Working with a CHI Growth Specialist you will:

Identify the "Constraining Factors" impacting you and your orgranization.

Develop a "Strategic Growth Plan".

Access comprehensive education-based marketing strategies and techniques to create new opportunitites and set yourself apart in the marketing.

Refine your "Ultimate Strategic Position" and differentiate your business as a strategic resource to your target prospects and clients and not just another competitor.

Build a dynamic "Best Buyer" Marketing and Sales Strategy.

Learn the difference between strategic vs. tactical. And more!

Ultimate Growth Plan Testimonials

DIRECT MAIL RESULTS: After the UGP experience, an insurance company in Southern California deployed a direct mail campaign, which earned a 250% ROI over a six month period.

INTERNET OPTIMIZATION: An industrial construction company in Ohio applied their UGP to upgrade their website messaging and format, resulting in 100 new clients, as well as a “Totally new mindset and direction, focus and accountability. We are accomplishing more with less hassle and we systematically changed the way we do business.” 

TRADE SHOW SUCCESS: Using their new Core Story material, deploying it under the guidance of a UGP structure and coaching, an Australian wealth management client invested $10,000 in a trade show experience, and was able to quantify $200,000 in new revenue from one show! That's a 2,000% ROI!

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