend more time planning a birthday party than they do designing their lives.

This is designing your life, right? And give me an hour and a half. You will be so pumped up afterwards, but again, it’s rods links.com and you can have your kids do it. If they’re over 10 years. Because it’s so freaking important and that’s why we start with that in my bootcamp. And so it starts with that knowing what you want and why you want it.

And and if you want, I can describe that process. I could describe the goal-setting process if you like, or you can just go to. And do it either way, but yeah, I find that really 

fascinating. We’ve been running these bootcamps lately and we teach this thing called dream 100, right. The that’s least expensive way to double sales.

So find your biggest bet are buyers and go after them, but I’d never seen anybody actually tie your goal. Where to, so knowing your goal what’s ended mine. And then who do you need to know to get you to that goal? And during this process, it was interesting to watch like somebody that wanted to become a billionaire.

So their dream 100 was actually finding billionaires to be their mentor. But we would never think of that. Or there was another gentleman that had four different businesses, one being a dentist, and then others that he was working on. And when he said I need this and I need that and I need social media and I need press.

And all of these things, I’m like what do you really want during the goals? He realized he shared that he wanted to be a politician to change what politics is happening. I’m like then all of these things have nothing to do with your goal. What are we doing here? So I resonate when you said that, 

And your goals evolve over time as well.

The things that mattered to me back then, the stupid crap, like the Lamborghini and the rolls and the Bentley and all this dumb stuff that I got and the, my mansion on the beach and stuff that I thought was important at one time has all evolved, and now, you can see on the wall behind me, some of the hundreds of thank you cards for my students, over the years, I’ve been teaching, like I say, four and a half years and.

And I’ve started a foundation and tissue, they evolve right here. 

The only thing that I miss from the roles is there. I tried to keep that carpet, but it was a $5,000 the carpet. And they said that it would cost me way too much, which I say, 

yeah they’re stupid money on that stuff.

Yeah. And it’s funny. You know how powerful your mind is to create these things that you want in life, and a show you something, this is my planner. I’ve got a paper planner in the back of this thing. I’ve got pictures that have been in here for 20 years and the things that I want, but it starts, it starts with.

My gratitude pictures. I’ve got pictures of my kids when they were very young. Then I’ve got pictures of the things that I wanted. Like that house on the beach looks just like this top picture. Now I, sorry. I lost that. I lost this in the craziness. Now I live in a compound. I’ve got six buildings.

I’ve got a big, main house and a guest house in a media building with the exercise facility and a theater room and built a video studio there. And the bottom pictures there, you can see those white walls and the pictures. Yeah. Oh, you can’t see it. Oh, that’s right. I don’t have my backdrop normally have my backdrop and you can see my backyard has that white wall on it.

It’s crazy. But then, things that I wanted, like the car and the watches, I, that’s still a vice I’ve a few hundred thousand dollars worth of watches, but the Lamborghini yet I wanted the rolls, the Bentley. And most of you guys know this, that have a business that you’ve got to get these pictures around you to manifest this stuff into your lives.

And and and right now, like I said, with. Be sure you’re focused on what you want now, what you don’t want. What do I want now? I, it’s funny, I took my wife to St. Bart’s last week for her birthday. And how did that go? Oh, it was nice. It’s stupid expensive though. I don’t recommend going.

The other islands are not as expensive. It was just dumb money. I got money but to pay 25 bucks for a bottle of water, I’m usually I’m not cheap either, but it was just, it was like ridiculous. I rented a boat and it cost me two grand for the, for four hours just to do it. Anyway, we took a helicopter there and back it was three grand for it.

It was just dumb for 10 minute helicopter ride. But anyway, but it was beautiful and she loved it and that’s all it matters. So it’s all good. But but on the way back the reason I wanted to answer your question, we started talking about lifestyle and I, hopefully you can tell I’m passionate about what I do.

I freaking love what I do. And, but I do work pretty hard. I, as soon as we’re done with this, I’m getting on a plane to go look at an asset we have in our contract and in Arkansas, Screaming deal by the way, if you’re an accredited investor and you want to invest in a deal it’s 54,000 a doors, what I’m paying for this thing, and there’s a Starbucks right there.

It’s a good area. It’s a screaming deal. But if you’re interested in checking it out, Partner to 7, 2, 3, 4, 5, and get in our portal. And we’ll be it’s a small rate. It’s only 4 million bucks and we’ll do it probably in an hour, but if you’re interested and you get there soon enough, you can you can get in on that deal, a screaming deal, great returns.

But anyway, so I need to slow down a little bit. I do love what I do, but. I need to slow down and smell the roses. Spend 

what drives you? What continues to drive you? If it’s 

not the roles anymore. I love, I get so much love. It’s it’s not ego. Please know this what I’m going to tell you now. Okay.

It’s not ego. I, when I tell you that I get love minimum of five times a day, I get a card like behind me on the wall. I get gifts. Sometimes they don’t even know who the gifts are from. Somebody sent me a big queen of hearts and a poster and king of hearts. And I didn’t even know who sent them to me recently and then I get DMS or emails and, it’s addictive when you get that much.

And, lives are changing. It’s just a beautiful thing. And that’s not hyperbole. That’s really, that’s really I really love that and I love real estate. I freaking love real estate. That’s why I’m getting on a plane tonight. I hate leaving my wife, but I’m going to go and look at this this, the unit where this asset we’re closing on, but.

Yeah. So that’s what drives me is that giving back and adding value and, and like I spoke about at the podcasting festival where we saw each other, to have to create, reach in anything to add the number one thing is to add value. And I and I’m always, you’ve heard Tony Robbins talk about Kenai constant and never-ending improvement.

I’m always trying to make it better. And I know you are too, th that’s what I’m talking about. Like under my desk here, I’ve got. Some of the dozen books that I’ve written that I give away for free all these free. If you go to rods, links.com, most of them are there. And my number one bestseller is there too, that you can pay shipping seven bucks or something.

You get it for free, but, and. The people that add the most value in this world are the ones that are the most successful. Look at Ilan, look at Bezos, just so focused on adding value and focus on being consistent as it relates to creating reach, like with a podcast or a meetup group or some other thing that you’re creating reach with.

But I’m babbling. So please ask me a quick, 

what’s been your experience. So obviously you’ve been quite the master at podcasts as well. So that’s another way if you providing value, 

right? Yeah. Again, I added value there. And I was consistent. There were times I was sick.

I’ve actually little sick right now. I’ve got a sinus infection and and I, but I do it because, you have to be consistent and you have to push through and. And and as it relates to multi-family real estate, which is what I teach the most right now, it’s a lot of these investors, these operators have to create, reach, and they do it through a podcast.

I’ve got probably three dozen students in my warrior coaching program that created podcasts meet up groups is another thing. I’ve got a student that’s created the largest group of realist, multifamily meetups in the country. 40 or something in different cities or a Facebook group, things like that, social media platforms that you can create that region.

If you just focus on those two things, add value and be consistent successes in that. And yeah, so you’ve got a business that you’re trying to push and get out there on social media. Those are the two things for you to add value. Don’t try to sell, you, Chet was your dad was the best at this education.

He knew about this way before anybody education-based marketing is where it’s at. And you just educate don’t. Don’t ask for a sale, just educate, add value and the Salesforce. When I first started my podcast, I used to say, I’ve got nothing to sell you. And I didn’t, I just wanted to add value and tell my story that if you’re going to invest in real estate for God’s sakes to apartments, don’t do houses.

Cause it was my 800 houses that pulled me down. But I focused on any value. I used to take free phone calls for my listeners. I did hundreds of 30 minute phone calls over a year period, and I didn’t have anything to sell. I just wanted to add value. And here we are, that’s how the world works. God works.

You give. And 

So the market right now and multifamily, is it a good place to buy? Cause I, 

yes, it’s dangerous right now. And we were close to signing a contract at 44 million on an asset or actually two about the same price. And they dropped the price of 38 million because they raised. 50 basis points, I have percent interest and they dropped it to 38 and you still backed out.

There’s a lot of aggressive operators outright out there right now that are going to get their butts handed to them. Cause they’re overpaying, they’re not paying attention to what’s going to happen with the interest rates because the fed said, they’re gonna raise the rates another five times and they have to stop inflation and that’s.

We are headed for some pain and there’s going to be layoffs and there’s going to be some pain. And, the only positive thing there’s some positive, other more than one positive thing, but a big one is there’s a huge demand. And, in the, I thought COVID was going to be the catalyst.

In fact, I even did a YouTube video about the crash that’s coming. I got a lot of hate. It was my most watched video though. People love negative stuff. I’d say the coming crash but, and I was wrong. In my asset class, because, but I’ll tell you the great thing about multifamily is, th the people that own shopping centers and industrial warehouses and self-storage facilities and and that, and the like, didn’t, they didn’t get help, but renters got help.

We got hundreds of thousands of dollars to help people pay their rent in some of our assets. And people need a place to live. That’s why I love multifamily as much as I do. And, in 2000. When the crash happened in 2008, within three years, rent had exceeded 2006 levels. That’s how fast it recovered.

And it’s a very solid asset class. In fact, the reason I started my podcast was again, I had 800 houses and I had some apartment complexes. My house was. My multifamily only pulled back about 11%. I’d still own them. If I hadn’t in my brilliance, cross-collateralized them with packages of houses to save a half a percent interest you, I still own those apartment complexes.

They would have easily survived. And so it was the houses that, that caused me and I wasn’t at a high loan to value either people like, I get hate all the time when I talk about this. Yeah, you were overleveraged. Oh, it wasn’t. I owed 30 cents on the. So I was at 30% loan to value and I still crashed and burned.

I explain why for those of you is, cause everybody wants to know when I say that, my 800 houses were two hours north of me, two hours, south of me and everywhere in between. And I live in Florida. These are along the Gulf coast of Florida and Florida has no state income tax. So property taxes are higher, which of course impact cashflow.

I had properties in wind and flood zones, higher insurance impacts cash flow. But what killed me was if I sent a maintenance guy to one of my apartment complexes, everything’s the same appliance parts, HBSC parts, plumbing, parts. You’ve. So you could stock probably those parts and they’re in and out. If I had to send them to one of my houses, let’s say it’s an hour and a half away.

One way they’d have to go see what’s wrong. They’d have to go find a home Depot or Lowe’s where we have an account and, and go fix it. And then I don’t know, but you, Amanda, you’ve probably never experienced this, but I, when rod goes to try to fix something, he goes to home Depot more than once.

And what took. An hour. One of my apartment complex is took all day at one of my C class houses. Now these were C class, there’s a, B, C, and D. These, the hoods stay out of the wood, but it’s, these are, see they’re working class houses, but they’re older. The demographic is tougher on them.

And so you have a lot of maintenance. So that really killed me. Then the Kuda Gras was I didn’t pay attention to renter demographics back then, if they had a good job, they had income, they had good. And they, let them rent. But what I came to realize after the soup hit the fan was a lot of them were contractors, plumbers, electricians, drywallers, painters, roofers, and all that fell off a cliff.

In 2009, they didn’t have work. And then what’s really interesting is my portfolio actually dropped. So that I was upside down, it dropped more than 70% in value. And then I just throw in the towel. That was it. I wish I had those houses now, but it’s done but that’s, but again, my multifamily is his spine, which is why I decided to put it out there and say, Hey, do multi-family for God’s sakes.

If you’re going to buy and hold real estate, it’s just. 

So then what would be a next, a first step for somebody to say yes, 

first step right now, if you don’t know the business, learn the business. If you can make it to my bootcamp, I promise you’ll be glad you came, but that’s self-serving but that’s truth of it.

You’ve got to learn the business right now, because if you’re in the midst of this coming recession, it’s going to be too late. You won’t be able to pivot. You need to build relationships. You need to learn the business. You need to know how to underwrite. And that’s what the stuff we teach. So again, get your butt to my bootcamp and listen, if you come.

And spend three days with me and you don’t love it. I don’t mean like it, absolutely freaking love it. You call me, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked, I, I do a survey at the end of every bootcamp and the only complaints we ever get is the foods upped in the room was too cold or something like that.

It’s never about the content, and and it’s a lot, it’s drinking through a fire hose though, but right now is the time to learn because opportunity is coming and this is going to be an incredible opportunity if you’re not caught up in fear. And and the same, I’m going to tell you, it’s going to be an opportunity to buy businesses as well.

If you’re a, if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re. Our interest in buying businesses that we opportunity for that as well. Especially if you can take a business, that’s, that’s not capitalizing on their social presence and their online presence and take it online. There’ll be opportunity for sure.

There too. I’m not going to profess to be an expert at that, but, I’m. Real estate I can help you with right now, but I can add value in that area as well. We’ve done really well on social media team even has me on freaking Tik TOK. Now I couldn’t spell tick-tock four months ago. Videos watched 800,000 times now.

You said 

that EV after you showed me your page, I went okay. If rod can do it, I want to do it too. Like any, so many people have talked about Tik TOK, right? Can you share more of that experience? Deal with that 

right now, what I did was I just took videos from my from my bootcamps that were recorded.

For example, And and then they just play them in my team. I don’t know if you can see it there. My team puts heavy, headlines on them and stuff like that. And I get a lot of haters too. And then there, you can see me. You can see me at the pool at St. Bart’s. I did some, some motivational stuff I saw that was where I saw this beautiful cemetery there and flowers everywhere.

And that’s hard to describe a cemetery. Butte is beautiful, but it was beautiful. And I talk about. I talked about regret and how there was this nurse in Australia named Bronnie ware, there was a hospice nurse, and she asked patients at the end of their life, do you have any regrets?

And she, and she wrote a book about it’s called the five regrets of dying and how the biggest regret with people was not living the life. I could have lived live in someone else’s life, not doing what I know I’m capable of. I can’t think of anything worse than that. And so I did a little, so I did some, literally 62nd videos about that.

Like I said, I’ve got a team. Cuts them up. I’ve got a fantastic video editor but and then you 

just posting them and it’s getting crazy amounts of use. You’re not no, no trending 

strategy. I use them as lead magnets as well. I’ve written all these books that I give away for free, but you give me your email to get one of those books.

Okay. But they’re really quality books. They’re not crap. There’s my asset management books, probably the best business, the best in the business, my property management book, probably the best in the business. You come to my bootcamp, you get all of them by the way in a dry but the point is. Like I’ll do it, from a Strat as a strategy standpoint for your entrepreneurial listeners, I’ll do a, I’ll have a book or have a giveaway it’s called a lead magnet.

And I’ll just talk about that topic for literally 60 seconds. I’ll say, Hey, I’ve got this awesome resource. If you want it. Syndication for my syndication book in the notes and I’ll get it to you. And then you start a dialogue. And now I actually now have a team that does my commenting will help me comment on social media, respond to people that comment or build relationships there.

And and sometimes they’re asked me, let me just warn you right now. But if I recognize the name I jumped in immediately, but very often, sometimes they’re it’s my team. But that creates that engagement. And it’s been just a real game changer for building that social media reach. And, I’ve got the largest Facebook group from multifamily about 45,000 members in there.

So that’s another fishbowl that I have besides my podcast. And 

is that the same group that’s commenting and trying to build relationships? It’s also in. 

There, there are people that enjoy different platforms more than others. Some just do tic talk, some, just do Instagram, some just do Facebook.

So we cross pollinate everything and that’s one of the things that you need to do as a business owner. If you’re out there in social, by God, whatever content you put out, that’s educational about whatever it is that you sell, the widget or the service or whatever. And you’re educating are, you’re crazy not to put it everywhere and ideally do video.

Even if you hate. Find someone else to do it. Video is the Belle of the ball. And so we put it on Twitter. We put on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. YouTube. All of them 

and the people that you have that are commenting, are they more like VAs from out 


the middle of nowhere? I like these. They are very educated because they’ll ask some sophisticated questions that they need to know how to answer about different areas of real estate.

And if they can’t answer it, I get an email every night with questions. They don’t know how to answer and I will answer it quickly. And they’ll. As me in some cases as them, in some cases but that’s a strategy for building engagement for any business, frankly, because if people, if you respond, they just feel so welcome and warm.

Like when I do a Facebook live, I do a Facebook live typically every Wednesday, night around seven, all at all. Sometimes it’s an ask me anything. That’s what I did last week. And people love those. But where was I going with that? Oh, where was I going with that? I was, there was a reason I was going to bring up Facebook lives, it’ll come to me, that’s a powerful way to build engagement as well and teach a topic and it stays there.

Now. I actually have a triple tripod that I have. I have three phones. I got two of them right here on my desk. The other one I’ve got all three, actually. And I’ll do one on Instagram, one on tech talk and one on Facebook. I did use stream yard at one time but I found that it hampered my. Engagement on Facebook.

So we just did separate phones. So just keep that in mind. Cause I know you. 

Yeah, I think that you’re right too, that it does make the difference. Cause when I was going live on Facebook, I was getting a lot more reach than now, but I am curious because a lot of my listeners are still dialing for dollars.

They’re doing a lot of cold calling and this next generation is coming up that nobody wants to answer the phone. They’ll answer a text message. 98% of text messages are responded to within three minutes and yet no phone calls are answered. 

Here’s what we do. Here’s what we do. Okay. If you do one of my lead magnets underneath your name, email, and phone numbers, a little thing that says you’re giving us permission to call and text you.

Okay. Now, We have been doing the whole texting thing and it is killing it. I’ve got somebody that texts about a hundred people a day, or maybe even more than that now. And he’s responding sometimes as me sometimes not. And it’s been extra, extraordinarily successful. I just adding value. Hey, I saw you joined.

Book group, or I saw you downloaded this thing that this book that I wrote, and I just want to be here to let you know, if you need anything, I’m here to help you. And are you investing now? Where are you investing? Just starts a dialogue and it’s incredibly powerful. So that’s that’s not, I’ve not talked about that publicly.

So there you go. That’s a big one. That’s a ninja. I would 

love to see, I would love to start training more people on the difference. We have those conversations in person and over the phone, and now they’re happening in DMS and in text messages, but it’s just. Scary balance with the text messages, right?

Cause it’s a kind of uncharted territory. 

You got to have their permission or you can, you’ll have an FTC PA violation. It’s about 20 grand to settle one. So you don’t want to screw that up. But but I get their permission and that’s the only way we do it. But But, it just, it’s just, yeah, you gotta be careful, but 

and just starting dialogues, they’re just texting to say, Hey, how are you doing?


going on right now? How you doing? That’s lame, not how you doing but really Hey, so you got this lead magnet, for example, this book about syndication. Do you have any questions? Can I help you with anything there? Are you investing now? Where are you investing? Are you in single family?

Multifamily? These are some of the questions. But whatever your business is, you just really go after this to help. Okay. Not to rein them in you go after that to help. And if you come in hand, heart in the right place to. The business comes. That’s just how it works. I got to do my bootcamp for 197 bucks.

It’s a no brainer. Price-wise for three days of training, but I talk about my coaching for 30 minutes. If you’re interested, meet with my team, if not, no harm, you’re going to leave with enough information to go kick butt. But some people want to dig deeper and pay for speed and join my coaching program.

But the. I focus on adding, a lot of operators, people that in my space will go out there and they’ll tease a bunch of stuff. And then, Hey, sign up for my coaching to go do this. No, you are going to drink through a freaking fire hose at my event. You’re going to get everything. And then if you want help, you can have it, if not go do it.

And that’s been my mom. Since I started. And I learned that from Tony, I’ve learned that from Tony Robbins. Okay. Who, who we connected through those of you don’t know. I met her dad at a Tony Robbins event and that’s why it was so such a treat to meet Amanda just a few weeks ago at the pod Fest because I’ve been around and, Chet’s book the ultimate sales machines, like an iconic book, I’ve given it to my mastermind members.

And I’ve probably given away a hundred copies at least of that book. Maybe more Oracle. Yeah. Yeah. Probably more actually, but a great book. Yeah. In fact, when I had my first, I started a mastermind for multifamily investors. In fact, we’re meeting next week in Houston. It’s the largest of its type.

I’m pretty sure in the country, but when I started it, I did it here in my compound in Sarasota at 16:00 PM. Men and women about a billion in assets. And now it’s 14 to 16 billion in assets, but I, I want to be around people that think what I think is hard as easy. And so listen, if you’ve got a business and you’re not in a mass.

Big mistake, go join entrepreneur, EO or something and get around other business people that, maybe that you’re not competing with. So you can share notes because you learn so much when you cross pollinate strategies in one vertical business with another it’s incredibly powerful marketing strategies, sales strategies, operational strategies, and you see how other people are doing things in other verticals, other business.

It’s incredibly powerful, but in my case, I want to be around people that think, what I think is hard is easy. And so that’s why I started my mastermind and it’s pretty extraordinary now. And I love it and, always learn something. And yeah. 

Wow. So some of the things that I’ve learned from you on this is number one, I love that you had so many different ways to tackle.

Text to get this. So for everybody that’s listening, that is the future. That’s where you need to be. You’re collecting emails. A lot of my, the people that listen to this barely have an opt-in on their homepage at their website. That gives something of value for an email. But I’m jumping ship and saying text.

Crucial. It’s such a game changer because that’s where people are dialogue 

and get their phone number when you give them their freebie. And some of them won’t, we’ll leave you a fake one or whatever, and that’s okay. But get their phone number, have that little disclaimer that you have the permission to call and text and.

And it’s incredibly powerful and don’t, don’t try to sell something, just, don’t just build a relationship and help. And then, after you’ve added value and they’ve thanked you then, we might say, yeah, by the way, we’ve got a bootcamp coming up in Denver. If you can make.

We have a thousand people there. It’s going to be incredible and it will be. And by the way, if you come to my bootcamp, just know, my, I make sure you take action with what you learn. You will laugh. You will cry. I promise you, you will be juiced beyond belief. You will be like a drag racer when you leave there, because I spend a lot of time on mindset on identity, on goals, on pushing through fear.

And a lot of you entrepreneurs don’t deal with that. The other thing is my business. Multi-families the teams. And so you want to be around like-minded people that want to do this because you’re going to build a team or join a team. That’s just how my commercial multifamily business is.

That’s how it works. But anyway yeah and, as Amanda, every business is nothing but people in systems and, we’re always trying to improve our system. We use actually I’ve been using that EOS operating system. I don’t know if you talk about that on your show, Gino Wickman’s book traction.

Now you modeled the Rockefeller habits but it’s been extraordinary for our business where, you. You set up 90 day goals there, they call them rocks, but you focus on those 90 day goals and it really gives you clarity. And then instead of an organizational chart, you have an accountability chart.

So somebody is accountable for every aspect of the business. It’s very powerful strategy or operating system that we use now. And really has, have gained a lot of knowledge from it and value from it. And it’s helped us stay focused on narrow focused on the things that we want. 

Wow. This has been such valuable.

I can’t imagine that anybody that listening to this wouldn’t have taken action on it. Any, you have so many different calls to action that were there. You had an opportunity to be a part of a great real estate deal. You had an opportunity to join a bootcamp. You had a great opportunity to listen to your podcast.

What’s your podcast name again? 

It’s lifetime cashflow through real estate investing. And again, if you go to rods, links dot, if you have any interest in multifamily, but even if you don’t, if you want to just have some motivation, once a week, it’s go to rods, links.com, and it’s got all my resources and social media and free books and that goal setting workshop, if you want to have your, you and your family go through that super powerful.

You’ll love it. But yeah, I didn’t mean to promote that much. It just happened to come up that I had a deal I’m literally flying out tonight. So I was like, stupid. I love 

  1. It’s just flows out of you so naturally. It’s obviously from years and years of back, 

it’s authentic though. I’m just going to tell you, okay.

Tell me you come to my bootcamp. You’ll see me in flip flops. That’s how I roll. There. Won’t be a suit. There’ll be a black v-neck shirt. Cause I try to minimize my decision-making and who you see who you got sometimes too? And that’s just how I roll. I don’t have any need to impress anybody anymore.

I’m way past all that I’ve done. I’ve had that need in the past. Trust me. So I had the stupid cars and stuff that I got, but that’s all gone now. Thank God. 

Wonderful. Thank you so much, everybody. Rods links.com. Go ahead and go. There. 

Yeah, text rod to 7 2, 3, 4, 5, by the way, that’s a great strategy to capture people.

Is that five digit code to text rod to 7 2, 3, 4, 5. If you can come to and remember the code rod friend, to get that 1 97 price. If you have any trouble DME on any social, my team will take care of you to get that price. Cause there’ll be 700 time of the event comes. Anyway, it’s such a treat to you, Amanda.

Listen, if you ever make it to Sarasota, please let me know. So we can have dinner together and I’d love for you to meet my bride. And you’re just such a beautiful soul. Thank you. 

Thank you. Okay. Bye everybody.

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